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Entry: PS00047

General information about the entry

Entry name [info] HISTONE_H4
Accession [info] PS00047
Entry type [info] PATTERN
Date [info] 01-APR-1990 CREATED;
PROSITE Doc. [info] PDOC00046

Name and characterization of the entry

Description [info] Histone H4 signature.
Pattern [info]

Numerical results [info]

Numerical results for UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot release 2021_03 which contains 565'254 sequence entries.

Total number of hits 122 in 122 different sequences
Number of true positive hits 104 in 104 different sequences
Number of 'unknown' hits 0
Number of false positive hits 18 in 18 different sequences
Number of false negative sequences 4
Number of 'partial' sequences 4
Precision (true positives / (true positives + false positives)) 85.25 %
Recall (true positives / (true positives + false negatives)) 96.30 %

Comments [info]

Taxonomic range [info] Eukaryotes
Maximum number of repetitions [info] 1
Version [info] 1

Cross-references [info]

True positive sequences
104 sequences

H41_ASHGO   (Q757K0    ), H41_EMENI   (P23750    ), H41_TALFU   (Q711M0    ), 
H41_TETPY   (P02310    ), H41_WHEAT   (P62785    ), H42_ASHGO   (Q75AX1    ), 
H42_EMENI   (P23751    ), H42_TALFU   (Q8NIQ8    ), H42_TETPY   (P69151    ), 
H42_WHEAT   (P62786    ), H48_CHICK   (P70081    ), H4_ACRAS    (P84048    ), 
H4_ACRFO    (P35059    ), H4_AGABI    (P62793    ), H4_APIME    (P91849    ), 
H4_APLCA    (Q8MTV8    ), H4_ARATH    (P59259    ), H4_ASCSU    (Q27443    ), 
H4_ASEAQ    (P84047    ), H4_ASPFU    (Q7LKT3    ), H4_ASPOR    (Q76MU7    ), 
H4_BLAAD    (Q8J1L3    ), H4_BOVIN    (P62803    ), H4_CAEEL    (P62784    ), 
H4_CAIMO    (P62800    ), H4_CANGA    (Q8NIG3    ), H4_CAPAN    (Q71V09    ), 
H4_CHAVR    (Q7KQD1    ), H4_CHEMJ    (Q6PMI5    ), H4_CHICK    (P62801    ), 
H4_CHITH    (P84046    ), H4_CHLRE    (P50566    ), H4_DENKL    (Q6LAF1    ), 
H4_DIAPU    (P91882    ), H4_DICDI    (Q76NW2    ), H4_DROER    (P84041    ), 
H4_DROHY    (P84042    ), H4_DROMA    (Q76FE7    ), H4_DROME    (P84040    ), 
H4_DROOR    (Q76FF1    ), H4_DROSE    (Q76FD9    ), H4_DROSI    (P84043    ), 
H4_DROTE    (Q76FF5    ), H4_DROYA    (P84044    ), H4_EIMTE    (Q8T7J8    ), 
H4_EUCGL    (Q6WZ83    ), H4_EUPCR    (P80739    ), H4_FLATR    (Q6LAF3    ), 
H4_HOLTU    (P62776    ), H4_HUMAN    (P62805    ), H4_LOLTE    (P62887    ), 
H4_LYTPI    (P62782    ), H4_MACFA    (Q4R362    ), H4_MAIZE    (P62787    ), 
H4_MASBA    (Q9U7D0    ), H4_MEDSA    (P62789    ), H4_MORAP    (Q9HDF5    ), 
H4_MOUSE    (P62806    ), H4_MYRRU    (P84049    ), H4_MYTCA    (Q6WV73    ), 
H4_MYTCH    (Q6WV74    ), H4_MYTED    (Q7K8C0    ), H4_MYTGA    (Q6WV90    ), 
H4_MYTTR    (Q6WV72    ), H4_NEUCR    (P04914    ), H4_OIKDI    (Q8I0Y4    ), 
H4_OLILU    (P82888    ), H4_ONCMY    (P62797    ), H4_ORENI    (P62796    ), 
H4_PARLI    (P62780    ), H4_PEA      (P62788    ), H4_PENVA    (P83865    ), 
H4_PHACH    (P62792    ), H4_PHYPO    (P04915    ), H4_PIG      (P62802    ), 
H4_PISBR    (P62777    ), H4_PISOC    (P62778    ), H4_PLADU    (P62795    ), 
H4_PONAB    (Q5RCS7    ), H4_PSAMI    (P62781    ), H4_PYCHE    (P62779    ), 
H4_PYRSA    (Q43083    ), H4_RAT      (P62804    ), H4_RHYAM    (P84050    ), 
H4_SCHPO    (P09322    ), H4_SILLA    (Q76H85    ), H4_SOLCH    (Q6V9I2    ), 
H4_SOLLC    (P35057    ), H4_SOLST    (P27996    ), H4_SOYBN    (P0CG89    ), 
H4_STENO    (P62790    ), H4_STRPU    (P62783    ), H4_STYLE    (P62791    ), 
H4_STYPL    (Q27765    ), H4_TETTS    (P69152    ), H4_TIGCA    (P84045    ), 
H4_TRICD    (P91890    ), H4_URECA    (P62794    ), H4_USTMA    (Q6ZXX3    ), 
H4_VOLCA    (P08436    ), H4_XENBO    (P62798    ), H4_XENLA    (P62799    ), 
H4_XENTR    (Q28DR4    ), H4_YEAST    (P02309    )
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False negative sequences
4 sequences

H43_MAIZE   (Q41811    ), H4G_HUMAN   (Q99525    ), H4_ENCCU    (Q8SQP4    ), 
H4_ENTHI    (P40287    )
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'Partial' sequences
4 sequences

H41_BLEJA   (P80737    ), H4Y_BLEJA   (P80738    ), H4_PSEMZ    (P85945    ), 
H4_SEPOF    (Q7M3Z5    )
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False positive sequences
18 sequences

CATA_EMENI  (P55305    ), EFGM_SCLS1  (A7EVV9    ), GLCD2_PICTO (Q6L047    ), 
MNMC_CHRVO  (Q7NWN9    ), OBSCN_MOUSE (A2AAJ9    ), PURP_CALMQ  (A8M9J5    ), 
QUEC_CUPMC  (Q1LJY1    ), RL2_ALKEH   (Q0ABH2    ), RL2_HALHL   (A1WVB9    ), 
RTN1_HUMAN  (Q16799    ), RTN1_MOUSE  (Q8K0T0    ), RTN1_PANTR  (Q5IS59    ), 
RTN1_RAT    (Q64548    ), SMC4_DICDI  (Q54LV0    ), TM38B_MOUSE (Q9DAV9    ), 
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[Detailed view]
356 PDB

1EQZ; 1F66; 1HQ3; 1ID3; 1KX3; 1KX4; 1KX5; 1M18; 1M19; 1M1A; 1P34; 1P3A; 1P3B; 1P3F; 1P3G; 1P3I; 1P3K; 1P3L; 1P3M; 1P3O; 1P3P; 1S32; 1TZY; 1U35; 1ZBB; 1ZLA; 2ARO; 2CV5; 2F8N; 2FJ7; 2HIO; 2IO5; 2KWO; 2NQB; 2NZD; 2PYO; 2WP2; 3A6N; 3AFA; 3AN2; 3AV1; 3AV2; 3AYW; 3AZE; 3AZF; 3AZG; 3AZH; 3AZI; 3AZJ; 3AZK; 3AZL; 3AZM; 3AZN; 3B6F; 3B6G; 3C1B; 3C1C; 3C9K; 3KUY; 3KXB; 3LEL; 3LJA; 3LZ0; 3LZ1; 3MGP; 3MGQ; 3MGR; 3MGS; 3MNN; 3MVD; 3NQU; 3O62; 3R45; 3REH; 3REI; 3REJ; 3REK; 3REL; 3TU4; 3UT9; 3UTA; 3UTB; 3W96; 3W97; 3W98; 3WA9; 3WAA; 3WKJ; 3WTP; 3X1S; 3X1T; 3X1U; 3X1V; 4GQB; 4H9N; 4H9O; 4H9P; 4H9Q; 4H9R; 4HGA; 4J8U; 4J8V; 4J8W; 4J8X; 4JJN; 4KGC; 4KUD; 4LD9; 4M38; 4N4F; 4PSX; 4QLC; 4R8P; 4UUZ; 4WU8; 4WU9; 4XUJ; 4YM5; 4YM6; 4Z2M; 4Z5T; 4ZUX; 5AV5; 5AV6; 5AV8; 5AV9; 5AVB; 5AVC; 5AY8; 5B0Y; 5B0Z; 5B1L; 5B1M; 5B24; 5B2I; 5B2J; 5B31; 5B32; 5B33; 5B40; 5BNV; 5BNX; 5BO0; 5BS7; 5BSA; 5C3I; 5CP6; 5CPI; 5CPJ; 5CPK; 5DNM; 5DNN; 5E5A; 5FA5; 5GSE; 5GSU; 5GT0; 5GT3; 5GTC; 5GXQ; 5HQ2; 5JA4; 5JRG; 5KDM; 5KGF; 5NL0; 5O9G; 5OMX; 5ONG; 5ONW; 5OXV; 5OY7; 5W0V; 5X0X; 5X0Y; 5X7X; 5XF3; 5XF4; 5XF5; 5XF6; 5XM0; 5XM1; 5Y0C; 5Y0D; 5Z23; 5Z30; 5Z3L; 5Z3O; 5Z3U; 5Z3V; 5ZBA; 5ZBB; 5ZBX; 6A5L; 6A5O; 6A5P; 6A5R; 6A5T; 6A5U; 6BUZ; 6C0W; 6DZT; 6E0C; 6E0P; 6ESF; 6ESG; 6ESH; 6ESI; 6FML; 6FTX; 6G0L; 6GEJ; 6GEN; 6HKT; 6HTS; 6I84; 6INQ; 6IR9; 6IRO; 6J4W; 6J4X; 6J4Y; 6J4Z; 6J50; 6J51; 6J99; 6JOU; 6JR0; 6JR1; 6JYL; 6K1I; 6K1J; 6K1K; 6K1P; 6KIU; 6KIV; 6KIW; 6KIX; 6KIZ; 6KVD; 6KW3; 6KW4; 6KW5; 6KXV; 6L49; 6L4A; 6L9Z; 6LA2; 6LA8; 6LA9; 6LAB; 6LER; 6LTJ; 6M3V; 6M44; 6M4D; 6M4G; 6M4H; 6MLC; 6MUO; 6MUP; 6NE3; 6NJ9; 6NN6; 6NOG; 6NQA; 6NZO; 6O1D; 6O22; 6O96; 6OM3; 6PA7; 6PWE; 6PWF; 6PWV; 6PWW; 6PWX; 6PX1; 6PX3; 6R0C; 6R1U; 6R25; 6R8Y; 6R8Z; 6R90; 6R91; 6R92; 6R93; 6R94; 6RNY; 6RYR; 6RYU; 6S01; 6S1R; 6SE0; 6SE6; 6SEE; 6SEF; 6SEG; 6T79; 6T7A; 6T7B; 6T7C; 6T7D; 6T90; 6T93; 6T9L; 6TDA; 6TEM; 6UGM; 6UH5; 6UPK; 6UPL; 6USJ; 6UXW; 6V2K; 6V92; 6VEN; 6VO5; 6VYP; 6VZ4; 6WKR; 6WZ5; 6WZ9; 6X0N; 6X59; 6X5A; 6XJD; 6XWS; 6XWT; 6Y5D; 6YOV; 6ZHX; 6ZHY; 7A08; 7AT8; 7BXT; 7BY0; 7C0M; 7CRO; 7CRP; 7CRQ; 7CRR; 7D1Z; 7D20; 7DBP; 7JO9; 7JOA; 7JZV; 7K5X; 7K5Y; 7K60; 7K61; 7K63; 7K6P; 7K6Q
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