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Entry: PS00262

General information about the entry

Entry name [info] INSULIN
Accession [info] PS00262
Entry type [info] PATTERN
Date [info] 01-APR-1990 CREATED;
PROSITE Doc. [info] PDOC00235

Name and characterization of the entry

Description [info] Insulin family signature.
Pattern [info]

Numerical results [info]

Numerical results for UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot release 2021_03 which contains 565'254 sequence entries.

Total number of hits 262 in 262 different sequences
Number of true positive hits 254 in 254 different sequences
Number of 'unknown' hits 0
Number of false positive hits 8 in 8 different sequences
Number of false negative sequences 10
Number of 'partial' sequences 1
Precision (true positives / (true positives + false positives)) 96.95 %
Recall (true positives / (true positives + false negatives)) 96.21 %

Comments [info]

Taxonomic range [info] Eukaryotes
Maximum number of repetitions [info] 1
Site [info] disulfide at position 1
Site [info] disulfide at position 2
Site [info] disulfide at position 6
Site [info] disulfide at position 11
Version [info] 1

Cross-references [info]

True positive sequences
254 sequences

BXA1_BOMMO  (Q17192    ), BXA1_SAMCY  (P33718    ), BXA2_BOMMO  (P15411    ), 
BXA2_SAMCY  (P33719    ), BXA3_BOMMO  (P26726    ), BXA3_SAMCY  (P33720    ), 
BXA4_BOMMO  (P26727    ), BXA5_BOMMO  (P26728    ), BXA6_BOMMO  (P26729    ), 
BXA7_BOMMO  (P26730    ), BXA8_BOMMO  (P26731    ), BXA9_BOMMO  (P26732    ), 
BXB10_BOMMO (Q17194    ), BXB12_BOMMO (P29519    ), BXB1_BOMMO  (P26733    ), 
BXB1_SAMCY  (P33721    ), BXB2_BOMMO  (P26734    ), BXB2_SAMCY  (P33722    ), 
BXB3_BOMMO  (P26737    ), BXB4_BOMMO  (P26738    ), BXB5_BOMMO  (P26739    ), 
BXB6_BOMMO  (P26740    ), BXB7_BOMMO  (P26741    ), BXB8_BOMMO  (P26742    ), 
BXB9_BOMMO  (P26743    ), BXC1_BOMMO  (P15410    ), BXC2_BOMMO  (P26735    ), 
BXD1_BOMMO  (P26736    ), BXE1_BOMMO  (P21808    ), BXF1_BOMMO  (P91896    ), 
BXG1_BOMMO  (O61271    ), BXRA_AGRCO  (O09209    ), BXRB_AGRCO  (O09210    ), 
GSS_PATPE   (C9K4X8    ), IGF1A_CYPCA (Q90325    ), IGF1A_XENLA (P16501    ), 
IGF1B_CYPCA (Q90326    ), IGF1B_XENLA (P84775    ), IGF1_AILFU  (Q6IVA5    ), 
IGF1_AILME  (Q6JLX1    ), IGF1_BOVIN  (P07455    ), IGF1_CANLF  (P33712    ), 
IGF1_CAPHI  (P51457    ), IGF1_CAVPO  (P17647    ), IGF1_CHICK  (P18254    ), 
IGF1_COTJA  (P51462    ), IGF1_HORSE  (P51458    ), IGF1_HUMAN  (P05019    ), 
IGF1_MOUSE  (P05017    ), IGF1_ONCKI  (P17085    ), IGF1_ONCMY  (Q02815    ), 
IGF1_PANTA  (Q6GUL6    ), IGF1_PIG    (P16545    ), IGF1_RABIT  (Q95222    ), 
IGF1_RAT    (P08025    ), IGF1_RHIRO  (Q68LC0    ), IGF1_SHEEP  (P10763    ), 
IGF1_SUNMU  (Q28933    ), IGF2A_XENLA (Q90WW4    ), IGF2B_XENLA (Q6INW9    ), 
IGF2_BOVIN  (P07456    ), IGF2_CAVPO  (Q08279    ), IGF2_CHICK  (P33717    ), 
IGF2_HORSE  (P51459    ), IGF2_HUMAN  (P01344    ), IGF2_MOUSE  (P09535    ), 
IGF2_NEOVI  (P41694    ), IGF2_ONCMY  (Q02816    ), IGF2_PIG    (P23695    ), 
IGF2_RAT    (P01346    ), IGF2_SHEEP  (P10764    ), IGF3_XENLA  (Q90WX8    ), 
IGF_MYXGL   (P22618    ), ILB1_CAEEL  (Q09626    ), ILB2_CAEEL  (Q09627    ), 
ILB3_CAEEL  (Q09628    ), ILB4_CAEEL  (Q23430    ), ILB5_CAEEL  (P56174    ), 
ILB6_CAEEL  (P56173    ), ILG1_CAEEL  (Q18060    ), ILP_BRACL   (P22334    ), 
INS1B_CONTU (A0A0B5AC90), INS1C_CONGE (A0A0B5A7P2), INS1_BATSP  (P01337    ), 
INS1_CONFO  (A0A0B5AC98), INS1_CONIM  (A0A0B5A7M7), INS1_CONKI  (A0A3S9V8L7), 
INS1_HUSDA  (C0HJI7    ), INS1_KATPE  (C0HJI2    ), INS1_MOUSE  (P01325    ), 
INS1_RAT    (P01322    ), INS1_THUOR  (C0HJI5    ), INS1_XENLA  (P12706    ), 
INS2B_CONGE (A0A0B5ADT3), INS2C_CONFO (A0A0B5A7N5), INS2_BATSP  (P01338    ), 
INS2_CONIM  (A0A0B5A8P8), INS2_CONKI  (A0A3S9V8K6), INS2_CONTU  (A0A3S9V8L9), 
INS2_HUSDA  (C0HJI8    ), INS2_KATPE  (C0HJI3    ), INS2_MOUSE  (P01326    ), 
INS2_RAT    (P01323    ), INS2_THUOR  (C0HJI6    ), INS2_XENLA  (P12707    ), 
INSL1_DROME (Q9VT50    ), INSL2_DROME (Q9VT51    ), INSL3_BOVIN (O77801    ), 
INSL3_CALJA (O97937    ), INSL3_CANLF (Q6X7V3    ), INSL3_DROME (Q9VT52    ), 
INSL3_HUMAN (P51460    ), INSL3_MOUSE (O09107    ), INSL3_PANTR (Q5CZK3    ), 
INSL3_PIG   (P51461    ), INSL3_RAT   (Q9WUK0    ), INSL4_DROME (Q9VT53    ), 
INSL4_HUMAN (Q14641    ), INSL4_PANTR (Q5CZK6    ), INSL5_DROME (Q7KUD5    ), 
INSL5_HUMAN (Q9Y5Q6    ), INSL5_MOUSE (Q9WUG6    ), INSL5_PANTR (Q5CZK5    ), 
INSL6_BOVIN (Q32L79    ), INSL6_HUMAN (Q9Y581    ), INSL6_MOUSE (Q9QY05    ), 
INSL6_RAT   (Q9WV41    ), INS_ACIGU   (P81423    ), INS_ACOCA   (P01324    ), 
INS_ALLMI   (P12703    ), INS_AMICA   (P29335    ), INS_ANAPL   (P01333    ), 
INS_ANGAN   (P41522    ), INS_ANGRO   (P42633    ), INS_ANSAN   (P68245    ), 
INS_AOTTR   (P67972    ), INS_ATRSP   (P09476    ), INS_BALBO   (P01314    ), 
INS_BALPH   (P67973    ), INS_BOVIN   (P01317    ), INS_CAIMO   (P68243    ), 
INS_CALMI   (P13190    ), INS_CAMDR   (P01320    ), INS_CANLF   (P01321    ), 
INS_CAPHI   (P01319    ), INS_CARSE   (C0HJI1    ), INS_CAVPO   (P01329    ), 
INS_CHICH   (P01327    ), INS_CHICK   (P67970    ), INS_CHIMO   (P68991    ), 
INS_CHLAE   (P30407    ), INS_CONVC   (A0A0F7YYV0), INS_CRILO   (P01313    ), 
INS_CROAT   (P01334    ), INS_CYPCA   (P01335    ), INS_DANRE   (O73727    ), 
INS_DIDVI   (P18109    ), INS_ELEMA   (P01316    ), INS_FELCA   (P06306    ), 
INS_GADMC   (P01336    ), INS_GORGO   (Q6YK33    ), INS_HORSE   (P01310    ), 
INS_HUMAN   (P01308    ), INS_HYDCO   (P68992    ), INS_HYSCR   (P01328    ), 
INS_ICTTR   (Q91XI3    ), INS_KATPE   (P01340    ), INS_LAMFL   (P68988    ), 
INS_LOPAM   (P69045    ), INS_LOPPI   (P69046    ), INS_MACFA   (P30406    ), 
INS_MELGA   (P67968    ), INS_MYOCO   (P01330    ), INS_MYOSC   (P07453    ), 
INS_MYXGL   (P01342    ), INS_OCTDE   (P17715    ), INS_ONCGO   (P68989    ), 
INS_ONCKE   (P04667    ), INS_ONCKI   (P68990    ), INS_ORENI   (P81025    ), 
INS_ORNAN   (Q9TQY7    ), INS_PAGMA   (C0HJI4    ), INS_PANBU   (Q98TA8    ), 
INS_PANTR   (P30410    ), INS_PETMA   (P68987    ), INS_PHYMC   (P67974    ), 
INS_PIAME   (P81881    ), INS_PIG     (P01315    ), INS_PLAFE   (P09477    ), 
INS_PLATA   (C0HJU0    ), INS_PONPY   (Q8HXV2    ), INS_PROGU   (P01331    ), 
INS_PSAOB   (Q62587    ), INS_PTYDH   (P12708    ), INS_RABIT   (P01311    ), 
INS_SAISC   (P67971    ), INS_SELRF   (P51463    ), INS_SERQU   (C0HJT9    ), 
INS_SHEEP   (P01318    ), INS_SQUAC   (P12704    ), INS_STRCA   (P67969    ), 
INS_THUTH   (P01339    ), INS_TORMA   (P12705    ), INS_TRADO   (P69047    ), 
INS_TRASC   (P69048    ), INS_VERMO   (Q9W7R2    ), IRP1_AGRIP  (C0HKS3    ), 
IRP2_AGRIP  (C0HKS4    ), IRP4_AGRIP  (C0HKS5    ), LIRP_LOCMI  (P15131    ), 
MPI1_LYMST  (P07223    ), MPI2_LYMST  (P25289    ), MPI3_LYMST  (P80090    ), 
MPI5_LYMST  (P31241    ), MPI7_LYMST  (P91797    ), REL1_HUMAN  (P04808    ), 
REL1_PANTR  (P51454    ), REL1_RAT    (P01347    ), REL2_HUMAN  (P04090    ), 
REL2_PANTR  (P51455    ), REL3_HUMAN  (Q8WXF3    ), REL3_MOUSE  (Q8CHK2    ), 
REL3_PANTR  (Q5CZK2    ), REL3_PIG    (Q8HY17    ), REL3_RAT    (Q8BFS3    ), 
RELH_RABIT  (P51456    ), RELX_BALAC  (P11184    ), RELX_BALED  (P11185    ), 
RELX_CANLF  (Q9TRM8    ), RELX_CARTA  (P01349    ), RELX_CAVPO  (P51453    ), 
RELX_FELCA  (Q9MYK8    ), RELX_HORSE  (P22969    ), RELX_HYPSI  (P81191    ), 
RELX_LEUER  (P11952    ), RELX_MACMU  (P19884    ), RELX_MESAU  (Q64171    ), 
RELX_PIG    (P01348    ), RELX_SQUAC  (P11953    )
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False negative sequences
10 sequences

BXB11_BOMMO (Q17196    ), ILA1_CAEEL  (Q21507    ), ILA2_CAEEL  (Q21508    ), 
ILA3_CAEEL  (Q21506    ), INSL6_DROME (Q9W4Z4    ), INSL7_DROME (Q9W4Q9    ), 
INSL_VIGUN  (P83770    ), INS_POLSE   (P0C236    ), INS_RODSP   (P21563    ), 
REL1_MOUSE  (P47932    )
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'Partial' sequences
1 sequence

RELX_PHODA  (Q7M3C4    )

False positive sequences
8 sequences

ADA18_MACFA (Q95194    ), ADAM5_RAT   (Q5BK84    ), F256_CTEON  (P85032    ), 
GG3_ARATH   (Q6AWT8    ), O161_CONCE  (Q5K0C4    ), O165_CONLI  (Q3YEE6    ), 
PRMC_CHLT2  (B0B9D1    ), PRMC_CHLTR  (O84027    )
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397 PDB

1A7F; 1AI0; 1AIY; 1APH; 1B17; 1B18; 1B19; 1B2A; 1B2B; 1B2C; 1B2D; 1B2E; 1B2F; 1B2G; 1B9E; 1B9G; 1BEN; 1BOM; 1BON; 1BPH; 1BQT; 1BZV; 1CPH; 1DEI; 1DPH; 1EFE; 1EV3; 1EV6; 1EVR; 1FU2; 1FUB; 1G7A; 1G7B; 1GUJ; 1GZR; 1GZY; 1GZZ; 1H02; 1H59; 1HIQ; 1HIS; 1HIT; 1HLS; 1HTV; 1HUI; 1IGL; 1IMX; 1IOG; 1IOH; 1IZA; 1IZB; 1J73; 1JCA; 1JCO; 1K3M; 1KMF; 1LKQ; 1LPH; 1M5A; 1MHI; 1MHJ; 1MPJ; 1MSO; 1OS3; 1OS4; 1PID; 1PMX; 1Q4V; 1QIY; 1QIZ; 1QJ0; 1RWE; 1SDB; 1SF1; 1SJT; 1SJU; 1T1K; 1T1P; 1T1Q; 1TGR; 1TRZ; 1TYL; 1TYM; 1UZ9; 1W8P; 1WAV; 1WQJ; 1XDA; 1XGL; 1XW7; 1ZEG; 1ZEH; 1ZEI; 1ZNI; 1ZNJ; 2A3G; 2AIY; 2BN1; 2BN3; 2C8Q; 2C8R; 2CEU; 2DSP; 2DSQ; 2DSR; 2EFA; 2FHW; 2G4M; 2GF1; 2H67; 2H8B; 2HH4; 2HHO; 2HIU; 2INS; 2JMN; 2JUM; 2JUU; 2JUV; 2JV1; 2JZQ; 2K1V; 2K6T; 2K6U; 2K91; 2K9R; 2KBC; 2KJI; 2KJJ; 2KJU; 2KQP; 2KQQ; 2KXK; 2L1Y; 2L1Z; 2L29; 2LGB; 2LWZ; 2M1D; 2M1E; 2M2M; 2M2N; 2M2O; 2M2P; 2MLI; 2MPG; 2MPI; 2MV1; 2MVC; 2MVD; 2N2V; 2N2W; 2N2X; 2OLY; 2OLZ; 2OM0; 2OM1; 2OMG; 2OMH; 2OMI; 2QIU; 2R34; 2R35; 2R36; 2RN5; 2TCI; 2V5P; 2VJZ; 2VK0; 2WBY; 2WC0; 2WFU; 2WFV; 2WRU; 2WRV; 2WRW; 2WRX; 2WS0; 2WS1; 2WS4; 2WS6; 2WS7; 2ZP6; 2ZPP; 3AIY; 3BXQ; 3E4Z; 3E7Y; 3E7Z; 3EXX; 3FHP; 3FQ9; 3GF1; 3GKY; 3I3Z; 3I40; 3ILG; 3INC; 3INS; 3IR0; 3JSD; 3KQ6; 3KR3; 3LRI; 3MTH; 3P2X; 3P33; 3Q6E; 3ROV; 3RTO; 3T2A; 3TT8; 3U4N; 3V19; 3V1G; 3W11; 3W12; 3W13; 3W7Y; 3W7Z; 3W80; 3ZI3; 3ZQR; 3ZS2; 3ZU1; 4A7E; 4AIY; 4AJX; 4AJZ; 4AK0; 4AKJ; 4BS3; 4CXL; 4CXN; 4CY7; 4E7T; 4E7U; 4E7V; 4EFX; 4EWW; 4EWX; 4EWZ; 4EX0; 4EX1; 4EXX; 4EY1; 4EY9; 4EYD; 4EYN; 4EYP; 4F0N; 4F0O; 4F1A; 4F1B; 4F1C; 4F1D; 4F1F; 4F1G; 4F4T; 4F4V; 4F51; 4F8F; 4FG3; 4FKA; 4GBC; 4GBI; 4GBK; 4GBL; 4GBN; 4I5Y; 4I5Z; 4IDW; 4IHN; 4INS; 4IUZ; 4IYD; 4IYF; 4M4F; 4M4H; 4M4I; 4M4J; 4M4L; 4M4M; 4NIB; 4OGA; 4P65; 4RXW; 4UNE; 4UNG; 4UNH; 4XC4; 4XSS; 5AIY; 5BOQ; 5BPO; 5BQQ; 5BTS; 5CJO; 5CNY; 5CO2; 5CO6; 5CO9; 5D52; 5D53; 5D54; 5D5E; 5E7W; 5EMS; 5EN9; 5ENA; 5FB6; 5HPR; 5HPU; 5HQI; 5HRQ; 5JYQ; 5KQV; 5L3L; 5L3M; 5L3N; 5LIS; 5MAM; 5MHD; 5MIZ; 5MT3; 5MT9; 5MWQ; 5U8Q; 5UDP; 5UOZ; 5UQA; 5URT; 5URU; 5USP; 5USS; 5USV; 5UU2; 5UU3; 5UU4; 5VIZ; 5WBT; 5WDM; 5WOB; 6B3Q; 6B70; 6BFC; 6CE7; 6CE9; 6CEB; 6CK2; 6FEY; 6FF3; 6GNQ; 6GV0; 6HN5; 6INS; 6JK8; 6JR3; 6K59; 6KH8; 6KH9; 6KHA; 6NWV; 6O17; 6OR0; 6P4Z; 6PYH; 6Q8Q; 6QQ7; 6QQG; 6QRH; 6QRK; 6RLX; 6RVA; 6S34; 6S4I; 6S4J; 6SOF; 6TC2; 6TYH; 6U46; 6UM2; 6VEP; 6VEQ; 6VER; 6VES; 6VET; 6VWG; 6VWI; 6X4X; 6Z7W; 6Z7Y; 6Z7Z; 6ZHB; 6ZI8; 7INS; 9INS
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