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Entry: PS01082

General information about the entry

Entry name [info] RIBOSOMAL_L7AE
Accession [info] PS01082
Entry type [info] PATTERN
Date [info] 01-NOV-1995 CREATED;
PROSITE Doc. [info] PDOC00831

Name and characterization of the entry

Description [info] Ribosomal protein L7Ae signature.
Pattern [info]

Numerical results [info]

Numerical results for UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot release 2021_03 which contains 565'254 sequence entries.

Total number of hits 83 in 83 different sequences
Number of true positive hits 83 in 83 different sequences
Number of 'unknown' hits 0
Number of false positive hits 0
Number of false negative sequences 45
Number of 'partial' sequences 1
Precision (true positives / (true positives + false positives)) 100.00 %
Recall (true positives / (true positives + false negatives)) 64.84 %

Comments [info]

Taxonomic range [info] Archaea, Eukaryotes, Prokaryotes (Bacteria)
Maximum number of repetitions [info] 1
Version [info] 1

Cross-references [info]

True positive sequences
83 sequences

NH2L1_BOVIN (Q3B8S0    ), NH2L1_CAEEL (Q21568    ), NH2L1_DICDI (Q54ST0    ), 
NH2L1_DROME (Q9U3Z7    ), NH2L1_HUMAN (P55769    ), NH2L1_MACFA (Q4R5C6    ), 
NH2L1_MOUSE (Q9D0T1    ), NH2L1_RAT   (P55770    ), NH2L1_XENLA (Q5XH16    ), 
NH2L1_XENTR (Q6P8E9    ), NHP2_CAEBR  (Q60YI3    ), NHP2_CAEEL  (Q9XXD4    ), 
NHP2_XENLA  (Q6NTV9    ), NHP2_XENTR  (Q6P8C4    ), NHP2_YEAST  (P32495    ), 
RL7A1_ARATH (P49692    ), RL7A1_ORYSJ (P35685    ), RL7A2_ARATH (Q9LZH9    ), 
RL7A2_ORYSJ (P0DKK7    ), RL7A_AERPE  (Q9YAX7    ), RL7A_ANOGA  (O76732    ), 
RL7A_ARCFU  (O29494    ), RL7A_BOVIN  (Q2TBQ5    ), RL7A_CAEEL  (Q966C6    ), 
RL7A_CHICK  (P32429    ), RL7A_DESA1  (B8D6E8    ), RL7A_DICDI  (Q54ZD1    ), 
RL7A_DROME  (P46223    ), RL7A_HALMA  (P12743    ), RL7A_HUMAN  (P62424    ), 
RL7A_HYPBU  (A2BK92    ), RL7A_ICTPU  (Q90YW2    ), RL7A_IGNH4  (A8A912    ), 
RL7A_MACFA  (Q4R5C2    ), RL7A_METAC  (Q8TQL9    ), RL7A_METAR  (Q0W8W9    ), 
RL7A_METBF  (Q466D1    ), RL7A_METJA  (P54066    ), RL7A_METKA  (Q8TV03    ), 
RL7A_METMA  (Q8PU74    ), RL7A_MOUSE  (P12970    ), RL7A_NANEQ  (P62427    ), 
RL7A_PICTO  (Q6KZI7    ), RL7A_PIG    (Q29375    ), RL7A_PYRAB  (P62008    ), 
RL7A_PYRAE  (Q8ZTA5    ), RL7A_PYRCJ  (A3MTA9    ), RL7A_PYRFU  (Q8U160    ), 
RL7A_PYRHO  (P62009    ), RL7A_PYRNV  (B1Y9V4    ), RL7A_RAT    (P62425    ), 
RL7A_SACS2  (P55858    ), RL7A_STAMF  (A3DMR6    ), RL7A_SULAC  (Q4J8P1    ), 
RL7A_SULIA  (C3N038    ), RL7A_SULIK  (C4KJ77    ), RL7A_SULIL  (C3MJN1    ), 
RL7A_SULIM  (C3MYY9    ), RL7A_SULIN  (C3NMR6    ), RL7A_SULIY  (C3N8Q2    ), 
RL7A_SULTO  (Q971C9    ), RL7A_TAKRU  (O57592    ), RL7A_TETTH  (P0DJ14    ), 
RL7A_THEAC  (Q9HJ56    ), RL7A_THEGJ  (C5A1V9    ), RL7A_THEKO  (Q5JGR3    ), 
RL7A_THEON  (B6YWH9    ), RL7A_THEVO  (Q97BK8    ), RL8A_YEAST  (P17076    ), 
RL8B_YEAST  (P29453    ), RL8_SCHPO   (O13672    ), SNU13_ASHGO (Q757T2    ), 
SNU13_CANAL (Q5ANL6    ), SNU13_CANGA (Q6FQV5    ), SNU13_CRYNB (P0CQ53    ), 
SNU13_CRYNJ (P0CQ52    ), SNU13_DEBHA (Q6BLQ3    ), SNU13_KLULA (Q6CM69    ), 
SNU13_SCHPO (O74690    ), SNU13_USTMA (Q4P0K3    ), SNU13_YARLI (Q6C0I0    ), 
SNU13_YEAST (P39990    ), YLXQ_BACSU  (P32729    )
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False negative sequences
45 sequences

NHP2_ARATH  (Q9LEY9    ), NHP2_BOVIN  (Q5E950    ), NHP2_BRABE  (Q8I7X7    ), 
NHP2_DANRE  (Q6PBV6    ), NHP2_DROME  (Q9V3U2    ), NHP2_DROYA  (Q6XIP0    ), 
NHP2_HUMAN  (Q9NX24    ), NHP2_MOUSE  (Q9CRB2    ), NHP2_PONAB  (Q5RC65    ), 
NHP2_SCHPO  (Q9P7H0    ), RL7A_CENSY  (A0RUB4    ), RL7A_HALLT  (B9LPY2    ), 
RL7A_HALS3  (B0R4Z9    ), RL7A_HALSA  (Q9HQH8    ), RL7A_HALWD  (Q18GA8    ), 
RL7A_META3  (A6UT51    ), RL7A_METMP  (P62426    ), RL7A_METS3  (A5UJN3    ), 
RL7A_METS5  (A4YIL9    ), RL7A_METST  (Q2NGM2    ), RL7A_METTH  (O26355    ), 
RL7A_METTP  (A0B601    ), RL7A_NATPD  (Q3IPM9    ), RL7A_NITMS  (A9A2Z3    ), 
RXL7_BACHD  (Q9Z9M0    ), RXL7_BACP2  (A8F978    ), RXL7_BACSU  (P46350    ), 
RXL7_CALS4  (Q8R7U8    ), RXL7_CLOAB  (Q97EH1    ), RXL7_GEOKA  (Q5L403    ), 
RXL7_GEOSE  (Q9EV99    ), RXL7_GEOSW  (C5D3R1    ), RXL7_GEOTN  (A4IJI3    ), 
RXL7_STAA1  (A7WYX0    ), RXL7_STAA2  (A6TZ21    ), RXL7_STAA3  (Q2FJ96    ), 
RXL7_STAA8  (P0A0G6    ), RXL7_STAA9  (A5IQ98    ), RXL7_STAAC  (Q5HID1    ), 
RXL7_STAAE  (A6QEJ6    ), RXL7_STAAM  (P0A0G3    ), RXL7_STAAN  (P0A0G4    ), 
RXL7_STAAR  (Q6GJC4    ), RXL7_STAAS  (Q6GBU3    ), RXL7_STAAW  (P0A0G5    )
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'Partial' sequences
1 sequence

YLXQ_GEOSE  (P55767    )

[Detailed view]
312 PDB

1E7K; 1FFK; 1JJ2; 1K73; 1K8A; 1K9M; 1KC8; 1KD1; 1KQS; 1M1K; 1M90; 1N8R; 1NJI; 1PXW; 1Q7Y; 1Q81; 1Q82; 1Q86; 1QVF; 1QVG; 1RA4; 1RLG; 1S72; 1SDS; 1VQ4; 1VQ5; 1VQ6; 1VQ7; 1VQ8; 1VQ9; 1VQK; 1VQL; 1VQM; 1VQN; 1VQO; 1VQP; 1W2B; 1XBI; 1YHQ; 1YI2; 1YIJ; 1YIT; 1YJ9; 1YJN; 1YJW; 1ZWZ; 2ALE; 2CZW; 2FC3; 2HVY; 2JNB; 2LBW; 2LBX; 2OTJ; 2OTL; 2OZB; 2QA4; 2QEX; 3CC2; 3CC4; 3CC7; 3CCE; 3CCJ; 3CCL; 3CCM; 3CCQ; 3CCR; 3CCS; 3CCU; 3CCV; 3CD6; 3CMA; 3CME; 3CPW; 3CXC; 3G4S; 3G6E; 3G71; 3HAX; 3HAY; 3HJW; 3I55; 3I56; 3ID5; 3J6X; 3J6Y; 3J77; 3J78; 3JCM; 3JCR; 3JCT; 3LWO; 3LWP; 3LWQ; 3LWR; 3LWV; 3NMU; 3NVI; 3NVK; 3OW2; 3PAF; 3SIU; 3SIV; 3V7Q; 4ADX; 4BW0; 4BY9; 4C4W; 4NUT; 4U3M; 4U3N; 4U3U; 4U4N; 4U4O; 4U4Q; 4U4R; 4U4U; 4U4Y; 4U4Z; 4U50; 4U51; 4U52; 4U53; 4U55; 4U56; 4U6F; 4UG0; 4V4B; 4V4N; 4V6I; 4V6U; 4V6W; 4V6X; 4V7F; 4V7R; 4V88; 4V8P; 4V8T; 4V8Y; 4V8Z; 4V91; 4V9F; 5AJ0; 5APN; 5APO; 5DAT; 5DC3; 5DCV; 5DGE; 5DGF; 5FCI; 5FCJ; 5FJ4; 5FL8; 5G4U; 5G4V; 5GAK; 5GAN; 5GAP; 5GIN; 5GIO; 5GIP; 5H4P; 5I4L; 5JB3; 5JBH; 5JCS; 5JPQ; 5JUO; 5JUP; 5JUS; 5JUT; 5JUU; 5LKS; 5LYB; 5M1J; 5MC6; 5MEI; 5NDG; 5NDV; 5NDW; 5NRL; 5O9Z; 5OBM; 5ON6; 5T2C; 5T62; 5T6R; 5TBW; 5TGA; 5TGM; 5TZS; 5WLC; 5WYJ; 5WYK; 5XTM; 5Y7M; 5Z3G; 5ZWM; 5ZWO; 6AH0; 6AHD; 6C0F; 6CB1; 6EK0; 6ELZ; 6EM1; 6EM3; 6EM4; 6EM5; 6FT6; 6GQ1; 6GQB; 6GQV; 6HCT; 6HD7; 6HHQ; 6I7O; 6IP5; 6IP6; 6IP8; 6K0A; 6K0B; 6KE6; 6LQM; 6LQP; 6LQQ; 6LQR; 6LQS; 6LQT; 6LQU; 6LQV; 6LSR; 6LSS; 6LU8; 6M62; 6N8J; 6N8K; 6N8L; 6N8M; 6N8N; 6N8O; 6ND4; 6OIG; 6OLE; 6OLF; 6OLG; 6OLI; 6OLZ; 6OM0; 6OM7; 6Q8U; 6Q8Y; 6QIK; 6QT0; 6QTZ; 6QW6; 6QX9; 6QZP; 6R84; 6R86; 6R87; 6RI5; 6RZZ; 6S05; 6S47; 6SKF; 6SKG; 6SNT; 6SV4; 6SW9; 6SWA; 6SWC; 6SWE; 6T4Q; 6T7I; 6T7T; 6T83; 6TB3; 6TH6; 6TNU; 6TPH; 6W6L; 6WOO; 6XA1; 6Y0G; 6Y2L; 6Y57; 6Y6X; 6YLG; 6YLH; 6YLX; 6YLY; 6Z6J; 6Z6K; 6Z6L; 6Z6M; 6Z6N; 6ZM7; 6ZME; 6ZMI; 6ZMO; 6ZQA; 6ZQB; 6ZQC; 6ZQD; 6ZQE; 7AJT; 7AJU; 7BHP; 7BT6; 7BTB
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