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General information about the entry

Entry name [info] RIBOSOMAL_L1
Accession [info] PS01199
Entry type [info] PATTERN
Date [info] 01-NOV-1997 CREATED;
PROSITE Doc. [info] PDOC00922

Name and characterization of the entry

Description [info] Ribosomal protein L1 signature.
Pattern [info]

Numerical results [info]

Numerical results for UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot release 2023_04 which contains 570'157 sequence entries.

Total number of hits 869 in 869 different sequences
Number of true positive hits 867 in 867 different sequences
Number of 'unknown' hits 0
Number of false positive hits 2 in 2 different sequences
Number of false negative sequences 18
Number of 'partial' sequences 2
Precision (true positives / (true positives + false positives)) 99.77 %
Recall (true positives / (true positives + false negatives)) 97.97 %

Comments [info]

Taxonomic range [info] Archaea, Eukaryotes, Prokaryotes (Bacteria)
Maximum number of repetitions [info] 1
Version [info] 1

Cross-references [info]

True positive sequences
867 sequences

R10A1_ARATH (Q8VZB9), R10A2_ARATH (P59230), R10A3_ARATH (P59231), 
R10AB_DROME (Q9VTP4), R10A_ORYSI  (B8B9K6), R10A_ORYSJ  (B7F845), 
RK1_ARATH   (Q9LY66), RK1_CYACA   (Q9TM00), RK1_CYAM1   (Q85G11), 
RK1_CYAPA   (P48125), RK1_GRATL   (Q6B906), RK1_GUITH   (O78413), 
RK1_NEOYE   (Q1XDE9), RK1_PEA (P49208), RK1_PHATC   (A0T0C1), 
RK1_PORPU   (P51338), RK1_RHDSA   (A6MVP8), RK1_SPIOL   (Q9LE95), 
RK1_THAPS   (A0T0Q6), RK1_TRICV   (P49544), RL10A_ASHGO (Q755D9), 
RL10A_DANRE (Q6PC69), RL10A_ENTH1 (O15613), RL10A_HUMAN (P62906), 
RL10A_ICTPU (Q90YV8), RL10A_MACFA (Q4R5P3), RL10A_MOUSE (P53026), 
RL10A_PIG   (P53027), RL10A_RAT   (P62907), RL10A_SPOFR (Q963B6), 
RL10A_TRYBR (P53028), RL10A_XENLA (Q7ZYS8), RL1A_SCHPO  (O14363), 
RL1A_YEAST  (P0CX43), RL1B_SCHPO  (O74836), RL1B_YEAST  (P0CX44), 
RL1_ACAM1   (B0CAD0), RL1_ACET2   (A3DIZ1), RL1_ACHLI   (A9NEL3), 
RL1_ACIAC   (A1TVT3), RL1_ACIAD   (Q6FF93), RL1_ACIB3   (B7H1K1), 
RL1_ACIB5   (B7I357), RL1_ACIBS   (B0VLZ9), RL1_ACIBT   (A3M1G0), 
RL1_ACIBY   (B0VDG5), RL1_ACIC1   (A0LRL0), RL1_ACIC5   (C1F3Y0), 
RL1_ACICJ   (A5FZX4), RL1_ACIET   (B9MH50), RL1_ACIF2   (B7J456), 
RL1_ACIF5   (B5ELW9), RL1_ACISJ   (A1WCN2), RL1_ACTP2   (A3N317), 
RL1_ACTP7   (B3GYU5), RL1_ACTPJ   (B0BSE7), RL1_ACTSZ   (A6VKC8), 
RL1_AERHH   (A0KQA8), RL1_AERS4   (A4SHU6), RL1_AFIC5   (B6JER6), 
RL1_AGRFC   (Q8UE05), RL1_AGRRK   (B9JDR8), RL1_ALBFT   (Q21SF4), 
RL1_ALCBS   (Q0VSM5), RL1_ALIB4   (A8EVZ7), RL1_ALIF1   (Q5E234), 
RL1_ALIFM   (B5FC91), RL1_ALISL   (B6ENR6), RL1_ALKCK   (Q5WLS4), 
RL1_ALKEH   (Q0ABI5), RL1_ALKMQ   (A6TWJ3), RL1_ALKOO   (A8MLC9), 
RL1_ALLAM   (B9JVM5), RL1_AMOA5   (B3ETZ3), RL1_ANAD2   (B8JB73), 
RL1_ANADE   (Q2II81), RL1_ANADF   (A7HCI0), RL1_ANAMF   (B9KHV8), 
RL1_ANAMM   (Q5PBG7), RL1_ANAPZ   (Q2GJ65), RL1_ANASK   (B4UDT5), 
RL1_ANOFW   (B7GJ55), RL1_AQUAE   (O67759), RL1_ARCFU   (O28782), 
RL1_AROAE   (Q5P342), RL1_ARTS2   (A0JZA2), RL1_AYWBP   (Q2NJ12), 
RL1_AZOC5   (A8HTX8), RL1_AZOPC   (B6YQ00), RL1_AZOSB   (A1KB37), 
RL1_AZOVD   (C1DKK2), RL1_BACAA   (C3P9P3), RL1_BACAC   (C3LJ70), 
RL1_BACAH   (A0R8G8), RL1_BACAN   (Q81VU2), RL1_BACC0   (B7JKA6), 
RL1_BACC1   (Q73FA8), RL1_BACC2   (B7IT07), RL1_BACC3   (C1ET27), 
RL1_BACC4   (B7HJ36), RL1_BACC7   (B7HQT2), RL1_BACCN   (A7GK09), 
RL1_BACCQ   (B9IZI2), RL1_BACCR   (Q81J52), RL1_BACCZ   (Q63HA2), 
RL1_BACFN   (Q5L894), RL1_BACFR   (Q64NJ4), RL1_BACHK   (Q6HPS0), 
RL1_BACLD   (Q65PB9), RL1_BACMK   (A9VNB1), RL1_BACP2   (A8F971), 
RL1_BACSU   (Q06797), RL1_BACTN   (Q8A466), RL1_BACVZ   (A7Z0M5), 
RL1_BARHE   (Q6G3X8), RL1_BARQU   (Q6FZL6), RL1_BAUCH   (Q1LSY0), 
RL1_BDEBA   (Q6MJ04), RL1_BEII9   (B2IK52), RL1_BEUC1   (C5C0K8), 
RL1_BIFA0   (B8DVU7), RL1_BIFAA   (A0ZZZ6), RL1_BIFLD   (B3DPT0), 
RL1_BIFLO   (Q8G4T3), RL1_BIFLS   (B7GNJ5), RL1_BLOFL   (Q7VRP4), 
RL1_BLOPB   (Q492B6), RL1_BORA1   (Q2L2N3), RL1_BORAP   (Q0SNB5), 
RL1_BORBR   (Q7WRE2), RL1_BORBU   (O51353), RL1_BORBZ   (B7J1W4), 
RL1_BORDL   (B5RLV2), RL1_BORGP   (Q661M6), RL1_BORHD   (B2S095), 
RL1_BORPA   (Q7W2H2), RL1_BORPD   (A9IJ30), RL1_BORPE   (Q7W0S2), 
RL1_BORRA   (B5RRK0), RL1_BORT9   (A1QZI0), RL1_BRADU   (Q89J70), 
RL1_BRASB   (A5ELP1), RL1_BRASO   (A4YSH6), RL1_BREBN   (C0ZIG6), 
RL1_BRUA1   (B2S690), RL1_BRUA2   (Q2YM12), RL1_BRUA4   (A6X0A6), 
RL1_BRUAB   (Q57CP5), RL1_BRUC2   (A9M5R3), RL1_BRUMB   (C0RJL4), 
RL1_BRUME   (Q8YHQ0), RL1_BRUO2   (A5VR18), RL1_BRUSI   (B0CH44), 
RL1_BRUSU   (Q8G066), RL1_BUCA5   (B8D8J9), RL1_BUCAI   (P57149), 
RL1_BUCAP   (Q8KA67), RL1_BUCAT   (B8D6V3), RL1_BUCBP   (Q89B17), 
RL1_BUCCC   (Q058E2), RL1_BURA4   (B1YRB9), RL1_BURCH   (A0K3L4), 
RL1_BURCJ   (B4E5A9), RL1_BURCM   (Q0BJ57), RL1_BURL3   (Q39KH8), 
RL1_BURM1   (A9ADI2), RL1_BURM7   (A3MRU2), RL1_BURM9   (A2S7G3), 
RL1_BURMA   (Q62GJ4), RL1_BURMS   (A1V8B5), RL1_BURO0   (B1JU11), 
RL1_BURO1   (Q1BRT7), RL1_BURP0   (A3P0C8), RL1_BURP1   (Q3JMQ0), 
RL1_BURP6   (A3NEJ0), RL1_BURPS   (Q63Q00), RL1_BURTA   (Q2SU16), 
RL1_BURVG   (A4JAM9), RL1_CALBD   (B9MJX0), RL1_CALS4   (Q8R7U3), 
RL1_CALS8   (A4XLK1), RL1_CAMC1   (A7ZCN4), RL1_CAMC5   (A7GZK2), 
RL1_CAMFF   (A0RQI8), RL1_CAMHC   (A7I3U2), RL1_CAMJ8   (A8FKR0), 
RL1_CAMJD   (A7H4Q8), RL1_CAMJE   (Q9PI34), RL1_CAMJJ   (A1VYJ1), 
RL1_CAMJR   (Q5HVZ2), RL1_CAMLR   (B9KFG4), RL1_CARHZ   (Q3A9Q3), 
RL1_CAUSK   (B0T064), RL1_CAUVC   (Q9AAG0), RL1_CAUVN   (B8H0P3), 
RL1_CELJU   (B3PK27), RL1_CENSY   (A0RX07), RL1_CERS1   (A3PGI6), 
RL1_CERS4   (Q3J5T3), RL1_CERS5   (A4WVL9), RL1_CERSK   (B9KL80), 
RL1_CHESB   (Q11HB0), RL1_CHLAA   (A9WFP7), RL1_CHLAB   (Q5L5I0), 
RL1_CHLAD   (B8G990), RL1_CHLCH   (Q3ATP8), RL1_CHLCV   (Q822I8), 
RL1_CHLFF   (Q255E9), RL1_CHLL3   (Q3B1H4), RL1_CHLMU   (Q9PK77), 
RL1_CHLPD   (A1BD20), RL1_CHLPN   (Q9Z9A3), RL1_CHLSY   (B9LI30), 
RL1_CHLT2   (B0B7N4), RL1_CHLTA   (Q3KM44), RL1_CHLTB   (B0BBU9), 
RL1_CHLTE   (Q8KG18), RL1_CHLTR   (O84320), RL1_CHRFK   (A0M3Z2), 
RL1_CHRSD   (Q1R0I5), RL1_CHRVO   (Q7NQE3), RL1_CITK8   (A8AKU2), 
RL1_CLAM3   (A5CUT3), RL1_CLAMS   (B0RIR8), RL1_CLOAB   (Q97EG6), 
RL1_CLOB1   (A7FZ80), RL1_CLOB6   (C3KVR2), RL1_CLOB8   (A6LPQ1), 
RL1_CLOBA   (B2UYA0), RL1_CLOBB   (B2TIG5), RL1_CLOBH   (A5I7L7), 
RL1_CLOBJ   (C1FMW2), RL1_CLOBK   (B1IGG5), RL1_CLOBL   (A7GJ85), 
RL1_CLOBM   (B1KSN6), RL1_CLOD6   (Q18CE9), RL1_CLOK1   (B9DY98), 
RL1_CLOK5   (A5N4N6), RL1_CLONN   (A0PXT5), RL1_CLOP1   (Q0TMN5), 
RL1_CLOPE   (Q8XHR5), RL1_CLOPS   (Q0SQD3), RL1_CLOTE   (Q890N2), 
RL1_COLP3   (Q47UV6), RL1_CORA7   (C3PKL8), RL1_CORDI   (Q6NJG9), 
RL1_COREF   (Q8FSA5), RL1_CORGB   (A4QBF1), RL1_CORGL   (Q9LAK5), 
RL1_CORJK   (Q4JT18), RL1_CORK4   (C4LL88), RL1_CORU7   (B1VEQ9), 
RL1_COXB1   (B6J5B9), RL1_COXB2   (B6J274), RL1_COXBN   (A9KD42), 
RL1_COXBR   (A9NAL1), RL1_COXBU   (Q83ET3), RL1_CROS8   (A7MQP8), 
RL1_CUPMC   (Q1LI17), RL1_CUPNH   (Q0K603), RL1_CUPPJ   (Q46WD1), 
RL1_CUPTR   (B3R7T9), RL1_CUTAK   (Q6A6K3), RL1_CYTH3   (Q11QA2), 
RL1_DECAR   (Q47JB3), RL1_DEHM1   (Q3Z7T4), RL1_DEHMB   (A5FQR1), 
RL1_DEHMC   (Q3ZXX8), RL1_DEIDV   (C1D0S5), RL1_DEIGD   (Q1J0P1), 
RL1_DEIRA   (Q9RSS8), RL1_DELAS   (A9BR95), RL1_DESAH   (C0Q9Y2), 
RL1_DESAL   (B8FEU4), RL1_DESAP   (B1I1L3), RL1_DESDA   (B8J1A5), 
RL1_DESHD   (B8G1V1), RL1_DESHY   (Q250P7), RL1_DESOH   (A8ZUU6), 
RL1_DESPS   (Q6AP81), RL1_DESRM   (A4J100), RL1_DESVH   (Q727D0), 
RL1_DESVM   (B8DLM4), RL1_DESVV   (A1VAJ9), RL1_DICNV   (A5EX73), 
RL1_DINSH   (A8LLK0), RL1_ECO24   (A7ZUJ7), RL1_ECO27   (B7UPD9), 
RL1_ECO45   (B7MIX0), RL1_ECO55   (B7LA77), RL1_ECO57   (P0A7L2), 
RL1_ECO5E   (B5Z080), RL1_ECO7I   (B7NRR2), RL1_ECO81   (B7MR70), 
RL1_ECO8A   (B7M731), RL1_ECOBW   (C5A0S4), RL1_ECODH   (B1XBY6), 
RL1_ECOHS   (A8A783), RL1_ECOL5   (Q0TA81), RL1_ECOL6   (P0A7L1), 
RL1_ECOLC   (B1IUR3), RL1_ECOLI   (P0A7L0), RL1_ECOLU   (B7NFS4), 
RL1_ECOSE   (B6I5J4), RL1_ECOSM   (B1LNT6), RL1_ECOUT   (Q1R5U9), 
RL1_EDWI9   (C5BHE1), RL1_EHRCJ   (Q3YST8), RL1_EHRCR   (Q2GFP0), 
RL1_EHRRG   (Q5FFE2), RL1_EHRRW   (Q5HC08), RL1_ENT38   (A4W5A4), 
RL1_ENTFA   (Q830Q6), RL1_ERWT9   (B2VG93), RL1_ERYLH   (Q2NDY5), 
RL1_ESCF3   (B7LUL8), RL1_FERNB   (A7HLB6), RL1_FLAJ1   (A5FIJ0), 
RL1_FLAPJ   (A6GYU3), RL1_FRAAA   (Q0RRT5), RL1_FRACC   (Q2JFI8), 
RL1_FRAP2   (B0TX07), RL1_FRASN   (A8LC67), RL1_FRAT1   (Q14JT8), 
RL1_FRATF   (A7NEC3), RL1_FRATH   (Q2A1M4), RL1_FRATM   (B2SFD3), 
RL1_FRATN   (A0Q870), RL1_FRATO   (Q0BKC1), RL1_FRATT   (Q5NID5), 
RL1_FRATW   (A4IW96), RL1_FUSNN   (Q8RHI3), RL1_GEMAT   (C1A6N4), 
RL1_GEODF   (B9M6V5), RL1_GEOKA   (Q5L420), RL1_GEOMG   (Q39Y16), 
RL1_GEOSE   (P04447), RL1_GEOSL   (Q748Y3), RL1_GEOSW   (C5D3Q5), 
RL1_GEOTN   (A4IJH7), RL1_GEOUR   (A5GAX8), RL1_GLAP5   (B8F7D3), 
RL1_GLOC7   (B7KIR7), RL1_GLOVI   (Q7NK78), RL1_GLUDA   (A9H3T0), 
RL1_GLUOX   (Q5FTX4), RL1_GRABC   (Q0BUR0), RL1_HAEDU   (O32614), 
RL1_HAEI8   (Q4QN32), RL1_HAEIE   (A5U9X7), RL1_HAEIG   (A5UH21), 
RL1_HAEIN   (P44342), RL1_HAHCH   (Q2S902), RL1_HALH5   (Q9KGE5), 
RL1_HALHL   (A1WVD2), RL1_HALLT   (B9LTD6), RL1_HALMA   (P12738), 
RL1_HALOH   (B8D0B3), RL1_HALS3   (B0R4W2), RL1_HALSA   (P13575), 
RL1_HALVD   (P41199), RL1_HALWD   (Q18G90), RL1_HAMD5   (C4K4F4), 
RL1_HELAH   (Q17VN3), RL1_HELHP   (Q7VJ79), RL1_HELMI   (B0TC44), 
RL1_HELP2   (B6JN40), RL1_HELPG   (B5Z8J8), RL1_HELPH   (Q1CS65), 
RL1_HELPJ   (Q9ZK21), RL1_HELPS   (B2UUW3), RL1_HELPY   (P56029), 
RL1_HERAR   (A4G9U8), RL1_HISS1   (Q0I0V1), RL1_HISS2   (B0UUZ5), 
RL1_HYDCU   (Q31IZ2), RL1_HYPNA   (Q0BYA1), RL1_IDILO   (Q5QWA8), 
RL1_JANMA   (A6T3L6), RL1_JANSC   (Q28UY1), RL1_KINRD   (A6W5S7), 
RL1_KITAU   (Q9X521), RL1_KLEP3   (B5XYF8), RL1_KLEP7   (A6TGN6), 
RL1_KOCRD   (B2GII4), RL1_KORVE   (Q1IHH1), RL1_KOSOT   (C5CGE2), 
RL1_LACAC   (Q5FM22), RL1_LACCB   (B3WA08), RL1_LACDA   (Q1G8Z9), 
RL1_LACDB   (Q048T9), RL1_LACGA   (Q045W0), RL1_LACH4   (A8YTE3), 
RL1_LACJO   (Q74L13), RL1_LACLA   (Q9CE47), RL1_LACLM   (A2RNF3), 
RL1_LACLS   (Q02WD3), RL1_LACP3   (Q035U9), RL1_LACPL   (Q88YW9), 
RL1_LARHH   (C1DAQ7), RL1_LATSS   (Q38V06), RL1_LAWIP   (Q1MPU1), 
RL1_LEGPA   (Q5X869), RL1_LEGPC   (A5IHS4), RL1_LEGPH   (Q5ZYQ3), 
RL1_LEGPL   (Q5WZM2), RL1_LEIXX   (Q6AH25), RL1_LEPBA   (B0SAG4), 
RL1_LEPBJ   (Q04QI6), RL1_LEPBL   (Q054E5), RL1_LEPBP   (B0SSI7), 
RL1_LEPCP   (B1Y7H6), RL1_LEPIC   (Q72UB1), RL1_LEPIN   (Q8F0R9), 
RL1_LEUCK   (B1MVU3), RL1_LEUMM   (Q03ZH5), RL1_LEVBA   (Q03ST8), 
RL1_LIBAS   (P36248), RL1_LIGS1   (Q1WST3), RL1_LIMF3   (B2GAC3), 
RL1_LIMRJ   (B2G5T2), RL1_LISIN   (Q92F26), RL1_LISMC   (C1KYI1), 
RL1_LISMF   (Q724G3), RL1_LISMH   (B8DF06), RL1_LISMO   (Q8YAA4), 
RL1_LISW6   (A0AF48), RL1_LYSSC   (B1HNL5), RL1_MACCJ   (B9E8Q9), 
RL1_MAGMM   (A0L5W3), RL1_MAGSA   (Q2W2H8), RL1_MALP2   (Q8EX24), 
RL1_MANSM   (Q65W45), RL1_MARMM   (Q0ANP0), RL1_MARMS   (A6W3A2), 
RL1_MARN8   (A1TYI7), RL1_MARSD   (C6C176), RL1_MESFL   (Q6F0K8), 
RL1_MESH2   (Q600J7), RL1_MESH7   (Q4A7R3), RL1_MESHJ   (Q4A9M9), 
RL1_MESM1   (Q6KIF1), RL1_META1   (B3PM27), RL1_META3   (A6UTF9), 
RL1_METAC   (Q8TI81), RL1_METAR   (Q0W050), RL1_METBF   (Q46EU8), 
RL1_METBU   (Q12UP9), RL1_METC4   (B7KN27), RL1_METCA   (Q60A09), 
RL1_METEP   (A9W8M1), RL1_METFK   (Q1H4P7), RL1_METHJ   (Q2FQ32), 
RL1_METJA   (P54050), RL1_METLZ   (A2STT9), RL1_METM5   (A4FZS7), 
RL1_METM6   (A9A837), RL1_METM7   (A6VIQ0), RL1_METMA   (Q8PY52), 
RL1_METMP   (Q6M0L0), RL1_METNO   (B8IS73), RL1_METPB   (B1ZFX0), 
RL1_METPP   (A2SLG8), RL1_METRJ   (B1LY47), RL1_METS3   (A5UKU9), 
RL1_METS4   (B0UHY1), RL1_METS5   (A4YH88), RL1_METSB   (B8EMR8), 
RL1_METTL   (O52704), RL1_METTP   (A0B922), RL1_METVO   (Q9Y8J2), 
RL1_METVS   (P15824), RL1_MICAN   (B0JNQ5), RL1_MICLC   (C5CC74), 
RL1_MOOTA   (Q2RFN6), RL1_MYCA1   (A0QL66), RL1_MYCA9   (B1MH85), 
RL1_MYCAP   (A5IXM0), RL1_MYCBO   (P59790), RL1_MYCBP   (A1KGC1), 
RL1_MYCBT   (C1AKX4), RL1_MYCCT   (Q2ST52), RL1_MYCGA   (Q8RLD8), 
RL1_MYCGE   (P47328), RL1_MYCGI   (A4T1M1), RL1_MYCLB   (B8ZSD5), 
RL1_MYCLE   (Q9CBK2), RL1_MYCMM   (B2HSH2), RL1_MYCMS   (Q6MRY7), 
RL1_MYCPA   (Q73SG1), RL1_MYCPN   (P78035), RL1_MYCPU   (Q98RJ8), 
RL1_MYCS2   (A0QS46), RL1_MYCS5   (Q4A5E1), RL1_MYCSJ   (A3PV34), 
RL1_MYCSK   (A1UBE7), RL1_MYCSS   (Q1BDJ5), RL1_MYCTA   (A5U026), 
RL1_MYCTO   (P9WHC6), RL1_MYCTU   (P9WHC7), RL1_MYCUA   (A0PM08), 
RL1_MYCVP   (A1T4H1), RL1_MYXXD   (Q1D7U6), RL1_NATPD   (Q3INI6), 
RL1_NEIG1   (Q5F5R2), RL1_NEIG2   (B4RQV9), RL1_NEIM0   (A9M3X7), 
RL1_NEIMA   (P66087), RL1_NEIMB   (P66088), RL1_NEIMF   (A1KRG3), 
RL1_NEOSM   (Q2GD87), RL1_NEUCR   (Q7RZS0), RL1_NITEC   (Q0AF50), 
RL1_NITEU   (Q82T72), RL1_NITHX   (Q1QN47), RL1_NITMU   (Q2YB08), 
RL1_NITOC   (Q3J8Q4), RL1_NITSB   (A6Q1M0), RL1_NITWN   (Q3SSY3), 
RL1_NOCFA   (Q5YPC5), RL1_NOCSJ   (A1SEI7), RL1_NOSS1   (Q8YLJ7), 
RL1_NOVAD   (Q2GA44), RL1_OCEIH   (Q8ETZ2), RL1_OENOB   (Q04E43), 
RL1_OLEA2   (Q30X09), RL1_ONYPE   (Q6YQW6), RL1_ORITB   (A5CC96), 
RL1_ORITI   (B3CV58), RL1_PAEAT   (A1R8W1), RL1_PARD8   (A6LE84), 
RL1_PARDP   (A1B012), RL1_PARL1   (A7HWQ1), RL1_PARMW   (Q7U3T7), 
RL1_PARP8   (B2JIH7), RL1_PARPJ   (B2T762), RL1_PARUW   (Q6MDM4), 
RL1_PARXL   (Q13TF9), RL1_PASMU   (Q9CK86), RL1_PECAS   (Q6DAN3), 
RL1_PECCP   (C6DHR2), RL1_PEDPA   (Q03E49), RL1_PELPD   (A1ALT1), 
RL1_PELTS   (A5D5H7), RL1_PELUB   (Q4FLK9), RL1_PERMH   (C0QQL3), 
RL1_PETMO   (A9BF36), RL1_PHEZH   (B4R8K2), RL1_PHOLL   (Q7N9A7), 
RL1_PHOPR   (Q6LLV9), RL1_PHOV8   (A6KYK6), RL1_PHYAS   (B1VAM9), 
RL1_PICTO   (Q6L1X9), RL1_POLAQ   (A4SUV1), RL1_POLNA   (A1VTG1), 
RL1_POLNS   (B1XSE9), RL1_POLSJ   (Q123G0), RL1_PORG3   (B2RL48), 
RL1_PORGI   (Q7MX30), RL1_PROM0   (A3PAS1), RL1_PROM1   (A2C033), 
RL1_PROM2   (A8G2L0), RL1_PROM3   (A2CDE8), RL1_PROM4   (A9BDG6), 
RL1_PROM5   (A2BUI0), RL1_PROM9   (Q31CX8), RL1_PROMA   (Q7VDY6), 
RL1_PROMH   (B4EYV2), RL1_PROMM   (Q7V478), RL1_PROMP   (Q7V382), 
RL1_PROMS   (A2BNZ8), RL1_PROMT   (Q46HH0), RL1_PROVU   (P10054), 
RL1_PSE14   (Q48D26), RL1_PSEA6   (Q15YB4), RL1_PSEA7   (A6UZH8), 
RL1_PSEA8   (B7V634), RL1_PSEAB   (Q02T90), RL1_PSEAE   (Q9HWC6), 
RL1_PSECP   (B8HD24), RL1_PSEE4   (Q1IFX6), RL1_PSEF5   (Q4K523), 
RL1_PSEFS   (C3K2Y6), RL1_PSELT   (A8F4F7), RL1_PSEMY   (A4XZA0), 
RL1_PSEP1   (A5VXN7), RL1_PSEPF   (Q3K5X8), RL1_PSEPG   (B0KK57), 
RL1_PSEPK   (Q88QP4), RL1_PSEPW   (B1JE12), RL1_PSESM   (Q889Y1), 
RL1_PSET1   (Q3ILQ3), RL1_PSEU2   (Q4ZMN4), RL1_PSYA2   (Q4FQH0), 
RL1_PSYCK   (Q1Q8P6), RL1_PSYIN   (A1T068), RL1_PSYWF   (A5WH38), 
RL1_PYRAB   (Q9UWR8), RL1_PYRAE   (Q8ZTT4), RL1_PYRAR   (A4WL88), 
RL1_PYRCJ   (A3MX83), RL1_PYRFU   (Q8TZJ9), RL1_PYRHO   (O57782), 
RL1_PYRIL   (A1RRR1), RL1_PYRNV   (B1YAC8), RL1_RALN1   (Q8XUZ5), 
RL1_RALPJ   (B2UF70), RL1_RENSM   (A9WNU3), RL1_RHIE6   (B3PW56), 
RL1_RHIEC   (Q2K9M7), RL1_RHIL3   (Q1MIF3), RL1_RHILO   (Q98N69), 
RL1_RHILW   (B5ZYS4), RL1_RHIME   (Q92QI0), RL1_RHIWR   (A5V9F6), 
RL1_RHOBA   (Q7UI03), RL1_RHOCS   (B6IRP3), RL1_RHOE4   (C0ZV31), 
RL1_RHOJR   (Q0SF97), RL1_RHOOB   (C1AYX5), RL1_RHOP2   (Q2IXS7), 
RL1_RHOP5   (Q07KJ8), RL1_RHOPA   (Q6N4R5), RL1_RHOPB   (Q211C5), 
RL1_RHOPS   (Q134R4), RL1_RHOPT   (B3QC04), RL1_RHORT   (Q2RQV0), 
RL1_RICAE   (C3PMH4), RL1_RICAH   (A8GMA4), RL1_RICB8   (A8GV21), 
RL1_RICBR   (Q1RHC7), RL1_RICCK   (A8EXK5), RL1_RICCN   (Q92J89), 
RL1_RICFE   (Q4UKD1), RL1_RICPR   (Q9ZE23), RL1_RICPU   (C4K1P2), 
RL1_RICRO   (B0BWA6), RL1_RICRS   (A8GQW1), RL1_RICTY   (Q68XN1), 
RL1_RIPO1   (B7JWT7), RL1_ROSDO   (Q160X4), RL1_RUBXD   (Q1AU19), 
RL1_RUEPO   (Q5LMQ0), RL1_RUEST   (Q1GK53), RL1_RUMCH   (B8I5M9), 
RL1_RUTMC   (A1AX78), RL1_SACD2   (Q21M96), RL1_SACEN   (A4FPQ9), 
RL1_SACS2   (P96038), RL1_SALA4   (B5F0W4), RL1_SALAI   (A8M542), 
RL1_SALAR   (A9MHF5), RL1_SALCH   (Q57H72), RL1_SALDC   (B5FQJ6), 
RL1_SALEP   (B5QYD5), RL1_SALG2   (B5RFK4), RL1_SALHS   (B4TCS1), 
RL1_SALNS   (B4T0Y6), RL1_SALPA   (Q5PK96), RL1_SALPB   (A9N0I9), 
RL1_SALPC   (C0Q2R4), RL1_SALPK   (B5BJQ0), RL1_SALRD   (Q2S1Q2), 
RL1_SALSV   (B4TQJ2), RL1_SALTI   (P0A2A4), RL1_SALTO   (A4XBQ9), 
RL1_SALTY   (P0A2A3), RL1_SELRU   (Q84IF4), RL1_SERMA   (P09764), 
RL1_SERP5   (A8G8E4), RL1_SHEAM   (A1S208), RL1_SHEB2   (B8EBL5), 
RL1_SHEB8   (A6WHR8), RL1_SHEB9   (A9KW92), RL1_SHEDO   (Q12SW9), 
RL1_SHEFN   (Q089R4), RL1_SHEHH   (B0TM22), RL1_SHELP   (A3Q972), 
RL1_SHEON   (Q8EK77), RL1_SHEPA   (A8GYW6), RL1_SHEPC   (A4YBZ3), 
RL1_SHEPW   (B8CNC2), RL1_SHESA   (A0KRL4), RL1_SHESH   (A8G1F8), 
RL1_SHESM   (Q0HNU7), RL1_SHESR   (Q0I0B5), RL1_SHESW   (A1REA4), 
RL1_SHEWM   (B1KMZ3), RL1_SHIB3   (B2TWH0), RL1_SHIBS   (Q31U13), 
RL1_SHIDS   (Q32AF6), RL1_SHIF8   (Q0SY16), RL1_SHIFL   (Q83PC2), 
RL1_SHISS   (Q3YV00), RL1_SINFN   (C3MAW8), RL1_SINMW   (A6U848), 
RL1_SODGM   (Q2NWR9), RL1_SOLM1   (C4XIP2), RL1_SOLUE   (Q01VA8), 
RL1_SORC5   (A9GRA4), RL1_SPHAL   (Q1GT68), RL1_STAA1   (A7WYW1), 
RL1_STAA2   (A6TZ15), RL1_STAA3   (Q2FJA2), RL1_STAA8   (Q2G0P0), 
RL1_STAA9   (A5IQ92), RL1_STAAB   (Q2YSC3), RL1_STAAC   (Q5HID7), 
RL1_STAAE   (A6QEJ0), RL1_STAAM   (P66091), RL1_STAAN   (Q99W68), 
RL1_STAAR   (Q6GJD0), RL1_STAAS   (Q6GBU9), RL1_STAAT   (A8YZN6), 
RL1_STAAW   (P66092), RL1_STACT   (B9DKX1), RL1_STAEQ   (Q5HRL4), 
RL1_STAES   (Q8CTT4), RL1_STAHJ   (Q4L3J7), RL1_STAMF   (A3DNI1), 
RL1_STAS1   (Q49V48), RL1_STRA1   (Q3K004), RL1_STRA3   (P66093), 
RL1_STRA5   (P66094), RL1_STRAW   (Q82DQ8), RL1_STRCO   (P48950), 
RL1_STRE4   (C0MBT9), RL1_STREM   (B4U475), RL1_STRGC   (A8AY74), 
RL1_STRGG   (B1W446), RL1_STRGR   (P36256), RL1_STRM5   (B4SKV3), 
RL1_STRMK   (B2FQ35), RL1_STRMU   (Q8DSY0), RL1_STRP1   (P66097), 
RL1_STRP2   (Q04LP6), RL1_STRP3   (P0DE16), RL1_STRP4   (B5E2M6), 
RL1_STRP6   (Q5XDH6), RL1_STRP7   (C1C5Z9), RL1_STRP8   (P66098), 
RL1_STRPB   (Q1JD60), RL1_STRPC   (Q1JN33), RL1_STRPD   (Q1JI79), 
RL1_STRPF   (Q1J834), RL1_STRPG   (A2RG32), RL1_STRPI   (B1IAH4), 
RL1_STRPJ   (B8ZML9), RL1_STRPM   (Q48UX8), RL1_STRPN   (P66095), 
RL1_STRPQ   (P0DE17), RL1_STRPS   (B2IMU8), RL1_STRPZ   (B5XK62), 
RL1_STRR6   (P66096), RL1_STRS2   (A4W2B6), RL1_STRS7   (C0MHG4), 
RL1_STRSF   (Q07976), RL1_STRSV   (A3CPA5), RL1_STRSY   (A4VW08), 
RL1_STRT1   (Q5LXZ6), RL1_STRT2   (Q5M2K0), RL1_STRTD   (Q03IP4), 
RL1_STRU0   (B9DRE9), RL1_STRVG   (P48951), RL1_STRZJ   (C1CD03), 
RL1_STRZP   (C1CJA6), RL1_STRZT   (C1CQB6), RL1_STUS1   (A4VHM0), 
RL1_SULAC   (P35024), RL1_SULDN   (Q30TQ0), RL1_SULNB   (A6Q6H9), 
RL1_SULSY   (B2V7M3), RL1_SULTO   (Q971J1), RL1_SYMTH   (Q67JS9), 
RL1_SYNAS   (Q2LQ90), RL1_SYNC1   (Q3A6Q7), RL1_SYNE7   (Q31QK4), 
RL1_SYNFM   (A0LII1), RL1_SYNJA   (Q2JTQ5), RL1_SYNJB   (Q2JM50), 
RL1_SYNP2   (B1XJH1), RL1_SYNP6   (Q5N3N8), RL1_SYNPW   (A5GPD4), 
RL1_SYNR3   (A5GWK1), RL1_SYNS3   (Q0I6K8), RL1_SYNS9   (Q3AUJ6), 
RL1_SYNSC   (Q3AGT0), RL1_SYNWW   (Q0AUG8), RL1_SYNY3   (P36236), 
RL1_TERTT   (C5BPQ3), RL1_THEAB   (B7IG99), RL1_THEAC   (Q9HL71), 
RL1_THEFY   (Q47LI2), RL1_THEKO   (Q5JH35), RL1_THEM4   (A6LKQ6), 
RL1_THEMA   (P29393), RL1_THENN   (B9KBJ8), RL1_THEP1   (A5IJW6), 
RL1_THEP3   (B0KCI9), RL1_THEPD   (A1RWQ3), RL1_THEPX   (B0K5G5), 
RL1_THERP   (B9KYX4), RL1_THESQ   (B1L938), RL1_THET2   (Q72GV9), 
RL1_THET8   (Q5SLP7), RL1_THETH   (P27150), RL1_THEVB   (Q8DM27), 
RL1_THEVO   (Q97BN2), RL1_THIDA   (Q3SLQ9), RL1_THISH   (B8GV68), 
RL1_TOLAT   (C4LBV5), RL1_TREDE   (Q73JJ4), RL1_TREPA   (O83266), 
RL1_TREPS   (B2S2I5), RL1_TRIEI   (Q119S7), RL1_TRIL1   (B3E7S5), 
RL1_TRIV2   (Q3MA18), RL1_TROW8   (P66100), RL1_TROWT   (P66099), 
RL1_UREP2   (B1AJI1), RL1_UREPA   (Q9PPV0), RL1_UREU1   (B5ZC48), 
RL1_VARPS   (C5CKF0), RL1_VEREI   (A1WK52), RL1_VESOH   (A5CW28), 
RL1_VIBA3   (B7VM73), RL1_VIBC1   (A7MXE3), RL1_VIBC3   (A5F3P2), 
RL1_VIBCH   (Q9KV33), RL1_VIBCM   (C3LR57), RL1_VIBPA   (Q87KQ1), 
RL1_VIBVU   (Q8DD23), RL1_VIBVY   (Q7MGR5), RL1_WIGBR   (Q8D236), 
RL1_WOLSU   (Q7MA59), RL1_XANAC   (Q8PNT3), RL1_XANC5   (Q3BWZ4), 
RL1_XANC8   (Q4URC9), RL1_XANCB   (B0RU92), RL1_XANCP   (Q8RTJ4), 
RL1_XANOM   (Q2NZX5), RL1_XANOP   (B2SQP8), RL1_XANOR   (Q5GWS3), 
RL1_XANP2   (A7IKP7), RL1_XYLF2   (B2IA72), RL1_XYLFA   (Q9PA83), 
RL1_XYLFM   (B0U5Y0), RL1_XYLFT   (Q87A29), RL1_YERE8   (A1JIH7), 
RL1_YERP3   (A7FNI6), RL1_YERPA   (Q1C1T8), RL1_YERPB   (B2K109), 
RL1_YERPE   (Q8ZAP2), RL1_YERPG   (A9R0H5), RL1_YERPN   (Q1CN81), 
RL1_YERPP   (A4TS32), RL1_YERPS   (Q66FQ5), RL1_YERPY   (B1JJJ5), 
RL1_ZYMMO   (Q5NPL0), RM01_RECAM  (O21235), RM01_YEAST  (Q04599)
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False negative sequences
18 sequences

RL10A_DICDI (Q86L05), RL1_AERPE   (Q9Y9W6), RL1_BARBK   (A1USC5), 
RL1_BART1   (A9ISF1), RL1_DICT6   (B5YEX9), RL1_DICTD   (B8E0K2), 
RL1_FINM2   (B0S062), RL1_HYPBU   (A2BN64), RL1_KORCO   (B1L6L3), 
RL1_METB6   (A7IAK4), RL1_METKA   (Q8TX51), RL1_METMJ   (A3CSJ6), 
RL1_METST   (Q2NEW1), RL1_METTH   (O27716), RL1_NANEQ   (Q74M51), 
RL1_NAUPA   (B9L7J3), RL1_WOLPM   (Q73IX2), RL1_WOLTR   (Q5GRY6)
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'Partial' sequences
2 sequences

RL1_AQUPY   (Q9XDM1), RL1_STRLA   (O87734)

False positive sequences
2 sequences

COPA_ARCFU  (O29777), CUL9_MOUSE  (Q80TT8)

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302 PDB

1AD2; 1CJS; 1DWU; 1EG0; 1I2A; 1ML5; 1MZP; 1U63; 1ZHO; 2HW8; 2NOQ; 2OM7; 2RDO; 3J0P; 3J0Q; 3J3V; 3J3W; 3J46; 3J5S; 3J6X; 3J6Y; 3J77; 3J78; 3J8G; 3J9Z; 3JA1; 3JCD; 3JCE; 3QOY; 3TG8; 3U4M; 3U56; 3UMY; 487D; 4CSU; 4F9T; 4LQ4; 4QG3; 4QGB; 4QVI; 4REO; 4U1U; 4U1V; 4U20; 4U24; 4U25; 4U26; 4U27; 4UG0; 4V42; 4V49; 4V4A; 4V4B; 4V4G; 4V4I; 4V4J; 4V4N; 4V4P; 4V4V; 4V4W; 4V4X; 4V4Y; 4V4Z; 4V51; 4V5C; 4V5D; 4V5E; 4V5F; 4V5G; 4V5H; 4V5J; 4V5K; 4V5L; 4V5M; 4V5N; 4V5P; 4V5Q; 4V5R; 4V5S; 4V61; 4V69; 4V6A; 4V6I; 4V6K; 4V6L; 4V6M; 4V6N; 4V6O; 4V6P; 4V6Q; 4V6R; 4V6S; 4V6U; 4V6V; 4V6W; 4V6X; 4V6Y; 4V6Z; 4V70; 4V71; 4V72; 4V73; 4V74; 4V75; 4V76; 4V77; 4V78; 4V79; 4V7A; 4V7C; 4V7D; 4V7F; 4V7H; 4V7I; 4V7J; 4V7K; 4V7L; 4V7M; 4V7R; 4V8J; 4V8N; 4V8O; 4V8Q; 4V8U; 4V8X; 4V8Y; 4V90; 4V91; 4V97; 4V9H; 4V9J; 4V9K; 4V9L; 4V9M; 4W29; 4WF1; 4WOI; 4WPO; 4WQF; 4WQU; 4WQY; 4WU1; 4WZD; 4WZO; 5A9Z; 5AA0; 5ADY; 5AJ0; 5DM6; 5DM7; 5E7K; 5E81; 5EL4; 5EL5; 5EL6; 5EL7; 5HAU; 5IB7; 5IB8; 5IBB; 5IMQ; 5IMR; 5J8B; 5JCS; 5JUO; 5JUP; 5JUS; 5JUT; 5JUU; 5LKS; 5NPM; 5OT7; 5T2C; 5U9F; 5U9G; 5UQ7; 5UQ8; 5UYK; 5UYL; 5UYM; 5UYN; 5UYP; 5UYQ; 5ZLU; 6BU8; 6C5L; 6DNC; 6ENJ; 6ENU; 6GQB; 6GQV; 6GSL; 6HA8; 6IP5; 6LQM; 6LSR; 6LU8; 6OFX; 6OG7; 6OGF; 6OGG; 6OGI; 6OIG; 6OLG; 6Q95; 6QNQ; 6QNR; 6QZP; 6R84; 6R86; 6R87; 6TB3; 6WD0; 6WD1; 6WD2; 6WD3; 6WD4; 6WD5; 6WD6; 6WD7; 6WD8; 6WD9; 6WDA; 6WDB; 6WDC; 6WDD; 6WDE; 6WDF; 6WDG; 6WDH; 6WDI; 6WDJ; 6WDK; 6WDL; 6WDM; 6WNT; 6WNV; 6WNW; 6WOO; 6XU6; 6XU7; 6XU8; 6Y6X; 6YLG; 6YLH; 6Z6L; 6Z6M; 6Z6N; 6ZM7; 6ZME; 6ZMI; 6ZMO; 7A5F; 7A5G; 7A5J; 7JSZ; 7K50; 7K51; 7K52; 7K53; 7K54; 7K55; 7LH5; 7LS1; 7LS2; 7LV0; 7MSC; 7MSH; 7MSM; 7MSZ; 7MT2; 7MT3; 7MT7; 7P7Q; 7P7R; 7QG8; 7QGG; 7QGH; 7SS9; 7SSD; 7SSL; 7SSO; 7SSW; 7ST2; 7ST7; 7TOS; 7UG7; 7ZW0; 8AAF; 8AGT; 8AGU; 8AGV; 8AGW; 8AGX; 8AGZ; 8BQD; 8BQX; 8G5Y; 8G60; 8G61; 8G6J; 8HFR
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