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Crossover junction endodeoxyribonuclease ruvC signature


RuvC (EC [1] is a bacterial nuclease that resolves Holliday junction intermediates in genetic recombination. It cleaves the cruciform structure in supercoiled DNA by nicking to strands with the same polarity at sites symmetrically opposed at the junction in the homologous arms and leaves a 5'terminal phosphate and a 3'terminal hydroxyl group.

It is a small protein of about 20 Kd. It requires and binds a magnesium ion. As a signature pattern we selected a region located in the C-terminal part. This region contains two aspartate residues implicated in the binding of the magnesium ion.

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April 2006 / Pattern revised.

Technical section

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RUVC, PS01321; Crossover junction endodeoxyribonuclease ruvC signature  (PATTERN)


1AuthorsWest S.C.
TitleProcessing of recombination intermediates by the RuvABC proteins.
SourceAnnu. Rev. Genet. 31:213-244(1997).
PubMed ID9442895

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