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Ubiquitin-conjugating enzymes signature and profile


Ubiquitin-conjugating enzymes (EC (UBC or E2 enzymes) [1,2,3] catalyze the covalent attachment of ubiquitin to target proteins. An activated ubiquitin moiety is transferred from an ubiquitin-activating enzyme (E1) to E2 which later ligates ubiquitin directly to substrate proteins with or without the assistance of 'N-end' recognizing proteins (E3).

In most species there are many forms of UBC (at least 9 in yeast) which are implicated in diverse cellular functions.

A cysteine residue is required for ubiquitin-thiolester formation. There is a single conserved cysteine in UBC's and the region around that residue is conserved in the sequence of known UBC isozymes. We have used that region as a signature pattern. We also developed a profile that spans the complete catalytical domain.

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Jentsch S.

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April 2006 / Pattern revised.


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UBIQUITIN_CONJUGAT_2, PS50127; Ubiquitin-conjugating enzymes family profile  (MATRIX)

UBIQUITIN_CONJUGAT_1, PS00183; Ubiquitin-conjugating enzymes active site  (PATTERN)


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