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PROSITE documentation PDOC50165 [for PROSITE entry PS50165]

UvrC family homology region profile


In prokaryote, nucleotide excision repair, DNA damage recognition and processing are achieved by the action of the uvrA, uvrB, and uvrC protein complex [1].

UvrC proteins contain 4 conserved regions: the UVR domain which interacts with uvrB (see <PDOC50151>), a Helix hairpin Helix (HhH) domain important for 5 prime incision of damage DNA, the GIY-YIG domain (see <PDOC50164>) and a central homology region of unknown function, which is specific for UvrC proteins.

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UVRC, PS50165; UvrC family, homology region profile  (MATRIX)


1AuthorsVan Houten B. Snowden A.
SourceBioEssays 15:51-59(1993).

2AuthorsSancar A.
TitleDNA excision repair.
SourceAnnu. Rev. Biochem. 65:43-81(1996).
PubMed ID8811174

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