Entry: PS00236

General information about the entry

Entry name [info] NEUROTR_ION_CHANNEL
Accession [info] PS00236
Entry type [info] PATTERN
Date [info] APR-1990 (CREATED); NOV-1997 (DATA UPDATE); MAR-2016 (INFO UPDATE).
PROSITE Doc. [info] PDOC00209

Name and characterization of the entry

Description [info] Neurotransmitter-gated ion-channels signature.
Pattern [info]

Numerical results [info]

Numerical results for UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot release 2016_04 which contains 550'960 sequence entries.

Total number of hits 243 in 243 different sequences
Number of true positive hits 243 in 243 different sequences
Number of 'unknown' hits 0
Number of false positive hits 0
Number of false negative sequences 5
Number of 'partial' sequences 5
Precision (true positives / (true positives + false positives)) 100.00 %
Recall (true positives / (true positives + false negatives)) 97.98 %

Comments [info]

Taxonomic range [info] Eukaryotes
Maximum number of repetitions [info] 1
Site [info] disulfide at position 1
Site [info] disulfide at position 12
Version [info] 1

Cross-references [info]

True positive sequences
243 sequences

5HT3A_CAVPO (O70212), 5HT3A_HUMAN (P46098), 5HT3A_MOUSE (P23979), 
5HT3A_RAT   (P35563), 5HT3C_HUMAN (Q8WXA8), 5HT3E_HUMAN (A5X5Y0), 
ACH10_CHICK (Q9I8C7), ACH10_HUMAN (Q9GZZ6), ACH10_RAT   (Q9JLB5), 
ACH1_CAEBR  (A8WQK3), ACH1_CAEEL  (P48180), ACH1_DROME  (P09478), 
ACH1_MANSE  (P91766), ACH1_SCHGR  (P23414), ACH23_CAEEL (G5EG88), 
ACH2_CAEEL  (P48181), ACH2_DROME  (P17644), ACH3_CAEEL  (P54244), 
ACH3_DROME  (P04755), ACH4_CAEEL  (O76554), ACH4_DROME  (P25162), 
ACH5_CAEEL  (Q23022), ACH6_CAEEL  (Q9N587), ACH7_CAEEL  (Q27218), 
ACH8_CAEBR  (Q60S81), ACH8_CAEEL  (Q9U298), ACH91_ONCMY (Q8JFN7), 
ACH92_ONCMY (Q68RJ7), ACHA2_CHICK (P09480), ACHA2_HUMAN (Q15822), 
ACHA2_MOUSE (Q91X60), ACHA2_PANTR (Q5IS52), ACHA2_RAT   (P12389), 
ACHA3_BOVIN (Q07263), ACHA3_CARAU (P18845), ACHA3_CHICK (P09481), 
ACHA3_HUMAN (P32297), ACHA3_MOUSE (Q8R4G9), ACHA3_RAT   (P04757), 
ACHA4_CHICK (P09482), ACHA4_HUMAN (P43681), ACHA4_MOUSE (O70174), 
ACHA4_MUSPF (Q19AE6), ACHA4_PANTR (Q5IS77), ACHA4_RAT   (P09483), 
ACHA5_BOVIN (Q8SPU7), ACHA5_CHICK (P26152), ACHA5_HUMAN (P30532), 
ACHA5_MOUSE (Q2MKA5), ACHA5_PANTR (Q5IS51), ACHA5_RAT   (P20420), 
ACHA6_CHICK (P49581), ACHA6_HUMAN (Q15825), ACHA6_MOUSE (Q9R0W9), 
ACHA6_PANTR (Q5IS76), ACHA6_RAT   (P43143), ACHA7_BOVIN (P54131), 
ACHA7_CHICK (P22770), ACHA7_HUMAN (P36544), ACHA7_MACMU (Q866A2), 
ACHA7_MOUSE (P49582), ACHA7_RAT   (Q05941), ACHA9_CHICK (Q9PTS8), 
ACHA9_HUMAN (Q9UGM1), ACHA9_RAT   (P43144), ACHAA_XENLA (P22456), 
ACHAB_XENLA (P05377), ACHA_BOVIN  (P02709), ACHA_CHICK  (P09479), 
ACHA_CRORS  (P54248), ACHA_DANRE  (Q98880), ACHA_ERICO  (P54249), 
ACHA_FELCA  (P54250), ACHA_HERIC  (P54251), ACHA_HUMAN  (P02708), 
ACHA_MOUSE  (P04756), ACHA_NAJNA  (P14143), ACHA_NATTE  (P14144), 
ACHA_RAT    (P25108), ACHA_TETCF  (P02710), ACHA_TORMA  (P02711), 
ACHB2_CARAU (P19370), ACHB2_CHICK (P09484), ACHB2_HUMAN (P17787), 
ACHB2_MOUSE (Q9ERK7), ACHB2_RAT   (P12390), ACHB3_CHICK (P43679), 
ACHB3_RAT   (P12391), ACHB4_BOVIN (Q8SPU6), ACHB4_CHICK (P26153), 
ACHB4_HUMAN (P30926), ACHB4_MOUSE (Q8R493), ACHB4_RAT   (P12392), 
ACHB_BOVIN  (P04758), ACHB_HUMAN  (P11230), ACHB_MOUSE  (P09690), 
ACHB_RAT    (P25109), ACHB_TETCF  (P02712), ACHB_XENLA  (P49579), 
ACHD_BOVIN  (P04759), ACHD_CHICK  (P02717), ACHD_HUMAN  (Q07001), 
ACHD_MOUSE  (P02716), ACHD_RAT    (P25110), ACHD_TETCF  (P02718), 
ACHD_XENLA  (P09628), ACHE_BOVIN  (P02715), ACHE_HUMAN  (Q04844), 
ACHE_MOUSE  (P20782), ACHE_RAT    (P09660), ACHE_XENLA  (P49580), 
ACHG_BOVIN  (P13536), ACHG_CHICK  (P02713), ACHG_HUMAN  (P07510), 
ACHG_MOUSE  (P04760), ACHG_RAT    (P18916), ACHG_TETCF  (P02714), 
ACHG_XENLA  (P05376), ACHN2_CARAU (P13908), ACHN3_CARAU (P18257), 
ACHX_ONCVO  (P54247), ACR2_CAEEL  (P48182), ACR3_CAEEL  (Q93149), 
ACR7_CAEEL  (P45963), ARKA_DICDI  (Q54HC6), CRFM7_HUMAN (Q494W8), 
CUP4_CAEBR  (A8XF54), CUP4_CAEEL  (P34271), GBR1_CAEEL  (G5ECJ0), 
GBRA1_BOVIN (P08219), GBRA1_CHICK (P19150), GBRA1_HUMAN (P14867), 
GBRA1_MACFA (Q4R534), GBRA1_MOUSE (P62812), GBRA1_PONAB (Q5R6B2), 
GBRA1_RAT   (P62813), GBRA2_BOVIN (P10063), GBRA2_HUMAN (P47869), 
GBRA2_MOUSE (P26048), GBRA2_PONAB (Q5RCC5), GBRA2_RAT   (P23576), 
GBRA3_BOVIN (P10064), GBRA3_HUMAN (P34903), GBRA3_MOUSE (P26049), 
GBRA3_RAT   (P20236), GBRA4_BOVIN (P20237), GBRA4_HUMAN (P48169), 
GBRA4_MOUSE (Q9D6F4), GBRA4_RAT   (P28471), GBRA5_BOVIN (Q08E50), 
GBRA5_HUMAN (P31644), GBRA5_MOUSE (Q8BHJ7), GBRA5_RAT   (P19969), 
GBRA6_CHICK (Q90845), GBRA6_HUMAN (Q16445), GBRA6_MOUSE (P16305), 
GBRA6_RAT   (P30191), GBRAL_DROME (Q24352), GBRB1_BOVIN (P08220), 
GBRB1_HUMAN (P18505), GBRB1_MOUSE (P50571), GBRB1_RAT   (P15431), 
GBRB2_MOUSE (P63137), GBRB2_RAT   (P63138), GBRB3_CHICK (P19019), 
GBRB3_DROME (Q08832), GBRB3_HUMAN (P28472), GBRB3_MOUSE (P63080), 
GBRB3_RAT   (P63079), GBRB4_CHICK (P24045), GBRB_CAEEL  (O18276), 
GBRB_DROME  (P25123), GBRB_DROSI  (Q9BLY8), GBRB_LYMST  (P26714), 
GBRB_MUSDO  (Q75NA5), GBRD_HUMAN  (O14764), GBRD_MOUSE  (P22933), 
GBRD_RAT    (P18506), GBRE_HUMAN  (P78334), GBRE_RAT    (Q9ES14), 
GBRG1_HUMAN (Q8N1C3), GBRG1_MOUSE (Q9R0Y8), GBRG1_RAT   (P23574), 
GBRG2_BOVIN (P22300), GBRG2_CHICK (P21548), GBRG2_HUMAN (P18507), 
GBRG2_MOUSE (P22723), GBRG2_PONAB (Q5REA1), GBRG2_RAT   (P18508), 
GBRG3_HUMAN (Q99928), GBRG3_MOUSE (P27681), GBRG3_RAT   (P28473), 
GBRG4_CHICK (P34904), GBRP_BOVIN  (Q5EA06), GBRP_HUMAN  (O00591), 
GBRP_MOUSE  (Q8QZW7), GBRP_RAT    (O09028), GBRR1_HUMAN (P24046), 
GBRR1_MOUSE (P56475), GBRR1_RAT   (P50572), GBRR2_BOVIN (Q0II76), 
GBRR2_HUMAN (P28476), GBRR2_MOUSE (P56476), GBRR2_RAT   (P47742), 
GBRR3_HUMAN (A8MPY1), GBRR3_RAT   (P50573), GBRT_HUMAN  (Q9UN88), 
GBRT_MOUSE  (Q9JLF1), GLRA1_BOVIN (P57695), GLRA1_DANRE (O93430), 
GLRA1_HUMAN (P23415), GLRA1_MOUSE (Q64018), GLRA1_RAT   (P07727), 
GLRA2_HUMAN (P23416), GLRA2_MOUSE (Q7TNC8), GLRA2_RAT   (P22771), 
GLRA3_HUMAN (O75311), GLRA3_MOUSE (Q91XP5), GLRA3_RAT   (P24524), 
GLRA4_HUMAN (Q5JXX5), GLRA4_MOUSE (Q61603), GLRB4_CAEEL (Q09453), 
GLRB_BOVIN  (Q9GJS9), GLRB_HUMAN  (P48167), GLRB_MOUSE  (P48168), 
GLRB_RAT    (P20781), GLUCB_CAEEL (Q17328), GLUCB_HAECO (P91730), 
LGC4_CAEEL  (P54245), LGC50_CAEEL (P41849), PBO5_CAEEL  (G5ECT0), 
PBO6_CAEEL  (Q19351), ZACN_CANLF  (Q866Y9), ZACN_HUMAN  (Q401N2)
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False negative sequences
5 sequences

5HT3B_HUMAN (O95264), 5HT3B_MOUSE (Q9JHJ5), 5HT3B_RAT   (Q9JJ16), 
5HT3D_HUMAN (Q70Z44), ACR5_CAEEL  (P54246)
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'Partial' sequences
5 sequences

ACHA_ELEEL  (P09688), ACHB_CHICK  (P16005), ACHB_ELEEL  (P09689), 
ACHD_ELEEL  (P09691), ACHG_ELEEL  (P09692)
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25 PDB

2BG9; 2QC1; 3JAD; 3JAE; 3JAF; 3RHW; 3RI5; 3RIA; 3RIF; 4AQ5; 4AQ9; 4BOG; 4BOI; 4BON; 4BOO; 4BOR; 4BOT; 4COF; 4D01; 4PIR; 4TNV; 4TNW; 4UXU; 4UY2; 5CFB
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