Entry: PS00282

General information about the entry

Entry name [info] KAZAL_1
Accession [info] PS00282
Entry type [info] PATTERN
Date [info] APR-1990 (CREATED); DEC-2004 (DATA UPDATE); MAR-2016 (INFO UPDATE).
PROSITE Doc. [info] PDOC00254

Name and characterization of the entry

Description [info] Kazal serine protease inhibitors family signature.
Pattern [info]

Numerical results [info]

Numerical results for UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot release 2016_04 which contains 550'960 sequence entries.

Total number of hits 241 in 212 different sequences
Number of true positive hits 239 in 210 different sequences
Number of 'unknown' hits 0
Number of false positive hits 2 in 2 different sequences
Number of false negative sequences 57
Number of 'partial' sequences 0
Precision (true positives / (true positives + false positives)) 99.17 %
Recall (true positives / (true positives + false negatives)) 80.74 %

Comments [info]

Taxonomic range [info] Eukaryotes
Maximum number of repetitions [info] 7
Site [info] disulfide at position 1
Site [info] disulfide at position 5
Site [info] disulfide at position 11
Site [info] disulfide at position 13
Version [info] 1

Cross-references [info]

True positive sequences
210 sequences

DPGN_DIPMA  (O96790), IAC1_BOVIN  (P01000), IACA_PIG    (P00999), 
IACS_PIG    (P26461), IBD3_HIRME  (P09865), ICHY_CAIMO  (P83039), 
IKP1_PHYSA  (P83578), IKP2_PHYSA  (P83579), IMSP6_RUDPH (P86987), 
IOV7_CHICK  (P10184), IOVO_ACRVU  (P68469), IOVO_AEPAR  (P52241), 
IOVO_AFRCO  (P52258), IOVO_AIXGA  (P68144), IOVO_AIXSP  (P68145), 
IOVO_ALECH  (P68146), IOVO_ALERU  (P68147), IOVO_ALOAE  (P68148), 
IOVO_ANACA  (P68149), IOVO_ANAPL  (P68150), IOVO_ANHNO  (P05565), 
IOVO_ANSAN  (P68389), IOVO_ANSIN  (P68437), IOVO_ANSSE  (P05567), 
IOVO_ANTVI  (P68381), IOVO_ANTVP  (P68382), IOVO_AQUAU  (P68376), 
IOVO_ARBTO  (P05601), IOVO_ARGAR  (P05608), IOVO_AYTAM  (P68391), 
IOVO_BALPA  (P52239), IOVO_BAMTH  (P52259), IOVO_BONUM  (P05585), 
IOVO_BRACA  (P68393), IOVO_BUGCA  (P68383), IOVO_CALCC  (P68387), 
IOVO_CALGM  (P68388), IOVO_CALSC  (P05589), IOVO_CALSP  (P05588), 
IOVO_CARME  (P52242), IOVO_CARPF  (P52265), IOVO_CARRE  (P05616), 
IOVO_CASBE  (P62336), IOVO_CASCA  (P62337), IOVO_CATWA  (P67957), 
IOVO_CENUR  (P67945), IOVO_CERNO  (P05575), IOVO_CHACH  (P67887), 
IOVO_CHATO  (P67888), IOVO_CHECA  (P68394), IOVO_CHICK  (P01005), 
IOVO_CHLPI  (P68151), IOVO_CHRAM  (P68128), IOVO_CHRPC  (P68127), 
IOVO_CIRAE  (P05579), IOVO_COLVI  (P05591), IOVO_CORAL  (P52243), 
IOVO_CORMO  (P52244), IOVO_COSCO  (P05571), IOVO_COTDE  (P05600), 
IOVO_COTJA  (P01003), IOVO_CROAU  (P67951), IOVO_CROCS  (P52245), 
IOVO_CROMA  (P67952), IOVO_CYACY  (P68152), IOVO_CYGAT  (P68129), 
IOVO_CYGOL  (P68130), IOVO_CYRMO  (P05592), IOVO_DACNO  (P05617), 
IOVO_DENAC  (P67890), IOVO_DENAR  (P67889), IOVO_DENAU  (P67891), 
IOVO_DENBI  (P67892), IOVO_DENEY  (P05569), IOVO_DENVD  (P05570), 
IOVO_DRONO  (P05560), IOVO_EUDEL  (P05562), IOVO_FRAFR  (P05597), 
IOVO_FRAPO  (P05598), IOVO_FULAT  (P68378), IOVO_GALAS  (P52266), 
IOVO_GALCH  (P68379), IOVO_GALVA  (P52267), IOVO_GEOCA  (P05615), 
IOVO_GRUJA  (P68380), IOVO_GUIGU  (P52246), IOVO_GUTPU  (P52260), 
IOVO_GYPCO  (P68374), IOVO_HALAL  (P52268), IOVO_HALIN  (P05577), 
IOVO_LAGLU  (P67961), IOVO_LARMA  (P68385), IOVO_LARRI  (P68386), 
IOVO_LEIOC  (P05581), IOVO_LOPBU  (P52261), IOVO_LOPCU  (P68154), 
IOVO_LOPDI  (P67893), IOVO_LOPED  (P67953), IOVO_LOPIG  (P67894), 
IOVO_LOPIM  (P67950), IOVO_LOPLE  (P52262), IOVO_LOPNY  (P67954), 
IOVO_LOPSP  (P68153), IOVO_LOPSW  (P67955), IOVO_MEGFR  (P05580), 
IOVO_MELGA  (P68390), IOVO_MELOE  (P68436), IOVO_NECMO  (P68377), 
IOVO_NEOJU  (P68155), IOVO_NETRU  (P68392), IOVO_NOTCI  (P05561), 
IOVO_NOTPE  (P52248), IOVO_NUMME  (P68468), IOVO_NYCNY  (P05566), 
IOVO_OPIHO  (P52249), IOVO_OREPI  (P05587), IOVO_ORTVE  (P05582), 
IOVO_OXYJA  (P68131), IOVO_OXYVI  (P68132), IOVO_PAVCR  (P05609), 
IOVO_PAVMU  (P52263), IOVO_PELCO  (P05595), IOVO_PENJC  (P67895), 
IOVO_PENSU  (P67896), IOVO_PERPE  (P05599), IOVO_PHAAL  (P67940), 
IOVO_PHACO  (P68470), IOVO_PHASU  (P05564), IOVO_PHAVE  (P68471), 
IOVO_PIPPP  (P05584), IOVO_PODST  (P52264), IOVO_POLBI  (P05607), 
IOVO_POLNP  (P52250), IOVO_POLRA  (P68375), IOVO_PTEAF  (P05594), 
IOVO_PTEER  (P05596), IOVO_PUCMA  (P67956), IOVO_PYGAD  (P67941), 
IOVO_RADRA  (P68157), IOVO_RHEAM  (P67942), IOVO_RHEPE  (P67943), 
IOVO_RHYFU  (P52251), IOVO_ROLRO  (P52252), IOVO_SARME  (P68156), 
IOVO_SCYNO  (P52253), IOVO_SPHHU  (P05563), IOVO_STRCA  (P05557), 
IOVO_SYREL  (P67958), IOVO_SYRHU  (P67959), IOVO_SYRMI  (P52269), 
IOVO_SYRRE  (P05605), IOVO_SYRSO  (P67960), IOVO_TINMA  (P52254), 
IOVO_TRABL  (P67946), IOVO_TRACA  (P67947), IOVO_TRASA  (P67948), 
IOVO_TRATE  (P67949), IOVO_TURME  (P52256), IOVO_TURSY  (P05611), 
IOVO_TYMCU  (P67944), IOVO_VANSP  (P68384), IOVO_VULGR  (P20846), 
IPSG_CANLF  (P01002), IPSG_FELCA  (P08480), IPSG_MARMT  (P81482), 
IPSG_MELME  (P16226), IPSG_MUSLU  (P81481), IPSG_PANLE  (P08481), 
IPSG_UNCUN  (P81262), IPSG_VULVU  (P08479), ISK10_MOUSE (Q8CAC8), 
ISK11_MOUSE (Q09TK7), ISK12_MOUSE (Q9D256), ISK13_MOUSE (Q3UTS8), 
ISK13_RAT   (D3ZVP0), ISK14_HUMAN (Q6IE38), ISK14_RAT   (Q6IE46), 
ISK1L_CHICK (P85000), ISK1L_RAT   (P09656), ISK1_ANGAN  (P11706), 
ISK1_BOVIN  (P00996), ISK1_CANLF  (P04542), ISK1_HORSE  (P81634), 
ISK1_HUMAN  (P00995), ISK1_MONDO  (P81635), ISK1_MOUSE  (P09036), 
ISK1_PIG    (P00998), ISK1_RAT    (P09655), ISK1_SHEEP  (P00997), 
ISK1_STRCA  (Q9PSM2), ISK2_HUMAN  (P20155), ISK2_MACFA  (P34953), 
ISK2_MOUSE  (Q8BMY7), ISK2_RAT    (Q6IE49), ISK4_HUMAN  (O60575), 
ISK4_MOUSE  (O35679), ISK4_PIG    (P37109), ISK5_HUMAN  (Q9NQ38), 
ISK6_BOVIN  (P01001), ISK6_HUMAN  (Q6UWN8), ISK6_MOUSE  (Q8BT20), 
ISK6_RAT    (Q6IE47), ISK7_HUMAN  (P58062), ISK7_MOUSE  (Q6IE32), 
ISK7_RAT    (Q6IE51), ISK9_HUMAN  (Q5DT21), LDTI_HIRME  (P80424), 
RECK_HUMAN  (O95980), RECK_MOUSE  (Q9Z0J1), THBI_RHOPR  (Q06684)
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False negative sequences
57 sequences

CALT_CAVPO  (P22074), ESM1_DROME  (O97176), ESM1_DROSI  (B4QW11), 
FSTA_DANRE  (Q9YHV4), FSTL1_HUMAN (Q12841), FSTL1_MOUSE (Q62356), 
FSTL1_PONAB (Q5R9Y1), FSTL1_RAT   (Q62632), FSTL3_BOVIN (Q1LZB9), 
FSTL3_HUMAN (O95633), FSTL3_MOUSE (Q9EQC7), FSTL3_RAT   (Q99PW7), 
FSTL5_MOUSE (Q8BFR2), FST_BOVIN   (P50291), FST_BUBBU   (A5YT95), 
FST_CHICK   (Q90844), FST_HORSE   (O62650), FST_HUMAN   (P19883), 
FST_MOUSE   (P47931), FST_PIG     (P10669), FST_RAT     (P21674), 
FST_SHEEP   (P31514), FST_XENLA   (P31515), HTR1B_DANRE (A9JRB3), 
HTRA3_RAT   (D3ZA76), HTRA4_BOVIN (E1BJW1), HTRA4_HUMAN (P83105), 
IELA_ANESU  (P16895), IGFBP_CUPSA (G4V4G1), IPK2_CENMR  (P84755), 
TU91_GEMLI  (P0DKT5), TU91_IOTCI  (P0DKM8), TU91_LOPOL  (P0DKM7), 
TU92_GEMSO  (P0DKT2), TU92_IOTCI  (P0DKT4), TU92_POLAB  (P0DKT1), 
WFKN1_MOUSE (Q8R0S6), WFKN1_RAT   (P0C5J5), WFKN2_BOVIN (Q08E66), 
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False positive sequences
2 sequences

MADD_CAEEL  (O02626), TUL1_YEAST  (P36096)

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67 PDB

1AN1; 1BUS; 1CGI; 1CGJ; 1CHO; 1CSO; 1CT0; 1CT2; 1CT4; 1DS2; 1DS3; 1HJA; 1HPT; 1IY5; 1IY6; 1KMA; 1LDT; 1M8B; 1M8C; 1OMT; 1OMU; 1OVO; 1PCE; 1PPF; 1R0R; 1SGD; 1SGE; 1SGN; 1SGP; 1SGQ; 1SGR; 1SGY; 1TBQ; 1TBR; 1TGS; 1TUR; 1TUS; 1UVF; 1UVG; 1Y1C; 1YU6; 1Z7K; 2BUS; 2GKR; 2GKT; 2GKV; 2JXD; 2KMO; 2KMP; 2KMQ; 2KMR; 2LEO; 2NU0; 2NU1; 2NU2; 2NU3; 2NU4; 2OVO; 2SGD; 2SGE; 2SGF; 2SGP; 2SGQ; 3OVO; 3SGB; 3SGQ; 4OVO
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