Entry: PS00322

General information about the entry

Entry name [info] HISTONE_H3_1
Accession [info] PS00322
Entry type [info] PATTERN
Date [info] APR-1990 (CREATED); DEC-2004 (DATA UPDATE); MAR-2016 (INFO UPDATE).
PROSITE Doc. [info] PDOC00287

Name and characterization of the entry

Description [info] Histone H3 signature 1.
Pattern [info]

Numerical results [info]

Numerical results for UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot release 2016_04 which contains 550'960 sequence entries.

Total number of hits 172 in 172 different sequences
Number of true positive hits 169 in 169 different sequences
Number of 'unknown' hits 0
Number of false positive hits 3 in 3 different sequences
Number of false negative sequences 13
Number of 'partial' sequences 4
Precision (true positives / (true positives + false positives)) 98.26 %
Recall (true positives / (true positives + false negatives)) 92.86 %

Comments [info]

Taxonomic range [info] Eukaryotes
Maximum number of repetitions [info] 1
Version [info] 1

Cross-references [info]

True positive sequences
169 sequences

H31T_HUMAN  (Q16695), H31_BOVIN   (P68432), H31_CANAL   (Q59VN2), 
H31_CHLRE   (Q42681), H31_DEBHA   (Q6BRZ5), H31_ENCCU   (Q8SS77), 
H31_HUMAN   (P68431), H31_LODEL   (A5DWE2), H31_MOUSE   (P68433), 
H31_MUSPA   (Q6LBF0), H31_PICGU   (A5DFC5), H31_PICST   (A3LXD5), 
H31_RAT     (Q6LED0), H31_SCHPO   (P09988), H31_TETPY   (P69149), 
H31_TETTH   (P69150), H31_USTMA   (Q4P7J7), H32_ARATH   (P59226), 
H32_ASPOF   (Q6LBE3), H32_BOVIN   (P84227), H32_BRANA   (Q6LCK1), 
H32_CAIMO   (P84230), H32_CHICK   (P84229), H32_CHLRE   (Q6LCW8), 
H32_CICIN   (Q5MYA4), H32_CRILO   (Q64400), H32_DANRE   (Q4QRF4), 
H32_ENCAL   (P08903), H32_EUPES   (Q71T45), H32_HUMAN   (Q71DI3), 
H32_ICTBU   (P84231), H32_LILLO   (Q402E1), H32_MAIZE   (P69246), 
H32_MEDSA   (P68429), H32_MOUSE   (P84228), H32_MUSPA   (Q6LBE8), 
H32_ONCMY   (P84234), H32_ONOVI   (P68430), H32_ORYSI   (A2Y533), 
H32_ORYSJ   (Q2RAD9), H32_PEA     (P68427), H32_PETCR   (P69248), 
H32_PORAF   (P84232), H32_TETAM   (P69110), H32_TETAU   (P69111), 
H32_TETCA   (P69112), H32_TETCU   (P69113), H32_TETEL   (P69114), 
H32_TETFU   (P69115), H32_TETHY   (P69116), H32_TETLE   (P69117), 
H32_TETMA   (P69118), H32_TETMI   (P69119), H32_TETNA   (P69120), 
H32_TETNI   (P69121), H32_TETPA   (P69123), H32_TETPI   (P69124), 
H32_TETPR   (P69122), H32_TETRO   (P69125), H32_TETSO   (P69126), 
H32_TETTR   (P69127), H32_TOBAC   (Q76MV0), H32_USTMA   (Q4PB04), 
H32_WHEAT   (P68428), H32_XENLA   (P84233), H32_XENTR   (Q28D37), 
H331_CAEEL  (Q10453), H332_CAEEL  (Q9U281), H33A_LILLO  (Q402E2), 
H33B_LILLO  (Q2Z2F4), H33L3_CAEEL (Q27489), H33_ARATH   (P59169), 
H33_BOVIN   (Q5E9F8), H33_CANAL   (Q5ADQ0), H33_CAPAN   (Q6RUR1), 
H33_CHICK   (P84247), H33_CHLRE   (P50564), H33_DANRE   (Q6PI20), 
H33_DEBHA   (Q6BMU4), H33_DROHY   (P84250), H33_DROME   (P84249), 
H33_GOSHI   (Q71V89), H33_HUMAN   (P84243), H33_LODEL   (A5E094), 
H33_LOLMU   (Q3C2E5), H33_LOLTE   (P69245), H33_MEDSA   (P69244), 
H33_MOUSE   (P84244), H33_ORYCO   (Q71U98), H33_ORYSI   (A2XHJ3), 
H33_ORYSJ   (Q0JCT1), H33_PICGU   (A5DG57), H33_PICST   (A3GHN6), 
H33_PIG     (Q71LE2), H33_PINPS   (Q711T2), H33_PONAB   (Q5RCC9), 
H33_RABIT   (P84246), H33_RAT     (P84245), H33_SCHPO   (P10651), 
H33_SPISO   (P84248), H33_STYLE   (P81197), H33_TETPY   (P15512), 
H33_TETTS   (P41353), H33_TOBAC   (Q76N23), H33_TRIPS   (Q8WSF1), 
H33_VITVI   (Q71H73), H33_XENLA   (Q6PI79), H33_XENTR   (Q6P823), 
H34_TETTS   (Q22RG7), H35_STYLE   (P81199), H36_STYLE   (P81200), 
H37_STYLE   (P81201), H38_STYLE   (P81202), H39_STYLE   (P81196), 
H3C_BOVIN   (A5PK61), H3C_CAIMO   (P06902), H3C_HUMAN   (Q6NXT2), 
H3C_MOUSE   (P02301), H3C_XENLA   (P02302), H3L2_LILLO  (Q9XG57), 
H3L3_LILLO  (Q2Z2F6), H3L5_ARATH  (Q9FKQ3), H3_ACRFO    (P22843), 
H3_AJECA    (Q9P427), H3_ASHGO    (Q757N1), H3_ASPCL    (A1CP80), 
H3_ASPFU    (P61832), H3_ASPNC    (A2QRR5), H3_ASPOR    (Q2UCQ0), 
H3_ASPTN    (Q0D0E8), H3_CAEEL    (P08898), H3_CANGA    (P61833), 
H3_CHAGB    (Q6DL03), H3_CHITH    (P84238), H3_COCIM    (Q1E225), 
H3_CRYNB    (P0CO05), H3_CRYNJ    (P0CO04), H3_DERIM    (P69071), 
H3_DROHY    (P84236), H3_DROME    (P02299), H3_EMENI    (P23753), 
H3_EUPCR    (P90543), H3_GIBZE    (Q4IER8), H3_GRIJA    (Q7XYZ0), 
H3_HYPJE    (P61835), H3_KLULA    (P61831), H3_LYTPI    (P69072), 
H3_MAGO7    (A4RCX7), H3_MARPO    (Q5DWI3), H3_MORAP    (Q9HDN1), 
H3_NEOFI    (A1D240), H3_NEUCR    (P07041), H3_PARLI    (P69073), 
H3_PHANO    (Q0UY45), H3_PISBR    (P69074), H3_PISOC    (P69075), 
H3_PLADU    (P84235), H3_PSAMI    (P69076), H3_PYCHE    (P69077), 
H3_SOLST    (P69078), H3_STRDR    (P69079), H3_STRPU    (P06352), 
H3_TALFU    (P61834), H3_TIGCA    (P84237), H3_URECA    (P84239), 
H3_VOLCA    (P08437), H3_YARLI    (Q6C0C4), H3_YEAST    (P61830), 
H3_ZYGBA    (P61836)
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False negative sequences
13 sequences

H31_STYLE   (P81195), H33B_DICDI  (Q55BN9), H33C_DICDI  (Q55BP0), 
H33L1_CAEEL (Q27490), H33L2_CAEEL (Q27532), H34_STYLE   (P81198), 
H3CL_BOVIN  (Q3SZB8), H3L_ENCCU   (Q8SQP3), H3V1_DICDI  (Q54F38), 
H3V2_DICDI  (Q54Z07), H3_ENTHI    (Q06196), H3_LEIIN    (P40285), 
H3_MASBA    (Q9U7D1)
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'Partial' sequences
4 sequences

H32_TETBO   (P17319), H33_HORVU   (P06353), H3_LITVA    (P83864), 
H3_NARPS    (P80553)
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False positive sequences
3 sequences


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1KX5; 1PU9; 1PUA; 2KWK; 4GU0; 4GUR; 4GUS; 5DX0

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