Entry: PS00360

General information about the entry

Entry name [info] RIBOSOMAL_S9
Accession [info] PS00360
Entry type [info] PATTERN
Date [info] NOV-1990 (CREATED); APR-2006 (DATA UPDATE); DEC-2015 (INFO UPDATE).
PROSITE Doc. [info] PDOC00311

Name and characterization of the entry

Description [info] Ribosomal protein S9 signature.
Pattern [info]

Numerical results [info]

Numerical results for UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot release 2016_01 which contains 550'299 sequence entries.

Total number of hits 727 in 727 different sequences
Number of true positive hits 727 in 727 different sequences
Number of 'unknown' hits 0
Number of false positive hits 0
Number of false negative sequences 11
Number of 'partial' sequences 0
Precision (true positives / (true positives + false positives)) 100.00 %
Recall (true positives / (true positives + false negatives)) 98.51 %

Comments [info]

Taxonomic range [info] Archaea, Eukaryotes, Prokaryotes (Bacteria)
Maximum number of repetitions [info] 1
Version [info] 2

Cross-references [info]

True positive sequences
727 sequences

RR9_ACUOB   (Q1KVR6), RR9_ARATH   (Q9XJ27), RR9_CHLRE   (O20029), 
RR9_CHLVU   (P56358), RR9_CYACA   (Q9TLV4), RR9_CYAPA   (P48135), 
RR9_EMIHU   (Q4G346), RR9_EUGGR   (P32060), RR9_EUGLO   (P58135), 
RR9_GRATL   (Q6B8X6), RR9_GUITH   (P19459), RR9_MESVI   (Q9MUV1), 
RR9_NEPOL   (Q9TL29), RR9_ODOSI   (P49497), RR9_OLTVI   (Q20F01), 
RR9_OSTTA   (Q0P3K9), RR9_PHATC   (A0T0K2), RR9_PORPU   (P51291), 
RR9_PSEAK   (Q3ZJ40), RR9_PYRYE   (Q1XDJ7), RR9_SPIOL   (P82278), 
RR9_STIHE   (Q06SF6), RR9_THAPS   (A0T0Z6), RS161_ARATH (Q9SK22), 
RS163_ARATH (Q42340), RS16A_SCHPO (P0CT64), RS16A_YEAST (P0CX51), 
RS16B_SCHPO (P0CT65), RS16B_YEAST (P0CX52), RS16_AEDAE  (P62251), 
RS16_ASHGO  (Q759L8), RS16_BOVIN  (Q3T0X6), RS16_CAEEL  (Q22054), 
RS16_CANAX  (O94017), RS16_CANGA  (Q6FR56), RS16_DEBHA  (Q6BSI7), 
RS16_DICDI  (Q54Q51), RS16_DROME  (Q9W237), RS16_FRIAG  (O22647), 
RS16_GOSHI  (P46293), RS16_HETFO  (Q98TR7), RS16_HUMAN  (P62249), 
RS16_ICTPU  (Q90YQ7), RS16_KLULA  (Q875N2), RS16_LUPPO  (P16149), 
RS16_MOUSE  (P14131), RS16_NEUCR  (Q7SFJ9), RS16_ORYSI  (A2ZB00), 
RS16_ORYSJ  (Q0IQF7), RS16_PIG    (Q29201), RS16_RAT    (P62250), 
RS16_SACEX  (Q876B4), RS16_SPOFR  (Q95V31), RS16_TORRU  (Q9XEK7), 
RS9_ACAM1   (B0C426), RS9_ACIAC   (A1TUF5), RS9_ACIET   (B9MD53), 
RS9_ACISJ   (A1W3P8), RS9_ACTP2   (A3MZW7), RS9_ACTP7   (B3H130), 
RS9_ACTPJ   (B0BUG0), RS9_ACTSZ   (A6VPF4), RS9_AERHH   (A0KPZ2), 
RS9_AERPE   (Q9YB48), RS9_AERS4   (A4SHZ5), RS9_AGRFC   (Q8UFZ8), 
RS9_AGRVS   (B9JVC4), RS9_ALISL   (B6ELJ4), RS9_ALKEH   (Q0A6F4), 
RS9_ALKMQ   (A6TWE6), RS9_ALKOO   (A8MLH6), RS9_AMOA5   (B3EU85), 
RS9_ANAD2   (B8J5I5), RS9_ANADE   (Q2IEX8), RS9_ANASK   (B4UBJ2), 
RS9_ANAVT   (Q3MF93), RS9_ANOFW   (B7GJ32), RS9_AQUAE   (O67723), 
RS9_ARCB4   (A8ER06), RS9_ARCFU   (O29136), RS9_AROAE   (Q5P7T8), 
RS9_ARTAT   (A1R8Q1), RS9_ARTCA   (B8HCH9), RS9_ARTS2   (A0JZ26), 
RS9_AYWBP   (Q2NIP5), RS9_AZOC5   (A8I7Z9), RS9_AZOPC   (B6YQS6), 
RS9_AZOSB   (A1K970), RS9_AZOVD   (C1DQ79), RS9_BACAA   (C3PAK4), 
RS9_BACAC   (C3LJX8), RS9_BACAH   (A0R8L3), RS9_BACAN   (Q81VP8), 
RS9_BACC0   (B7JKF4), RS9_BACC1   (Q73F62), RS9_BACC2   (B7IT53), 
RS9_BACC3   (C1ET73), RS9_BACC4   (B7HJJ1), RS9_BACC7   (B7HQX8), 
RS9_BACCN   (A7GK54), RS9_BACCQ   (B9IZM8), RS9_BACCR   (Q81J12), 
RS9_BACCZ   (Q63H57), RS9_BACFN   (Q5L8W6), RS9_BACFR   (Q64P28), 
RS9_BACHD   (Q9KGD4), RS9_BACHK   (Q6HPM5), RS9_BACLD   (Q65P72), 
RS9_BACMF   (A7Z0S2), RS9_BACP2   (A8F9B9), RS9_BACSK   (Q5WLM8), 
RS9_BACSU   (P21470), RS9_BACTN   (Q8A0Z5), RS9_BACV8   (A6L0V0), 
RS9_BACWK   (A9VPB1), RS9_BARBK   (A1UT84), RS9_BARHE   (Q6G3I7), 
RS9_BARQU   (Q6FZQ5), RS9_BART1   (A9IVX6), RS9_BEII9   (B2IK87), 
RS9_BIFA0   (B8DW06), RS9_BIFAA   (A1A058), RS9_BIFLD   (B3DQ00), 
RS9_BIFLO   (Q8G423), RS9_BIFLS   (B7GNE7), RS9_BLOFL   (Q7VQR6), 
RS9_BLOPB   (Q493Y5), RS9_BORA1   (Q2KV03), RS9_BORAP   (Q0SNH4), 
RS9_BORBP   (Q661S9), RS9_BORBR   (Q7WFC4), RS9_BORBU   (O51313), 
RS9_BORBZ   (B7J1R3), RS9_BORDL   (B5RLS3), RS9_BORHD   (B2S045), 
RS9_BORPA   (Q7W3Z2), RS9_BORPD   (A9I240), RS9_BORPE   (Q7VUV9), 
RS9_BORRA   (B5RRF2), RS9_BORT9   (A1QZD0), RS9_BRADU   (Q89KE5), 
RS9_BRASB   (A5EKC6), RS9_BRASO   (A4YVP2), RS9_BREBN   (C0ZIL4), 
RS9_BRUA1   (B2S535), RS9_BRUA2   (Q2YND9), RS9_BRUAB   (Q57DW2), 
RS9_BRUC2   (A9MAG7), RS9_BRUMB   (C0RIC5), RS9_BRUME   (Q8YGJ0), 
RS9_BRUO2   (A5VPX4), RS9_BRUSI   (B0CLB7), RS9_BRUSU   (Q8G1C9), 
RS9_BUCA5   (B8D9H3), RS9_BUCAI   (P57470), RS9_BUCAP   (Q8K9G0), 
RS9_BUCAT   (B8D7S5), RS9_BUCBP   (P59514), RS9_BURA4   (B1YTD2), 
RS9_BURCA   (Q1BZ44), RS9_BURCC   (B1JVU5), RS9_BURCH   (A0K4K6), 
RS9_BURCJ   (B4EET5), RS9_BURCM   (Q0BI90), RS9_BURL3   (Q39JJ9), 
RS9_BURM1   (A9AH80), RS9_BURM7   (A3MP60), RS9_BURM9   (A2S582), 
RS9_BURMA   (Q62HB9), RS9_BURMS   (A1V052), RS9_BURP0   (A3NZ79), 
RS9_BURP1   (Q3JNR2), RS9_BURP6   (A3NDG7), RS9_BURP8   (B2JGV1), 
RS9_BURPP   (B2SYK9), RS9_BURPS   (Q63QW4), RS9_BURTA   (Q2SZ68), 
RS9_BURVG   (A4JBK5), RS9_BURXL   (Q13UB3), RS9_CALBD   (B9MLF6), 
RS9_CALS4   (Q8R7Y9), RS9_CALS8   (A4XJ60), RS9_CAMJ8   (A8FNE5), 
RS9_CAMJD   (A7H5K0), RS9_CAMJE   (Q9PMI3), RS9_CAMJJ   (A1W187), 
RS9_CAMJR   (Q5HSV2), RS9_CAMLR   (B9KFA8), RS9_CARHZ   (Q3A9V2), 
RS9_CELJU   (B3PBL9), RS9_CHLAB   (Q5L5W2), RS9_CHLCH   (Q3AQ24), 
RS9_CHLCV   (Q822Z3), RS9_CHLFF   (Q254P0), RS9_CHLL2   (B3EFY3), 
RS9_CHLL7   (Q3B5U1), RS9_CHLMU   (Q9PKR2), RS9_CHLP8   (B3QLF6), 
RS9_CHLPD   (A1BHZ6), RS9_CHLPM   (A4SDC0), RS9_CHLPN   (Q9Z8T8), 
RS9_CHLT2   (B0B9N4), RS9_CHLTA   (Q3KMP3), RS9_CHLTB   (B0BBB3), 
RS9_CHLTE   (Q8KBK5), RS9_CHLTR   (O84128), RS9_CHRVO   (Q7NRT4), 
RS9_CITK8   (A8AQC0), RS9_CLAM3   (A5CU75), RS9_CLAMS   (B0RB77), 
RS9_CLOAB   (Q97EL3), RS9_CLOB1   (A7FZ37), RS9_CLOB6   (C3KVL5), 
RS9_CLOB8   (A6LPU7), RS9_CLOBA   (B2UYE6), RS9_CLOBB   (B2TIL1), 
RS9_CLOBH   (A5I7H0), RS9_CLOBJ   (C1FMR5), RS9_CLOBK   (B1IGB8), 
RS9_CLOBL   (A7GJ38), RS9_CLOBM   (B1KSI9), RS9_CLOCE   (B8I816), 
RS9_CLOK1   (B9DYE4), RS9_CLOK5   (A5N4T2), RS9_CLONN   (A0PXY2), 
RS9_CLOP1   (Q0TMT2), RS9_CLOPE   (Q8XHV7), RS9_CLOPH   (A9KJF4), 
RS9_CLOPS   (Q0SQH9), RS9_CLOTE   (Q890R7), RS9_CLOTH   (A3DGC4), 
RS9_COLP3   (Q47VT2), RS9_COREF   (Q8FS19), RS9_CORGB   (A4QBS4), 
RS9_CORGL   (Q8NST5), RS9_COXB1   (B6J4Q5), RS9_COXB2   (B6J2V0), 
RS9_COXBN   (A9KBY1), RS9_COXBR   (A9NAB0), RS9_COXBU   (Q83AX9), 
RS9_CUPMC   (Q1LRC9), RS9_CUPNH   (Q0KED8), RS9_CUPPJ   (Q475T2), 
RS9_CUPTR   (B2AH58), RS9_CYAA5   (B1WQT9), RS9_CYAP4   (B8HNG6), 
RS9_CYAP7   (B7KI15), RS9_CYTH3   (Q11QN5), RS9_DEHM1   (Q3Z949), 
RS9_DEHMB   (A5FRV9), RS9_DEHMC   (Q3ZZP2), RS9_DEIDV   (C1D165), 
RS9_DEIRA   (Q9RXY0), RS9_DELAS   (A9C178), RS9_DESAD   (C6C1K0), 
RS9_DESAG   (Q30Y42), RS9_DESAP   (B1I1E6), RS9_DESDA   (B8IZP3), 
RS9_DESHD   (B8FW05), RS9_DESHY   (Q24ZM5), RS9_DESK1   (B8D6F5), 
RS9_DESMR   (C4XNQ1), RS9_DESPS   (Q6ANL9), RS9_DESRM   (A4J153), 
RS9_DESVH   (Q728T3), RS9_DESVM   (B8DPL8), RS9_DESVV   (A1VBD2), 
RS9_ECO24   (A7ZSC4), RS9_ECO27   (B7UJW2), RS9_ECO45   (B7MBZ1), 
RS9_ECO55   (B7LHT8), RS9_ECO57   (P0A7X5), RS9_ECO5E   (B5YSV6), 
RS9_ECO7I   (B7NKU2), RS9_ECO81   (B7N102), RS9_ECO8A   (B7M0U2), 
RS9_ECOBW   (C4ZSW8), RS9_ECODH   (B1XHK3), RS9_ECOHS   (A8A539), 
RS9_ECOK1   (A1AGC3), RS9_ECOL5   (Q0TCN6), RS9_ECOL6   (P0A7X4), 
RS9_ECOLC   (B1IQP9), RS9_ECOLI   (P0A7X3), RS9_ECOLU   (B7NDK8), 
RS9_ECOSE   (B6I1U8), RS9_ECOSM   (B1LGJ6), RS9_ECOUT   (Q1R6B0), 
RS9_EDWI9   (C5B748), RS9_ENT38   (A4WF42), RS9_ENTFA   (Q82Z47), 
RS9_ERWT9   (B2VGU9), RS9_ESCF3   (B7LRJ8), RS9_EUBR3   (C4ZI84), 
RS9_EXIS2   (B1YH85), RS9_EXISA   (C4KZL2), RS9_FINM2   (B0S3F6), 
RS9_FUSNN   (Q8RGG8), RS9_GEMAT   (C1A3Z4), RS9_GEODF   (B9M6W3), 
RS9_GEOKA   (Q5L3Q5), RS9_GEOSE   (P07842), RS9_GEOSW   (C5D3V1), 
RS9_GEOTN   (A4IJM1), RS9_GEOUR   (A5GAY7), RS9_GLOVI   (Q7ND17), 
RS9_HAEDU   (Q7VLF7), RS9_HAEI8   (Q4QKG9), RS9_HAEIE   (A5UC54), 
RS9_HAEIG   (A5UEV9), RS9_HAEIN   (P44388), RS9_HAEPS   (B8F3F7), 
RS9_HAES1   (Q0I2N2), RS9_HAHCH   (Q2S9X3), RS9_HALHL   (A1WYS8), 
RS9_HALMA   (P05763), RS9_HALSA   (Q9HQJ2), RS9_HAMD5   (C4K5S1), 
RS9_HELAH   (Q17VT4), RS9_HELHP   (Q7VIV5), RS9_HELMI   (B0TC92), 
RS9_HELP2   (B6JPI5), RS9_HELPG   (B5Z683), RS9_HELPH   (Q1CV71), 
RS9_HELPJ   (P66638), RS9_HELPS   (B2URR4), RS9_HELPY   (P66637), 
RS9_HERAR   (A4G1T3), RS9_HISS2   (B0UTU5), RS9_HISSO   (P31782), 
RS9_IDILO   (Q5R0K5), RS9_JANMA   (A6SUN8), RS9_KINRD   (A6W5X1), 
RS9_KLEP3   (B5XSS2), RS9_KLEP7   (A6TEN8), RS9_KOSOT   (C5CDI2), 
RS9_LACBA   (Q03PZ0), RS9_LACC3   (Q035C4), RS9_LACCB   (B3WAH9), 
RS9_LACLA   (Q9CDG7), RS9_LACLM   (A2RP61), RS9_LACLS   (Q02VM1), 
RS9_LACPL   (Q88XU7), RS9_LACS1   (Q1WSC3), RS9_LACSS   (Q38UV5), 
RS9_LAWIP   (Q1MQW3), RS9_LEIXX   (Q6AD27), RS9_LEPBJ   (Q04QG5), 
RS9_LEPBL   (Q054G7), RS9_LEPCP   (B1Y3K6), RS9_LEPIC   (Q72U99), 
RS9_LEPIN   (Q8F0T3), RS9_LISIN   (Q927P3), RS9_LISMC   (C1KZ11), 
RS9_LISMF   (Q71WI2), RS9_LISMH   (B8DB44), RS9_LISMO   (Q8Y459), 
RS9_LISW6   (A0ALT2), RS9_LYSSC   (B1HMU8), RS9_MACCJ   (B9E9M4), 
RS9_MAGMM   (A0L481), RS9_MANSM   (Q65T21), RS9_MARHV   (A1U3H7), 
RS9_MARMS   (A6VXZ2), RS9_MESFL   (Q6F0X3), RS9_META3   (A6UW00), 
RS9_METAC   (Q8TT42), RS9_METC4   (B7KPU6), RS9_METCA   (Q60AF7), 
RS9_METEP   (A9W606), RS9_METI4   (B3E0U1), RS9_METJA   (P54024), 
RS9_METKA   (Q8TVB5), RS9_METM5   (A4FWK9), RS9_METM7   (A6VGR2), 
RS9_METMA   (Q8PW44), RS9_METMP   (Q6LXM5), RS9_METNO   (B8IUF0), 
RS9_METPB   (B1ZCB4), RS9_METPP   (A2SKM0), RS9_METRJ   (B1M201), 
RS9_METS4   (B0UQW5), RS9_METSB   (B8ENN1), RS9_METTP   (A0B6E8), 
RS9_METVS   (A6UPX0), RS9_MICAN   (B0JY34), RS9_MOOTA   (Q2RFT3), 
RS9_MYCA1   (A0QKT2), RS9_MYCBO   (P66640), RS9_MYCBP   (A1KPC9), 
RS9_MYCBT   (C1AHQ1), RS9_MYCGA   (Q7NBH4), RS9_MYCGE   (P47656), 
RS9_MYCH2   (Q5ZZN6), RS9_MYCH7   (Q4A777), RS9_MYCHJ   (Q4A938), 
RS9_MYCLB   (B8ZUC0), RS9_MYCLE   (P40828), RS9_MYCMM   (B2HCZ1), 
RS9_MYCMO   (Q6KI60), RS9_MYCPA   (Q73S30), RS9_MYCPE   (Q8EWW8), 
RS9_MYCPN   (P75179), RS9_MYCPU   (Q98Q72), RS9_MYCS2   (A0QSP9), 
RS9_MYCS5   (Q4A6X3), RS9_MYCSJ   (A3PVN4), RS9_MYCSK   (A1UC03), 
RS9_MYCSS   (Q1BCZ0), RS9_MYCTA   (A5U8B8), RS9_MYCTO   (P9WH24), 
RS9_MYCTU   (P9WH25), RS9_MYCUA   (A0PMD2), RS9_NATTJ   (B2A4Q7), 
RS9_NEIG1   (Q5F5A4), RS9_NEIG2   (B4RQK5), RS9_NEIM0   (A9M088), 
RS9_NEIMA   (P66641), RS9_NEIMB   (P66642), RS9_NEIMF   (A1KWD5), 
RS9_NITEC   (Q0AHZ9), RS9_NITEU   (Q82UK1), RS9_NITHX   (Q1QKK3), 
RS9_NITMU   (Q2YBK3), RS9_NITSB   (A6Q5F6), RS9_NITWN   (Q3SSQ8), 
RS9_NOCFA   (Q5Z1H9), RS9_NOCSJ   (A1SF28), RS9_NOSP7   (B2ITM7), 
RS9_NOSS1   (Q8YPK7), RS9_OCEIH   (Q8ETV3), RS9_OCHA4   (A6X1V5), 
RS9_OENOB   (Q04G51), RS9_OLICO   (B6JGT6), RS9_ONYPE   (Q6YR77), 
RS9_PARD8   (A6LHM6), RS9_PARL1   (A7HXB2), RS9_PASMU   (Q9CNB1), 
RS9_PECAS   (Q6DAE6), RS9_PECCP   (C6DIQ2), RS9_PEDPA   (Q03EE9), 
RS9_PELCD   (Q3A3B7), RS9_PELPB   (B4SEC8), RS9_PELPD   (A1ATL0), 
RS9_PELTS   (A5D5F7), RS9_PEPD6   (Q18CJ5), RS9_PETMO   (A9BHB5), 
RS9_PHOLL   (Q7N079), RS9_PHYAS   (B1VA58), RS9_PICTO   (Q6L293), 
RS9_POLNA   (A1VJJ4), RS9_POLSJ   (Q124N7), RS9_PORG3   (B2RL63), 
RS9_PORGI   (Q7MX42), RS9_PROAC   (Q6A6T4), RS9_PROM0   (A3PF21), 
RS9_PROM2   (A8G735), RS9_PROM3   (A2CC55), RS9_PROM4   (A9BCM0), 
RS9_PROM5   (A2BYQ9), RS9_PROM9   (Q318L1), RS9_PROMA   (O07828), 
RS9_PROMH   (B4EXM0), RS9_PROMM   (Q7V520), RS9_PROMP   (Q7UZW9), 
RS9_PROMS   (A2BTB1), RS9_PSE14   (Q48EE1), RS9_PSEA6   (Q15PI4), 
RS9_PSEA7   (A6VBA5), RS9_PSEA8   (B7UZL0), RS9_PSEAB   (Q02H08), 
RS9_PSEAE   (Q9HVY3), RS9_PSEE4   (Q1I597), RS9_PSEF5   (Q4K6H3), 
RS9_PSEFS   (C3K6E2), RS9_PSELT   (A8F8P5), RS9_PSEMY   (A4XQQ4), 
RS9_PSEP1   (A5W8S0), RS9_PSEPF   (Q3K724), RS9_PSEPG   (B0KFU7), 
RS9_PSEPK   (Q88N96), RS9_PSEPW   (B1J1W9), RS9_PSESM   (Q87WW8), 
RS9_PSEU2   (Q4ZNX3), RS9_PSEU5   (A4VIF8), RS9_PYRAB   (Q9V195), 
RS9_PYRAE   (Q8ZYQ0), RS9_PYRFU   (Q8U0E7), RS9_PYRHO   (O59299), 
RS9_RALPJ   (B2UFK2), RS9_RALSO   (Q8Y245), RS9_RENSM   (A9WMF9), 
RS9_RHIE6   (B3PVW3), RS9_RHIEC   (Q2K9W4), RS9_RHIL3   (Q1MIP3), 
RS9_RHILO   (Q982W9), RS9_RHILW   (B5ZXZ5), RS9_RHIME   (Q92QR5), 
RS9_RHISN   (C3MA32), RS9_RHOBA   (Q7UEY4), RS9_RHOCS   (B6IMQ2), 
RS9_RHOE4   (C0ZW78), RS9_RHOFT   (Q220T1), RS9_RHOOB   (C1B057), 
RS9_RHOP2   (Q2IWN6), RS9_RHOP5   (Q07MN9), RS9_RHOPA   (Q6N650), 
RS9_RHOPS   (Q136Q2), RS9_RHOPT   (B3QKG4), RS9_RHORT   (Q2RSE4), 
RS9_RHOS1   (A3PK94), RS9_RHOS4   (Q3J1Z5), RS9_RHOS5   (A4WUK1), 
RS9_RHOSK   (B9KT42), RS9_RICAE   (C3PMT0), RS9_RICAH   (A8GMN0), 
RS9_RICB8   (A8GXN6), RS9_RICBR   (Q1RK10), RS9_RICCK   (A8EXY2), 
RS9_RICCN   (Q92IV4), RS9_RICFE   (Q4UKS7), RS9_RICM5   (A8F0Z2), 
RS9_RICPR   (Q9ZDU0), RS9_RICPU   (C4K0V7), RS9_RICRO   (B0BWQ1), 
RS9_RICRS   (A8GRA1), RS9_RICTY   (Q68XD4), RS9_RUBXD   (Q1AU64), 
RS9_SACD2   (Q21FV9), RS9_SACEN   (A4FPH0), RS9_SALA4   (B5F7K4), 
RS9_SALAI   (A8M4B9), RS9_SALAR   (A9MNY1), RS9_SALCH   (Q57JC4), 
RS9_SALDC   (B5FIS2), RS9_SALEP   (B5R0L7), RS9_SALHS   (B4TJR8), 
RS9_SALNS   (B4T754), RS9_SALPA   (Q5PJS6), RS9_SALPB   (A9N839), 
RS9_SALPC   (C0PZN9), RS9_SALPK   (B5BGP9), RS9_SALSV   (B4TWJ4), 
RS9_SALTI   (P66644), RS9_SALTO   (A4XBI6), RS9_SALTY   (P66643), 
RS9_SERP5   (A8GK02), RS9_SHEAM   (A1SA66), RS9_SHEB2   (B8E9M8), 
RS9_SHEB5   (A3D8R3), RS9_SHEB8   (A6WJ71), RS9_SHEB9   (A9L112), 
RS9_SHEDO   (Q12RX7), RS9_SHEFN   (Q07XR9), RS9_SHEHH   (B0TUV6), 
RS9_SHELP   (A3QI61), RS9_SHEON   (Q8EAG3), RS9_SHEPA   (A8H8M0), 
RS9_SHEPC   (A4Y3E2), RS9_SHEPW   (B8CIP3), RS9_SHESA   (A0KT12), 
RS9_SHESH   (A8FR86), RS9_SHESM   (Q0HF31), RS9_SHESR   (Q0HYX4), 
RS9_SHESW   (A1RNJ7), RS9_SHEWM   (B1KII1), RS9_SHIB3   (B2U1V5), 
RS9_SHIBS   (Q31W98), RS9_SHIDS   (Q32BA9), RS9_SHIF8   (Q0T058), 
RS9_SHIFL   (Q83Q07), RS9_SHISS   (Q3YX18), RS9_SINMW   (A6U7T6), 
RS9_SODGM   (Q2NWI3), RS9_SORC5   (A9EYT5), RS9_STAA1   (A7X5B3), 
RS9_STAA2   (A6U3U2), RS9_STAA3   (Q2FES2), RS9_STAA8   (Q2FW39), 
RS9_STAA9   (A5IV01), RS9_STAAB   (Q2YYM9), RS9_STAAC   (Q5HDZ1), 
RS9_STAAE   (A6QJ59), RS9_STAAM   (P66645), RS9_STAAN   (P66646), 
RS9_STAAR   (Q6GEL8), RS9_STAAS   (Q6G7A4), RS9_STAAT   (A8Z324), 
RS9_STAAW   (P66647), RS9_STACT   (P31177), RS9_STAEQ   (Q5HM32), 
RS9_STAES   (Q8CRJ0), RS9_STAHJ   (Q4L880), RS9_STAS1   (Q49ZD5), 
RS9_STRA1   (Q3K3F8), RS9_STRA3   (Q8E7E4), RS9_STRA5   (Q8E1Y6), 
RS9_STRAW   (Q82DL8), RS9_STRCO   (Q53875), RS9_STRE4   (C0M903), 
RS9_STREM   (B4U561), RS9_STRGC   (A8AV68), RS9_STRGG   (B1W3X4), 
RS9_STRM5   (B4SLE0), RS9_STRMK   (B2FJU3), RS9_STRMU   (Q8DW97), 
RS9_STRP1   (P66648), RS9_STRP2   (Q04MF5), RS9_STRP3   (P0DF02), 
RS9_STRP4   (B5E6W9), RS9_STRP6   (Q5X9X4), RS9_STRP7   (C1CB69), 
RS9_STRP8   (P66650), RS9_STRPB   (Q1J9U0), RS9_STRPC   (Q1JJY9), 
RS9_STRPD   (Q1JEY0), RS9_STRPF   (Q1J4P6), RS9_STRPG   (A2RGF8), 
RS9_STRPI   (B1I922), RS9_STRPJ   (B8ZL30), RS9_STRPM   (Q48RB6), 
RS9_STRPN   (Q97SN4), RS9_STRPQ   (P0DF03), RS9_STRPS   (B2ISM4), 
RS9_STRPZ   (B5XIJ1), RS9_STRR6   (Q8CWU4), RS9_STRS2   (A4W3W8), 
RS9_STRS7   (C0MFN0), RS9_STRSV   (A3CQF1), RS9_STRT1   (Q5M1V6), 
RS9_STRT2   (Q5M6E6), RS9_STRTD   (Q03MU5), RS9_STRU0   (B9DTF3), 
RS9_STRZJ   (C1CC86), RS9_STRZP   (C1CIH6), RS9_STRZT   (C1CPG8), 
RS9_SULAC   (P39468), RS9_SULDN   (Q30UF7), RS9_SULNB   (A6Q6P0), 
RS9_SULSO   (P95992), RS9_SULTO   (Q96YW3), RS9_SYNFM   (A0LIV3), 
RS9_SYNJA   (Q2JUJ9), RS9_SYNJB   (Q2JL70), RS9_SYNP2   (B1XJI0), 
RS9_SYNPX   (Q7U4H4), RS9_SYNS3   (Q0ID32), RS9_SYNS9   (Q3AW66), 
RS9_SYNSC   (Q3AMQ7), RS9_SYNWW   (Q0AUL6), RS9_SYNY3   (P73293), 
RS9_TERTT   (C5BS65), RS9_THEAC   (Q9HL08), RS9_THEEB   (Q8DMK7), 
RS9_THEFY   (Q47LM6), RS9_THEKO   (Q5JJE2), RS9_THEMA   (Q9X1G4), 
RS9_THENN   (B9K8D3), RS9_THEP1   (A5IMD2), RS9_THEP3   (B0KCN5), 
RS9_THEPX   (B0K5S8), RS9_THESM   (C6A1B6), RS9_THESQ   (B1LBJ1), 
RS9_THET2   (P62669), RS9_THET8   (P80374), RS9_THEVO   (Q979K1), 
RS9_THICR   (Q31IG5), RS9_THIDA   (Q3SF20), RS9_THISH   (B8GNH0), 
RS9_TOLAT   (C4LCK6), RS9_TREPA   (O83987), RS9_TREPS   (B2S4R1), 
RS9_TROW8   (Q83IA3), RS9_TROWT   (Q83GU6), RS9_UREP2   (B1AJL7), 
RS9_UREPA   (Q9PPR3), RS9_UREU1   (B5ZC90), RS9_VARPS   (C5CM23), 
RS9_VEREI   (A1WL75), RS9_VIBC3   (A5F998), RS9_VIBCB   (A7MWN0), 
RS9_VIBCH   (Q9KUF0), RS9_VIBCM   (C3LS61), RS9_VIBF1   (Q5E2N0), 
RS9_VIBFM   (B5FB54), RS9_VIBPA   (Q87SI4), RS9_VIBTL   (B7VIY4), 
RS9_VIBVU   (Q8DEJ0), RS9_VIBVY   (Q7MNX0), RS9_WIGBR   (Q8D362), 
RS9_WOLSU   (Q7M7R1), RS9_XANAC   (Q8PQ41), RS9_XANC5   (Q3BYA8), 
RS9_XANC8   (Q4UZF1), RS9_XANCB   (B0RN06), RS9_XANCP   (Q8PD66), 
RS9_XANOM   (Q2NYE4), RS9_XANOP   (B2SL10), RS9_XANOR   (Q5GV67), 
RS9_XANP2   (A7INH2), RS9_XYLF2   (B2IAE7), RS9_XYLFA   (Q9PD43), 
RS9_XYLFM   (B0U6Z5), RS9_XYLFT   (Q87DD4), RS9_YERE8   (A1JR92), 
RS9_YERP3   (A7FDX5), RS9_YERPA   (Q1C1G9), RS9_YERPB   (B2K3Z6), 
RS9_YERPE   (Q8ZB62), RS9_YERPG   (A9R1R9), RS9_YERPN   (Q1CE09), 
RS9_YERPP   (A4THJ2), RS9_YERPS   (Q665L0), RS9_YERPY   (B1JL67), 
RT09_ASHGO  (Q757I0), RT09_BOVIN  (Q58DQ5), RT09_CANAL  (O94150), 
RT09_CANGA  (Q6FL25), RT09_DEBHA  (Q6BIJ5), RT09_HUMAN  (P82933), 
RT09_KLULA  (Q6CJ65), RT09_KLUMA  (Q9P4C1), RT09_MOUSE  (Q9D7N3), 
RT09_NEUCR  (Q7S7R6), RT09_SCHPO  (O14006), RT09_YARLI  (Q6CFK6), 
RT09_YEAST  (P38120)
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False negative sequences
11 sequences

RLSX_METTH  (O26146), RS9_BAUCH   (Q1LU53), RS9_CAUCN   (B8H554), 
RS9_CAUCR   (Q9A8H6), RS9_CAUSK   (B0T0S3), RS9_DESOH   (A8ZWE7), 
RS9_FLAPJ   (A6GWU3), RS9_GRAFK   (A0LXM9), RS9_HYPNA   (Q0BZT3), 
RS9_METST   (Q2NFZ9), RT09_CAEEL  (P34388)
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107 PDB

1FJG; 1HNW; 1HNX; 1HNZ; 1HR0; 1I94; 1I95; 1I96; 1I97; 1IBK; 1IBL; 1IBM; 1J5E; 1JGO; 1JGP; 1JGQ; 1ML5; 1N32; 1N33; 1N34; 1N36; 1XMO; 1XMQ; 1XNQ; 1XNR; 2E5L; 2F4V; 2HHH; 2R1G; 2UU9; 2UUA; 2UUB; 2UUC; 2UXB; 2UXC; 2UXD; 2VQE; 2VQF; 2YKR; 2ZM6; 3J6V; 3J80; 3J81; 3JAM; 3OTO; 3T1H; 3T1Y; 4A2I; 4ADV; 4AQY; 4B3M; 4B3R; 4B3S; 4B3T; 4DR1; 4DR2; 4DR3; 4DR4; 4DR5; 4DR6; 4DR7; 4DUY; 4DUZ; 4DV0; 4DV1; 4DV2; 4DV3; 4DV4; 4DV5; 4DV6; 4DV7; 4GKJ; 4GKK; 4JI0; 4JI1; 4JI2; 4JI3; 4JI4; 4JI5; 4JI6; 4JI7; 4JI8; 4JV5; 4JYA; 4K0K; 4KHP; 4KVB; 4LF4; 4LF5; 4LF6; 4LF7; 4LF8; 4LF9; 4LFA; 4LFB; 4LFC; 4NXM; 4NXN; 4OX9; 4WT8; 4X62; 4X64; 4X65; 4X66; 4YHH; 5A2Q; 5BR8
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