Entry: PS00941

General information about the entry

Entry name [info] CARBOXYLESTERASE_B_2
Accession [info] PS00941
Entry type [info] PATTERN
Date [info] JUN-1994 (CREATED); APR-2006 (DATA UPDATE); OCT-2015 (INFO UPDATE).
PROSITE Doc. [info] PDOC00112

Name and characterization of the entry

Description [info] Carboxylesterases type-B signature 2.
Pattern [info]

Numerical results [info]

Numerical results for UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot release 2015_11 which contains 549'832 sequence entries.

Total number of hits 125 in 125 different sequences
Number of true positive hits 125 in 125 different sequences
Number of 'unknown' hits 0
Number of false positive hits 0
Number of false negative sequences 10
Number of 'partial' sequences 14
Precision (true positives / (true positives + false positives)) 100.00 %
Recall (true positives / (true positives + false negatives)) 92.59 %

Comments [info]

Taxonomic range [info] Eukaryotes, Prokaryotes (Bacteria), Eukaryotic viruses
Maximum number of repetitions [info] 1
Site [info] disulfide at position 3
Version [info] 2

Cross-references [info]

True positive sequences
125 sequences

ACE1_CAEBR  (Q27459), ACE1_CAEEL  (P38433), ACE4_CAEBR  (Q9NDG8), 
ACES_ANOGA  (Q869C3), ACES_ANOST  (P56161), ACES_BOVIN  (P23795), 
ACES_BUNFA  (Q92035), ACES_CHICK  (P36196), ACES_CULPI  (Q86GC8), 
ACES_DANRE  (Q9DDE3), ACES_DROME  (P07140), ACES_ELEEL  (O42275), 
ACES_FELCA  (O62763), ACES_HUMAN  (P22303), ACES_LEPDE  (Q27677), 
ACES_MOUSE  (P21836), ACES_RABIT  (Q29499), ACES_RAT    (P37136), 
ACES_TORCA  (P04058), ACES_TORMA  (P07692), ACES_TRILK  (W4VSJ0), 
CEL_BOVIN   (P30122), CEL_HUMAN   (P19835), CEL_MOUSE   (Q64285), 
CEL_RAT     (P07882), CES1D_MOUSE (Q8VCT4), CES1D_RAT   (P16303), 
CES1P_HUMAN (Q9UKY3), CHLE1_BRALA (Q95000), CHLE_BOVIN  (P32749), 
CHLE_CANFA  (P32750), CHLE_FELCA  (O62760), CHLE_HORSE  (P81908), 
CHLE_HUMAN  (P06276), CHLE_MACMU  (P32751), CHLE_MIMIV  (Q5UR02), 
CHLE_MOUSE  (Q03311), CHLE_PANTT  (O62761), CHLE_PIG    (P32752), 
CHLE_RABIT  (P21927), CHLE_SHEEP  (P32753), CRYS_DICDI  (P21837), 
D2_DICDI    (P18142), EST1C_MOUSE (P23953), EST1C_RAT   (P10959), 
EST1E_MOUSE (Q64176), EST1E_RAT   (Q63108), EST1_CAEBR  (Q04456), 
EST1_CAEEL  (Q04457), EST1_HUMAN  (P23141), EST1_MACFA  (O46421), 
EST1_MESAU  (Q64419), EST1_MOUSE  (Q8VCC2), EST1_PIG    (Q29550), 
EST1_RABIT  (P12337), EST1_SCHGA  (P81429), EST2A_MOUSE (Q8QZR3), 
EST2C_MOUSE (Q91WG0), EST2E_MOUSE (Q8BK48), EST2_CAEEL  (Q07085), 
EST2_HUMAN  (O00748), EST2_RABIT  (P14943), EST3A_MOUSE (Q63880), 
EST4_RAT    (Q64573), EST5A_CANFA (Q6AW47), EST5A_DROMI (O16168), 
EST5A_DROPE (O16173), EST5A_DROPS (P25727), EST5A_FELCA (Q8I034), 
EST5A_SHEEP (Q3T930), EST5B_DROMI (O16170), EST5B_DROPE (O16172), 
EST5B_DROPS (P25726), EST5C_DROMI (O16169), EST5C_DROPE (O16171), 
EST5C_DROPS (P25725), EST5_RAT    (Q63010), EST6_APIME  (B2D0J5), 
EST6_DROMA  (P47982), EST6_DROME  (P08171), EST6_DROSI  (Q08662), 
ESTE_MYZPE  (P35501), ESTF_MYZPE  (P35502), ESTP_DROME  (P18167), 
ESTS_DROVI  (Q05487), FUMD_SPHMC  (D2D3B6), GLT_DROME   (P33438), 
LIP1_CANRU  (P20261), LIP1_GEOCN  (P17573), LIP1_GEOFE  (P79066), 
LIP2_CANRU  (P32946), LIP2_GEOCN  (P22394), LIP3_CANRU  (P32947), 
LIP4_CANRU  (P32948), LIP5_CANRU  (P32949), NLGN1_HUMAN (Q8N2Q7), 
NLGN1_MOUSE (Q99K10), NLGN1_RAT   (Q62765), NLGN2_HUMAN (Q8NFZ4), 
NLGN2_MOUSE (Q69ZK9), NLGN2_RAT   (Q62888), NLGN3_HUMAN (Q9NZ94), 
NLGN3_MOUSE (Q8BYM5), NLGN3_RAT   (Q62889), NLGN4_MOUSE (B0F2B4), 
PCD_ARTOX   (Q01470), PNBA_BACSU  (P37967), SASB_ANAPL  (Q04791), 
THYG_BOVIN  (P01267), THYG_HUMAN  (P01266), THYG_MOUSE  (O08710), 
THYG_RAT    (P06882), YC7C_SCHPO  (O94493)
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False negative sequences
10 sequences

EST1_CULPI  (P16854), EST1_THEFU  (P86325), EST1_THEFY  (Q47M62), 
ESTE_HVAVE  (A4KX74), ESTE_SFAVA  (Q0E588), ESTJ_HELVI  (P12992), 
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'Partial' sequences
14 sequences

ACES_MYXGL  (Q92081), ACES_NAJOX  (Q7LZG1), CHLE2_BRALA (Q95001), 
EST2_CULPI  (P21370), EST4_DROMO  (P10094), EST5_DROMO  (P10095), 
ESTA_SCHGA  (P81012), ESTB_SCHGA  (P81011), ESTJ_MANSE  (P19985), 
JHEA_TRINI  (P30809), JHEB_TRINI  (P30810), NLGN3_MACMU (Q8WMH2), 
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[Detailed view]
251 PDB

1ACJ; 1ACL; 1AKN; 1AMN; 1AQL; 1AX9; 1B41; 1C2B; 1C2O; 1C7I; 1C7J; 1CFJ; 1CLE; 1CRL; 1DX4; 1DX6; 1E3Q; 1E66; 1EA5; 1EEA; 1EVE; 1F6W; 1F8U; 1FSS; 1GPK; 1GPN; 1GQR; 1GQS; 1GZ7; 1H22; 1H23; 1HBJ; 1J06; 1J07; 1JJB; 1JMY; 1K4Y; 1KU6; 1LLF; 1LPM; 1LPN; 1LPO; 1LPP; 1LPS; 1MAA; 1MAH; 1MX1; 1MX5; 1MX9; 1N5M; 1N5R; 1OCE; 1ODC; 1P0I; 1P0M; 1P0P; 1P0Q; 1Q83; 1Q84; 1QE3; 1QID; 1QIE; 1QIF; 1QIG; 1QIH; 1QII; 1QIJ; 1QIK; 1QIM; 1QO9; 1QON; 1QTI; 1SOM; 1THG; 1TRH; 1U65; 1UT6; 1VOT; 1VXO; 1VXR; 1W4L; 1W6R; 1W75; 1W76; 1XLU; 1XLV; 1XLW; 1YA4; 1YA8; 1YAH; 1YAJ; 1ZGB; 1ZGC; 2ACE; 2ACK; 2BAG; 2BCE; 2C0P; 2C0Q; 2C4H; 2C58; 2C5F; 2C5G; 2CEK; 2CKM; 2CMF; 2DFP; 2DQY; 2DQZ; 2DR0; 2GYU; 2GYV; 2GYW; 2H7C; 2H9Y; 2HA0; 2HA2; 2HA3; 2HA4; 2HA5; 2HA6; 2HA7; 2HRQ; 2HRR; 2J3D; 2J3Q; 2J4C; 2J4F; 2JEY; 2JEZ; 2JF0; 2JGE; 2JGF; 2JGI; 2JGJ; 2JGK; 2JGL; 2JGM; 2PM8; 2V96; 2V97; 2V98; 2VA9; 2VJA; 2VJB; 2VJC; 2VJD; 2VQ6; 2VT6; 2VT7; 2W6C; 2W9I; 2WFZ; 2WG0; 2WG1; 2WG2; 2WHP; 2WHQ; 2WHR; 2WID; 2WIF; 2WIG; 2WIJ; 2WIK; 2WIL; 2WLS; 2WQZ; 2WSL; 2WU3; 2WU4; 2X8B; 2XB6; 2XI4; 2XMB; 2XMC; 2XMD; 2XMG; 2XQF; 2XQG; 2XQI; 2XQJ; 2XQK; 2XUD; 2XUF; 2XUG; 2XUH; 2XUI; 2XUJ; 2XUK; 2XUO; 2XUP; 2XUQ; 2Y1K; 2Y2U; 2Y2V; 3B3Q; 3BE8; 3BIW; 3BIX; 3BL8; 3DJY; 3DKK; 3DL4; 3DL7; 3GEL; 3I6M; 3I6Z; 3K9B; 3LII; 3M3D; 3O9M; 3RAR; 3VKF; 3ZLT; 3ZLU; 3ZLV; 3ZV7; 4A16; 4A23; 4AB1; 4AQD; 4ARA; 4ARB; 4AXB; 4B0O; 4B0P; 4B7Z; 4B80; 4B81; 4B82; 4B83; 4B84; 4B85; 4BBZ; 4BC0; 4BC1; 4BDS; 4BDT; 4BTL; 4EY4; 4EY5; 4EY6; 4EY7; 4EY8; 4M0E; 4M0F; 4PQE; 4QWW; 4TPK; 4TVK; 4XII
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