Entry: PS01176

General information about the entry

Entry name [info] IF2
Accession [info] PS01176
Entry type [info] PATTERN
Date [info] NOV-1997 (CREATED); APR-2006 (DATA UPDATE); MAR-2016 (INFO UPDATE).
PROSITE Doc. [info] PDOC00905

Name and characterization of the entry

Description [info] Initiation factor 2 signature.
Pattern [info]

Numerical results [info]

Numerical results for UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot release 2016_04 which contains 550'960 sequence entries.

Total number of hits 676 in 676 different sequences
Number of true positive hits 676 in 676 different sequences
Number of 'unknown' hits 0
Number of false positive hits 0
Number of false negative sequences 136
Number of 'partial' sequences 1
Precision (true positives / (true positives + false positives)) 100.00 %
Recall (true positives / (true positives + false negatives)) 83.25 %

Comments [info]

Taxonomic range [info] Archaea, Eukaryotes, Prokaryotes (Bacteria)
Maximum number of repetitions [info] 1
Version [info] 2

Cross-references [info]

True positive sequences
676 sequences

IF2C_PHAVU  (P57997), IF2M_BOVIN  (P46198), IF2M_HUMAN  (P46199), 
IF2M_MOUSE  (Q91YJ5), IF2M_SCHPO  (O59683), IF2M_YEAST  (P25038), 
IF2P_METAC  (Q8TQL5), IF2P_METBF  (Q466D5), IF2P_METMA  (Q8PU78), 
IF2_ACIAD   (Q6FF40), IF2_ACIB3   (B7H115), IF2_ACIB5   (B7I3R9), 
IF2_ACIBC   (B2I2M7), IF2_ACIBS   (B0VLU2), IF2_ACIBY   (B0VE81), 
IF2_ACIC5   (C1F697), IF2_ACICJ   (A5FV21), IF2_ACTP2   (A3N005), 
IF2_ACTP7   (B3H163), IF2_ACTPJ   (B0BNR5), IF2_ACTSZ   (A6VNE0), 
IF2_AERHH   (A0KNE3), IF2_AERS4   (A4SJR5), IF2_AGRFC   (Q8UJ51), 
IF2_AGRVS   (B9JYK6), IF2_ALCBS   (Q0VSS1), IF2_ALISL   (B6ENE2), 
IF2_ALKEH   (Q0A797), IF2_ALKMQ   (A6TRK7), IF2_ALKOO   (A8MFA8), 
IF2_ALTMD   (B4RXT8), IF2_AMOA5   (B3EUG6), IF2_ANAD2   (B8JFY6), 
IF2_ANADE   (Q2IPZ7), IF2_ANADF   (A7H9F3), IF2_ANAMM   (Q5PAJ5), 
IF2_ANAPZ   (Q2GKQ2), IF2_ANASK   (B4UHG0), IF2_ANAVT   (Q3MBZ7), 
IF2_ANOFW   (B7GG75), IF2_AQUAE   (O67825), IF2_ARCB4   (A8EWD7), 
IF2_AROAE   (Q5NZS1), IF2_ARTAT   (A1R516), IF2_ARTCA   (B8HG54), 
IF2_ARTS2   (A0JUU0), IF2_AZOPC   (B6YQ44), IF2_AZOSB   (A1K7B9), 
IF2_AZOVD   (C1DFK9), IF2_BACAA   (C3P5L5), IF2_BACAC   (C3L7B4), 
IF2_BACAH   (A0RHI4), IF2_BACAN   (Q81WM3), IF2_BACC1   (Q732Q9), 
IF2_BACC2   (B7IUH1), IF2_BACC3   (C1EP35), IF2_BACC4   (B7HDT6), 
IF2_BACC7   (B7HLE6), IF2_BACCN   (A7GRE3), IF2_BACCQ   (B9IVA1), 
IF2_BACCR   (Q812X7), IF2_BACCZ   (Q636L3), IF2_BACFN   (Q5LIN1), 
IF2_BACFR   (Q64ZR4), IF2_BACHD   (Q9KA77), IF2_BACHK   (Q6HF02), 
IF2_BACLD   (Q65JI1), IF2_BACMF   (A7Z4T4), IF2_BACP2   (A8FDD1), 
IF2_BACSK   (Q5WFU2), IF2_BACSU   (P17889), IF2_BACTN   (Q8A2A1), 
IF2_BACV8   (A6L030), IF2_BACWK   (A9VT50), IF2_BARBK   (A1UU50), 
IF2_BARHE   (Q6G4W7), IF2_BARQU   (Q6G0P2), IF2_BART1   (A9IMT5), 
IF2_BAUCH   (Q1LSK8), IF2_BDEBA   (Q6MMS6), IF2_BEII9   (B2IIJ7), 
IF2_BEUC1   (C5BWS3), IF2_BLOFL   (Q7VQM3), IF2_BLOPB   (Q493T7), 
IF2_BORA1   (Q2KXY7), IF2_BORBR   (Q7WHG2), IF2_BORPA   (Q7W9A5), 
IF2_BORPD   (A9ITX6), IF2_BORPE   (Q7VYR2), IF2_BRADU   (Q89WA9), 
IF2_BRASB   (A5E866), IF2_BRASO   (A4YJE9), IF2_BRUA2   (Q2YQR7), 
IF2_BRUAB   (Q57AA0), IF2_BRUC2   (A9M9Z4), IF2_BRUME   (Q8YEB3), 
IF2_BRUO2   (A5VTB2), IF2_BRUSI   (B0CK11), IF2_BRUSU   (Q8FXT2), 
IF2_BUCA5   (B8D9G2), IF2_BUCAI   (P57458), IF2_BUCAP   (Q8K9H1), 
IF2_BUCAT   (B8D7R4), IF2_BUCBP   (Q89AF5), IF2_BURA4   (B1YP36), 
IF2_BURCA   (Q1BWS7), IF2_BURCC   (B1K0M0), IF2_BURCH   (A0K6X5), 
IF2_BURCJ   (B4E7L1), IF2_BURCM   (Q0BFY3), IF2_BURL3   (Q39H30), 
IF2_BURM1   (A9ABD5), IF2_BURM7   (A3MJW4), IF2_BURM9   (A2S2L1), 
IF2_BURMA   (Q62KK9), IF2_BURMS   (A1V3N4), IF2_BURP0   (A3NUL0), 
IF2_BURP1   (Q3JSY9), IF2_BURP6   (A3N8V8), IF2_BURP8   (B2JKT4), 
IF2_BURPP   (B2T381), IF2_BURPS   (Q63TP8), IF2_BURTA   (Q2SVG8), 
IF2_BURVG   (A4JDX1), IF2_BURXL   (Q140U6), IF2_CALS4   (Q8RA37), 
IF2_CALS8   (A4XL70), IF2_CAMC1   (A7ZC69), IF2_CAMC5   (A7GZZ3), 
IF2_CAMFF   (A0RQZ4), IF2_CAMHC   (A7I3V0), IF2_CAMJ8   (A8FJU1), 
IF2_CAMJD   (A7H1L5), IF2_CAMJE   (Q9PIZ1), IF2_CAMJJ   (A1VXL9), 
IF2_CAMJR   (Q5HX30), IF2_CAMLR   (B9KEV0), IF2_CARHZ   (Q3AB98), 
IF2_CAUCR   (Q9AC25), IF2_CAUSK   (B0T167), IF2_CELJU   (B3PI96), 
IF2_CHESB   (Q11BC8), IF2_CHLAA   (A9WGP6), IF2_CHLAB   (Q5L627), 
IF2_CHLAD   (B8GAE2), IF2_CHLCH   (Q3AQK7), IF2_CHLCV   (Q823F2), 
IF2_CHLFF   (Q254H4), IF2_CHLL2   (B3EFB1), IF2_CHLL7   (Q3B1Z8), 
IF2_CHLP8   (B3QQI2), IF2_CHLPB   (B3ELN8), IF2_CHLPD   (A1BDF1), 
IF2_CHLPM   (A4SGG2), IF2_CHLPN   (Q9Z8M1), IF2_CHLSY   (B9LBJ2), 
IF2_CHLT2   (B0B9K4), IF2_CHLT3   (B3QUN2), IF2_CHLTA   (Q3KMS4), 
IF2_CHLTB   (B0BB83), IF2_CHLTE   (Q8KFT1), IF2_CHLTR   (O84098), 
IF2_CHRSD   (Q1QSZ0), IF2_CHRVO   (Q7NY13), IF2_CITK8   (A8AQ58), 
IF2_CLOAB   (Q97I51), IF2_CLOB1   (A7FVZ3), IF2_CLOB6   (C3L0B6), 
IF2_CLOB8   (A6LSQ4), IF2_CLOBA   (B2V4G9), IF2_CLOBB   (B2TJ55), 
IF2_CLOBH   (A5I4J3), IF2_CLOBJ   (C1FS59), IF2_CLOBK   (B1II49), 
IF2_CLOBL   (A7GG06), IF2_CLOBM   (B1KWK7), IF2_CLOCE   (B8I6E7), 
IF2_CLONN   (A0Q0Q7), IF2_CLOP1   (Q0TPR7), IF2_CLOPE   (Q8XJR8), 
IF2_CLOPH   (A9KNW4), IF2_CLOPS   (Q0SSD4), IF2_CLOTE   (Q895J8), 
IF2_CLOTH   (A3DE44), IF2_COLP3   (Q482T9), IF2_COXB1   (B6J6B1), 
IF2_COXB2   (B6IZ61), IF2_COXBN   (A9KBM1), IF2_COXBR   (A9N8V6), 
IF2_COXBU   (Q83BS1), IF2_CROS8   (A7MQE1), IF2_CUPMC   (Q1LLR6), 
IF2_CUPNH   (Q0K9B9), IF2_CUPPJ   (Q46ZP1), IF2_CUPTR   (B3R1E4), 
IF2_CYAP4   (B8HUA9), IF2_CYAP7   (B7KIU2), IF2_CYTH3   (Q11PK5), 
IF2_DECAR   (Q47D94), IF2_DEIDV   (C1CUQ9), IF2_DEIGD   (Q1IZ02), 
IF2_DEIRA   (Q9RTG5), IF2_DESAA   (B8FCY5), IF2_DESAG   (Q30WJ0), 
IF2_DESAH   (C0QHM2), IF2_DESDA   (B8J1Y4), IF2_DESHY   (Q24UI6), 
IF2_DESOH   (A8ZZ65), IF2_DESPS   (Q6AJY4), IF2_DESRM   (A4J5X2), 
IF2_DESVH   (Q72ER1), IF2_DESVV   (A1VG83), IF2_DICNV   (A5EWY9), 
IF2_DINSH   (A8LQ56), IF2_ECO24   (A7ZS65), IF2_ECO27   (B7UJ63), 
IF2_ECO45   (B7MB89), IF2_ECO55   (B7LHN3), IF2_ECO57   (P0A706), 
IF2_ECO5E   (B5YS58), IF2_ECO7I   (B7NKN7), IF2_ECO81   (B7N0V3), 
IF2_ECO8A   (B7M076), IF2_ECOBW   (C4ZSQ9), IF2_ECODH   (B1XGY0), 
IF2_ECOHS   (A8A4Y4), IF2_ECOK1   (A1AG73), IF2_ECOL5   (Q0TCU1), 
IF2_ECOL6   (P59587), IF2_ECOLC   (B1IQV3), IF2_ECOLI   (P0A705), 
IF2_ECOLU   (B7NDF4), IF2_ECOSE   (B6I1P3), IF2_ECOSM   (B1LFS0), 
IF2_ECOUT   (Q1R6H0), IF2_EDWI9   (C5BFB7), IF2_EHRCJ   (Q3YS01), 
IF2_EHRCR   (Q2GGQ8), IF2_EHRRG   (Q5FGX3), IF2_EHRRW   (Q5HB61), 
IF2_ENT38   (A4WEY3), IF2_ENTCL   (Q9ZF25), IF2_ENTFA   (Q835U8), 
IF2_ENTFC   (P18311), IF2_ESCF3   (B7LR37), IF2_EUBE2   (C4Z5N7), 
IF2_FINM2   (B0S1E5), IF2_FLAJ1   (A5FJF9), IF2_FLAPJ   (A6GWV8), 
IF2_FRAAA   (Q0RDS4), IF2_FRAP2   (B0TWR3), IF2_FRASC   (Q2J728), 
IF2_FRASN   (A8L6F4), IF2_FRAT1   (Q14K20), IF2_FRATF   (A7NEI8), 
IF2_FRATH   (Q2A1G8), IF2_FRATM   (B2SEW7), IF2_FRATN   (A0Q8F3), 
IF2_FRATO   (Q0BK70), IF2_FRATT   (Q5NIL7), IF2_FRATW   (A4IW10), 
IF2_FUSNN   (Q8R5Z1), IF2_GEOBB   (B5EI57), IF2_GEODF   (B9M1G0), 
IF2_GEOLS   (B3EAE7), IF2_GEOMG   (Q39VA6), IF2_GEOSE   (P04766), 
IF2_GEOSL   (Q74CT3), IF2_GEOSM   (C6E2Q0), IF2_GEOSW   (C5D9C9), 
IF2_GEOTN   (A4IMD7), IF2_GEOUR   (A5GF86), IF2_GLOVI   (Q7NH85), 
IF2_GLUDA   (A9HF18), IF2_GLUOX   (Q5FQM3), IF2_GRABC   (Q0BPG2), 
IF2_GRAFK   (A0LXQ1), IF2_HAEDU   (Q7VLI2), IF2_HAEI8   (Q4QK37), 
IF2_HAEIE   (A5UBT6), IF2_HAEIG   (A5UF34), IF2_HAEIN   (P44323), 
IF2_HAES1   (Q0I3P5), IF2_HAHCH   (Q2SML3), IF2_HALHL   (A1WXV1), 
IF2_HALOH   (B8CW72), IF2_HAMD5   (C4K3F0), IF2_HELAH   (Q17WQ8), 
IF2_HELHP   (Q7VHF6), IF2_HELP2   (B6JKX5), IF2_HELPG   (B5Z6E6), 
IF2_HELPH   (Q1CUA6), IF2_HELPJ   (Q9ZM46), IF2_HELPS   (B2USN4), 
IF2_HELPY   (P55972), IF2_HERAR   (A4G7S7), IF2_HISS2   (B0UU13), 
IF2_HYPNA   (Q0C5Z5), IF2_IDILO   (Q5QTY8), IF2_JANMA   (A6T0Y8), 
IF2_JANSC   (Q28WF7), IF2_KINRD   (A6W7Z2), IF2_KLEOX   (Q9ZF28), 
IF2_KLEP3   (B5XSX4), IF2_KLEP7   (A6TEI7), IF2_KOCRD   (B2GKR5), 
IF2_KORVE   (Q1IIT3), IF2_LACAC   (Q5FJN6), IF2_LACDA   (Q1G9P9), 
IF2_LACDB   (Q049V5), IF2_LACF3   (B2GBN7), IF2_LACGA   (Q044B7), 
IF2_LACH4   (A8YVQ7), IF2_LACJO   (Q74IS8), IF2_LACLA   (P58002), 
IF2_LACLC   (Q9X764), IF2_LACLM   (A2RM37), IF2_LACLS   (Q030K2), 
IF2_LACRD   (A5VJE0), IF2_LACRJ   (B2G6V6), IF2_LACS1   (Q1WUF4), 
IF2_LACSS   (Q38W81), IF2_LARHH   (C1D8X2), IF2_LAWIP   (Q1MQY8), 
IF2_LEGPA   (Q5X1C3), IF2_LEGPC   (A5IHU7), IF2_LEGPH   (Q5ZRV4), 
IF2_LEGPL   (Q5WT36), IF2_LEIXX   (Q6AG49), IF2_LEPBA   (B0SH18), 
IF2_LEPBJ   (Q04U31), IF2_LEPBL   (Q04ZJ5), IF2_LEPBP   (B0SQH4), 
IF2_LEPIC   (Q72NX3), IF2_LEPIN   (Q8F7K1), IF2_LISIN   (Q92C29), 
IF2_LISMC   (C1L2N1), IF2_LISMF   (Q71ZZ7), IF2_LISMH   (B8DG02), 
IF2_LISMO   (Q8Y7F6), IF2_LISW6   (A0AIC6), IF2_LYSSC   (B1HR05), 
IF2_MACCJ   (B9EBE9), IF2_MAGMM   (A0LE19), IF2_MAGSA   (Q2VZV0), 
IF2_MANSM   (Q65SK9), IF2_MARHV   (A1U600), IF2_MARMM   (Q0AK69), 
IF2_MARMS   (A6VU29), IF2_METCA   (Q609C0), IF2_METFK   (Q1GXD6), 
IF2_METPB   (B1ZDQ8), IF2_METSB   (B8EIA7), IF2_MICAN   (B0JU67), 
IF2_MICLC   (C5C9T1), IF2_MOOTA   (Q2RJM5), IF2_MYCA1   (A0QIY2), 
IF2_MYCBO   (P65132), IF2_MYCBP   (A1KMI2), IF2_MYCBT   (C1AFV3), 
IF2_MYCGE   (P47388), IF2_MYCGI   (A4TCF8), IF2_MYCLB   (B8ZRT4), 
IF2_MYCLE   (Q9Z5I9), IF2_MYCMM   (B2HKS2), IF2_MYCPA   (Q73VV4), 
IF2_MYCPN   (P75590), IF2_MYCSJ   (A3PY75), IF2_MYCSK   (A1UER8), 
IF2_MYCSS   (Q1BA94), IF2_MYCTA   (A5U6J1), IF2_MYCTO   (P9WKK0), 
IF2_MYCTU   (P9WKK1), IF2_MYCUA   (A0PQC4), IF2_MYCVP   (A1T7H8), 
IF2_MYXXD   (Q1DAM6), IF2_NEIG1   (Q5F797), IF2_NEIG2   (B4RMZ3), 
IF2_NEIM0   (A9M1D5), IF2_NEIMA   (Q9JTB5), IF2_NEIMB   (Q9JYD2), 
IF2_NEIMF   (A1KV51), IF2_NITEC   (Q0AFJ3), IF2_NITEU   (Q82WD0), 
IF2_NITHX   (Q1QS64), IF2_NITMU   (Q2Y7W2), IF2_NITOC   (Q3J9B6), 
IF2_NITSB   (A6Q226), IF2_NITWN   (Q3SWP9), IF2_NOCSJ   (A1SLK7), 
IF2_NOSP7   (B2J955), IF2_NOSS1   (Q8YQJ1), IF2_OCEIH   (Q8EQU1), 
IF2_OCHA4   (A6WWW5), IF2_ORITB   (A5CEN6), IF2_PARD8   (A6LHS1), 
IF2_PARDP   (A1B587), IF2_PARL1   (A7HZ93), IF2_PARUW   (Q6MD64), 
IF2_PASMU   (P57873), IF2_PECAS   (Q6D9A5), IF2_PECCP   (C6DKK3), 
IF2_PELCD   (Q3A4A7), IF2_PELPB   (B4SCE7), IF2_PELPD   (A1AMM1), 
IF2_PELTS   (A5D2S0), IF2_PEPD6   (Q18BH4), IF2_PERMH   (C0QTL9), 
IF2_PHEZH   (B4RC55), IF2_PHOLL   (Q7MYY7), IF2_PHOPR   (Q6LUJ2), 
IF2_POLNA   (A1VNU2), IF2_POLNS   (B1XV89), IF2_POLSJ   (Q12AU7), 
IF2_POLSQ   (A4SY78), IF2_PORG3   (B2RHM9), IF2_PORGI   (Q7MXE4), 
IF2_PROA2   (B4S4S6), IF2_PROM0   (A3PEY3), IF2_PROM1   (A2C4P1), 
IF2_PROM2   (A8G6Z5), IF2_PROM3   (A2C6Q5), IF2_PROM4   (A9BCI5), 
IF2_PROM5   (A2BYM0), IF2_PROM9   (Q318P8), IF2_PROMA   (Q7VA20), 
IF2_PROMH   (B4F2B9), IF2_PROMM   (Q7V5M4), IF2_PROMP   (Q7UZZ9), 
IF2_PROMS   (A2BT70), IF2_PROMT   (Q46J13), IF2_PROVU   (Q9ZF22), 
IF2_PSE14   (Q48E77), IF2_PSEA6   (Q15V72), IF2_PSEA7   (A6VCK1), 
IF2_PSEA8   (B7V1F6), IF2_PSEAB   (Q02FS8), IF2_PSEAE   (Q9HV55), 
IF2_PSEE4   (Q1IF43), IF2_PSEF5   (Q4KIF6), IF2_PSEFS   (C3K259), 
IF2_PSEHT   (Q3IJ53), IF2_PSEMY   (A4XYE0), IF2_PSEP1   (A5W987), 
IF2_PSEPF   (Q3KI84), IF2_PSEPG   (B0KHX8), IF2_PSEPK   (Q88DV7), 
IF2_PSEPW   (B1J2A9), IF2_PSESM   (Q87WQ5), IF2_PSEU2   (Q4ZNR2), 
IF2_PSEU5   (A4VPP0), IF2_PSYA2   (Q4FVL5), IF2_PSYCK   (Q1QEP5), 
IF2_PSYWF   (A5WBS5), IF2_RALPJ   (B2UAA3), IF2_RALSO   (Q8XZV6), 
IF2_RENSM   (A9WPV8), IF2_RHIE6   (B3PXE3), IF2_RHIEC   (Q2KDZ5), 
IF2_RHIL3   (Q1MN39), IF2_RHILO   (Q98BI8), IF2_RHIME   (Q92SW4), 
IF2_RHOFT   (Q21WJ5), IF2_RHOP2   (Q2J2J9), IF2_RHOP5   (Q07V78), 
IF2_RHOPA   (Q6NCN5), IF2_RHOPB   (Q21C31), IF2_RHOPS   (Q13EL8), 
IF2_RHORT   (Q2RMS0), IF2_RHOS1   (A3PNL2), IF2_RHOS4   (Q3IYN5), 
IF2_RHOS5   (A4WW80), IF2_RICAH   (A8GNW1), IF2_RICB8   (A8GW31), 
IF2_RICBR   (Q1RIX0), IF2_RICCK   (A8EYF4), IF2_RICCN   (Q92HF5), 
IF2_RICFE   (Q4UL51), IF2_RICPR   (Q9ZCZ8), IF2_RICRO   (B0BY61), 
IF2_RICRS   (A8GSP4), IF2_RICTY   (Q68WI4), IF2_ROSCS   (A7NID1), 
IF2_ROSDO   (Q16D38), IF2_ROSS1   (A5UZQ2), IF2_RUBXD   (Q1AW55), 
IF2_RUEPO   (Q5LWL4), IF2_RUEST   (Q1GCH2), IF2_RUTMC   (A1AV99), 
IF2_SACD2   (Q21H61), IF2_SACEN   (A4FM34), IF2_SALA4   (B5F6T8), 
IF2_SALAI   (A8M746), IF2_SALAR   (A9MP36), IF2_SALCH   (Q57JH9), 
IF2_SALDC   (B5FI13), IF2_SALEP   (B5QZV8), IF2_SALG2   (B5REN6), 
IF2_SALHS   (B4TJ06), IF2_SALNS   (B4T6Z8), IF2_SALPA   (Q5PLB0), 
IF2_SALPB   (A9N732), IF2_SALPC   (C0PZ54), IF2_SALPK   (B5BGJ5), 
IF2_SALSV   (B4TWD8), IF2_SALTI   (Q8Z3H7), IF2_SALTO   (A4X4N7), 
IF2_SALTY   (Q9ZF31), IF2_SERP5   (A8G907), IF2_SHEAM   (A1S462), 
IF2_SHEB2   (B8E6N2), IF2_SHEB5   (A3D7K6), IF2_SHEB8   (A6WRG8), 
IF2_SHEB9   (A9KZX1), IF2_SHEDO   (Q12QI1), IF2_SHEFN   (Q086H2), 
IF2_SHEHH   (B0TQA2), IF2_SHELP   (A3QGU5), IF2_SHEON   (Q8EHL5), 
IF2_SHEPA   (A8H740), IF2_SHEPC   (A4Y9C0), IF2_SHEPW   (B8CKH3), 
IF2_SHESA   (A0KTZ6), IF2_SHESH   (A8FYS0), IF2_SHESM   (Q0HLG1), 
IF2_SHESR   (Q0HXR5), IF2_SHESW   (A1RGX5), IF2_SHEWM   (B1KRR0), 
IF2_SHIB3   (B2U207), IF2_SHIBS   (Q31W47), IF2_SHIDS   (Q32BG5), 
IF2_SHIF8   (Q0T0B3), IF2_SHIFL   (Q83JF9), IF2_SHISS   (Q3YX73), 
IF2_SINMW   (A6UF29), IF2_SODGM   (Q2NW23), IF2_SOLUE   (Q01W31), 
IF2_SPHWW   (A5VCZ5), IF2_STAA1   (A7X1Q1), IF2_STAA2   (A6U188), 
IF2_STAA3   (Q2FHG9), IF2_STAA8   (Q2G2D0), IF2_STAA9   (A5ISF3), 
IF2_STAAB   (Q2YXP7), IF2_STAAC   (Q5HGG2), IF2_STAAE   (A6QGG8), 
IF2_STAAM   (P65133), IF2_STAAN   (P65134), IF2_STAAR   (Q6GHG6), 
IF2_STAAS   (Q6G9U4), IF2_STAAT   (A8Z3U9), IF2_STAAW   (Q8NWZ1), 
IF2_STACT   (B9DPF5), IF2_STAEQ   (Q5HPS2), IF2_STAES   (Q8CST4), 
IF2_STAHJ   (Q4L5X1), IF2_STAS1   (Q49X54), IF2_STIAU   (P55875), 
IF2_STRA1   (Q3K302), IF2_STRA3   (P0A3K6), IF2_STRA5   (Q8E1H3), 
IF2_STRAG   (P0A3K7), IF2_STRAW   (Q82K53), IF2_STRCO   (Q8CJQ8), 
IF2_STRE4   (C0M8P7), IF2_STREM   (B4U1E8), IF2_STRGC   (A8AVQ2), 
IF2_STRGG   (B1VYN5), IF2_STRM5   (B4SQS0), IF2_STRMK   (B2FN90), 
IF2_STRMU   (Q8DVP9), IF2_STRP1   (Q99YG1), IF2_STRP2   (Q04LW0), 
IF2_STRP3   (P0DB84), IF2_STRP4   (B5E266), IF2_STRP6   (Q5XAH1), 
IF2_STRP7   (C1C5S8), IF2_STRP8   (Q8NZU7), IF2_STRPB   (Q1JAC1), 
IF2_STRPC   (Q1JKH1), IF2_STRPD   (Q1JFG4), IF2_STRPF   (Q1J5B4), 
IF2_STRPG   (A2RD01), IF2_STRPI   (B1IA80), IF2_STRPJ   (B8ZM93), 
IF2_STRPM   (Q48RU8), IF2_STRPN   (Q97S57), IF2_STRPQ   (P0DB85), 
IF2_STRPS   (B2IME4), IF2_STRPZ   (B5XHV3), IF2_STRR6   (Q8DQV2), 
IF2_STRS2   (A4W3R7), IF2_STRS7   (C0MDY5), IF2_STRSV   (A3CQ18), 
IF2_STRSY   (A4VXH3), IF2_STRT1   (Q5M1B9), IF2_STRT2   (Q5M5V5), 
IF2_STRTD   (Q03M88), IF2_STRU0   (B9DVB7), IF2_STRZJ   (C1CCT8), 
IF2_STRZP   (C1CJ39), IF2_STRZT   (C1CQ48), IF2_SULDN   (Q30SS6), 
IF2_SYMTH   (Q67P86), IF2_SYNAS   (Q2LWU6), IF2_SYNE7   (Q31LL9), 
IF2_SYNFM   (A0LHL8), IF2_SYNJA   (Q2JSB7), IF2_SYNJB   (Q2JMD7), 
IF2_SYNP6   (Q5N0A5), IF2_SYNPW   (A5GNJ0), IF2_SYNPX   (Q7U8L9), 
IF2_SYNR3   (A5GVG4), IF2_SYNS3   (Q0I7K2), IF2_SYNS9   (Q3AZB7), 
IF2_SYNSC   (Q3AHW1), IF2_SYNWW   (Q0AYI8), IF2_SYNY3   (P72689), 
IF2_TERTT   (C5BPV9), IF2_THEEB   (Q8DK04), IF2_THEFY   (Q47RV1), 
IF2_THEP3   (B0K9Q0), IF2_THEPX   (B0K1D6), IF2_THET2   (Q72KE8), 
IF2_THET8   (P48515), IF2_THEYD   (B5YHT8), IF2_THICR   (Q31GK5), 
IF2_THIDA   (Q3SKX1), IF2_THISH   (B8GP02), IF2_TOLAT   (C4L8X4), 
IF2_TREDE   (Q73NP6), IF2_TREPA   (O83861), IF2_TRIEI   (Q10XM3), 
IF2_TROW8   (Q83HG7), IF2_TROWT   (Q83GT8), IF2_VESOH   (A5CXX6), 
IF2_VIBC3   (A5F926), IF2_VIBCB   (A7MZI5), IF2_VIBCH   (Q9KU80), 
IF2_VIBCM   (C3LSP8), IF2_VIBF1   (Q5E7L5), IF2_VIBFM   (B5FA79), 
IF2_VIBPA   (Q87M02), IF2_VIBTL   (B7VJH7), IF2_VIBVU   (Q8DBW0), 
IF2_VIBVY   (Q7MI09), IF2_WIGBR   (Q8D2X6), IF2_WOLPM   (Q73FL0), 
IF2_WOLSU   (Q7M7X5), IF2_WOLTR   (Q5GS99), IF2_XANAC   (Q8PJ55), 
IF2_XANC5   (Q3BRP5), IF2_XANC8   (Q4UWA2), IF2_XANCB   (B0RRB4), 
IF2_XANCP   (Q8P7U7), IF2_XANOM   (Q2P0X1), IF2_XANOP   (B2SVK3), 
IF2_XANOR   (Q5GXU9), IF2_XYLF2   (B2I726), IF2_XYLFA   (Q9PGR3), 
IF2_XYLFM   (B0U1Q8), IF2_XYLFT   (Q87EV4), IF2_YERE8   (A1JIW9), 
IF2_YERP3   (A7FMS2), IF2_YERPA   (Q1CC07), IF2_YERPB   (B2K2Q5), 
IF2_YERPE   (Q8ZBC2), IF2_YERPG   (A9R5A3), IF2_YERPN   (Q1CEL3), 
IF2_YERPP   (A4TRI3), IF2_YERPS   (Q66F60), IF2_YERPY   (B1JLY0), 
IF2_ZYMMO   (Q5NQ27)
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False negative sequences
136 sequences

IF2C_GUITH  (O78489), IF2C_PORPU  (P51257), IF2C_PYRYE  (Q1XDN0), 
IF2C_RHDSA  (A6MVX8), IF2P_AERPE  (Q9Y9B3), IF2P_ARCFU  (O29490), 
IF2P_HALS3  (B0R6U5), IF2P_HALSA  (Q9HNQ2), IF2P_HALWD  (Q18FT0), 
IF2P_HUMAN  (O60841), IF2P_HYPBU  (A2BJZ8), IF2P_IGNH4  (A8A8D3), 
IF2P_META3  (A6UVG0), IF2P_METAR  (Q0W8X2), IF2P_METB6  (A7IAP7), 
IF2P_METBU  (Q12Z93), IF2P_METHJ  (Q2FU48), IF2P_METJA  (Q57710), 
IF2P_METM6  (A9A813), IF2P_METM7  (A6VIS4), IF2P_METMJ  (A3CSP4), 
IF2P_METMP  (Q6M0I6), IF2P_METS3  (A5UJM9), IF2P_METS5  (A4YCQ5), 
IF2P_METST  (Q2NGM6), IF2P_METTH  (O26359), IF2P_METTP  (A0B8Q6), 
IF2P_PYRFU  (Q8U1R8), IF2P_PYRHO  (O58822), IF2P_PYRIL  (A1RUX2), 
IF2P_PYRNV  (B1YCQ7), IF2P_SCHPO  (Q10251), IF2P_STAMF  (A3DMS0), 
IF2P_SULAC  (P95691), IF2P_SULSO  (Q980Q8), IF2P_SULTO  (Q976A1), 
IF2P_YEAST  (P39730), IF2_ACIAC   (A1TSK3), IF2_ACIC1   (A0LV27), 
IF2_ACISJ   (A1W8Z4), IF2_AYWBP   (Q2NIQ6), IF2_AZOC5   (A8IG20), 
IF2_BIFA0   (B8DW43), IF2_BIFAA   (A1A0A2), IF2_BIFLD   (B3DQF0), 
IF2_BIFLO   (Q8G3Y5), IF2_BIFLS   (B7GNA3), IF2_BORAP   (Q0SM50), 
IF2_BORBP   (Q65ZX2), IF2_BORBU   (O51741), IF2_CHLMU   (Q9PKU0), 
IF2_CLAM3   (A5CSZ4), IF2_CLAMS   (B0RDY9), IF2_CLOK5   (A5N842), 
IF2_CORA7   (C3PH19), IF2_CORDI   (Q6NGN2), IF2_COREF   (Q8FPA7), 
IF2_CORGB   (A4QEZ2), IF2_CORGL   (Q8NP40), IF2_CORJK   (Q4JV51), 
IF2_CORU7   (B1VGC2), IF2_DEHM1   (Q3Z7U3), IF2_DEHMB   (A5FQR6), 
IF2_DEHMC   (Q3ZXU3), IF2_ERYLH   (Q2NC10), IF2_FERNB   (A7HN01), 
IF2_GEOKA   (Q5L0I8), IF2_KOSOT   (C5CDZ4), IF2_LACBA   (Q03QT5), 
IF2_LACC3   (Q038M5), IF2_LACCB   (B3WER5), IF2_LACPL   (Q88VK7), 
IF2_LEPCP   (B1XY67), IF2_LEUCK   (B1MZH4), IF2_LEUMM   (Q03WH4), 
IF2_MESFL   (Q6F1H1), IF2_METPP   (A2SH40), IF2_MYCA9   (B1MD87), 
IF2_MYCCT   (Q2SSE6), IF2_MYCGA   (Q7NBZ4), IF2_MYCH2   (Q5ZZV6), 
IF2_MYCH7   (Q4A7E2), IF2_MYCHJ   (Q4A9A2), IF2_MYCMO   (Q6KID8), 
IF2_MYCMS   (Q6MTQ0), IF2_MYCPE   (Q8EWU0), IF2_MYCPU   (Q98R05), 
IF2_MYCS5   (Q4A578), IF2_NATTJ   (B2A397), IF2_NOCFA   (Q5YSC6), 
IF2_NOVAD   (Q2G5E7), IF2_OENOB   (Q04GN0), IF2_ONYPE   (Q6YR66), 
IF2_PEDPA   (Q03FS3), IF2_PELUB   (Q4FNM9), IF2_PETMO   (A9BJ54), 
IF2_PROAC   (Q6A7M5), IF2_PSELT   (A8F5A0), IF2_PSYIN   (A1ST45), 
IF2_RHOBA   (Q7URR0), IF2_RHOE4   (C0ZYA5), IF2_RHOJR   (Q0S219), 
IF2_RHOOB   (C1B313), IF2_RICM5   (A8F223), IF2_SALRD   (Q2S1N7), 
IF2_SPHAL   (Q1GVI9), IF2_SULNB   (A6QBQ5), IF2_SYNP2   (B1XI09), 
IF2_THEAB   (B7IF03), IF2_THEM4   (A6LP48), IF2_THEMA   (Q9WZN3), 
IF2_THEP1   (A5IJ09), IF2_THESQ   (B1L7T1), IF2_UREP2   (B1AIV8), 
IF2_UREPA   (Q9PQH1), IF2_UREU1   (B5ZBC9), IF2_VARPS   (C5CLW3), 
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'Partial' sequences
1 sequence

IF2C_GALSU  (Q08810)

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1D1N; 1ZO1; 2CRV; 3IZY; 3J4J

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