Entry: PS60001

General information about the entry

Entry name [info] NOS
Accession [info] PS60001
Entry type [info] PATTERN
Date [info] 01-DEC-2001 CREATED; 01-DEC-2001 DATA UPDATE; 05-JUL-2017 INFO UPDATE.
PROSITE Doc. [info] PDOC60001

Name and characterization of the entry

Description [info] Nitric oxide synthase (NOS) signature.
Pattern [info]

Numerical results [info]

Numerical results for UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot release 2017_07 which contains 555'100 sequence entries.

Total number of hits 33 in 33 different sequences
Number of true positive hits 33 in 33 different sequences
Number of 'unknown' hits 0
Number of false positive hits 0
Number of false negative sequences 0
Number of 'partial' sequences 9
Precision (true positives / (true positives + false positives)) 100.00 %
Recall (true positives / (true positives + false negatives)) 100.00 %

Comments [info]

Taxonomic range [info] Eukaryotes, Prokaryotes (Bacteria)
Maximum number of repetitions [info] 1
Version [info] 1

Cross-references [info]

True positive sequences
33 sequences

NOS1_HUMAN  (P29475    ), NOS1_MOUSE  (Q9Z0J4    ), NOS1_RABIT  (O19132    ), 
NOS1_RAT    (P29476    ), NOS2_BOVIN  (Q27995    ), NOS2_CANLF  (O62699    ), 
NOS2_CAPHI  (Q28314    ), NOS2_CAVPO  (O54705    ), NOS2_CHICK  (Q90703    ), 
NOS2_HUMAN  (P35228    ), NOS2_MOUSE  (P29477    ), NOS2_RAT    (Q06518    ), 
NOS3_BOVIN  (P29473    ), NOS3_CANLF  (Q9TUX8    ), NOS3_HUMAN  (P29474    ), 
NOS3_MOUSE  (P70313    ), NOS3_PIG    (Q28969    ), NOS3_RAT    (Q62600    ), 
NOSL_BOMMO  (B1B557    ), NOSO_BACSU  (O34453    ), NOSO_DEIRA  (Q9RR97    ), 
NOSO_STAAC  (Q5HEK7    ), NOSO_STAAM  (P0A092    ), NOSO_STAAN  (P0A093    ), 
NOSO_STAAR  (Q6GFE2    ), NOSO_STAAS  (Q6G818    ), NOSO_STAAU  (P0A004    ), 
NOSO_STAAW  (P0A094    ), NOS_ANOST   (O61608    ), NOS_BOMMO   (Q8T8C0    ), 
NOS_DROME   (Q27571    ), NOS_LYMST   (O61309    ), NOS_RHOPR   (Q26240    )
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'Partial' sequences
9 sequences

NOS1_SHEEP  (Q29498    ), NOS2_CARAU  (Q92037    ), NOS2_MACMU  (O46660    ), 
NOS2_ONCMY  (Q92091    ), NOS2_PIG    (P79290    ), NOS2_RABIT  (O19114    ), 
NOS3_CAVPO  (P97270    ), NOS3_SHEEP  (P79209    ), NOS_SQUAC   (Q9I9M2    )
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[Detailed view]
498 PDB

1D0C; 1D0O; 1D1V; 1D1W; 1D1X; 1D1Y; 1DD7; 1DF1; 1DM6; 1DM7; 1DM8; 1DMI; 1DMJ; 1DMK; 1DWV; 1DWW; 1DWX; 1ED4; 1ED5; 1ED6; 1FOI; 1FOJ; 1FOL; 1FOO; 1FOP; 1I83; 1JWJ; 1JWK; 1K2R; 1K2S; 1K2T; 1K2U; 1LZX; 1LZZ; 1M00; 1M7V; 1M7Z; 1M8D; 1M8E; 1M8H; 1M8I; 1M9J; 1M9K; 1M9M; 1M9Q; 1M9R; 1M9T; 1MJT; 1MMV; 1MMW; 1N2N; 1NOC; 1NOD; 1NOS; 1NSE; 1NSI; 1OM4; 1OM5; 1P6H; 1P6I; 1P6J; 1P6K; 1P6L; 1P6M; 1P6N; 1Q2O; 1QOM; 1QW4; 1QW5; 1QW6; 1QWC; 1R35; 1RS6; 1RS7; 1RS8; 1RS9; 1VAF; 1VAG; 1ZVI; 1ZVL; 1ZZQ; 1ZZR; 1ZZS; 1ZZT; 1ZZU; 2AMO; 2AN0; 2AN2; 2BHJ; 2FBZ; 2FC1; 2FC2; 2G6H; 2G6I; 2G6J; 2G6K; 2G6L; 2G6M; 2G6N; 2G6O; 2HX2; 2HX3; 2HX4; 2NOD; 2NOS; 2NSE; 2NSI; 2ORO; 2ORP; 2ORQ; 2ORR; 2ORS; 2ORT; 2Y37; 3B3M; 3B3N; 3B3O; 3B3P; 3DQR; 3DQS; 3DQT; 3DWJ; 3E65; 3E67; 3E68; 3E6L; 3E6N; 3E6O; 3E6T; 3E7G; 3E7I; 3E7M; 3E7S; 3E7T; 3EAH; 3EAI; 3EBD; 3EBF; 3EJ8; 3FC5; 3HSN; 3HSO; 3HSP; 3JT3; 3JT4; 3JT5; 3JT6; 3JT7; 3JT8; 3JT9; 3JTA; 3JWS; 3JWT; 3JWU; 3JWV; 3JWW; 3JWX; 3JWY; 3JWZ; 3JX0; 3JX1; 3JX2; 3JX3; 3JX4; 3JX5; 3JX6; 3N2R; 3N5P; 3N5Q; 3N5R; 3N5S; 3N5T; 3N5V; 3N5W; 3N5X; 3N5Y; 3N5Z; 3N60; 3N61; 3N62; 3N63; 3N64; 3N65; 3N66; 3N67; 3N68; 3N69; 3N6A; 3N6B; 3N6C; 3N6D; 3N6E; 3N6F; 3N6G; 3NLD; 3NLE; 3NLF; 3NLG; 3NLH; 3NLI; 3NLJ; 3NLK; 3NLM; 3NLN; 3NLO; 3NLP; 3NLQ; 3NLR; 3NLT; 3NLU; 3NLV; 3NLW; 3NLX; 3NLY; 3NLZ; 3NM0; 3NNY; 3NNZ; 3NOD; 3NOS; 3NQS; 3NSE; 3NW2; 3PNE; 3PNF; 3PNG; 3PNH; 3Q99; 3Q9A; 3RQJ; 3RQK; 3RQL; 3RQM; 3RQN; 3RQO; 3RQP; 3SVP; 3SVQ; 3TYL; 3TYM; 3TYN; 3TYO; 3UFO; 3UFP; 3UFQ; 3UFR; 3UFS; 3UFT; 3UFU; 3UFV; 3UFW; 4C39; 4C3A; 4CAM; 4CAN; 4CAO; 4CAP; 4CAQ; 4CAR; 4CDT; 4CFT; 4CTP; 4CTQ; 4CTR; 4CTT; 4CTU; 4CTV; 4CTW; 4CTX; 4CTY; 4CTZ; 4CU0; 4CU1; 4CUL; 4CUM; 4CUN; 4CVG; 4CWV; 4CWW; 4CWX; 4CWY; 4CWZ; 4CX0; 4CX1; 4CX2; 4CX3; 4CX4; 4CX5; 4CX6; 4CX7; 4D1N; 4D1O; 4D1P; 4D2Y; 4D2Z; 4D30; 4D31; 4D32; 4D33; 4D34; 4D35; 4D36; 4D37; 4D38; 4D39; 4D3A; 4D3B; 4D3I; 4D3J; 4D3K; 4D3M; 4D3N; 4D3O; 4D3T; 4D3U; 4D3V; 4D7H; 4D7I; 4D7J; 4D7O; 4EUX; 4FVW; 4FVX; 4FVY; 4FVZ; 4FW0; 4GQE; 4IMS; 4IMT; 4IMU; 4IMW; 4IMX; 4JS9; 4JSE; 4JSF; 4JSG; 4JSH; 4JSI; 4JSJ; 4JSK; 4JSL; 4JSM; 4K5D; 4K5E; 4K5F; 4K5G; 4K5H; 4K5I; 4K5J; 4K5K; 4KCH; 4KCI; 4KCJ; 4KCK; 4KCL; 4KCM; 4KCN; 4KCO; 4KCP; 4KCQ; 4KCR; 4KCS; 4LUW; 4LUX; 4LWA; 4LWB; 4NOS; 4NSE; 4UCH; 4UG5; 4UG6; 4UG7; 4UG8; 4UG9; 4UGA; 4UGB; 4UGC; 4UGD; 4UGE; 4UGF; 4UGG; 4UGH; 4UGI; 4UGJ; 4UGK; 4UGL; 4UGM; 4UGN; 4UGO; 4UGP; 4UGQ; 4UGR; 4UGS; 4UGT; 4UGU; 4UGV; 4UGW; 4UGX; 4UGY; 4UGZ; 4UH0; 4UH1; 4UH2; 4UH3; 4UH4; 4UH5; 4UH6; 4UH7; 4UH8; 4UH9; 4UHA; 4UPM; 4UPN; 4UPO; 4UPP; 4UPQ; 4UPR; 4UPS; 4UPT; 4UQR; 4UQS; 4UX6; 4V3U; 4V3V; 4V3W; 4V3X; 4V3Y; 4V3Z; 5AD4; 5AD5; 5AD6; 5AD7; 5AD8; 5AD9; 5ADA; 5ADB; 5ADC; 5ADD; 5ADE; 5ADF; 5ADG; 5ADI; 5ADJ; 5ADK; 5ADL; 5ADM; 5ADN; 5AGK; 5AGL; 5AGM; 5AGN; 5AGO; 5AGP; 5FJ2; 5FJ3; 5FVO; 5FVP; 5FVQ; 5FVR; 5FVS; 5FVT; 5FVU; 5FVV; 5FVW; 5FVX; 5FVY; 5FVZ; 5FW0; 5G0N; 5G0O; 5G0P; 5G65; 5G66; 5G67; 5G68; 5G69; 5G6A; 5G6B; 5G6C; 5G6D; 5G6E; 5G6F; 5G6G; 5G6H; 5G6I; 5G6J; 5G6K; 5G6L; 5G6M; 5G6N; 5G6O; 5G6P; 5G6Q; 5NSE; 6NSE; 7NSE; 8NSE; 9NSE
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