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Galactokinase signature


Galactokinase (EC [1] catalyzes the first reaction of galactose metabolism, the conversion of galactose to galactose 1-phosphate. There are three well conserved regions in the sequence of eukaryotic and prokaryotic galactokinase. As a signature pattern we have selected the best conserved of these regions, which is located in the N-terminal section of galactokinase.

In yeast the GAL3 protein [2] is required for rapid induction of the galactose system. The exact function of GAL3 is not known, but it may be involved in the production of a true inducer or coinducer molecule. The sequence of GAL3 is closely related to that of galactokinases.


See also the section describing the pattern for the GHMP kinases ATP- binding domain <PDOC00545>.

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July 1999 / Pattern and text revised.


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GALACTOKINASE, PS00106; Galactokinase signature  (PATTERN)


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