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Channel forming colicins signature


Colicins are plasmid-encoded polypeptide toxins produced by and active against Escherichia coli and closely related bacteria. The channel-forming colicins are transmembrane proteins that depolarize the cytoplasmic membrane, leading to dissipation of cellular energy [1,2]. Colicins A, B, E1, Ia, Ib, and N belong to that group. The N-terminal part of these colicins is involved in their uptake; the central part is important for binding to outer membrane receptors and the C-terminal part is the channel-forming region.

As a signature for this type of colicins, we have selected one of the most conserved region of the channel-forming domain.

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November 1990 / Text revised.


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CHANNEL_COLICIN, PS00276; Channel forming colicins signature  (PATTERN)


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