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Tropomyosins signature


Tropomyosins [1,2] are family of closely related proteins present in muscle and non-muscle cells. In striated muscle, tropomyosin mediate the interactions between the troponin complex and actin so as to regulate muscle contraction. The role of tropomyosin in smooth muscle and non-muscle tissues is not clear. Tropomyosin is an α-helical protein that forms a coiled-coil dimer.

Muscle isoforms of tropomyosin are characterized by having 284 amino acid residues and a highly conserved N-terminal region, whereas non-muscle forms are generally smaller and are heterogeneous in their N-terminal region.

The signature pattern for tropomyosins is based on a very conserved region in the C-terminal section of tropomyosins and which is present in both muscle and non-muscle forms.

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1AuthorsSmilie L.B.
SourceTrends Biochem. Sci. 4:151-155(1979).

2AuthorsMcLeod A.R.
SourceBioEssays 6:208-212(1986).

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