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HSF-type DNA-binding domain signature


Heat shock factor (HSF) is a DNA-binding protein that specifically binds heat shock promoter elements (HSE). HSE is a palindromic element rich with repetitive purine and pyrimidine motifs: 5'-nGAAnnTTCnnGAAnnTTCn-3'. HSF is expressed at normal temperatures but is activated by heat shock or chemical stressors [1,2]. The sequences of HSF from various species show extensive similarity in a region of about 90 amino acids, which has been shown [3] to bind DNA.

Some other proteins also contain a HSF domain, these are:

  • Yeast SFL1, a protein involved in cell surface assembly and regulation of the gene related to flocculation (asexual cell aggregation) [4].
  • Yeast transcription factor SKN7 (or BRY1 or POS9), which binds to the promoter elements SCB and MCB essential for the controal of G1 cyclins expression [5].
  • Yeast MGA1.
  • Yeast hypothetical protein YJR147w.

We have derived a pattern from the most conserved part of the HSF DNA-binding domain, its central region.

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November 1997 / Pattern and text revised.


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HSF_DOMAIN, PS00434; HSF-type DNA-binding domain signature  (PATTERN)


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