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Alkylbase DNA glycosidases alkA family signature


Alkylbase DNA glycosidases [1] are DNA repair enzymes that hydrolyzes the deoxyribose N-glycosidic bond to excise various alkylated bases from a damaged DNA polymer.

In Escherichia coli there are two alkylbase DNA glycosidases: one (gene tag) which is constitutively expressed and which is specific for the removal of 3-methyladenine (EC, and one (gene alkA) which is induced during adaptation to alkylation and which can remove a variety of alkylation products (EC Tag and alkA do not share any region of sequence similarity.

In yeast there is an alkylbase DNA glycosidase (gene MAG1) [2,3], which can remove 3-methyladenine or 7-methyladenine and which is structurally related to alkA.

MAG and alkA are both proteins of about 300 amino acid residues. While the C- and N-terminal ends appear to be unrelated, there is a central region of about 130 residues which is well conserved. As a signature pattern we have selected part of this region.

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