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Beta-eliminating lyases pyridoxal-phosphate attachment site


Tryptophan indole-lyase (EC (tryptophanase) and tyrosine phenol-lyase (EC (β-tyrosinase) are related pyridoxal-phosphate dependent homotetrameric enzymes [1]. Tryptophan indole-lyase catalyzes the transformation of tryptophan into indole, pyruvate and ammonia and tyrosine phenol-lyase transforms tyrosine into phenol, pyruvate and ammonia.

Both enzymes are proteins that contains 450 to 470 amino acids. The pyridoxal-phosphate group is attached to a lysine residue in the central section of the sequence.

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December 2004 / Pattern and text revised.


Technical section

PROSITE method (with tools and information) covered by this documentation:

BETA_ELIM_LYASE, PS00853; Beta-eliminating lyases pyridoxal-phosphate attachment site  (PATTERN)


1AuthorsIwamori S. Yoshino S. Ishiwata K. Makiguchi N.
SourceJ. Ferment. Bioeng. 72:147-151(1991).

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