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Gamma-thionins family signature


The following small plant proteins are evolutionary related:

  • γ-thionins from wheat endosperm (γ-purothionins) and barley (γ- hordothionins) which are toxic to animal cells and inhibit protein synthesis in cell free systems [1].
  • A flower-specific thionin (FST) from tobacco [2].
  • Antifungal proteins (AFP) from the seeds of Brassicaceae species such as radish, mustard, turnip and Arabidopsis thaliana [3].
  • Inhibitors of insect α-amylases from sorghum [4].
  • Probable protease inhibitor P322 from potato.
  • A germination-related protein from cowpea [5].
  • Anther-specific protein SF18 from sunflower [6]. SF18 is a protein that contains a γ-thionin domain at its N-terminus and a proline-rich C- terminal domain.
  • Soybean sulfur-rich protein SE60 [7].
  • Vicia faba antibacterial peptides fabatin-1 and -2.

In their mature form, these proteins generally consist of about 45 to 50 amino-acid residues. As shown in the following schematic representation, these peptides contain eight conserved cysteines involved in disulfide bonds.

          |          +-------------------+            |
          |          |                   |            |
        *******************|***|                | |
                           +---|----------------+ |
'C': conserved cysteine involved in a disulfide bond.
'*': position of the pattern.
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