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TatC family signature


The following proteins have been shown [1] to share regions of similarities:

  • Escherichia coli hypothetical protein yigU and HI0188, the corresponding Haemophilus influenzae protein.
  • Bacillus subtilis hypothetical protein ycbT.
  • Mycobacterium tuberculosis hypothetical protein MtCY49.33c and U2126A, the corresponding Mycobacterium leprae protein.
  • Synechocystis strain PCC 6803 hypothetical protein sll0194.
  • Odontella sinensis and Porphyra purpurea chlroplast hypothetical protein ycf43.

These proteins have from 245 to 317 amino acids and seem to contain at least six or seven transmembrane regions. As a signature pattern, we selected a conserved region located in the central section of these proteins.

Last update:

April 2006 / Pattern revised.


Technical section

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TATC, PS01218; TatC family signature  (PATTERN)


1AuthorsBairoch A. Rudd K.E.
SourceUnpublished observations (1996).

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