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Purine and other phosphorylases family 2 signature


The following phosphorylases belongs to the same family:

  • Purine nucleoside phosphorylase (EC (PNP) from mammals as well as from some bacteria (gene deoD). This enzyme catalyzes the cleavage of guanosine or inosine to respective bases and sugar-1-phosphate molecules [1].
  • 5'-methylthioadenosine phosphorylase (EC (MTA phosphorylase) from eukaryotes [2].
  • Xanthosine phosphorylase (EC 2.4.2.-) from Escherichia coli (gene xapA). This enzyme can degrade all purine nucleosides except adenosine and deoxyadenosine [3].

This family also includes the following uncharacterized proteins:

  • Yeast hypothetical protein YLR017w.
  • Fission yeast hypothetical protein SpAC16C9.02c.
  • Methanococcus jannaschii hypothetical protein MJ0060.
  • Rhodospirillum rubrum hypothetical protein in petC 3'region.

As a signature pattern, we selected a conserved region in the central part of these enzymes.


It should be noted that most bacterial PNP as well as archaebacterial MTA phosphorylase belong to a different family of phosphorylases (see <PDOC00946>).

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December 2004 / Pattern and text revised.


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PNP_MTAP_2, PS01240; Purine and other phosphorylases family 2 signature  (PATTERN)


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