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RPEL repeat profile


RPEL repeat (RPxxxEL) containing proteins are found in a wide range of metazoan organisms. RPEL repeats have been shown to be required for unpolymerized actin binding and proteins containing RPEL repeats are able to modify cell shape and/or are important in the regulation of gene expression by the actin cytoskeleton. RPEL repeats can be found in association with the SAP motif (see <PDOC50800>), which could be involved in DNA binding [1,2].

Some proteins known to contain RPEL repeats are listed below:

  • Mammalian myocardin, heart-specific serum response factor (SRF) co- activator.
  • Vertebrate myocardin-related transcription factor A (MRTF-A or MAL), a signal-regulated SRF co-activator.
  • Vertebrate myocardin-related transcription factor B (MRTF-B).
  • Mammalian phosphatase and actin regulator 1 to 3.

The profile we developed covers the entire RPEL repeat.

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January 2005 / First entry.


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RPEL, PS51073; RPEL repeat profile  (MATRIX)


1AuthorsMiralles F. Posern G. Zaromytidou A.-I. Treisman R.
TitleActin dynamics control SRF activity by regulation of its coactivator MAL.
SourceCell 113:329-342(2003).
PubMed ID12732141

2AuthorsFavot L. Gillingwater M. Scott C. Kemp P.R.
TitleOverexpression of a family of RPEL proteins modifies cell shape.
SourceFEBS Lett. 579:100-104(2005).
PubMed ID15620697

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