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Laminin N-terminal (LN) domain profile


Laminin is a large molecular weight glycoprotein present only in basement membranes in almost every animal tissue. Each laminin is a heterotrimer assembled from α, β and γ chain subunits, secreted and incorporated into cell-associated extracellular matrices [1].

Basement membrane assembly is a cooperative process in which laminins polymerize through their N-terminal domain (LN or domain VI) and anchor to the cell surface through their G domains (see <PDOC50025>). Netrins may also associate with this network through heterotypic LN domain interactions [2]. This leads to cell signaling through integrins and dystroglycan (and possibly other receptors) recruited to the adherent laminin. This LN domain dependent self-assembly is considered to be crucial for the integrity of basement membranes, as highlighted by genetic forms of muscular dystrophy containing the deletion of the LN module from the α 2 laminin chain [3].

The laminin N-terminal domain is found in all laminin and netrin subunits except laminin α 3A, α 4 and γ 2.

The profile we developed covers the whole laminin N-terminal domain.

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