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TAFH/NHR1 domain profile


The TAF homology (TAFH) or Nervy homology region 1 (NHR1) domain is a domain of 95-100 amino acids present in eukaryotic proteins of the MTG/ETO family and whereof the core ~75-80 residues occur in TAF proteins. The transcription initiation TFIID complex is composed of TATA binding protein (TBP) and a number of TBP-associated factors (TAFs). The TAFH/NHR1 domain is named after fruit fly TATA-box-associated factor 110 (TAF110), human TAF105 and TAF130, and the fruit fly protein Nervy, which is a homologue of human MTG8/ETO [1,2]. The human eight twenty-one (ETO or MTG8) and related myeloid transforming gene products MTGR1 and MTG16 as well as the Nervy protein contain the NHR1-4 domains. The NHR1/TAFH domain occurs in the N-terminal part of these proteins, while a MYND-type zinc finger (see <PDOC50865>) forms the NHR4 domain [3]. The TAFH/NHR1 domain can be involved in protein-protein interactions, e.g in MTG8/ETO with HSP90 and Gfi-1 [4,5].

Some proteins known to contain a TAFH/NHR1 domain:

  • Mammalian MTG8/ETO protein, which is involved in the t(8;21) form of acute myeloid leukemia and is an inhibitor of C/EBP β in early adipogenesis.
  • Mammalian myeloid transforming gene (MTG) or eight twenty-one (ETO) proteins, which can mediate the protein complex formation among nuclear corepressors, chromatin-modifying enzymes (HDACs), and transcription factors.
  • Drosophila melanogaster Nervy protein, a homologue of MTG8/ETO which is involved in neuronal development during segmentation of Drosophila embryos.
  • Drosophila melanogaster transcription initiation factor TFIID 110 kDa subunit (TAF110) and mammalian homologue (TAFII130/135), which can interact with Sp1 and which may be a transcriptional coactivator.

The profile we developed covers the entire TAFH/NHR1 domain.

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