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KilA-N domain profile


The amino-terminal module of the poxvirus D6R/NIR proteins defines a novel conserved DNA-binding domain (the KilA-N domain) that is found in a wide range of proteins of large bacterial and eukaryotic DNA viruses [1]. Putative proteins with homology to the KilA-N domain have also been identified in Maverick transposable elements of the parabasalid protozoa Trichomonas vaginalis [2]. The KilA-N domain has been suggested to be homologous to the fungal DNA-binding APSES domain (see <PDOC51299>). In all proteins shown to contain the KilA-N domain, it occurs at the extreme amino terminus accompanied by a wide range of distinct carboxy-terminal domains. These carboxy-terminal modules may be enzymes, such as the nuclease domains, or might mediate additional, specific interactions with nucleic acids or proteins, like the RING (see <PDOC00449>) or CCCH fingers in the poxviruses [1].

The KilA-N domain is predicted to adopt an α+β fold with four conserved strands and at least two conserved helices [1].

Some proteins known to contain a KilA-N domain are listed below:

  • Bacteriophage P1 protein kilA.
  • Fowlpox virus (FPV) protein FPV236.
  • Fowlpox virus (FPV) hypothetical protein FPV248.
  • Vaccinia virus hypothetical 21.7 kDa HindIII-C protein.

The profile we developed covers the entire KilA-N domain.

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