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Dicer double-stranded RNA-binding fold domain profile


RNA interference (RNAi) is an ancient gene-silencing process that plays a fundamental role in diverse eukaryotic functions including viral defense, chromatin remodeling, genome rearrangement, developmental timing, brain morphogenesis, and stem cell maintenance. All RNAi pathways require the multidomain ribonuclease Dicer, which initiates RNAi by cleaving double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) substrates into small fragments ~25 nuleotides in length. A typical eukaryotic Dicer consists of a helicase domain (see <PDOC51192>), a domain of unknown function, and a PAZ domain (see <PDOC50821>) at the amino (N)-terminus as well as two ribonuclease III domains (see <PDOC00448>) and a dsRNA-binding domain (dsRBD) (see <PDOC50137>) at the carboxy (C)-terminus. The domain of unknown function of ~100 amino acids is predicted to adopt the canonical α-β-β-β-α-fold found in all dsRBDs [1,2,3,4].

The profile we developed covers the entire Dicer dsRNA-binding fold domain.

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DICER_DSRBF, PS51327; Dicer double-stranded RNA-binding fold domain profile  (MATRIX)


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