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GAR domain profile


The Gas2-related (GAR) domain was named after Gas2 (growth arrest specific 2) and is common in plakin family members and Gas2 family members. The GAR domain comprises ~57 amino acids and has been shown to bind to microtubules [1,2].

Some proteins known to contain a GAR domain are listed below:

  • Mammalian Gas2, a cytoskeletal protein that is highly upregulated in growth-arrested fibroblasts.
  • Mammalian Gas2-related on chromosome 22 (GAR22).
  • Mammalian MACF, a protein that can associate with both actin microfilaments and microtubules.
  • Mammalian bullous pemphigoid 1 (BPAG1).
  • Drosophila Kakapo/Shortstop, a microtubule and microfilament organizer important for axonal outgrowth, local dendritic extension and maintaining the integrity of cell layers.
  • Drosophila protein CG3973, the homologue of Gas2.
  • Caenorhabditis elegans ZK1151, the orthologue of Kakapo/Short stop.

The profile we developed covers the entire GAR domain.

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