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The proteasome-interacting thioredoxin (PITH) domain is a general proteasome-interacting module [1].

The PITH domain is dominated by a jelly roll β-sandwich structure (see <PDB:1XOY>). The β-sandwich is formed by face-to-face packing of two anti-parallel β-sheets. Another two-stranded β-sheet seals off one end of the β-barrel [2,3].

Some proteins known to contain a PITH domain are listed below:

  • Human Txnl1 or TRP32, a thioredoxin-like protein implicated in endocytosis and in protection against glucose deprivation-induced cytotoxicity.
  • Human C1ORF28, an uncharacterized protein that does not contain any other known protein domains, but has been found to associate with 26S proteasomes.
  • Arabidopsis thaliana At3g04780, a single domain protein.

The profile we developed covers the entire PITH domain.

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