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WRC domain profile


The plant GROWTH-REGULATING FACTOR (GRF) proteins are putative transcription factors. They contain one or two WRC (Trp, Arg, Cys) domain(s). The WRC domain has two distinctive structural features, namely many basic amino acids (Arg and Lys) and the conserved spacing of three Cys and one His residues, the C3H motif. The basic amino acids are highly conserved, indicating that they are essential for the function of the WRC domain, probably as nuclear localization signal. The C3H motif is also absolutely conserved and may mediate binding to DNA [1].

The profile we developed covers the entire WRC domain.

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WRC, PS51667; WRC domain profile  (MATRIX)


1AuthorsKim J.H. Choi D. Kende H.
TitleThe AtGRF family of putative transcription factors is involved in leaf and cotyledon growth in Arabidopsis.
SourcePlant J. 36:94-104(2003).
PubMed ID12974814

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