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Peptidase family M60 domain profile


The peptidase family M60 domain belongs to the zincin superfamily of zinc-requiring metalloproteases (clan MA, subclan MA(E)) [E1]. The peptidase family M60 domain contains the metal-binding consensus motif HExxH. The two histidine residues are ligands of the catalytic Zn(2+) and the glutamic acid residue is involved in nucleophilic attack. An additional conserved glutamic acid is found approximately 20 residues from the first histidine within the metal-binding motif. The second conserved glutamic acid potentially acts as a third proteous Zn(2+) ligand. The peptidase family M60 domain targets complex host glycoproteins, such as mucins [1,2,3,4,5].

Some proteins known to contain a peptidase family M60 domain are listed below:

  • Baculovirus viral enhancing factor (VEF), also known as Enhancin, a metalloprotease that enhances viral infection by degrading the peritrophic membrane (PM) of the insect midgut.
  • Bacteria enhancin-like metalloproteases.
  • Mammalian FAM115 family proteins.

The profile we developed covers the entire peptidase family M60 domain.

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