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The RST (for RCD1 SRO TAF4) domain is a plant-specific domain found in WWE-PARPs (poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase) (see <PDOC50918> and <PDOC51059>) and TAF4s (TBP-Associated Factor 4), a component of several multimeric protein complexes including primarily the general transcription factor TFIID involved in transcriptional initiation. The RST domain is a protein-protein interaction domain suggested to be critical for the interaction with several, mostly plant-specific transcription factors [1,2].

The RST domain structure has a unique helical arrangement composed of four α helices flanked by disordered termini (see <PDB:5OAO>). The four-helix fold of the RST domain organizes in an open, hydrophobic L-shape with room for catching the ligand [3]. A strong conservation of a large number of aliphatic amino acids in the N- and C-termini of the RST domain, with a conserved tyrosine in the middle of the domain and two conserved positively charged amino acids in the second half of the domain, is striking [1].

The profile we developed covers the entire RST domain.

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