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General information about the entry

Entry name [info] RNA_POL_M_15KD
Accession [info] PS01030
Entry type [info] PATTERN
Date [info] 01-JUN-1994 CREATED;
PROSITE Doc. [info] PDOC00790

Name and characterization of the entry

Description [info] RNA polymerases M / 15 Kd subunits signature.
Pattern [info]

Numerical results [info]

Numerical results for UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot release 2024_02 which contains 571'282 sequence entries.

Total number of hits 34 in 34 different sequences
Number of true positive hits 33 in 33 different sequences
Number of 'unknown' hits 0
Number of false positive hits 1
Number of false negative sequences 1
Number of 'partial' sequences 0
Precision (true positives / (true positives + false positives)) 97.06 %
Recall (true positives / (true positives + false negatives)) 97.06 %

Comments [info]

Taxonomic range [info] Archaea, Eukaryotes
Maximum number of repetitions [info] 1
Version [info] 1

Cross-references [info]

True positive sequences
33 sequences

RPA12_MOUSE (Q791N7), RPA12_PANTR (Q1XHV8), RPA12_RAT   (Q6MFY5), 
RPA12_SCHPO (O94703), RPA12_YEAST (P32529), RPB9A_ARATH (Q6NLH0), 
RPB9B_ARATH (Q8L5V0), RPB9_BOVIN  (Q32P73), RPB9_CAEEL  (Q965S0), 
RPB9_CANGA  (Q6FS48), RPB9_DROME  (P36958), RPB9_ENCCU  (Q8SQU1), 
RPB9_EREGS  (Q755B3), RPB9_HUMAN  (P36954), RPB9_MOUSE  (P60898), 
RPB9_PIG(P60899), RPB9_SCHPO  (O74635), RPB9_YEAST  (P27999), 
RPC10_SCHPO (O13896), RPC10_YEAST (Q04307), TFS1_SACS2  (Q980K2), 
TFS_ARCFU   (O29033), TFS_METJA   (Q58548), TFS_METTH   (O27369), 
TFS_METTL   (Q9P9I8), TFS_SULAC   (Q07271), TFS_THECE   (Q56254)
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False negative sequences
1 sequence

TFS4_SACS2  (Q97X43)

False positive sequences
1 sequence


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348 PDB

1I3Q; 1I50; 1I6H; 1K83; 1NIK; 1NT9; 1PQV; 1R5U; 1R9S; 1R9T; 1SFO; 1TWA; 1TWC; 1TWF; 1TWG; 1TWH; 1WCM; 1Y1V; 1Y1W; 1Y1Y; 1Y77; 2B63; 2B8K; 2E2H; 2E2I; 2E2J; 2JA5; 2JA6; 2JA7; 2JA8; 2NVQ; 2NVT; 2NVX; 2NVY; 2NVZ; 2R7Z; 2R92; 2R93; 2VUM; 2YU9; 3CQZ; 3FKI; 3GTG; 3GTJ; 3GTK; 3GTL; 3GTM; 3GTO; 3GTP; 3GTQ; 3H0G; 3H3V; 3HOU; 3HOV; 3HOW; 3HOX; 3HOY; 3HOZ; 3I4M; 3I4N; 3J0K; 3J1N; 3K1F; 3K7A; 3M3Y; 3M4O; 3PO2; 3PO3; 3QT1; 3RZD; 3RZO; 3S14; 3S15; 3S16; 3S17; 3S1M; 3S1N; 3S1Q; 3S1R; 3S2D; 3S2H; 4A3B; 4A3C; 4A3D; 4A3E; 4A3F; 4A3G; 4A3I; 4A3J; 4A3K; 4A3L; 4A3M; 4A93; 4BBR; 4BBS; 4BXX; 4BXZ; 4BY1; 4BY7; 4C2M; 4C3H; 4C3I; 4C3J; 4V1M; 4V1N; 4V1O; 4X67; 4X6A; 4Y52; 4Y7N; 4YM7; 5C3E; 5C44; 5C4A; 5C4J; 5C4X; 5FJ8; 5FJ9; 5FJA; 5FLM; 5FMF; 5FYW; 5FZ5; 5G5L; 5IP7; 5IP9; 5IY6; 5IY7; 5IY8; 5IY9; 5IYA; 5IYB; 5IYC; 5IYD; 5LMX; 5M3F; 5M3M; 5M5W; 5M5X; 5M5Y; 5M64; 5N5Y; 5N5Z; 5N60; 5N61; 5OA1; 5OIK; 5OQJ; 5OQM; 5OT2; 5SVA; 5U0S; 5U5Q; 5VVR; 5VVS; 5W4U; 5W51; 5W5Y; 5W64; 5W65; 5W66; 6BLO; 6BLP; 6BM2; 6BM4; 6BQF; 6CNB; 6CNC; 6CND; 6CNF; 6DRD; 6EU0; 6EU1; 6EU2; 6EU3; 6EXV; 6F40; 6F41; 6F42; 6F44; 6GMH; 6GML; 6GYK; 6GYL; 6GYM; 6H67; 6H68; 6HKO; 6HLQ; 6HLR; 6HLS; 6I84; 6O6C; 6O9L; 6RQH; 6RQL; 6RQT; 6RRD; 6RUI; 6RUO; 6RWE; 6TED; 6TPS; 6TUT; 6UPX; 6UPY; 6UPZ; 6UQ0; 6UQ1; 6UQ2; 6UQ3; 6XRE; 7A6H; 7AE1; 7AE3; 7AEA; 7AOC; 7AOD; 7AOE; 7AST; 7B0Y; 7B7U; 7D58; 7D59; 7DN3; 7DU2; 7EDX; 7EG7; 7EG8; 7EG9; 7EGA; 7EGB; 7EGC; 7ENA; 7ENC; 7EU0; 7EU1; 7F4G; 7FJI; 7FJJ; 7KED; 7KEE; 7KEF; 7LBM; 7MEI; 7MK9; 7MKA; 7ML0; 7ML1; 7ML2; 7ML4; 7NKX; 7NKY; 7NVR; 7NVS; 7NVT; 7NVU; 7NVY; 7NVZ; 7NW0; 7O4I; 7O4J; 7O72; 7O73; 7O75; 7OB9; 7OBA; 7OBB; 7OKX; 7OKY; 7OL0; 7OO3; 7OOB; 7OOP; 7OPC; 7OPD; 7OZN; 7OZO; 7OZP; 7PKS; 7RIM; 7RIP; 7RIQ; 7RIW; 7RIX; 7RIY; 7UI9; 7UIF; 7UIO; 7VBA; 7VBB; 7VBC; 7YCX; 7Z0H; 7Z1L; 7Z1M; 7Z1O; 7Z2Z; 7Z30; 7Z31; 7ZS9; 7ZSA; 7ZSB; 7ZWD; 7ZX7; 7ZX8; 8A40; 8A43; 8B3D; 8B3F; 8BVW; 8BWS; 8BYQ; 8BZ1; 8CEN; 8CEO; 8GXQ; 8GXS; 8HYJ; 8ITY; 8IUE; 8IUH; 8OEU; 8OEV; 8OEW; 8OF0; 8P4A; 8P4B; 8P4C; 8P4D; 8P4E; 8P4F; 8WAK; 8WAL; 8WAN; 8WAO; 8WAP; 8WAQ; 8WAR; 8WAS; 8WAT; 8WAU; 8WAV; 8WAW; 8WAX; 8WAY; 8WAZ; 8WB0
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