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Asparaginase / glutaminase active sites signatures


Asparaginase (EC, glutaminase (EC and glutaminase-asparaginase (EC are aminohydrolases that catalyze the hydrolysis of asparagine (or glutamine) to aspartate (or glutamate) and ammonia [1].

Two conserved threonine residues have been shown [2,3] to play a catalytic role. One of them is located in the N-terminal extremity while the second is located at the end of the first third of the sequence. We used both conserved regions as signature patterns.


Plant asparaginases and mammalian glutaminases do not belong to this family and are thus not detected by the above pattern.

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Gribskov M.

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April 2006 / Pattern revised.

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ASN_GLN_ASE_1, PS00144; Asparaginase / glutaminase active site signature 1  (PATTERN)

ASN_GLN_ASE_2, PS00917; Asparaginase / glutaminase active site signature 2  (PATTERN)


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PubMed ID3379033

2AuthorsHarms E., Wehner A., Aung H.P., Rohm K.H.
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PubMed ID1906013

3AuthorsMiller M.M., Rao J.K.M., Wlodawer A., Gribskov M.R.
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PubMed ID8348975

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