Entry: PS00051

General information about the entry

Entry name [info] RIBOSOMAL_L39E
Accession [info] PS00051
Entry type [info] PATTERN
Date [info] APR-1990 (CREATED); DEC-2004 (DATA UPDATE); MAR-2016 (INFO UPDATE).
PROSITE Doc. [info] PDOC00050

Name and characterization of the entry

Description [info] Ribosomal protein L39e signature.
Pattern [info]

Numerical results [info]

Numerical results for UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot release 2016_04 which contains 550'960 sequence entries.

Total number of hits 74 in 74 different sequences
Number of true positive hits 74 in 74 different sequences
Number of 'unknown' hits 0
Number of false positive hits 0
Number of false negative sequences 5
Number of 'partial' sequences 0
Precision (true positives / (true positives + false positives)) 100.00 %
Recall (true positives / (true positives + false negatives)) 93.67 %

Comments [info]

Taxonomic range [info] Archaea, Eukaryotes
Maximum number of repetitions [info] 1
Version [info] 1

Cross-references [info]

True positive sequences
74 sequences

RL391_ARATH (P51424), RL391_ORYSJ (Q6KAJ8), RL392_ARATH (Q8L8W6), 
RL392_ORYSJ (P51426), RL393_ORYSJ (Q5SMI4), RL39L_HUMAN (Q96EH5), 
RL39_AERPE  (P59472), RL39_ARCFU  (O28212), RL39_ASHGO  (Q758D8), 
RL39_BOVIN  (Q3T051), RL39_CAEEL  (P52814), RL39_CALMQ  (A8MAL5), 
RL39_CANAX  (Q96W55), RL39_CHICK  (Q98TF5), RL39_DEBHA  (Q6BHV8), 
RL39_DROME  (O16130), RL39_ENCCU  (Q8SQP8), RL39_HALLT  (B9LUV0), 
RL39_HALMA  (P22452), RL39_HALS3  (B0R7X9), RL39_HALSA  (Q9HMM9), 
RL39_HALWD  (Q18EU6), RL39_HUMAN  (P62891), RL39_HYPBU  (A2BN55), 
RL39_ICTPU  (Q90YS9), RL39_KLULA  (Q6CW22), RL39_KLUMA  (P48536), 
RL39_MAIZE  (P51425), RL39_META3  (A6UVQ6), RL39_METAC  (Q8TIN2), 
RL39_METBF  (Q46FA3), RL39_METBU  (Q12ZJ3), RL39_METJA  (P54056), 
RL39_METKA  (Q8TUY3), RL39_METLZ  (A2STI9), RL39_METM5  (A4G029), 
RL39_METM6  (A9A8D5), RL39_METM7  (A6VIE9), RL39_METMA  (Q8PYQ5), 
RL39_METMJ  (A3CWZ6), RL39_METMP  (Q6M0V9), RL39_METS5  (A4YH79), 
RL39_METTH  (O27650), RL39_METVS  (A6URE0), RL39_MOUSE  (P62892), 
RL39_PICTO  (Q6L2L2), RL39_PLUXY  (Q6F482), RL39_PYRAB  (Q9UYI8), 
RL39_PYRAE  (Q8ZTX6), RL39_PYRAR  (A4WLS6), RL39_PYRCJ  (A3MUU4), 
RL39_PYRFU  (Q8U3S6), RL39_PYRHO  (P59473), RL39_PYRIL  (A1RRN8), 
RL39_PYRNV  (B1YAF1), RL39_RAT    (P62893), RL39_SCHPO  (P05767), 
RL39_SPOFR  (Q962S4), RL39_SULAC  (P13005), RL39_SULIA  (C3MZB1), 
RL39_SULIK  (C4KII9), RL39_SULIL  (C3MR76), RL39_SULIM  (C3MXG5), 
RL39_SULIN  (C3NGA3), RL39_SULIY  (C3N7D1), RL39_SULSO  (Q980F9), 
RL39_SULTO  (Q971I1), RL39_TETTS  (P0DJ61), RL39_THEAC  (Q9HM18), 
RL39_THEGJ  (C5A7H4), RL39_THEKO  (Q5JGT6), RL39_THESM  (C6A264), 
RL39_THEVO  (Q97CU2), RL39_YEAST  (P04650)
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False negative sequences
5 sequences

RL39_DESK1  (B8D5Q7), RL39_METPE  (B8GEU4), RL39_METS3  (A5UL33), 
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