Entry: PS00055

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General information about the entry

Entry name [info] RIBOSOMAL_S12
Accession [info] PS00055
Entry type [info] PATTERN
Date [info] APR-1990 (CREATED); OCT-1993 (DATA UPDATE); FEB-2015 (INFO UPDATE).
PROSITE Doc. [info] PDOC00054

Name and characterization of the entry

Description [info] Ribosomal protein S12 signature.
Pattern [info]

Numerical results [info]

Numerical results for UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot release 2015_04 which contains 548'208 sequence entries.

Total number of hits 1'016 in 1'016 different sequences
Number of true positive hits 1'010 in 1'010 different sequences
Number of 'unknown' hits
Number of false positive hits 6 in 6 different sequences
Number of false negative sequences 15
Number of 'partial' sequences 1
Precision (true positives / (true positives + false positives)) 99.41 %
Recall (true positives / (true positives + false negatives)) 98.54 %

Comments [info]

Taxonomic range [info] Archaea, Eukaryotes, Prokaryotes (Bacteria)
Maximum number of repetitions [info] 1
Version [info] 1

Cross-references [info]

True positive sequences
1010 sequences

RR12B_POPTR (A4GYN8), RR12_ACOCL  (Q3V510), RR12_ACUOB  (Q1KVX0), 
RR12_ADICA  (Q85FG4), RR12_AETCO  (A4QJD9), RR12_AETGR  (A4QJM3), 
RR12_AGRST  (A1E9Y6), RR12_AMBTC  (Q70XU7), RR12_ANGEV  (A2T357), 
RR12_ANTFO  (Q85BW6), RR12_ARAHI  (A4QK42), RR12_ARATH  (P62126), 
RR12_ATRBE  (Q8RUK6), RR12_BARVE  (A4QKC9), RR12_BIGNA  (Q06J32), 
RR12_BUXMI  (A6MM15), RR12_CALFG  (Q7Y677), RR12_CAPBU  (A4QKL6), 
RR12_CHAGL  (Q8MA18), RR12_CHAVU  (Q1ACP3), RR12_CHLAT  (Q19V72), 
RR12_CHLRE  (P14149), RR12_CHLSC  (A6MMA1), RR12_CHLVU  (P56354), 
RR12_CITSI  (Q09MF3), RR12_COFAR  (A0A314), RR12_CRUWA  (A4QKV5), 
RR12_CUCSA  (Q4VZJ2), RR12_CUSEU  (P46296), RR12_CYACA  (Q9TLV6), 
RR12_CYAME  (Q85FT9), RR12_CYAPA  (P17294), RR12_DAUCA  (Q0G9T8), 
RR12_DIOEL  (A6MMI7), RR12_DRANE  (A4QL43), RR12_DRIGR  (Q06GX3), 
RR12_EIMTE  (Q7YN68), RR12_EMIHU  (Q4G344), RR12_EPIVI  (P30060), 
RR12_EUCGG  (Q49KX4), RR12_EUGGR  (P02368), RR12_EUGLO  (P46308), 
RR12_GOSBA  (A0ZZ59), RR12_GOSHI  (Q2L8Y5), RR12_GRATL  (Q6B8X8), 
RR12_GUITH  (P19461), RR12_HELAN  (Q1KXY0), RR12_HELSJ  (Q6RH26), 
RR12_HORVU  (P48856), RR12_HUPLU  (Q5SD27), RR12_ILLOL  (A6MMS3), 
RR12_JASNU  (Q06RA8), RR12_LACSA  (Q332V3), RR12_LEPVR  (A4QLD0), 
RR12_LIRTU  (Q0G9J5), RR12_LOBMA  (A4QLL8), RR12_LOTJA  (Q9B133), 
RR12_MAIZE  (P12340), RR12_MARPO  (P06368), RR12_MESVI  (Q9MUP2), 
RR12_MORIN  (Q09WZ3), RR12_NANDO  (Q09FT7), RR12_NASOF  (A4QLV7), 
RR12_NEPOL  (Q9TKZ7), RR12_NICPL  (P62127), RR12_NICSY  (Q3C1K5), 
RR12_NICTO  (Q33C08), RR12_NUPAD  (A1XFT4), RR12_NYMAL  (Q6EW28), 
RR12_ODOSI  (P49500), RR12_OENEH  (Q9MDK3), RR12_OLTVI  (Q20EW0), 
RR12_ORYNI  (Q6ENC0), RR12_ORYSA  (P0C460), RR12_ORYSI  (P0C461), 
RR12_ORYSJ  (P12149), RR12_OSTTA  (Q0P3M9), RR12_PANGI  (Q68S28), 
RR12_PHAAO  (Q3BAR5), RR12_PHATC  (A0T0K4), RR12_PHAVU  (A4GGC9), 
RR12_PHYPA  (Q6YXM6), RR12_PINKO  (Q85X49), RR12_PINTH  (P52762), 
RR12_PIPCE  (Q06GN6), RR12_PLAOC  (Q09G22), RR12_POPAL  (Q14FB1), 
RR12_PORPU  (P51289), RR12_PROWI  (Q9TJR0), RR12_PSEAK  (Q3ZJ47), 
RR12_PSINU  (Q8W8R9), RR12_PYRYE  (Q1XDJ9), RR12_RANMC  (A1XGL7), 
RR12_SACHY  (Q6L3C7), RR12_SACOF  (Q6ENU0), RR12_SOLBU  (Q2MIK8), 
RR12_SOLLC  (Q2MIC2), RR12_SOLNI  (Q9XQE1), RR12_SOLTU  (Q27S25), 
RR12_SORBI  (A1E9Q2), RR12_SOYBN  (P07134), RR12_SPIMX  (P42344), 
RR12_SPIOL  (P62128), RR12_STAPU  (Q32S12), RR12_STIHE  (Q06SG4), 
RR12_THAPS  (A0T0Z8), RR12_TOBAC  (P62129), RR12_TOXGO  (Q9TMN0), 
RR12_VITVI  (Q0ZIZ5), RR12_WHEAT  (P24066), RR12_ZYGCR  (Q32RQ9), 
RS12_ACAM1  (B0CCD3), RS12_ACHLI  (A9NEN1), RS12_ACIAC  (A1TJ02), 
RS12_ACIAD  (Q6FDS8), RS12_ACIB3  (B7GYN0), RS12_ACIB5  (B7I7R9), 
RS12_ACIBC  (B2HUQ2), RS12_ACIBS  (B0VTG5), RS12_ACIBT  (A3M304), 
RS12_ACIBY  (B0V8W3), RS12_ACIC1  (A0LRL5), RS12_ACIC5  (C1F647), 
RS12_ACICJ  (A5FZW9), RS12_ACIET  (B9MB68), RS12_ACIF2  (B7J462), 
RS12_ACIF5  (B5ELX4), RS12_ACISJ  (A1W2Q2), RS12_ACTP2  (A3N249), 
RS12_ACTP7  (B3H2G5), RS12_ACTPJ  (B0BQZ5), RS12_ACTPL  (O31194), 
RS12_AERHH  (A0KQ98), RS12_AERPE  (Q9YAU5), RS12_AERS4  (A4SHV6), 
RS12_AGRRK  (B9JDS4), RS12_AGRT5  (Q8UE13), RS12_AKKM8  (B2UMU4), 
RS12_ALCBS  (Q0VSM0), RS12_ALISL  (B6EPR5), RS12_ALKEH  (Q0ABI0), 
RS12_ALKMQ  (A6TWI7), RS12_ALKOO  (A8MLD5), RS12_ANAD2  (B8J856), 
RS12_ANADE  (Q2IJ91), RS12_ANADF  (A7HBL4), RS12_ANAMF  (B9KHV1), 
RS12_ANAMM  (Q5PBH4), RS12_ANAPZ  (Q2GJ58), RS12_ANASK  (B4UB95), 
RS12_ANAVT  (Q3MDM2), RS12_AQUAE  (O70089), RS12_ARCB4  (A8EW88), 
RS12_ARCFU  (O28387), RS12_AROAE  (Q5P337), RS12_ARTAT  (A1R8V2), 
RS12_ARTCA  (B8HD14), RS12_ARTPT  (P13576), RS12_ARTS2  (A0JZ91), 
RS12_AYWBP  (Q2NJ17), RS12_AZOC5  (A8IAT8), RS12_AZOPC  (B6YQ89), 
RS12_AZOSB  (A1KB32), RS12_AZOVD  (C1DKK7), RS12_BACA2  (A7Z0N2), 
RS12_BACAA  (C3P9Q0), RS12_BACAC  (C3LJ77), RS12_BACAH  (A0R8H5), 
RS12_BACAN  (Q81VT5), RS12_BACC0  (B7JKB4), RS12_BACC1  (Q73FA1), 
RS12_BACC2  (B7IT14), RS12_BACC3  (C1ET34), RS12_BACC4  (B7HJ43), 
RS12_BACC7  (B7HQT9), RS12_BACCN  (A7GK15), RS12_BACCQ  (B9IZI9), 
RS12_BACCR  (Q81J45), RS12_BACCZ  (Q63H95), RS12_BACFN  (Q5L8A5), 
RS12_BACFR  (Q64NK4), RS12_BACHD  (Q9Z9L9), RS12_BACHK  (Q6HPR3), 
RS12_BACLD  (Q65PB2), RS12_BACP2  (A8F979), RS12_BACSK  (Q5WLR7), 
RS12_BACSU  (P21472), RS12_BACTN  (Q8A472), RS12_BACV8  (A6KYJ9), 
RS12_BACWK  (A9VP72), RS12_BARBK  (A1USK9), RS12_BARHE  (Q8KNX8), 
RS12_BARQU  (Q6FZB7), RS12_BART1  (A9IW34), RS12_BAUCH  (Q1LSY7), 
RS12_BDEBA  (Q6MJ11), RS12_BEII9  (B2IK57), RS12_BEUC1  (C5C0J6), 
RS12_BIFA0  (B8DTV4), RS12_BIFAA  (A1A0S8), RS12_BIFLO  (P59162), 
RS12_BIFLS  (B7GU49), RS12_BLOFL  (Q7VRN7), RS12_BLOPB  (Q492A9), 
RS12_BORA1  (Q2L2H8), RS12_BORAP  (Q0SNC0), RS12_BORBR  (Q7WRC9), 
RS12_BORBU  (O51348), RS12_BORBZ  (B7J1V9), RS12_BORDL  (B5RLU7), 
RS12_BORGA  (Q661N1), RS12_BORHD  (B2S090), RS12_BORPA  (Q7W2G0), 
RS12_BORPD  (A9IJ10), RS12_BORPE  (Q7VTD7), RS12_BORRA  (B5RRJ5), 
RS12_BORT9  (A1QZH5), RS12_BRADU  (Q89J79), RS12_BRASB  (A5ELN2), 
RS12_BRASO  (A4YSI7), RS12_BREBN  (C0ZIH3), RS12_BRUA1  (B2S684), 
RS12_BRUA2  (Q2YLZ8), RS12_BRUAB  (Q57CQ3), RS12_BRUC2  (A9M5Q5), 
RS12_BRUMB  (C0RJK6), RS12_BRUME  (Q8GH23), RS12_BRUO2  (A5VR11), 
RS12_BRUSI  (B0CH37), RS12_BRUSU  (P63194), RS12_BUCA5  (B8D9V2), 
RS12_BUCAI  (P57595), RS12_BUCAP  (Q8K947), RS12_BUCAT  (B8D854), 
RS12_BUCBP  (Q89A65), RS12_BUCCC  (Q056Z9), RS12_BURA4  (B1YRC5), 
RS12_BURCA  (Q1BRU3), RS12_BURCC  (B1JU17), RS12_BURCH  (A0K3M0), 
RS12_BURCJ  (B4E5B5), RS12_BURCM  (Q0BJ51), RS12_BURL3  (Q39KH2), 
RS12_BURM1  (A9ADI8), RS12_BURM7  (A3MRU9), RS12_BURM9  (A2S7H1), 
RS12_BURMA  (Q62GK0), RS12_BURMS  (A1V8A8), RS12_BURP0  (A3P0B8), 
RS12_BURP1  (Q3JMQ7), RS12_BURP6  (A3NEI4), RS12_BURP8  (B2JIH1), 
RS12_BURPP  (B2T756), RS12_BURPS  (Q63Q06), RS12_BURTA  (Q2SU22), 
RS12_BURVG  (A4JAN5), RS12_BURXL  (Q13TG5), RS12_CALS4  (Q8R7U9), 
RS12_CAMC1  (A8Z6I5), RS12_CAMC5  (A7GZJ6), RS12_CAMFF  (A0RQI2), 
RS12_CAMHC  (A7I3T8), RS12_CAMJ8  (A8FKR5), RS12_CAMJD  (A7H4P7), 
RS12_CAMJE  (Q9PI18), RS12_CAMJJ  (A1VYJ6), RS12_CAMJR  (Q5HVX8), 
RS12_CAMLR  (B9KFG9), RS12_CARHZ  (Q3A9R0), RS12_CARRP  (Q05FI0), 
RS12_CARRU  (Q9AIG9), RS12_CAUCN  (B8H416), RS12_CAUCR  (Q9A3K2), 
RS12_CAUSK  (B0SUQ4), RS12_CENSY  (A0RUR2), RS12_CHESB  (Q11HP7), 
RS12_CHLAB  (Q5L6S7), RS12_CHLCH  (Q3APG8), RS12_CHLCV  (Q824G2), 
RS12_CHLFF  (Q253E9), RS12_CHLL2  (B3EH96), RS12_CHLMU  (P66371), 
RS12_CHLP8  (B3QR56), RS12_CHLPB  (B3EP66), RS12_CHLPD  (A1BJ39), 
RS12_CHLPN  (Q9Z800), RS12_CHLT3  (B3QY19), RS12_CHLTA  (Q3KLR1), 
RS12_CHLTE  (Q8KAG8), RS12_CHLTR  (P66370), RS12_CHRSD  (Q1R0I0), 
RS12_CHRVO  (Q7NQE8), RS12_CLAM3  (A5CUB9), RS12_CLAMS  (B0RB33), 
RS12_CLOAB  (Q97EH2), RS12_CLOB1  (A7FZ74), RS12_CLOB6  (C3KVQ6), 
RS12_CLOB8  (A6LPQ6), RS12_CLOBA  (B2UYA5), RS12_CLOBB  (B2TIH0), 
RS12_CLOBH  (A5I7L1), RS12_CLOBJ  (C1FMV6), RS12_CLOBK  (B1IGF9), 
RS12_CLOBL  (A7GJ79), RS12_CLOBM  (B1KSN0), RS12_CLOCE  (B8I5N5), 
RS12_CLOK5  (A5N4P2), RS12_CLONN  (A0PXU1), RS12_CLOP1  (Q0TMP1), 
RS12_CLOPE  (Q8XHR9), RS12_CLOPH  (A9KRZ1), RS12_CLOPS  (Q0SQD9), 
RS12_CLOTE  (Q890N6), RS12_CLOTH  (A3DIZ7), RS12_COLP3  (Q47UW1), 
RS12_CORA7  (C3PKN9), RS12_CORDI  (Q6NJD8), RS12_COREF  (P59163), 
RS12_CORGB  (A4QBG7), RS12_CORGL  (Q8NT21), RS12_CORJK  (Q4JT37), 
RS12_CORK4  (C4LL66), RS12_COXBN  (A9KD36), RS12_COXBR  (A9NAL9), 
RS12_COXBU  (Q83ES9), RS12_CUPNH  (Q0K609), RS12_CUPPJ  (Q46WD8), 
RS12_CUPTR  (B3R7T3), RS12_CYAA5  (B1WQY7), RS12_CYAP4  (B8HVS0), 
RS12_CYAP7  (B7K837), RS12_CYAP8  (B7JUP8), RS12_CYTH3  (Q11QA8), 
RS12_DECAR  (Q47JA8), RS12_DEHM1  (Q3Z985), RS12_DEHMB  (A5FS00), 
RS12_DEHMC  (Q3ZZM8), RS12_DEIGD  (Q1IX66), RS12_DEIRA  (Q9RXK7), 
RS12_DELAS  (A9BPR3), RS12_DESAA  (B8FET9), RS12_DESAD  (C6C181), 
RS12_DESAG  (Q30Z36), RS12_DESAH  (C0Q9X7), RS12_DESAP  (B1I1I3), 
RS12_DESDA  (B8J3F7), RS12_DESHD  (B8G1W1), RS12_DESHY  (Q250N7), 
RS12_DESMR  (C4XLW8), RS12_DESOH  (A8ZV53), RS12_DESPS  (Q6AP76), 
RS12_DESRM  (A4J106), RS12_DESVH  (Q72CI5), RS12_DESVM  (B8DN92), 
RS12_DESVV  (A1VEC1), RS12_DICNV  (A5EX68), RS12_DICT6  (B5YDT8), 
RS12_DICTD  (B8E1C8), RS12_DINSH  (A8LM43), RS12_ECO24  (A7ZSL7), 
RS12_ECO27  (B7UK52), RS12_ECO45  (B7MCV7), RS12_ECO55  (B7L4L7), 
RS12_ECO57  (P0A7S5), RS12_ECO5E  (B5YTP9), RS12_ECO7I  (B7NLP7), 
RS12_ECO81  (B7N1C3), RS12_ECO8A  (B7M1P3), RS12_ECOBW  (C4ZUJ7), 
RS12_ECOHS  (A8A5E9), RS12_ECOK1  (A1AGM9), RS12_ECOL5  (Q0TCB7), 
RS12_ECOL6  (P0A7S4), RS12_ECOLC  (B1IPV7), RS12_ECOLI  (P0A7S3), 
RS12_ECOLU  (B7NDV0), RS12_ECOSE  (B6I242), RS12_ECOSM  (B1LHE2), 
RS12_ECOUT  (Q1R5U1), RS12_EDWI9  (C5BGN0), RS12_EHRCJ  (Q3YSU5), 
RS12_EHRCR  (Q2GFN3), RS12_EHRRG  (Q5FFE9), RS12_EHRRW  (Q5HC14), 
RS12_EIKCO  (P35643), RS12_ELUMP  (B2KEM9), RS12_ENT38  (A4WFD5), 
RS12_ENTFA  (Q839H1), RS12_ERWAM  (P45809), RS12_ERWT9  (B2VK38), 
RS12_ERYLH  (Q2N9A5), RS12_ESCF3  (B7LS48), RS12_EXIS2  (B1YGU5), 
RS12_EXISA  (C4KZQ2), RS12_FERNB  (A7HM57), RS12_FINM2  (B0S0I2), 
RS12_FLAJ1  (A5FMY5), RS12_FLAPJ  (A6GZA3), RS12_FRAAA  (Q0RRS6), 
RS12_FRAP2  (B0U0Z3), RS12_FRASC  (Q2JFI1), RS12_FRASN  (A8LC61), 
RS12_FRAT1  (Q14JC4), RS12_FRATF  (A7N9S2), RS12_FRATH  (Q2A5H4), 
RS12_FRATM  (B2SDY9), RS12_FRATN  (A0Q4H9), RS12_FRATO  (Q0BNT1), 
RS12_FRATT  (Q5NHX2), RS12_FRATW  (A4IZT8), RS12_FUSNN  (Q8RIL9), 
RS12_GEMAT  (C1A6P1), RS12_GEOBB  (B5EFP5), RS12_GEODF  (B9M6V0), 
RS12_GEOKA  (Q5L402), RS12_GEOLS  (B3E7T0), RS12_GEOMG  (Q39Y11), 
RS12_GEOSE  (P09901), RS12_GEOSM  (C6E4R2), RS12_GEOSW  (C5D3R2), 
RS12_GEOTN  (A4IJI4), RS12_GEOUR  (A5GAY3), RS12_GLOVI  (Q7NEF4), 
RS12_GLUDA  (A9H3R9), RS12_GLUOX  (Q5FTX9), RS12_GRABC  (Q0BUQ4), 
RS12_GRAFK  (A0M5A2), RS12_HAEDU  (Q9Z6D2), RS12_HAEI8  (Q4QMT8), 
RS12_HAEIE  (A5U9Q8), RS12_HAEIG  (A5UHB9), RS12_HAEIN  (P63196), 
RS12_HAEPR  (Q5F1R7), RS12_HAEPS  (B8F7Z2), RS12_HAHCH  (Q2S907), 
RS12_HALHL  (A1WVC7), RS12_HALMA  (Q5UZR8), RS12_HALMO  (P15355), 
RS12_HALOH  (B8D0B9), RS12_HALS3  (B0R8D1), RS12_HALSA  (P0CX00), 
RS12_HALWD  (Q18EX9), RS12_HAMD5  (C4K4G1), RS12_HELAH  (Q17VN7), 
RS12_HELHP  (Q7VJ83), RS12_HELMI  (B0TC51), RS12_HELP2  (B6JN36), 
RS12_HELPG  (B5Z8J2), RS12_HELPH  (Q1CS69), RS12_HELPJ  (P0A0X5), 
RS12_HELPS  (B2UUV8), RS12_HELPY  (P0A0X4), RS12_HERAR  (A4G9U3), 
RS12_HISS1  (Q0I535), RS12_HISS2  (B0UWC6), RS12_HYDS0  (B4U739), 
RS12_HYPBU  (A2BN38), RS12_HYPNA  (Q0BYA9), RS12_IDILO  (Q5QWB6), 
RS12_IGNH4  (A8A929), RS12_JANMA  (A6T3K9), RS12_JANSC  (Q28UX0), 
RS12_KINRD  (A6W5T2), RS12_KLEP3  (B5XN85), RS12_KLEP7  (A6TEY0), 
RS12_KOCRD  (B2GIK9), RS12_KORVE  (Q1ISC7), RS12_KOSOT  (C5CGR9), 
RS12_LACAC  (Q5FM94), RS12_LACBA  (Q03PV2), RS12_LACC3  (Q034X6), 
RS12_LACCB  (B3WAM4), RS12_LACDA  (Q1GBM2), RS12_LACDB  (Q04C19), 
RS12_LACF3  (B2GDX3), RS12_LACGA  (Q046C9), RS12_LACH4  (A8YXK1), 
RS12_LACJO  (Q74L92), RS12_LACLA  (Q9CDF9), RS12_LACLM  (A2RP74), 
RS12_LACLS  (Q02VK8), RS12_LACPL  (Q88XZ0), RS12_LACRD  (A5VLL0), 
RS12_LACRJ  (B2G8Y2), RS12_LACS1  (Q1WVA2), RS12_LACSS  (Q38UQ7), 
RS12_LARHH  (C1DAR2), RS12_LAWIP  (Q1MPT1), RS12_LEGPA  (Q5X864), 
RS12_LEGPC  (A5IHR9), RS12_LEGPH  (Q5ZYP8), RS12_LEGPL  (Q5WZL7), 
RS12_LEIXX  (Q6ACY7), RS12_LEPBA  (B0SAF9), RS12_LEPBI  (P63198), 
RS12_LEPBJ  (Q04QJ1), RS12_LEPBL  (Q054E0), RS12_LEPBP  (B0SSI2), 
RS12_LEPCP  (B1Y7G7), RS12_LEPIC  (Q72UA6), RS12_LEPIN  (P59164), 
RS12_LEUCK  (B1MW23), RS12_LEUMM  (Q03ZQ4), RS12_LISIN  (P66373), 
RS12_LISMC  (C1KZK9), RS12_LISMF  (Q71WB6), RS12_LISMH  (B8DAY4), 
RS12_LISMO  (P66372), RS12_LISW6  (A0ALZ1), RS12_LYSSC  (B1HMZ3), 
RS12_MACCJ  (B9E8Q3), RS12_MAGSA  (Q2W2I6), RS12_MAGSM  (A0L5W8), 
RS12_MANSM  (Q65W91), RS12_MARHV  (A1TYJ2), RS12_MARMM  (Q0ANP5), 
RS12_MARMS  (A6W397), RS12_MESFL  (Q6F0J2), RS12_META3  (A6UV46), 
RS12_METAC  (Q8TRC1), RS12_METB6  (A7I4X6), RS12_METBF  (Q464Z1), 
RS12_METBU  (Q12WT0), RS12_METC4  (B7L0Q6), RS12_METCA  (Q605A7), 
RS12_METEP  (A9W4P6), RS12_METFK  (Q1H4P2), RS12_METHJ  (Q2FS69), 
RS12_METI4  (B3E073), RS12_METJA  (P54062), RS12_METKA  (Q8TXJ2), 
RS12_METLZ  (A2STX1), RS12_METM5  (A4FWF2), RS12_METM7  (A6VGV3), 
RS12_METMA  (Q8PUR5), RS12_METMJ  (A3CXN0), RS12_METMP  (Q6LXI4), 
RS12_METNO  (B8IS80), RS12_METPB  (B1ZLJ9), RS12_METPP  (A2SLG2), 
RS12_METRJ  (B1LWS1), RS12_METS3  (A5ULM8), RS12_METS4  (B0UHX4), 
RS12_METSB  (B8ELG8), RS12_METST  (Q2NEK8), RS12_METTH  (O27129), 
RS12_METTP  (A0B562), RS12_METVS  (P14040), RS12_MICAN  (B0JSE3), 
RS12_MICLC  (C5CC69), RS12_MOOTA  (Q2RFP2), RS12_MYCA1  (A0QL38), 
RS12_MYCA5  (B3PMF1), RS12_MYCA9  (B1MGI0), RS12_MYCAP  (A5IZ35), 
RS12_MYCAV  (P51999), RS12_MYCBO  (Q53538), RS12_MYCBP  (A1KGG2), 
RS12_MYCBT  (C1AL15), RS12_MYCCT  (Q2SSX1), RS12_MYCGA  (Q7NAV1), 
RS12_MYCGE  (P47333), RS12_MYCGO  (P52000), RS12_MYCH2  (Q601W6), 
RS12_MYCH7  (Q4A8T5), RS12_MYCHJ  (Q4AAQ4), RS12_MYCIT  (P33565), 
RS12_MYCLB  (B8ZSC4), RS12_MYCLE  (P30766), RS12_MYCMM  (B2HSL0), 
RS12_MYCMO  (Q6KHS3), RS12_MYCMS  (Q8VMU2), RS12_MYCPA  (Q73SD4), 
RS12_MYCPE  (Q8EX21), RS12_MYCPN  (P75546), RS12_MYCPU  (Q98QD6), 
RS12_MYCS2  (A0QS96), RS12_MYCS5  (Q4A701), RS12_MYCSJ  (A3PV93), 
RS12_MYCSK  (A1UBK8), RS12_MYCSM  (P0C563), RS12_MYCSS  (Q1BDD6), 
RS12_MYCSZ  (P52001), RS12_MYCTA  (A5U068), RS12_MYCTO  (P9WH62), 
RS12_MYCTU  (P9WH63), RS12_MYCUA  (A0PM39), RS12_MYCVP  (A1T4L3), 
RS12_MYXXA  (Q8KRD1), RS12_MYXXD  (Q1D779), RS12_NATPD  (Q3IUM8), 
RS12_NATTJ  (B2A4D4), RS12_NAUPA  (B9L7J8), RS12_NEIG1  (Q5F5S1), 
RS12_NEIM0  (A9M3X2), RS12_NEIMA  (P66374), RS12_NEIMB  (P66375), 
RS12_NEIMF  (A1KRG8), RS12_NEOSM  (Q2GD80), RS12_NITEC  (Q0AIK0), 
RS12_NITEU  (Q82T68), RS12_NITHX  (Q1QN35), RS12_NITMU  (Q2YB02), 
RS12_NITOC  (Q3J8Q9), RS12_NITSB  (A6Q1M5), RS12_NITWN  (Q3SSX1), 
RS12_NOCFA  (Q5YPG1), RS12_NOCSJ  (A1SNN8), RS12_NOSP7  (B2J5A8), 
RS12_NOSS1  (Q8YP60), RS12_NOVAD  (Q2G8Y5), RS12_OCEIH  (P59165), 
RS12_OCHA4  (A6X0B3), RS12_OENOB  (Q04ED4), RS12_OLICO  (B6JES8), 
RS12_ONYPE  (Q6YQW1), RS12_OPITP  (B1ZNF2), RS12_ORITB  (A5CF21), 
RS12_ORITI  (B3CTE5), RS12_PARD8  (A6LEJ5), RS12_PARDP  (A1B021), 
RS12_PARL1  (A7HWQ6), RS12_PARUW  (Q6MER6), RS12_PASHA  (P63195), 
RS12_PASMU  (Q9CL86), RS12_PECAS  (Q6CZW3), RS12_PECCP  (C6DG82), 
RS12_PEDPA  (Q03EB2), RS12_PELCD  (Q3A6Q2), RS12_PELLD  (Q3B6G6), 
RS12_PELPB  (B4SBU2), RS12_PELPD  (A1ALT6), RS12_PELTS  (A5D5I5), 
RS12_PELUB  (Q4FLL4), RS12_PEPD6  (Q18CF2), RS12_PERMH  (C0QQL8), 
RS12_PETMO  (A9BHB0), RS12_PHEZH  (B4R8L1), RS12_PHOLL  (Q7N9B4), 
RS12_PHOPR  (Q6LVC3), RS12_PHYAS  (B1VAM4), RS12_PHYMT  (B3QZH2), 
RS12_POLNA  (A1VIP5), RS12_POLNS  (B1XSP6), RS12_POLSJ  (Q12GX6), 
RS12_POLSQ  (A4SUV6), RS12_PORG3  (B2RLZ6), RS12_PORGI  (Q7MTK9), 
RS12_PROA2  (B4S5N2), RS12_PROAC  (Q6A6L2), RS12_PROM0  (A3PF00), 
RS12_PROM1  (A2C4U8), RS12_PROM2  (A8G711), RS12_PROM3  (A2CC84), 
RS12_PROM4  (A9BCK3), RS12_PROM5  (A2BYN7), RS12_PROM9  (Q318N2), 
RS12_PROMA  (Q7VA02), RS12_PROMH  (B4EYV9), RS12_PROMM  (Q7V503), 
RS12_PROMP  (Q7UZY4), RS12_PROMS  (A2BT86), RS12_PROMT  (Q46IW1), 
RS12_PROVI  (A4SCQ4), RS12_PSE14  (Q48D31), RS12_PSEA6  (Q15YA9), 
RS12_PSEA7  (A6UZI3), RS12_PSEA8  (B7V639), RS12_PSEAB  (Q02T85), 
RS12_PSEAE  (Q9HWD0), RS12_PSEE4  (Q1IFX1), RS12_PSEF5  (Q4K528), 
RS12_PSEFS  (C3K2Y1), RS12_PSEHT  (Q3ILP7), RS12_PSEMY  (A4XZ95), 
RS12_PSEP1  (A5VXP2), RS12_PSEPF  (Q3K5Y3), RS12_PSEPG  (B0KK62), 
RS12_PSEPK  (Q88QP0), RS12_PSEPW  (B1JDW9), RS12_PSESM  (Q889X6), 
RS12_PSEU2  (Q4ZMN9), RS12_PSEU5  (A4VHM5), RS12_PSYA2  (Q4FQG3), 
RS12_PSYCK  (Q1Q8N9), RS12_PSYIN  (A1T059), RS12_PSYWF  (A5WGL2), 
RS12_RALME  (Q1LI27), RS12_RALPJ  (B2UEM4), RS12_RALSO  (Q8XV08), 
RS12_RENSM  (A9WSW8), RS12_RHIE6  (B3PW62), RS12_RHIEC  (Q2K9M1), 
RS12_RHIL3  (Q1MIE6), RS12_RHILO  (Q98N61), RS12_RHILW  (B5ZYT0), 
RS12_RHIME  (Q92QH4), RS12_RHISN  (C3MAX5), RS12_RHOBA  (Q7UN32), 
RS12_RHOCS  (B6IRQ1), RS12_RHOE4  (C0ZVT4), RS12_RHOFT  (Q21RV3), 
RS12_RHOJR  (Q0SFF1), RS12_RHOOB  (C1AYS6), RS12_RHOP2  (Q2IXR5), 
RS12_RHOP5  (Q07KL3), RS12_RHOPA  (Q6N4T2), RS12_RHOPB  (Q211E3), 
RS12_RHOPS  (Q134S4), RS12_RHOPT  (B3QBY5), RS12_RHORT  (Q2RQV5), 
RS12_RHOS1  (A3PGJ2), RS12_RHOS4  (Q3J5S7), RS12_RHOS5  (A4WVL3), 
RS12_RICAE  (C3PMG8), RS12_RICAH  (A8GM98), RS12_RICB8  (A8GV15), 
RS12_RICBR  (Q1RHC1), RS12_RICCK  (A8EXJ9), RS12_RICCN  (Q92J95), 
RS12_RICFE  (Q4UKC5), RS12_RICPR  (P41082), RS12_RICPU  (C4K1P8), 
RS12_RICRS  (A8GQV5), RS12_RICTY  (Q68XN7), RS12_ROSCS  (A7NR68), 
RS12_ROSDO  (Q160Y1), RS12_ROSS1  (A5USJ4), RS12_RUBXD  (Q1AU24), 
RS12_RUEPO  (Q5LMR2), RS12_RUEST  (Q1GK44), RS12_RUTMC  (A1AVJ5), 
RS12_SACD2  (Q21M91), RS12_SACEN  (A4FPN0), RS12_SALA4  (B5F8G0), 
RS12_SALAI  (A8M534), RS12_SALCH  (Q57J24), RS12_SALDC  (B5FJM2), 
RS12_SALEP  (B5R299), RS12_SALG2  (B5RH07), RS12_SALHS  (B4TKM3), 
RS12_SALNS  (B4SUU8), RS12_SALPA  (Q5PIW1), RS12_SALPC  (C0Q0C4), 
RS12_SALPK  (B5BGZ4), RS12_SALRD  (Q2S3R9), RS12_SALSV  (B4TXF0), 
RS12_SALTI  (P0A7S7), RS12_SALTO  (A4XBQ1), RS12_SALTY  (P0A7S6), 
RS12_SERP5  (A8GKK4), RS12_SHEAM  (A1S213), RS12_SHEB2  (B8EBL0), 
RS12_SHEB8  (A6WHS3), RS12_SHEB9  (A9KW97), RS12_SHEDO  (Q12SW4), 
RS12_SHEFN  (Q089Q9), RS12_SHEHH  (B0TM17), RS12_SHELP  (A3Q977), 
RS12_SHEON  (P59166), RS12_SHEPA  (A8GYX1), RS12_SHEPC  (A4YBY8), 
RS12_SHEPW  (B8CNC7), RS12_SHESA  (A0KRL9), RS12_SHESH  (A8G1F3), 
RS12_SHESM  (Q0HNU2), RS12_SHESR  (Q0I0B0), RS12_SHESW  (A1REA9), 
RS12_SHEWM  (B1KMY8), RS12_SHIB3  (B2U2U9), RS12_SHIBS  (Q31VU7), 
RS12_SHIDS  (Q32B24), RS12_SHIF8  (Q0SZX5), RS12_SHIFL  (P0A7S8), 
RS12_SHISS  (Q3YWT0), RS12_SINMW  (A6U854), RS12_SODGM  (Q2NQL4), 
RS12_SOLUE  (Q01W87), RS12_SORC5  (A9ETB7), RS12_SPHAL  (Q1GP94), 
RS12_SPHWW  (A5V607), RS12_STAA1  (A7WYX1), RS12_STAA2  (A6TZ22), 
RS12_STAA3  (Q2FJ95), RS12_STAA8  (P0A0H0), RS12_STAA9  (A5IQ99), 
RS12_STAAB  (Q2YSB6), RS12_STAAC  (Q5HID0), RS12_STAAE  (A6QEJ7), 
RS12_STAAM  (P0A0G7), RS12_STAAN  (P0A0G8), RS12_STAAR  (Q6GJC3), 
RS12_STAAS  (Q6GBU2), RS12_STAAT  (A8YZP3), RS12_STAAW  (P0A0G9), 
RS12_STACT  (B9DKV5), RS12_STAEQ  (Q5HRK7), RS12_STAES  (Q8CTS8), 
RS12_STAHJ  (Q4L3K6), RS12_STAMF  (A3DMP8), RS12_STAS1  (Q49V55), 
RS12_STRA1  (Q3JZB3), RS12_STRA3  (Q8E3E5), RS12_STRA5  (Q8DXS5), 
RS12_STRAW  (P0A4A4), RS12_STRCO  (P0A4A3), RS12_STRE4  (C0M934), 
RS12_STREM  (B4U0V7), RS12_STRFL  (P0A4A6), RS12_STRGC  (Q9F0R4), 
RS12_STRGG  (B1W419), RS12_STRLI  (P0A4A5), RS12_STRM5  (B4SKV8), 
RS12_STRMK  (B2FQ40), RS12_STRMU  (P59167), RS12_STRP1  (P66376), 
RS12_STRP2  (Q04MH9), RS12_STRP3  (P0DE66), RS12_STRP4  (B5E6U3), 
RS12_STRP6  (Q5XDW6), RS12_STRP7  (C1CB44), RS12_STRP8  (P66378), 
RS12_STRPB  (Q1JDK8), RS12_STRPC  (Q1JNH9), RS12_STRPD  (Q1JIM8), 
RS12_STRPF  (Q1J8I6), RS12_STRPG  (A2RCI0), RS12_STRPI  (B1I8Z7), 
RS12_STRPJ  (B8ZKT8), RS12_STRPM  (Q48VB8), RS12_STRPN  (P0A4A7), 
RS12_STRPQ  (P0DE67), RS12_STRPS  (B2ISJ7), RS12_STRR6  (P0A4A8), 
RS12_STRS2  (A4VYX4), RS12_STRS7  (C0MF27), RS12_STRSV  (A3CQM4), 
RS12_STRSY  (A4VSN1), RS12_STRT1  (Q5LY19), RS12_STRT2  (Q5M2M4), 
RS12_STRTD  (Q03IR9), RS12_STRU0  (B9DVS4), RS12_STRZJ  (C1CC60), 
RS12_STRZP  (C1CIF1), RS12_STRZT  (C1CPE3), RS12_SULAC  (P11524), 
RS12_SULDN  (Q30TP5), RS12_SULMW  (A8Z664), RS12_SULNB  (A6Q6I4), 
RS12_SULSO  (P39573), RS12_SULSY  (B2V7L8), RS12_SULTO  (Q976A8), 
RS12_SYMTH  (Q67JT8), RS12_SYNAS  (Q2LQ85), RS12_SYNE7  (P63200), 
RS12_SYNFM  (A0LII6), RS12_SYNJA  (Q2JUX7), RS12_SYNJB  (Q2JMY0), 
RS12_SYNP2  (B1XI66), RS12_SYNP6  (P63199), RS12_SYNPW  (A5GIP3), 
RS12_SYNPX  (Q7U4D4), RS12_SYNR3  (A5GW11), RS12_SYNS3  (Q0ID56), 
RS12_SYNS9  (Q3AW56), RS12_SYNSC  (Q3AMT3), RS12_SYNWW  (Q0AUH5), 
RS12_SYNY3  (P74230), RS12_TERTT  (C5BQ41), RS12_TETTH  (P06147), 
RS12_THEAB  (B7IHU1), RS12_THEAC  (Q9HLY2), RS12_THECE  (P29161), 
RS12_THEEB  (P59168), RS12_THEFY  (Q47LI8), RS12_THEKO  (Q5JE20), 
RS12_THELT  (A8F4Q6), RS12_THEM4  (A6LLK8), RS12_THEMA  (Q9X1J3), 
RS12_THEP1  (A5IM78), RS12_THEP3  (B0KCJ5), RS12_THEPD  (A1RWW1), 
RS12_THERP  (B9KZZ2), RS12_THESQ  (B1LBP5), RS12_THET2  (P61941), 
RS12_THET8  (Q5SHN3), RS12_THETH  (P17293), RS12_THEVO  (Q97CD8), 
RS12_THEYD  (B5YG52), RS12_THICR  (Q31IY7), RS12_THICU  (O50563), 
RS12_THIDA  (Q3SLQ4), RS12_THISH  (B8GV63), RS12_TOLAT  (C4LBU6), 
RS12_TREDE  (Q73NV5), RS12_TREPA  (O83271), RS12_TREPR  (Q8KTP6), 
RS12_TREPS  (B2S2J0), RS12_TRIEI  (Q118Z5), RS12_TROW8  (Q83HC7), 
RS12_TROWT  (Q83FN9), RS12_UNCMA  (Q0W8G5), RS12_UNCTG  (B1GZ77), 
RS12_UREP2  (B1AJG6), RS12_UREPA  (Q9PPW5), RS12_UREU1  (B5ZC34), 
RS12_VARPS  (C5CP60), RS12_VEREI  (A1WHC0), RS12_VESOH  (A5CXN5), 
RS12_VIBC3  (A5F3L3), RS12_VIBCB  (A7MZ64), RS12_VIBCH  (Q9KUZ9), 
RS12_VIBCM  (C3LR91), RS12_VIBF1  (Q5E8C1), RS12_VIBFM  (B5FG04), 
RS12_VIBPA  (Q87L43), RS12_VIBTL  (B7VLG2), RS12_VIBVU  (Q8DCR0), 
RS12_VIBVY  (Q7MH40), RS12_WIGBR  (Q8D3H4), RS12_WOLPM  (Q73IX9), 
RS12_WOLPP  (B3CLA5), RS12_WOLSU  (Q7MA55), RS12_WOLTR  (Q5GST9), 
RS12_WOLWR  (C0R541), RS12_XANAC  (Q8PNS8), RS12_XANC5  (Q3BWY9), 
RS12_XANC8  (Q4URD4), RS12_XANCP  (Q8PC54), RS12_XANOM  (Q2NZY0), 
RS12_XANOP  (B2SQQ3), RS12_XANOR  (Q5GWS8), RS12_XANP2  (A7IFX6), 
RS12_XYLFA  (P66379), RS12_XYLFM  (B0U5X5), RS12_XYLFT  (P66380), 
RS12_YERE8  (A1JS57), RS12_YERP3  (A7FNP1), RS12_YERPA  (Q1C2T8), 
RS12_YERPB  (B2K5N7), RS12_YERPE  (Q8ZJB5), RS12_YERPG  (A9R464), 
RS12_YERPN  (Q1CCT6), RS12_YERPP  (A4TGY4), RS12_YERPS  (Q664R4), 
RS12_YERPY  (B1JIV3), RS231_ARATH (Q9SF35), RS232_ARATH (P49201), 
RS23A_NAUCC (P0CY39), RS23A_YEAST (P0CX29), RS23B_NAUCC (P0CY40), 
RS23B_YEAST (P0CX30), RS23_ASPFU  (Q873W8), RS23_BOVIN  (Q3T199), 
RS23_BRUMA  (P90707), RS23_CAEEL  (Q19877), RS23_CANGA  (Q6FLA8), 
RS23_CHILA  (P62298), RS23_CIOIN  (Q8I7D5), RS23_DERVA  (Q86FP7), 
RS23_DICDI  (Q55A19), RS23_DROME  (Q8T3U2), RS23_ENCCU  (Q8SR65), 
RS23_EUPES  (Q9M5Z9), RS23_FRAAN  (P46297), RS23_GILMI  (Q9DFR4), 
RS23_HUMAN  (P62266), RS23_ICTPU  (Q90YQ1), RS23_LUMRU  (Q9GRJ3), 
RS23_MOUSE  (P62267), RS23_NEUCR  (Q9HE74), RS23_PAPDA  (Q6EV23), 
RS23_PIG    (Q6SA96), RS23_RAT    (P62268), RS23_SACU7  (Q6YIA3), 
RS23_SCHPO  (P79057), RS23_SPOFR  (Q962Q7), RT12_ACACA  (P46759), 
RT12_ALLCE  (Q96008), RT12_ARATH  (P92532), RT12_BIGNA  (P48943), 
RT12_BOVIN  (Q29RU1), RT12_BRANA  (P48857), RT12_CHOCR  (P48858), 
RT12_DICCI  (P0C5Y0), RT12_DICDI  (Q23886), RT12_DROME  (P10735), 
RT12_HELAN  (Q96033), RT12_HUMAN  (O15235), RT12_MAGGA  (P60096), 
RT12_MAGSO  (P60097), RT12_MAIZE  (P60099), RT12_MARPO  (P26871), 
RT12_MOUSE  (O35680), RT12_NICSY  (Q95869), RT12_ORYSJ  (P28520), 
RT12_PANGI  (P27070), RT12_PARTE  (P15755), RT12_PETHY  (P68535), 
RT12_PETPA  (P68536), RT12_PINSY  (Q36665), RT12_PONAB  (Q5RB32), 
RT12_PROWI  (P46744), RT12_RAPSA  (P50892), RT12_SCHPO  (O14182), 
RT12_WHEAT  (P60098), RT12_YEAST  (P53732)
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False negative sequences
15 sequences

RR12_PELHO  (Q06FR2), RS12_AMOA5  (B3EUF5), RS12_MICLU  (P09899), 
RS12_NANEQ  (Q74MH8), RS12_PICTO  (Q6L0R4), RS12_PYRAB  (P61994), 
RS12_PYRAE  (Q8ZYQ4), RS12_PYRAR  (A4WNA3), RS12_PYRCJ  (A3MXZ4), 
RS12_PYRFU  (P61995), RS12_PYRHO  (O59229), RS12_PYRIL  (A1RSE4), 
RT12_LEITA  (Q34940), RT12_OENEH  (Q01607), RT12_TRYBO  (Q33569)
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'Partial' sequences
1 sequence

RR12_PINCO  (P49168)

False positive sequences
6 sequences

ATG9_SCHPO  (O74312), BAMD_HELPY  (O25930), ERF16_ARATH (Q9C591), 
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92 PDB

1FJG; 1HNW; 1HNX; 1HNZ; 1HR0; 1I94; 1I95; 1I96; 1I97; 1IBK; 1IBL; 1IBM; 1J5E; 1JGO; 1JGP; 1JGQ; 1MJ1; 1ML5; 1MVR; 1N32; 1N33; 1N34; 1N36; 1PN7; 1PN8; 1QZC; 1XMO; 1XMQ; 1XNR; 1ZN1; 2E5L; 2F4V; 2HHH; 2OM7; 2R1G; 2UU9; 2UUA; 2UUB; 2UUC; 2UXB; 2UXC; 2UXD; 2VQE; 2VQF; 2YKR; 2ZM6; 3DEG; 3EP2; 3EQ3; 3EQ4; 3J0D; 3J0E; 3J6V; 3OTO; 3T1H; 3T1Y; 4A2I; 4ADV; 4AQY; 4B3M; 4B3R; 4B3S; 4B3T; 4CXG; 4CXH; 4DUY; 4DUZ; 4DV0; 4DV1; 4DV2; 4DV3; 4DV4; 4DV5; 4DV6; 4DV7; 4GKJ; 4GKK; 4JI0; 4JI1; 4JI2; 4JI3; 4JI4; 4JI5; 4JI6; 4JI7; 4JI8; 4JV5; 4JYA; 4K0K; 4KHP; 4KVB; 4OX9
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