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Entry: PS00141

General information about the entry

Entry name [info] ASP_PROTEASE
Accession [info] PS00141
Entry type [info] PATTERN
Date [info] 01-APR-1990 CREATED; 01-DEC-2004 DATA UPDATE; 22-NOV-2017 INFO UPDATE.
PROSITE Doc. [info] PDOC00128
Associated ProRule [info] PRU10094

Name and characterization of the entry

Description [info] Eukaryotic and viral aspartyl proteases active site.
Pattern [info]

Numerical results [info]

Numerical results for UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot release 2017_11 which contains 556'196 sequence entries.

Total number of hits 665 in 503 different sequences
Number of true positive hits 555 in 393 different sequences
Number of 'unknown' hits 0
Number of false positive hits 110 in 110 different sequences
Number of false negative sequences 26
Number of 'partial' sequences 45
Precision (true positives / (true positives + false positives)) 83.46 %
Recall (true positives / (true positives + false negatives)) 95.52 %

Comments [info]

Taxonomic range [info] Eukaryotes, Eukaryotic viruses
Maximum number of repetitions [info] 2
Site [info] active_site at position 4
Version [info] 1

Cross-references [info]

True positive sequences
393 sequences

AED1_ARATH  (Q9LEW3    ), APA1_ARATH  (O65390    ), APA2_ARATH  (Q8VYL3    ), 
APA3_ARATH  (Q9XEC4    ), APCB1_ARATH (Q9M9A8    ), APF1_ARATH  (Q8VYV9    ), 
APF2_ARATH  (Q9LNJ3    ), APRV1_HUMAN (Q53RT3    ), APRV1_MOUSE (Q09PK2    ), 
ASP1_ORYSI  (A2ZC67    ), ASP1_ORYSJ  (Q0IU52    ), ASP3_CAEEL  (P55956    ), 
ASP63_ARATH (Q940R4    ), ASP6_CAEEL  (O01530    ), ASPA_ARATH  (Q8S9J6    ), 
ASPG1_ARATH (Q9LS40    ), ASPG2_ARATH (Q9LHE3    ), ASPL1_ARATH (Q9LX20    ), 
ASPP_AEDAE  (Q03168    ), ASPR1_ARATH (Q3EBM5    ), ASPR1_ORYSJ (Q42456    ), 
ASPR1_PHARH (O60020    ), ASPRX_ORYSJ (P42211    ), ASPR_CUCPE  (O04057    ), 
ASPR_HORVU  (P42210    ), AXP1_YARLI  (Q92389    ), BACE1_BOVIN (Q2HJ40    ), 
BACE1_CAVPO (Q1KLR6    ), BACE1_HUMAN (P56817    ), BACE1_MOUSE (P56818    ), 
BACE1_RAT   (P56819    ), BACE2_HUMAN (Q9Y5Z0    ), BACE2_MOUSE (Q9JL18    ), 
BACE2_RAT   (Q6IE75    ), BACE_STRPU  (W8W138    ), BAR1_YEAST  (P12630    ), 
CAR10_CANAL (Q5A651    ), CARDA_CYNCA (Q9XFX3    ), CARDB_CYNCA (Q9XFX4    ), 
CARDF_CYNCA (P85137    ), CARDG_CYNCA (P85138    ), CARDH_CYNCA (P85139    ), 
CARP1_CANAL (P0CY27    ), CARP1_CANAW (C4YSF6    ), CARP1_CANAX (P0CY26    ), 
CARP1_CANPA (P32951    ), CARP1_RHINI (P10602    ), CARP2_CANAL (P0DJ06    ), 
CARP2_CANAW (C4YMJ3    ), CARP2_CANAX (P0CS83    ), CARP2_CANPA (P32950    ), 
CARP2_RHINI (P43231    ), CARP3_CANAL (P0CY29    ), CARP3_CANAW (C4YNQ5    ), 
CARP3_CANAX (P0CY28    ), CARP3_RHINI (Q03699    ), CARP4_CANAL (Q5A8N2    ), 
CARP4_CANAW (P43093    ), CARP4_RHINI (Q03700    ), CARP5_CANAL (P43094    ), 
CARP5_RHINI (P43232    ), CARP6_CANAL (Q5AC08    ), CARP6_CANAX (P43095    ), 
CARP7_CANAL (Q59VH7    ), CARP7_CANAX (P43096    ), CARP8_CANAL (Q5AEM6    ), 
CARP8_CANAX (O42778    ), CARP9_CANAL (Q59SU1    ), CARP9_CANAX (O42779    ), 
CARPV_CANAX (P10977    ), CARP_ARTBC  (D4B385    ), CARP_ARTOC  (C5FS55    ), 
CARP_ASPFU  (O42630    ), CARP_CANTR  (Q00663    ), CARP_CRYPA  (P11838    ), 
CARP_IRPLA  (P17576    ), CARP_NEUCR  (Q01294    ), CARP_PODAS  (O13340    ), 
CARP_RHICH  (P06026    ), CARP_RHIMI  (P00799    ), CARP_RHIPU  (P09177    ), 
CARP_SACFI  (P22929    ), CARP_SYNRA  (P81214    ), CARP_TRIVH  (D4DEN7    ), 
CARP_YEAST  (P07267    ), CATD_BOVIN  (P80209    ), CATD_CANLF  (Q4LAL9    ), 
CATD_CHICK  (Q05744    ), CATD_CHIHA  (O93428    ), CATD_CLUHA  (Q9DEX3    ), 
CATD_DICDI  (O76856    ), CATD_HUMAN  (P07339    ), CATD_MOUSE  (P18242    ), 
CATD_PIG    (P00795    ), CATD_RAT    (P24268    ), CATD_SHEEP  (Q9MZS8    ), 
CATEA_XENLA (Q805F3    ), CATEB_XENLA (Q805F2    ), CATE_CAVPO  (P25796    ), 
CATE_HUMAN  (P14091    ), CATE_LITCT  (Q800A0    ), CATE_MOUSE  (P70269    ), 
CATE_RABIT  (P43159    ), CATE_RAT    (P16228    ), CDR1_ARATH  (Q6XBF8    ), 
CHYM_BOVIN  (P00794    ), CHYM_CALJA  (Q9N2D2    ), CHYM_CAMDR  (Q9GK11    ), 
CHYM_SHEEP  (P18276    ), CTSD_ARTBC  (D4AZK1    ), CTSD_ARTOC  (C5FEK4    ), 
CTSD_TRIVH  (D4D8U6    ), CYPR1_CYNCA (P40782    ), GAG_AVIMA   (P26315    ), 
GAG_IPMA    (P11365    ), GAG_RSVP    (P03322    ), GAG_RSVSA   (P0C776    ), 
GAG_RSVSB   (O92954    ), MKC7_YEAST  (P53379    ), NANA_ARATH  (Q9LTW4    ), 
NAPSA_HUMAN (O96009    ), NAPSA_MOUSE (O09043    ), NEP1_NEPGR  (Q766C3    ), 
NEP2_NEPGR  (Q766C2    ), OPSB_ASPFU  (Q4WDN4    ), OPSB_ASPOR  (Q8NKB6    ), 
PAG1_BOVIN  (Q29432    ), PAG1_PIG    (Q29078    ), PAG1_SHEEP  (Q28755    ), 
PAG2_BOVIN  (Q28057    ), PAG2_PIG    (Q29079    ), PAG4_SHEEP  (P83495    ), 
PAG6_SHEEP  (P83493    ), PAG_HORSE   (Q28389    ), PCS1L_ARATH (Q9LZL3    ), 
PEP2B_GADMO (P56272    ), PEPA1_MACFU (P03954    ), PEPA1_PENJA (P00798    ), 
PEPA1_RABIT (P28712    ), PEPA2_MACFU (P27677    ), PEPA2_PENJA (P78735    ), 
PEPA2_RABIT (P27821    ), PEPA3_HUMAN (P0DJD8    ), PEPA3_PENJA (Q9HEZ3    ), 
PEPA3_RABIT (P27822    ), PEPA4_HUMAN (P0DJD7    ), PEPA4_MACFU (P27678    ), 
PEPA4_RABIT (P28713    ), PEPA5_HUMAN (P0DJD9    ), PEPA5_MOUSE (Q9D106    ), 
PEPAF_RABIT (P27823    ), PEPA_ARTBC  (D4ANC3    ), PEPA_ARTGP  (E5R1B9    ), 
PEPA_ARTOC  (C5FBS2    ), PEPA_ASPAW  (P17946    ), PEPA_ASPCL  (A1CBR4    ), 
PEPA_ASPFC  (B0Y1V8    ), PEPA_ASPFN  (B8NLY9    ), PEPA_ASPFU  (P41748    ), 
PEPA_ASPNC  (A2R3L3    ), PEPA_ASPNG  (P55325    ), PEPA_ASPOR  (Q06902    ), 
PEPA_ASPOZ  (P0CU33    ), PEPA_ASPPE  (A0A146F0J0), PEPA_ASPPH  (Q12567    ), 
PEPA_BOVIN  (P00792    ), PEPA_CALJA  (Q9N2D4    ), PEPA_CANLF  (Q9GMY6    ), 
PEPA_CHICK  (P00793    ), PEPA_COCP7  (C5PEI9    ), PEPA_EMENI  (O93885    ), 
PEPA_LEPMJ  (E5A7T3    ), PEPA_MACMU  (P11489    ), PEPA_NEOFI  (A1DDK1    ), 
PEPA_PENRO  (Q01972    ), PEPA_PENRW  (B6HL60    ), PEPA_PHANO  (Q69IF8    ), 
PEPA_PIG    (P00791    ), PEPA_RHIFE  (Q9GMY7    ), PEPA_SORUN  (Q9GMY8    ), 
PEPA_SUNMU  (P81497    ), PEPA_TALSN  (B8MF81    ), PEPA_TRIVH  (D4D7C5    ), 
PEPB_CANLF  (Q8SQ41    ), PEPC_CALJA  (Q9N2D3    ), PEPC_CAVPO  (Q64411    ), 
PEPC_HUMAN  (P20142    ), PEPC_MACFU  (P03955    ), PEPC_MONDO  (Q689Z7    ), 
PEPC_MOUSE  (Q9D7R7    ), PEPC_RABIT  (Q9GMY2    ), PEPC_RAT    (P04073    ), 
PEPC_RHIFE  (Q9GMY3    ), PEPC_SORUN  (Q9GMY4    ), PEPC_SUNMU  (P81498    ), 
PEPE_CHICK  (P16476    ), PLM1_PLAF7  (Q7KQM4    ), PLM1_PLAFA  (P39898    ), 
PLM2_PLAFA  (P46925    ), POK9_HUMAN  (P63128    ), POL2_DROME  (P20825    ), 
POL3_DROME  (P04323    ), POL4_DROME  (P10394    ), POL_BAEVM   (P10272    ), 
POL_BIV29   (P19560    ), POL_CAEVC   (P33459    ), POL_COYMV   (P19199    ), 
POL_EIAV9   (P11204    ), POL_EIAVC   (P32542    ), POL_EIAVY   (P03371    ), 
POL_FIVPE   (P16088    ), POL_FIVSD   (P19028    ), POL_FIVT2   (P31822    ), 
POL_FLV     (P10273    ), POL_GALV    (P21414    ), POL_HTL1A   (P03362    ), 
POL_HTL1C   (P14078    ), POL_HTL1L   (P0C211    ), POL_HTL32   (Q0R5R2    ), 
POL_HTL3P   (Q4U0X6    ), POL_HTLV2   (P03363    ), POL_HV190   (O93215    ), 
POL_HV192   (O12158    ), POL_HV193   (O89290    ), POL_HV196   (Q9QBY3    ), 
POL_HV197   (Q9QBZ9    ), POL_HV19N   (O41798    ), POL_HV1A2   (P03369    ), 
POL_HV1AN   (Q77373    ), POL_HV1B1   (P03366    ), POL_HV1B5   (P04587    ), 
POL_HV1B9   (Q73368    ), POL_HV1BR   (P03367    ), POL_HV1C4   (P05960    ), 
POL_HV1EL   (P04589    ), POL_HV1ET   (Q75002    ), POL_HV1H2   (P04585    ), 
POL_HV1J3   (P12498    ), POL_HV1JR   (P20875    ), POL_HV1LW   (P0C6F2    ), 
POL_HV1M2   (Q9QBZ1    ), POL_HV1MA   (P04588    ), POL_HV1MN   (P05961    ), 
POL_HV1MP   (Q9QBZ5    ), POL_HV1MV   (Q79666    ), POL_HV1N5   (P12497    ), 
POL_HV1ND   (P18802    ), POL_HV1OY   (P20892    ), POL_HV1RH   (P05959    ), 
POL_HV1S2   (Q9WC54    ), POL_HV1S9   (Q9WC63    ), POL_HV1SE   (O89940    ), 
POL_HV1U4   (P24740    ), POL_HV1V9   (Q9Q720    ), POL_HV1VI   (Q9QSR3    ), 
POL_HV1Y2   (P35963    ), POL_HV1YB   (Q9IDV9    ), POL_HV1YF   (O91080    ), 
POL_HV1Z2   (P12499    ), POL_HV2BE   (P18096    ), POL_HV2CA   (P24107    ), 
POL_HV2D1   (P17757    ), POL_HV2D2   (P15833    ), POL_HV2EH   (Q89928    ), 
POL_HV2G1   (P18042    ), POL_HV2KR   (Q74120    ), POL_HV2RO   (P04584    ), 
POL_HV2SB   (P12451    ), POL_HV2ST   (P20876    ), POL_HV2UC   (Q76634    ), 
POL_JEMBR   (Q82851    ), POL_MLVAV   (P03356    ), POL_MLVF5   (P26810    ), 
POL_MLVFF   (P26809    ), POL_MLVFP   (P26808    ), POL_MLVMS   (P03355    ), 
POL_MLVRD   (P11227    ), POL_MMTVC   (P11283    ), POL_OMVVS   (P16901    ), 
POL_RSVP    (P03354    ), POL_RSVSA   (Q04095    ), POL_RSVSB   (O92956    ), 
POL_RTBVP   (P27502    ), POL_SIVCZ   (P17283    ), POL_SIVEK   (Q1A249    ), 
POL_SIVG1   (Q02836    ), POL_SIVGB   (P22382    ), POL_SIVM1   (P05896    ), 
POL_SIVMB   (Q1A267    ), POL_SIVMK   (P05897    ), POL_SIVS4   (P12502    ), 
POL_SIVSP   (P19505    ), POL_SIVTN   (Q8AII1    ), POL_SIVV1   (P27973    ), 
POL_SIVVG   (P27980    ), POL_SIVVT   (P05895    ), POL_VILV    (P03370    ), 
POL_VILV1   (P23426    ), POL_VILV2   (P23427    ), POL_VILVK   (P35956    ), 
POL_XMRV3   (Q2F7J3    ), POL_XMRV4   (Q2F7J0    ), POL_XMRV6   (A1Z651    ), 
PRO_HTL1A   (P10274    ), PRO_HTL1C   (P14074    ), PRO_HTL1L   (P0C210    ), 
PRO_HTL32   (Q0R5R3    ), PRO_HTL3P   (Q09SZ9    ), PRO_HTLV2   (P03353    ), 
PRO_MMTVC   (Q9IZT2    ), RENI1_MOUSE (P06281    ), RENI2_MOUSE (P00796    ), 
RENI_CALJA  (Q9TSZ1    ), RENI_CANLF  (Q6DYE7    ), RENI_HUMAN  (P00797    ), 
RENI_MACFA  (Q6DLS0    ), RENI_MACMU  (Q6DLW5    ), RENI_PANTR  (P60016    ), 
RENI_RAT    (P08424    ), RENI_SHEEP  (P52115    ), SXA1_SCHPO  (P32834    ), 
TF211_SCHPO (Q9UR07    ), TF212_SCHPO (P0CT41    ), TF21_SCHPO  (P0CT34    ), 
TF22_SCHPO  (P0CT35    ), TF23_SCHPO  (P0CT36    ), TF24_SCHPO  (P0CT37    ), 
TF25_SCHPO  (P0CT38    ), TF26_SCHPO  (P0CT39    ), TF27_SCHPO  (P0CT42    ), 
TF28_SCHPO  (P0CT43    ), TF29_SCHPO  (P0CT40    ), TY1AB_YEASX (Q07163    ), 
VP113_HUMAN (P63121    ), VPK10_HUMAN (P10265    ), VPK18_HUMAN (P63123    ), 
VPK19_HUMAN (P63120    ), VPK21_HUMAN (P63119    ), VPK24_HUMAN (P63129    ), 
VPK25_HUMAN (P63125    ), VPK6_HUMAN  (Q9Y6I0    ), VPK7_HUMAN  (P63131    ), 
VPK8_HUMAN  (P63122    ), VPK9_HUMAN  (P63127    ), VPRT_BLVJ   (P10270    ), 
VPRT_JSRV   (P31625    ), VPRT_MMTVB  (P10271    ), VPRT_MPMV   (P07570    ), 
VPRT_SMRVH  (P21407    ), VPRT_SRV1   (P04024    ), VPRT_SRV2   (P51518    ), 
Y1220_ASPFU (Q4WFS2    ), Y4018_ARTBC (D4AIC4    ), Y5382_TRIVH (D4DE18    ), 
Y5950_ASPFU (Q4WZS3    ), Y6366_TRIVH (D4DGR1    ), Y6955_ARTOC (C5FW52    ), 
Y7403_ARTBC (D4AT39    ), Y7979_ARTOC (C5FZ57    ), YB11B_YEAST (Q12490    ), 
YB12B_YEAST (Q12193    ), YD11B_YEAST (Q03855    ), YD12B_YEAST (Q99231    ), 
YD13B_YEAST (Q07793    ), YD14B_YEAST (P0C2I2    ), YD15B_YEAST (P0C2I3    ), 
YE11B_YEAST (Q03612    ), YE12B_YEAST (Q03619    ), YG11B_YEAST (Q12141    ), 
YG12B_YEAST (Q12269    ), YG13B_YEAST (Q12316    ), YH11B_YEAST (O13535    ), 
YJ11B_YEAST (P47098    ), YJ12B_YEAST (P47100    ), YL11B_YEAST (Q12088    ), 
YL12B_YEAST (P0C2I5    ), YL13B_YEAST (P0C2I6    ), YL14B_YEAST (P0C2I7    ), 
YM11B_YEAST (Q04711    ), YM12B_YEAST (Q03434    ), YM13B_YEAST (Q04214    ), 
YM14B_YEAST (Q04670    ), YN11B_YEAST (Q12112    ), YN12B_YEAST (Q99337    ), 
YO11B_YEAST (Q12273    ), YO12B_YEAST (Q92393    ), YP11B_YEAST (Q12414    ), 
YP12B_YEAST (P0C2I9    ), YP13B_YEAST (P0C2J0    ), YP14B_YEAST (P0C2J1    ), 
YPS1_YEAST  (P32329    ), YPS3_YEAST  (Q12303    ), YPS6_YEAST  (P40583    )
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False negative sequences
26 sequences

AED3_ARATH  (O04496    ), ASP2_BLAGE  (P54958    ), ASPL2_ARATH (Q9S9K4    ), 
COPIA_DROME (P04146    ), GAG_IPHA    (P04023    ), OPSB_ARTBC  (D4AIS3    ), 
OPSB_ARTOC  (C5FRQ0    ), OPSB_TRIVH  (D4DFT3    ), POL_CAMVC   (P03555    ), 
POL_CAMVD   (P03556    ), POL_CAMVE   (Q02964    ), POL_CAMVN   (Q00962    ), 
POL_CAMVS   (P03554    ), POL_CERV    (P05400    ), POL_CSVMV   (Q89703    ), 
POL_FFV     (O93209    ), POL_FOAMV   (P14350    ), POL_HV2NZ   (P05962    ), 
POL_SFV1    (P23074    ), POL_SFV3L   (P27401    ), POL_WDSV    (O92815    ), 
UND_ARATH   (Q9SV77    ), VPK04_HUMAN (P63124    ), YA11B_YEAST (O13527    ), 
YPS1_SCHPO  (O59774    ), YPS7_YEAST  (Q06325    )
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'Partial' sequences
45 sequences

CARDE_CYNCA (P85136    ), CHYM_FELCA  (P09873    ), NEP1_NEPDI  (P69476    ), 
NEP2_NEPDI  (P69477    ), PA39C_DAMDA (C0HJC9    ), PA50C_BISBO (P85321    ), 
PA50F_BISBO (P85324    ), PA50I_BISBO (P85327    ), PA55B_BISBO (P85320    ), 
PA55E_BISBO (P85323    ), PA55H_SHEEP (P83500    ), PA56B_DAMDA (C0HJC8    ), 
PA56D_DAMDA (C0HJD0    ), PA59G_SHEEP (P83499    ), PA60H_BISBO (P85326    ), 
PA61B_SHEEP (P83494    ), PA61C_BUBBU (P86374    ), PA62A_DAMDA (C0HJC7    ), 
PA63J_BUBBU (P86370    ), PA66E_SHEEP (P83497    ), PA67A_BISBO (P85319    ), 
PA71D_BISBO (P85322    ), PA71G_BISBO (P85325    ), PA73B_BUBBU (P86373    ), 
PAG55_CAPHI (P80935    ), PAG55_SHEEP (P83202    ), PAG57_SHEEP (P83203    ), 
PAG59_CAPHI (P80934    ), PAG59_SHEEP (P83444    ), PAG62_BUBBU (P86371    ), 
PAG62_CAPHI (P80933    ), PAG67_BOSIN (P83126    ), PAG70_BUBBU (P85049    ), 
PAG72_BISBI (P84916    ), PAG74_BISBI (P84917    ), PAG75_BUBBU (P85048    ), 
PAG76_BISBI (P84918    ), PEP1_THUOR  (P20139    ), PEP2_THUOR  (P20140    ), 
PEP3_THUOR  (P20141    ), PEPA_URSTH  (P13636    ), PEPC_PIG    (P30879    ), 
POL_HV1Z6   (P04586    ), POL_SIVV2   (P12500    ), POL_SIVV3   (P12501    )
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False positive sequences
110 sequences

A30BL_HUMAN (A7E2S9    ), ACL6A_HUMAN (O96019    ), ACL6A_MACFA (Q4R333    ), 
ACL6A_MOUSE (Q9Z2N8    ), ACL6B_BOVIN (A4FUX8    ), ACL6B_HUMAN (O94805    ), 
ACL6B_MOUSE (Q99MR0    ), ACL6B_RAT   (P86173    ), AN30A_HUMAN (Q9BXX3    ), 
ARP4_YARLI  (Q6C061    ), ATPE_IDILO  (Q5QZH3    ), BCSB_XANAC  (P58933    ), 
BLAC_BACLI  (P00808    ), BSUHB_THEKO (Q5JH93    ), CAC1A_APIME (C9D7C2    ), 
CDC13_YEAST (P32797    ), CIMA_STRCO  (O86511    ), CINC_CITBR  (Q8VQF4    ), 
CP_CSVMV    (Q66283    ), CTP5A_MOUSE (Q0V8T9    ), CYOE_KLEP7  (A6T5H1    ), 
CYOE_SALAR  (A9MM32    ), CYOE_SALCH  (Q57SC4    ), CYOE_SALPA  (Q5PFP5    ), 
CYOE_SALPB  (A9MWZ0    ), CYOE_SALTI  (Q8Z8V5    ), CYOE_SALTY  (Q8ZRC4    ), 
DBP3_CANAL  (Q5APT8    ), DDI1_CHAGB  (Q2H085    ), DDI1_NEUCR  (Q7S906    ), 
DOIS_BACCI  (Q9S5E2    ), DUSB_PECCA  (O52539    ), DUSB_PROVU  (O52533    ), 
EPIP_STAEP  (P30199    ), EXB12_ORYSJ (Q10G40    ), FTSQ_RHOM4  (D0MGK7    ), 
GGGPS_ARCFU (O29844    ), GGGPS_METAR (Q0W6K5    ), GRB1L_HUMAN (Q9C091    ), 
GRB1L_MOUSE (B9EJV3    ), HXK3_HUMAN  (P52790    ), HXK3_MOUSE  (Q3TRM8    ), 
HXK3_RAT    (P27926    ), IF2_MYXXD   (Q1DAM6    ), ISP4_SCHPO  (P40900    ), 
K1109_HUMAN (Q2LD37    ), K1109_MOUSE (A2AAE1    ), KEX1_CRYGW  (E6R6G5    ), 
KTRB_BACSU  (O32081    ), LPXH_XANAC  (P58975    ), MADCA_MOUSE (Q61826    ), 
MCP_SUHVS   (Q00705    ), MDTD_CITK8  (A8AEE4    ), MF4B1_MOUSE (Q8VCV9    ), 
MF4B3_MOUSE (Q3UN21    ), MIAB_GEOBB  (B5EE49    ), MP_ACLSA    (P54892    ), 
MP_ACLSP    (P27739    ), MYO1_COPC7  (A8N2Y6    ), MYO1_CRYNB  (P0CP01    ), 
MYO1_CRYNJ  (P0CP00    ), NRIP2_HUMAN (Q9BQI9    ), NRIP2_MOUSE (Q9JHR9    ), 
NROR_CLOAB  (Q9AL95    ), PFF1_SCLS1  (A7F4S1    ), PFF1_TALMQ  (B6Q656    ), 
PFF1_TALSN  (B8M853    ), PMK_STRC1   (Q9KWG3    ), RAP1_YEAST  (P11938    ), 
RIPK4_HUMAN (P57078    ), RL20_BORBU  (O51206    ), RPOB_DECAR  (Q47JB0    ), 
RPOB_HYDCU  (Q31IY9    ), RPOB_PARD8  (A6LE81    ), RS15_CHESB  (Q11BC4    ), 
RS15_THIDA  (Q3SKX4    ), RSMB_PECAS  (Q6D000    ), RSMH_AGRVS  (B9JY62    ), 
RTL1_BOVIN  (Q52QI2    ), SDS23_ASPNC (A2RB71    ), SHOC2_NEMVE (A7SFP1    ), 
SMTA_ASTBI  (P56707    ), TCPQ_BOVIN  (Q3ZCI9    ), TCPQ_CHICK  (Q6EE31    ), 
TCPQ_HUMAN  (P50990    ), TCPQ_MACFA  (Q4R5J0    ), TCPQ_PONAB  (Q5RAP1    ), 
TGT_AROAE   (Q5P720    ), TPD52_MOUSE (Q62393    ), TPIS_NEIMA  (Q9JW31    ), 
TPIS_NEIMB  (Q9JXT8    ), TRYP_ASTAS  (P00765    ), V228_FOWPN  (Q9J507    ), 
WAAE_KLEPN  (Q9XC90    ), WPRA_BACSU  (P54423    ), Y1543_BACSK (Q5WHS7    ), 
Y2188_DICDI (Q54DL7    ), Y2496_BACVZ (A7Z780    ), Y2622_HALWD (Q18H12    ), 
Y4391_ARATH (Q9T020    ), Y7_SOCMV    (P15634    ), Y867_RICPR  (Q9ZC99    ), 
Y987_METTH  (O27068    ), YBGS_ECOLI  (P0AAV6    ), YBGS_SHIFL  (P0AAV7    ), 
YCBV_PSEDE  (P29938    ), YODS_BACSU  (O34317    ), YSZB_BACSU  (P21204    ), 
ZNTA_ECOLI  (P37617    ), ZNTA_SHISS  (Q3YW59    )
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1601 PDB

1A30; 1A8G; 1A8K; 1A94; 1A9M; 1AAQ; 1AID; 1AJV; 1AJX; 1AM5; 1APT; 1APU; 1APV; 1APW; 1AVF; 1AXA; 1AZ5; 1B11; 1B5F; 1B6J; 1B6K; 1B6L; 1B6M; 1B6P; 1BAI; 1BBS; 1BDL; 1BDQ; 1BDR; 1BIL; 1BIM; 1BV7; 1BV9; 1BVE; 1BVG; 1BWA; 1BWB; 1BXO; 1BXQ; 1CMS; 1CPI; 1CZI; 1D4H; 1D4I; 1D4J; 1D4K; 1D4L; 1D4S; 1D4Y; 1DAZ; 1DIF; 1DMP; 1DP5; 1DPJ; 1DW6; 1E5O; 1E80; 1E81; 1E82; 1EAG; 1EBK; 1EBW; 1EBY; 1EBZ; 1EC0; 1EC1; 1EC2; 1EC3; 1EED; 1ENT; 1EPL; 1EPM; 1EPN; 1EPO; 1EPP; 1EPQ; 1EPR; 1ER8; 1F34; 1FB7; 1FEJ; 1FF0; 1FFF; 1FFI; 1FG6; 1FG8; 1FGC; 1FIV; 1FKN; 1FLH; 1FMB; 1FMU; 1FMX; 1FQ4; 1FQ5; 1FQ6; 1FQ7; 1FQ8; 1FQX; 1G0V; 1G2K; 1G35; 1G6L; 1GKT; 1GNM; 1GNN; 1GNO; 1GVT; 1GVU; 1GVV; 1GVW; 1GVX; 1HBV; 1HEF; 1HEG; 1HHP; 1HIH; 1HII; 1HIV; 1HOS; 1HPO; 1HPS; 1HPV; 1HPX; 1HRN; 1HSG; 1HSH; 1HSI; 1HTE; 1HTF; 1HTG; 1HTR; 1HVH; 1HVI; 1HVJ; 1HVK; 1HVL; 1HVR; 1HVS; 1HWR; 1HXB; 1HXW; 1IBQ; 1IDA; 1IDB; 1IIQ; 1IVP; 1IVQ; 1IZD; 1IZE; 1IZI; 1J71; 1JLD; 1K1T; 1K1U; 1K2B; 1K2C; 1K6C; 1K6P; 1K6T; 1K6V; 1KZK; 1LEE; 1LF2; 1LF3; 1LF4; 1LV1; 1LYA; 1LYB; 1LYW; 1LZQ; 1M0B; 1M43; 1M4H; 1ME6; 1MER; 1MES; 1MET; 1MEU; 1MPP; 1MRW; 1MRX; 1MSM; 1MSN; 1MTR; 1MVP; 1NH0; 1NPA; 1NPV; 1NPW; 1OD1; 1ODW; 1ODX; 1ODY; 1OEW; 1OEX; 1PFZ; 1PPK; 1PPL; 1PPM; 1PRO; 1PSA; 1PSN; 1PSO; 1Q9P; 1QBR; 1QBS; 1QBT; 1QBU; 1QDM; 1QRP; 1RL8; 1RNE; 1SBG; 1SDT; 1SDU; 1SDV; 1SGU; 1SGZ; 1SH9; 1SIV; 1SME; 1SMR; 1SP5; 1T3R; 1T7I; 1T7J; 1T7K; 1TCW; 1TCX; 1TQF; 1TZS; 1U8G; 1UH7; 1UH8; 1UH9; 1UPJ; 1VIJ; 1VIK; 1W50; 1W51; 1W5V; 1W5W; 1W5X; 1W5Y; 1W6H; 1W6I; 1WKR; 1XDH; 1XE5; 1XE6; 1XL2; 1XL5; 1XN2; 1XN3; 1XS7; 1YM2; 1YM4; 1YT9; 1YTG; 1YTH; 1YTI; 1YTJ; 1YX9; 1Z1H; 1Z1R; 1Z8C; 1ZAP; 1ZBG; 1ZJ7; 1ZLF; 1ZP8; 1ZPA; 1ZPK; 1ZSF; 1ZSR; 1ZTZ; 2A1E; 2AID; 2AOC; 2AOD; 2AOE; 2AOF; 2AOG; 2AOH; 2AOI; 2AOJ; 2APR; 2AQU; 2ASI; 2AVM; 2AVO; 2AVQ; 2AVS; 2AVV; 2AZ8; 2AZ9; 2AZB; 2AZC; 2B7F; 2B7Z; 2B8L; 2B8V; 2BB9; 2BBB; 2BJU; 2BKS; 2BKT; 2BPV; 2BPW; 2BPX; 2BPY; 2BPZ; 2ER0; 2ER6; 2ER7; 2ER9; 2EWY; 2F3E; 2F3F; 2F3K; 2F80; 2F81; 2F8G; 2FDE; 2FDP; 2FGU; 2FGV; 2FMB; 2FS4; 2FXE; 2G1N; 2G1O; 2G1R; 2G1S; 2G1Y; 2G20; 2G21; 2G22; 2G24; 2G26; 2G27; 2G69; 2G94; 2H6S; 2H6T; 2HAH; 2HB2; 2HB3; 2HB4; 2HC0; 2HIZ; 2HM1; 2HPE; 2HPF; 2HS1; 2HS2; 2HVP; 2I4D; 2I4Q; 2I4U; 2I4V; 2I4W; 2I4X; 2IDW; 2IEN; 2IEO; 2IGX; 2IGY; 2IKO; 2IKU; 2IL2; 2IQG; 2IRZ; 2IS0; 2J9J; 2J9K; 2JE4; 2JJI; 2JJJ; 2JXR; 2MIP; 2NMY; 2NMZ; 2NNK; 2NNP; 2NPH; 2NTR; 2O4K; 2O4L; 2O4N; 2O4P; 2O4S; 2OAH; 2OF0; 2OHK; 2OHL; 2OHM; 2OHN; 2OHP; 2OHQ; 2OHR; 2OHS; 2OHT; 2OHU; 2P3B; 2P4J; 2P83; 2P8H; 2PH6; 2PH8; 2PK5; 2PK6; 2PQZ; 2PSG; 2PWC; 2PWR; 2PYM; 2PYN; 2Q11; 2Q15; 2Q3K; 2Q63; 2Q64; 2QAK; 2QCI; 2QD6; 2QD7; 2QD8; 2QHC; 2QHY; 2QHZ; 2QI0; 2QI1; 2QI3; 2QI4; 2QI5; 2QI6; 2QI7; 2QK5; 2QMD; 2QMF; 2QMG; 2QNN; 2QNP; 2QNQ; 2QP8; 2QU2; 2QU3; 2QZK; 2QZL; 2QZW; 2QZX; 2R38; 2R3T; 2R3W; 2R43; 2R5P; 2R5Q; 2R8N; 2R9B; 2REN; 2RMP; 2RSP; 2UPJ; 2UXZ; 2UY0; 2V00; 2V0Z; 2V10; 2V11; 2V12; 2V13; 2V16; 2VA5; 2VA6; 2VA7; 2VIE; 2VIJ; 2VIY; 2VIZ; 2VJ6; 2VJ7; 2VJ9; 2VKM; 2VNM; 2VNN; 2VS2; 2WEA; 2WEB; 2WEC; 2WED; 2WEZ; 2WF0; 2WF1; 2WF2; 2WF3; 2WF4; 2WHH; 2WJO; 2WKZ; 2WL0; 2X0B; 2XFI; 2XFJ; 2XFK; 2XYE; 2XYF; 2Z4O; 2Z54; 2ZDZ; 2ZE1; 2ZGA; 2ZHR; 2ZHS; 2ZHT; 2ZHU; 2ZHV; 2ZJH; 2ZJI; 2ZJJ; 2ZJK; 2ZJL; 2ZJM; 2ZJN; 2ZYE; 3A2O; 3AID; 3APP; 3APR; 3B7V; 3B80; 3BC4; 3BGB; 3BGC; 3BHE; 3BRA; 3BUF; 3BUG; 3BUH; 3BXS; 3CIB; 3CIC; 3CID; 3CKP; 3CKR; 3CKT; 3CMS; 3CYW; 3CYX; 3D1X; 3D1Y; 3D1Z; 3D20; 3D91; 3DJK; 3DK1; 3DM6; 3DOX; 3DUY; 3DV1; 3DV5; 3EBZ; 3EC0; 3ECG; 3EKP; 3EKQ; 3EKT; 3EKV; 3EKW; 3EKX; 3EKY; 3EL0; 3EL1; 3EL4; 3EL5; 3EL9; 3EM3; 3EM4; 3EM6; 3ER3; 3ER5; 3EXO; 3F9Q; 3FKT; 3FSM; 3FV3; 3FX5; 3G6Z; 3G70; 3G72; 3GGA; 3GGU; 3GGV; 3GGX; 3GI0; 3GI4; 3GI5; 3GI6; 3GW5; 3H0B; 3H5B; 3HAU; 3HAW; 3HBO; 3HDK; 3HLO; 3HVG; 3HVP; 3HW1; 3HZC; 3I25; 3I2L; 3I6O; 3I7E; 3I8W; 3IAW; 3IGB; 3IN3; 3IN4; 3IND; 3INE; 3INF; 3INH; 3IVH; 3IVI; 3IXJ; 3IXK; 3IXO; 3JVW; 3JVY; 3JW2; 3K1W; 3K4V; 3K5C; 3K5D; 3K5F; 3K5G; 3KA2; 3KDB; 3KDC; 3KDD; 3KF0; 3KFN; 3KFP; 3KFR; 3KFS; 3KM4; 3KMX; 3KMY; 3KN0; 3KT2; 3KT5; 3KYR; 3L38; 3L3A; 3L58; 3L59; 3L5B; 3L5C; 3L5D; 3L5E; 3L5F; 3LHG; 3LNK; 3LPI; 3LPJ; 3LPK; 3LZS; 3LZU; 3LZV; 3LZY; 3MIM; 3MSJ; 3MSK; 3MSL; 3MXD; 3MXE; 3N3I; 3N4L; 3NDT; 3NDU; 3NDW; 3NDX; 3NLS; 3NR6; 3NSH; 3NU3; 3NU4; 3NU5; 3NU6; 3NU9; 3NUJ; 3NUO; 3NWQ; 3NWX; 3NXN; 3NYG; 3O9F; 3O9G; 3O9H; 3O9I; 3O9L; 3OAD; 3OAG; 3OGP; 3OGQ; 3OHF; 3OHH; 3OK9; 3OOT; 3OOZ; 3OQF; 3OQK; 3OWN; 3OXC; 3OXV; 3OXW; 3OXX; 3OY4; 3PB5; 3PBD; 3PBZ; 3PCW; 3PCZ; 3PEP; 3PGI; 3PHV; 3PI0; 3PI5; 3PLD; 3PLL; 3PM4; 3PMU; 3PMY; 3PRS; 3PSG; 3PSU; 3PSY; 3PVK; 3PWM; 3PWR; 3PWW; 3Q3T; 3Q4B; 3Q5H; 3Q6Y; 3Q70; 3QAA; 3QBF; 3QBH; 3QI1; 3QIH; 3QN8; 3QP0; 3QPJ; 3QRM; 3QRO; 3QRS; 3QRV; 3QS1; 3R1G; 3R2F; 3R4B; 3RSV; 3RSX; 3RTH; 3RTM; 3RTN; 3RU1; 3RVI; 3S2O; 3S7L; 3S7M; 3S85; 3SFC; 3SKF; 3SKG; 3ST5; 3T11; 3T3C; 3T6I; 3T7P; 3T7Q; 3T7X; 3TH9; 3TKG; 3TKW; 3TL9; 3TLH; 3TNE; 3TOF; 3TOG; 3TOH; 3TPJ; 3TPL; 3TPP; 3TPR; 3TTP; 3U6A; 3U7S; 3UCB; 3UDH; 3UDJ; 3UDK; 3UDM; 3UDN; 3UDP; 3UDQ; 3UDR; 3UDY; 3UF3; 3UFL; 3UFN; 3UHL; 3UPJ; 3UQP; 3UQR; 3UQU; 3UQW; 3UQX; 3URI; 3URJ; 3URL; 3UTL; 3VCM; 3VEU; 3VF3; 3VF5; 3VF7; 3VFA; 3VFB; 3VG1; 3VSW; 3VSX; 3VUC; 3VV6; 3VV7; 3VV8; 3VYD; 3VYE; 3VYF; 3WB4; 3WB5; 3WZ6; 3WZ7; 3WZ8; 3ZKG; 3ZKI; 3ZKM; 3ZKN; 3ZKQ; 3ZKS; 3ZKX; 3ZL7; 3ZLQ; 3ZMG; 3ZOV; 3ZPS; 3ZPT; 3ZPU; 4A6B; 4A6C; 4AA8; 4AA9; 4ACU; 4ACX; 4AMT; 4APE; 4APR; 4AUC; 4AZY; 4B00; 4B05; 4B0Q; 4B1C; 4B1D; 4B1E; 4B70; 4B72; 4B77; 4B78; 4BEK; 4BEL; 4BFB; 4BFD; 4CKU; 4CMS; 4COE; 4CP7; 4CPQ; 4CPR; 4CPS; 4CPT; 4CPU; 4CPW; 4CPX; 4D83; 4D85; 4D88; 4D89; 4D8C; 4DFG; 4DH6; 4DI2; 4DJU; 4DJV; 4DJW; 4DJX; 4DJY; 4DPF; 4DPI; 4DQB; 4DQC; 4DQE; 4DQF; 4DQG; 4DQH; 4DUS; 4DV9; 4DVF; 4E43; 4EJ8; 4EJD; 4EJK; 4EJL; 4ER1; 4ER2; 4ER4; 4EWO; 4EXG; 4F73; 4F74; 4F75; 4F76; 4FCO; 4FE6; 4FGX; 4FIV; 4FL8; 4FLG; 4FM6; 4FM7; 4FM8; 4FRI; 4FRJ; 4FRK; 4FRS; 4FS4; 4FSE; 4FSL; 4GB2; 4GID; 4GJ5; 4GJ6; 4GJ7; 4GJ8; 4GJ9; 4GJA; 4GJB; 4GJC; 4GJD; 4GMI; 4H1E; 4H3F; 4H3G; 4H3I; 4H3J; 4HA5; 4HDB; 4HDF; 4HDP; 4HE9; 4HEG; 4HLA; 4HVP; 4HZT; 4I0D; 4I0E; 4I0F; 4I0G; 4I0H; 4I0I; 4I0J; 4I0Z; 4I10; 4I11; 4I12; 4I1C; 4I8W; 4I8Z; 4IVS; 4IVT; 4J0P; 4J0T; 4J0V; 4J0Y; 4J0Z; 4J17; 4J1C; 4J1E; 4J1F; 4J1H; 4J1I; 4J1K; 4J54; 4J55; 4J5J; 4JEC; 4JOO; 4JP9; 4JPC; 4JPE; 4K4P; 4K4Q; 4K4R; 4K8S; 4K9H; 4KE0; 4KE1; 4KUP; 4L6B; 4L7G; 4L7H; 4L7J; 4LAP; 4LBT; 4LC7; 4LHH; 4LL3; 4LP9; 4LXA; 4LXK; 4LXM; 4MC1; 4MC2; 4MC6; 4MC9; 4N00; 4OBZ; 4OC6; 4OD9; 4PEP; 4PHV; 4PYV; 4PZW; 4PZX; 4Q1N; 4Q1W; 4Q1X; 4Q1Y; 4Q5M; 4QGI; 4QLH; 4R5N; 4R8Y; 4R91; 4R92; 4R93; 4R95; 4RCD; 4RCE; 4RCF; 4RRN; 4RRO; 4RRS; 4RYC; 4RYG; 4RZ1; 4S1G; 4TRW; 4TRY; 4TRZ; 4U7Q; 4U7V; 4U8W; 4UPJ; 4WTU; 4WY1; 4WY6; 4X2L; 4X7I; 4XKX; 4XX3; 4XX4; 4XXS; 4Y35; 4Y36; 4Y37; 4Y38; 4Y39; 4Y3A; 4Y3D; 4Y3E; 4Y3F; 4Y3G; 4Y3H; 4Y3J; 4Y3L; 4Y3M; 4Y3N; 4Y3P; 4Y3Q; 4Y3R; 4Y3S; 4Y3T; 4Y3W; 4Y3X; 4Y3Y; 4Y3Z; 4Y41; 4Y43; 4Y44; 4Y45; 4Y47; 4Y48; 4Y4A; 4Y4B; 4Y4D; 4Y4E; 4Y4G; 4Y4J; 4Y4T; 4Y4U; 4Y4W; 4Y4X; 4Y4Z; 4Y50; 4Y51; 4Y53; 4Y54; 4Y56; 4Y57; 4Y58; 4Y5A; 4Y5B; 4Y5C; 4Y5E; 4Y5G; 4Y5K; 4Y5L; 4Y5M; 4Y5N; 4Y5P; 4Y6M; 4YA8; 4YBI; 4YCK; 4YCT; 4YCY; 4YD3; 4YD4; 4YD5; 4YD6; 4YD7; 4YDG; 4YE3; 4YHQ; 4Z22; 4ZE6; 4ZEA; 4ZIP; 4ZLS; 4ZPE; 4ZPF; 4ZPG; 4ZSM; 4ZSP; 4ZSQ; 4ZSR; 5AGZ; 5AH6; 5AH7; 5AH8; 5AH9; 5AHA; 5AHB; 5AHC; 5APR; 5BRY; 5BS4; 5BWY; 5CLM; 5DGU; 5DGW; 5DPZ; 5DQ1; 5DQ2; 5DQ4; 5DQ5; 5DQC; 5DR0; 5DR1; 5DR3; 5DR4; 5DR7; 5DR8; 5E5K; 5ENK; 5ENM; 5ER1; 5ER2; 5EZX; 5EZZ; 5F00; 5F01; 5FIV; 5HCT; 5HD0; 5HDU; 5HDV; 5HDX; 5HDZ; 5HE4; 5HE5; 5HE7; 5HVP; 5I3V; 5I3W; 5I3X; 5I3Y; 5IE1; 5JFP; 5JFU; 5JG1; 5KQF; 5KR8; 5OYQ; 5OYR; 5OYS; 5OYT; 5OYU; 5OYV; 5OYW; 5OYX; 5OYY; 5OYZ; 5OZ0; 5OZ1; 5OZ2; 5OZ3; 5OZ4; 5OZ5; 5OZ6; 5OZ7; 5OZ8; 5OZ9; 5OZA; 5OZB; 5OZC; 5OZD; 5OZE; 5OZF; 5OZG; 5OZH; 5OZI; 5OZJ; 5OZK; 5OZL; 5OZM; 5OZN; 5OZO; 5OZP; 5OZQ; 5OZR; 5OZS; 5OZT; 5OZU; 5OZV; 5OZW; 5OZX; 5OZY; 5OZZ; 5P00; 5P01; 5P02; 5P03; 5P04; 5P05; 5P06; 5P07; 5P08; 5P09; 5P0A; 5P0B; 5P0C; 5P0D; 5P0E; 5P0F; 5P0G; 5P0H; 5P0I; 5P0J; 5P0K; 5P0L; 5P0M; 5P0N; 5P0O; 5P0P; 5P0Q; 5P0R; 5P0S; 5P0T; 5P0U; 5P0V; 5P0W; 5P0X; 5P0Y; 5P0Z; 5P10; 5P11; 5P12; 5P13; 5P14; 5P15; 5P16; 5P17; 5P18; 5P19; 5P1A; 5P1B; 5P1C; 5P1D; 5P1E; 5P1F; 5P1G; 5P1H; 5P1I; 5P1J; 5P1K; 5P1L; 5P1M; 5P1N; 5P1O; 5P1P; 5P1Q; 5P1R; 5P1S; 5P1T; 5P1U; 5P1V; 5P1W; 5P1X; 5P1Y; 5P1Z; 5P20; 5P22; 5P23; 5P24; 5P25; 5P26; 5P27; 5P28; 5P29; 5P2A; 5P2B; 5P2C; 5P2D; 5P2E; 5P2F; 5P2G; 5P2H; 5P2I; 5P2J; 5P2K; 5P2L; 5P2M; 5P2N; 5P2O; 5P2Q; 5P2R; 5P2S; 5P2T; 5P2U; 5P2V; 5P2W; 5P2X; 5P2Y; 5P2Z; 5P30; 5P31; 5P32; 5P33; 5P34; 5P35; 5P36; 5P37; 5P38; 5P39; 5P3A; 5P3B; 5P3C; 5P3D; 5P3E; 5P3F; 5P3G; 5P3H; 5P3I; 5P3J; 5P3K; 5P3L; 5P3M; 5P3N; 5P3O; 5P3P; 5P3Q; 5P3R; 5P3S; 5P3T; 5P3U; 5P3V; 5P3W; 5P3X; 5P3Y; 5P3Z; 5P40; 5P41; 5P42; 5P43; 5P44; 5P45; 5P46; 5P47; 5P48; 5P49; 5P4A; 5P4B; 5P4C; 5P4D; 5P4E; 5P4F; 5P4G; 5P4H; 5P4I; 5P4J; 5P4K; 5P4L; 5P4M; 5P4N; 5P4O; 5P4P; 5P4Q; 5P4R; 5P4S; 5P4T; 5P4U; 5P4V; 5P4W; 5P4X; 5P4Y; 5P4Z; 5P50; 5P51; 5P52; 5P53; 5P54; 5P55; 5P56; 5P57; 5P58; 5P59; 5P5A; 5P5B; 5P5C; 5P5D; 5P5E; 5P5F; 5P5G; 5P5H; 5P5I; 5P5J; 5P5K; 5P5L; 5P5M; 5P5N; 5P5O; 5P5P; 5P5Q; 5P5R; 5P5S; 5P5T; 5P5U; 5P5V; 5P5W; 5P5X; 5P5Y; 5P5Z; 5P60; 5P61; 5P62; 5P63; 5P64; 5P65; 5P66; 5P67; 5P68; 5P69; 5P6A; 5P6B; 5P6C; 5P6D; 5P6E; 5P6F; 5P6G; 5P6H; 5P6I; 5P6J; 5P6K; 5P6L; 5P6M; 5P6N; 5P6O; 5P6P; 5P6Q; 5P6R; 5P6S; 5P6T; 5P6U; 5P6V; 5P6W; 5P6X; 5P6Y; 5P6Z; 5P70; 5P71; 5P72; 5P73; 5P74; 5P75; 5P76; 5P77; 5P78; 5P79; 5P7A; 5P7B; 5P7C; 5P7D; 5P7E; 5P7F; 5P7G; 5P7H; 5P7I; 5P7J; 5P7K; 5P7L; 5P7M; 5P7N; 5P7O; 5P7P; 5P7Q; 5P7R; 5P7S; 5P7T; 5P7U; 5P7V; 5P7W; 5P7X; 5P7Y; 5P7Z; 5P80; 5P81; 5P82; 5P83; 5P84; 5P85; 5P86; 5P87; 5P88; 5P89; 5P8A; 5P8B; 5P8C; 5P8D; 5P8E; 5P8F; 5P8G; 5P8H; 5P8I; 5P8J; 5P8K; 5P8L; 5P8M; 5P8N; 5P8O; 5P8P; 5P8Q; 5P8R; 5P8S; 5P8T; 5P8U; 5P8V; 5PEP; 5T4S; 5UPJ; 6APR; 6FIV; 6UPJ; 7HVP; 7UPJ; 8HVP; 9HVP
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