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Entry: PS00474

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General information about the entry

Entry name [info] RIBOSOMAL_L3
Accession [info] PS00474
Entry type [info] PATTERN
Date [info] MAY-1991 (CREATED); NOV-1997 (DATA UPDATE); DEC-2014 (INFO UPDATE).
PROSITE Doc. [info] PDOC00385

Name and characterization of the entry

Description [info] Ribosomal protein L3 signature.
Pattern [info]

Numerical results [info]

Numerical results for UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot release 2015_01 which contains 547'357 sequence entries.

Total number of hits 793 in 793 different sequences
Number of true positive hits 793 in 793 different sequences
Number of 'unknown' hits
Number of false positive hits
Number of false negative sequences 73
Number of 'partial' sequences 1
Precision (true positives / (true positives + false positives)) 100.00 %
Recall (true positives / (true positives + false negatives)) 91.57 %

Comments [info]

Taxonomic range [info] Archaea, Eukaryotes, Prokaryotes (Bacteria)
Maximum number of repetitions [info] 1
Version [info] 1

Cross-references [info]

True positive sequences
793 sequences

RK3_CYAPA   (P15766), RK3_ODOSI   (P49569), RK3_PAUCH   (B1X508), 
RK3_PHATC   (A0T0H8), RK3_PORPU   (P51314), RK3_PYRYE   (Q1XDH4), 
RK3_THAPS   (A0T0X2), RK3_TOBAC   (O80360), RL31_ARATH  (P17094), 
RL32_ARATH  (P22738), RL3A_SCHPO  (P40372), RL3B_SCHPO  (P36584), 
RL3L_BOVIN  (Q3SZ10), RL3L_HUMAN  (Q92901), RL3_ACAM1   (B0C1D3), 
RL3_ACHLI   (A9NED3), RL3_ACIAC   (A1TJ07), RL3_ACIAD   (Q6F7R2), 
RL3_ACIB3   (B7GW02), RL3_ACIB5   (B7IA39), RL3_ACIBC   (B2HZM2), 
RL3_ACIBS   (B0VQR8), RL3_ACIBT   (A3M983), RL3_ACIBY   (B0V6W8), 
RL3_ACIC1   (A0LRM0), RL3_ACICJ   (A5FZW5), RL3_ACIET   (B9MB73), 
RL3_ACIF2   (B7J467), RL3_ACIF5   (B5ELX9), RL3_ACISJ   (A1W2Q7), 
RL3_ACTP2   (A3N358), RL3_ACTP7   (B3GZ11), RL3_ACTPJ   (B0BST1), 
RL3_ACTSZ   (A6VLI8), RL3_AERHH   (A0KF21), RL3_AERPE   (Q9YFM2), 
RL3_AERS4   (A4ST06), RL3_AGGAC   (P94799), RL3_AGRT5   (Q8UE18), 
RL3_AGRVS   (B9JVN7), RL3_AKKM8   (B2UMU0), RL3_ALCBS   (Q0VSK3), 
RL3_ALISL   (B6EPS5), RL3_ALKEH   (Q0ABH5), RL3_ALKMQ   (A6TWI2), 
RL3_ALKOO   (A8MLE0), RL3_ALTMD   (B4RZN2), RL3_AMOA5   (B3EUM3), 
RL3_ANAD2   (B8J817), RL3_ANADE   (Q2IJD0), RL3_ANADF   (A7HBF8), 
RL3_ANASK   (B4UAM2), RL3_ANAVT   (Q3MFC1), RL3_AQUAE   (O66431), 
RL3_AQUPY   (Q9ZI50), RL3_ARCFU   (O28354), RL3_AROAE   (Q5P332), 
RL3_ARTAT   (A1R8U5), RL3_ARTCA   (B8HD06), RL3_ARTS2   (A0JZ84), 
RL3_ASHGO   (Q759R7), RL3_ASPFU   (Q8NKF4), RL3_AYWBP   (Q2NIV4), 
RL3_AZOC5   (A8IAS6), RL3_AZOPC   (B6YQ85), RL3_AZOSB   (A1KB27), 
RL3_BACA2   (A7Z0N8), RL3_BACAA   (C3P9Q5), RL3_BACAC   (C3LJ82), 
RL3_BACAH   (A0R8I0), RL3_BACAN   (Q81VT0), RL3_BACC0   (B7JKB9), 
RL3_BACC1   (Q73F96), RL3_BACC2   (B7IT19), RL3_BACC3   (C1ET39), 
RL3_BACC4   (B7HJ48), RL3_BACC7   (B7HQU4), RL3_BACCN   (A7GK20), 
RL3_BACCQ   (B9IZJ4), RL3_BACCR   (Q81J42), RL3_BACCZ   (Q63H90), 
RL3_BACFN   (Q5L8A9), RL3_BACFR   (Q64NK8), RL3_BACHD   (Q9Z9L4), 
RL3_BACHK   (Q6HPQ8), RL3_BACLD   (Q65PA7), RL3_BACP2   (A8F985), 
RL3_BACSK   (Q5WLR2), RL3_BACSU   (P42920), RL3_BACTN   (Q8A476), 
RL3_BACV8   (A6KYJ5), RL3_BACWK   (A9VP77), RL3_BARBK   (A1USL4), 
RL3_BARHE   (Q6G2W5), RL3_BARQU   (Q6FZC2), RL3_BART1   (A9IW27), 
RL3_BAUCH   (Q1LTD8), RL3_BEII9   (B2IK62), RL3_BIFAA   (A1A069), 
RL3_BIFLD   (B3DQ13), RL3_BIFLO   (Q8G417), RL3_BIFLS   (B7GNE0), 
RL3_BLOFL   (Q7VQE8), RL3_BLOPB   (Q493K8), RL3_BORA1   (Q2L2G0), 
RL3_BORAP   (Q0SN29), RL3_BORBR   (Q7WRC5), RL3_BORBU   (P94267), 
RL3_BORBZ   (B7J243), RL3_BORDL   (B5RM36), RL3_BORGA   (Q661E3), 
RL3_BORHD   (B2S0I1), RL3_BORPA   (Q7W2F6), RL3_BORPD   (A9IJ01), 
RL3_BORPE   (Q7VTD3), RL3_BORRA   (B5RPI2), RL3_BORT9   (A1QZR4), 
RL3_BOVIN   (P39872), RL3_BRADU   (Q89J84), RL3_BRAHW   (C0QVZ6), 
RL3_BRAPL   (Q9FA04), RL3_BRASB   (A5ELM7), RL3_BRASO   (A4YSJ2), 
RL3_BREBN   (C0ZII0), RL3_BRUA1   (B2S679), RL3_BRUA2   (Q2YM03), 
RL3_BRUAB   (Q57CQ8), RL3_BRUC2   (A9M5Q0), RL3_BRUMB   (C0RJK1), 
RL3_BRUME   (Q8YHP0), RL3_BRUO2   (A5VR06), RL3_BRUSI   (B0CH32), 
RL3_BRUSU   (Q8G076), RL3_BUCA5   (B8D9U7), RL3_BUCAI   (P57591), 
RL3_BUCAP   (Q8K950), RL3_BUCAT   (B8D849), RL3_BUCBP   (Q89A68), 
RL3_BUCCC   (Q057A4), RL3_BURA4   (B1YRD0), RL3_BURCA   (Q1BRU8), 
RL3_BURCC   (B1JU22), RL3_BURCH   (A0K3M5), RL3_BURCJ   (B4E5C0), 
RL3_BURCM   (Q0BJ46), RL3_BURL3   (Q39KG7), RL3_BURM1   (A9ADJ3), 
RL3_BURM7   (A3MRV4), RL3_BURM9   (A2S7H6), RL3_BURMA   (Q62GK5), 
RL3_BURMS   (A1V8A3), RL3_BURP0   (A3P0B3), RL3_BURP1   (Q3JMR3), 
RL3_BURP6   (A3NEH9), RL3_BURP8   (B2JIG6), RL3_BURPP   (B2T751), 
RL3_BURPS   (Q63Q11), RL3_BURTA   (Q2SU27), RL3_BURVG   (A4JAP0), 
RL3_BURXL   (Q13TH0), RL3_CAEBR   (Q9NBK4), RL3_CAEEL   (P50880), 
RL3_CALMQ   (A8MB75), RL3_CALS4   (Q8R7V4), RL3_CANGA   (Q6FTJ2), 
RL3_CARHZ   (Q3A9R6), RL3_CAUCR   (Q9A8V3), RL3_CELJU   (B3PK37), 
RL3_CHESB   (Q11HQ2), RL3_CHLAA   (A9WH66), RL3_CHLAB   (Q5L720), 
RL3_CHLAD   (B8G6S5), RL3_CHLCH   (Q3APH3), RL3_CHLCV   (Q824Q1), 
RL3_CHLL2   (B3EGZ0), RL3_CHLP8   (B3QR75), RL3_CHLPD   (A1BJ34), 
RL3_CHLSY   (B9LJD2), RL3_CHLTE   (Q8KAH2), RL3_CHRSD   (Q1R0H5), 
RL3_CHRVO   (Q7NQF2), RL3_CITK8   (A8AQM0), RL3_CLAM3   (A5CUB3), 
RL3_CLAMS   (B0RB39), RL3_CLOAB   (Q97EH8), RL3_CLOB1   (A7FZ69), 
RL3_CLOB6   (C3KVQ1), RL3_CLOB8   (A6LPR1), RL3_CLOBA   (B2UYB0), 
RL3_CLOBB   (B2TIH5), RL3_CLOBH   (A5I7K6), RL3_CLOBJ   (C1FMV1), 
RL3_CLOBK   (B1IGF4), RL3_CLOBL   (A7GJ74), RL3_CLOBM   (B1KSM5), 
RL3_CLOCE   (B8I7X9), RL3_CLOK1   (B9DYA9), RL3_CLOK5   (A5N4P7), 
RL3_CLONN   (A0PXU6), RL3_CLOP1   (Q0TMP6), RL3_CLOPE   (Q8XHS3), 
RL3_CLOPH   (A9KJJ4), RL3_CLOPS   (Q0SQE4), RL3_CLOTE   (Q890N9), 
RL3_CLOTH   (A3DJH2), RL3_COLP3   (Q487Z3), RL3_CORA7   (C3PKQ2), 
RL3_CORDI   (P60453), RL3_COREF   (Q8FS80), RL3_CORGB   (A4QBH9), 
RL3_CORGL   (Q8NT09), RL3_CORJK   (Q4JT47), RL3_CORK4   (C4LL52), 
RL3_CORU7   (B1VET6), RL3_COXB1   (B6J5D2), RL3_COXB2   (B6J263), 
RL3_COXBR   (A9NAM4), RL3_COXBU   (Q83ES4), RL3_CROS8   (A7MPI7), 
RL3_CUPNH   (Q0K619), RL3_CUPPJ   (Q46WE4), RL3_CUPTR   (B3R7S3), 
RL3_CYAA5   (B1WQQ9), RL3_CYAP4   (B8HMQ4), RL3_CYAP7   (B7KHY7), 
RL3_CYAP8   (B7K335), RL3_DEBHA   (Q6BXM5), RL3_DECAR   (Q47JA3), 
RL3_DEHM1   (Q3Z981), RL3_DEHMB   (A5FRY9), RL3_DEHMC   (Q3ZZM4), 
RL3_DEIGD   (Q1IX72), RL3_DEIRA   (Q9RXK2), RL3_DELAS   (A9BPR8), 
RL3_DESAA   (B8FET5), RL3_DESAH   (C0Q9X3), RL3_DESAP   (B1I1I8), 
RL3_DESHY   (Q250N2), RL3_DESPS   (Q6AP71), RL3_DESRM   (A4J111), 
RL3_DICDI   (P34113), RL3_DICNV   (A5EX82), RL3_DROME   (O16797), 
RL3_ECO24   (A7ZSK9), RL3_ECO27   (B7UK44), RL3_ECO45   (B7MCT5), 
RL3_ECO55   (B7L4K9), RL3_ECO57   (P60440), RL3_ECO5E   (B5YTP1), 
RL3_ECO7I   (B7NLN9), RL3_ECO81   (B7N0W0), RL3_ECO8A   (B7M1N4), 
RL3_ECOBW   (C4ZUH5), RL3_ECODH   (B1X6H1), RL3_ECOHS   (A8A5C5), 
RL3_ECOK1   (A1AGK7), RL3_ECOL5   (Q0TCE1), RL3_ECOL6   (P60439), 
RL3_ECOLC   (B1IPX9), RL3_ECOLI   (P60438), RL3_ECOLU   (B7NDU1), 
RL3_ECOSE   (B6I234), RL3_ECOSM   (B1LHD4), RL3_ECOUT   (Q1R602), 
RL3_EHRCJ   (Q3YRK9), RL3_ENCCU   (Q8SQI3), RL3_ENT38   (A4WFC8), 
RL3_ENTFA   (Q839G4), RL3_ERWT9   (B2VK65), RL3_ERYLH   (Q2N9B1), 
RL3_ESCF3   (B7LS40), RL3_EUBE2   (C4Z2T0), RL3_EUBR3   (C4ZBD4), 
RL3_EXIS2   (B1YGV0), RL3_EXISA   (C4KZP6), RL3_FERNB   (A7HM52), 
RL3_FINM2   (B0RZU0), RL3_FLAJ1   (A5FMY1), RL3_FLAPJ   (A6GZ99), 
RL3_FRAAA   (Q0RRS1), RL3_FRAP2   (B0U0Y9), RL3_FRASC   (Q2JFH6), 
RL3_FRASN   (A8LC56), RL3_FRAT1   (Q14JC0), RL3_FRATF   (A7N9S6), 
RL3_FRATH   (Q2A5H0), RL3_FRATM   (B2SDY5), RL3_FRATN   (A0Q4I3), 
RL3_FRATO   (Q0BNS7), RL3_FRATT   (Q5NHW8), RL3_FRATW   (A4IZT4), 
RL3_GEOBB   (B5EFQ0), RL3_GEODF   (B9M6U5), RL3_GEOKA   (Q5L3Z7), 
RL3_GEOLS   (B3E7T5), RL3_GEOMG   (Q39Y06), RL3_GEOSE   (P28600), 
RL3_GEOSL   (P60454), RL3_GEOSM   (C6E4Q7), RL3_GEOSW   (C5D3R7), 
RL3_GEOTN   (A4IJI9), RL3_GEOUR   (A5GAW5), RL3_GLOVI   (Q7NPH0), 
RL3_GLUDA   (A9H3R5), RL3_GLUOX   (Q5FTY3), RL3_GRABC   (Q0BUQ0), 
RL3_GRAFK   (A0M598), RL3_HAEDU   (Q7VKD2), RL3_HAEI8   (Q4QMC2), 
RL3_HAEIG   (A5UHT0), RL3_HAEIN   (P44344), RL3_HAEPS   (B8F755), 
RL3_HAHCH   (Q2S912), RL3_HALHL   (A1WVC2), RL3_HALMA   (P20279), 
RL3_HALOH   (B8D0C4), RL3_HALS3   (B0R656), RL3_HALSA   (Q9HPD4), 
RL3_HALWD   (Q18GE9), RL3_HAMD5   (C4K7B8), RL3_HELMI   (B0TC56), 
RL3_HERA2   (A9B412), RL3_HERAR   (A4G9T8), RL3_HISS1   (Q0I163), 
RL3_HISS2   (B0UX13), RL3_HUMAN   (P39023), RL3_HYDS0   (B4U744), 
RL3_HYPNA   (Q0BYB4), RL3_IDILO   (Q5QXZ0), RL3_JANMA   (A6T3K4), 
RL3_KINRD   (A6W5T8), RL3_KLEP3   (B5XN94), RL3_KLEP7   (A6TEX2), 
RL3_KLULA   (Q6CJR7), RL3_KOCRD   (B2GIL4), RL3_KORVE   (Q1ISC2), 
RL3_KOSOT   (C5CGR4), RL3_LACAC   (Q5FM90), RL3_LACDA   (Q1GBL8), 
RL3_LACDB   (Q04C15), RL3_LACGA   (Q046C5), RL3_LACH4   (A8YXK5), 
RL3_LACJO   (Q74L88), RL3_LACLA   (Q9CDW2), RL3_LACLM   (A2RNQ5), 
RL3_LACS1   (Q1WS90), RL3_LARHH   (C1DAR7), RL3_LEGPA   (Q5X859), 
RL3_LEGPC   (A5IHR4), RL3_LEGPH   (Q5ZYP3), RL3_LEGPL   (Q5WZL2), 
RL3_LEPCP   (B1Y8I7), RL3_LEUMM   (Q03ZP5), RL3_LISIN   (Q927K7), 
RL3_LISMC   (C1KZI0), RL3_LISMF   (Q71WE6), RL3_LISMH   (B8DB08), 
RL3_LISMO   (Q8Y440), RL3_LISW6   (A0ALW8), RL3_LYSSC   (B1HMY0), 
RL3_MACCJ   (B9E9J1), RL3_MACFA   (Q4R5Q0), RL3_MAGSA   (Q2W2J1), 
RL3_MAGSM   (A0L5X3), RL3_MANSM   (Q65QV5), RL3_MARHV   (A1TYJ7), 
RL3_MARMM   (Q0ANQ0), RL3_MARMS   (A6W392), RL3_MESFL   (Q6F1Z4), 
RL3_META3   (A6UV68), RL3_METAC   (Q8TRU7), RL3_METBF   (Q46G95), 
RL3_METBU   (Q12ZV1), RL3_METC4   (B7L0R1), RL3_METCA   (Q605B2), 
RL3_METEP   (A9W4Q1), RL3_METFK   (Q1H4N7), RL3_METH6   (G7WMS7), 
RL3_METHJ   (Q2FU91), RL3_METJA   (P54014), RL3_METKA   (Q8TY90), 
RL3_METLZ   (A2SPK3), RL3_METM5   (A4FVY2), RL3_METM6   (A9A9B8), 
RL3_METM7   (A6VHD2), RL3_METMA   (Q8PV50), RL3_METMJ   (A3CSZ7), 
RL3_METMP   (Q6LX10), RL3_METNO   (B8IS85), RL3_METPB   (B1ZLK4), 
RL3_METPP   (A2SLF7), RL3_METRJ   (B1LWS6), RL3_METS3   (A5UL89), 
RL3_METS4   (B0UHW9), RL3_METS5   (A4YCW6), RL3_METSB   (B8ELG3), 
RL3_METST   (Q2NFV6), RL3_METTH   (O26110), RL3_METTP   (A0B9X0), 
RL3_METVA   (Q9UWG2), RL3_METVS   (A6UQJ0), RL3_MICAN   (B0JI03), 
RL3_MOOTA   (Q2RFP7), RL3_MOUSE   (P27659), RL3_MYCA1   (A0QL18), 
RL3_MYCA5   (B3PMP8), RL3_MYCAP   (A5IYY6), RL3_MYCBO   (P60441), 
RL3_MYCBP   (A1KGI2), RL3_MYCBT   (C1AL35), RL3_MYCCT   (P10134), 
RL3_MYCGA   (O52332), RL3_MYCGE   (P47397), RL3_MYCGI   (A4T1U2), 
RL3_MYCH2   (Q601L5), RL3_MYCH7   (Q4A8H1), RL3_MYCHJ   (Q4AAE0), 
RL3_MYCLE   (P30762), RL3_MYCMM   (B2HSN1), RL3_MYCMO   (Q6KI55), 
RL3_MYCMS   (Q6MSM6), RL3_MYCPA   (Q73SB3), RL3_MYCPE   (Q8EUB3), 
RL3_MYCPN   (P75580), RL3_MYCPU   (Q98PY0), RL3_MYCS2   (A0QSD1), 
RL3_MYCS5   (Q4A5C1), RL3_MYCSJ   (A3PVC1), RL3_MYCSK   (A1UBN6), 
RL3_MYCSS   (Q1BDA7), RL3_MYCTA   (A5U087), RL3_MYCTO   (P9WH86), 
RL3_MYCTU   (P9WH87), RL3_MYCUA   (A0PM63), RL3_MYCVP   (A1T4N9), 
RL3_MYXXD   (Q1D706), RL3_NANEQ   (P60458), RL3_NATPD   (Q3IMY8), 
RL3_NEIG1   (Q5F5S7), RL3_NEIM0   (A9M3W6), RL3_NEIMA   (P60443), 
RL3_NEIMB   (P60444), RL3_NEIMF   (A1KRH3), RL3_NEUCR   (P59671), 
RL3_NITEC   (Q0AIJ5), RL3_NITEU   (Q82X88), RL3_NITHX   (Q1QN30), 
RL3_NITMU   (Q2YAZ7), RL3_NITOC   (Q3J8R4), RL3_NITWN   (Q3SSW6), 
RL3_NOCFA   (Q5Z1W3), RL3_NOCSJ   (A1SNL8), RL3_NOSP7   (B2ITQ5), 
RL3_NOSS1   (Q8YPH9), RL3_NOVAD   (Q2G8Y0), RL3_OCEIH   (Q8ETY2), 
RL3_OCHA4   (A6X0B8), RL3_OENOB   (Q04G85), RL3_OLICO   (B6JET3), 
RL3_ONYPE   (P60455), RL3_ORYSJ   (P35684), RL3_PARD8   (A6LEJ1), 
RL3_PARL1   (A7HWR1), RL3_PARUW   (Q6ME63), RL3_PASMU   (Q9CL32), 
RL3_PECAS   (Q6CZX0), RL3_PECCP   (C6DG74), RL3_PELCD   (Q3A6P7), 
RL3_PELLD   (Q3B6G1), RL3_PELPB   (B4SBU7), RL3_PELPD   (A1ALU1), 
RL3_PELTS   (A5D5J0), RL3_PELUB   (Q4FLL8), RL3_PEPD6   (Q18CG0), 
RL3_PETMO   (A9BHA5), RL3_PHEZH   (B4R8L7), RL3_PHOLL   (Q7MYF1), 
RL3_PHOPR   (Q6LVB6), RL3_PHYAS   (B1VAE8), RL3_PHYMT   (B3QZZ1), 
RL3_PIG     (Q29293), RL3_PLARO   (P72233), RL3_POLNA   (A1VIQ0), 
RL3_POLNS   (B1XSQ1), RL3_POLSJ   (Q12GX1), RL3_POLSQ   (A4SUW1), 
RL3_PORG3   (B2RLZ2), RL3_PORGI   (Q7MTL3), RL3_PROA2   (B4S5M7), 
RL3_PROAC   (Q6A6M6), RL3_PROM0   (A3PF47), RL3_PROM1   (A2C4Z9), 
RL3_PROM2   (A8G762), RL3_PROM3   (A2CC27), RL3_PROM4   (A9BCP7), 
RL3_PROM5   (A2BYT6), RL3_PROM9   (Q318I4), RL3_PROMA   (Q7V9W2), 
RL3_PROMH   (B4F1I4), RL3_PROMM   (Q7V542), RL3_PROMP   (Q7UZU7), 
RL3_PROMS   (A2BTD7), RL3_PROMT   (Q46IQ9), RL3_PSE14   (Q48D36), 
RL3_PSEA6   (Q15YN9), RL3_PSEA7   (A6UZI8), RL3_PSEA8   (B7V644), 
RL3_PSEAB   (Q02T80), RL3_PSEAE   (Q9HWD5), RL3_PSEE4   (Q1IFW6), 
RL3_PSEF5   (Q4K533), RL3_PSEFS   (C3K2X6), RL3_PSEHT   (Q3IF25), 
RL3_PSEMY   (A4XZ90), RL3_PSEP1   (A5VXP7), RL3_PSEPF   (Q3K5Y8), 
RL3_PSEPG   (B0KK67), RL3_PSEPK   (Q88QN5), RL3_PSEPW   (B1JDW4), 
RL3_PSESM   (Q889X1), RL3_PSEU2   (Q4ZMP4), RL3_PSEU5   (A4VHN0), 
RL3_PSYA2   (Q4FUF6), RL3_PSYCK   (Q1QDI6), RL3_PSYIN   (A1T0E2), 
RL3_PSYWF   (A5WCJ0), RL3_PYRAB   (Q9V1T5), RL3_PYRAE   (Q8ZW52), 
RL3_PYRAR   (A4WMH5), RL3_PYRCJ   (A3MWI4), RL3_PYRFU   (Q8TZZ8), 
RL3_PYRHO   (O59418), RL3_PYRIL   (A1RVG3), RL3_PYRNV   (B1YD88), 
RL3_RALME   (Q1LI37), RL3_RALPJ   (B2UEL9), RL3_RALSO   (Q8XV12), 
RL3_RAT     (P21531), RL3_RENSM   (A9WSV9), RL3_RHIE6   (B3PWS1), 
RL3_RHIEC   (Q2K9L6), RL3_RHIL3   (Q1MIE1), RL3_RHILO   (Q98N57), 
RL3_RHILW   (B5ZYT5), RL3_RHIME   (Q92QH0), RL3_RHOBA   (Q7UN20), 
RL3_RHOCS   (B6IRQ6), RL3_RHOE4   (C0ZW25), RL3_RHOFT   (Q21RV8), 
RL3_RHOJR   (Q0S3H6), RL3_RHOOB   (C1B012), RL3_RHOP2   (Q2IXR0), 
RL3_RHOP5   (Q07KL8), RL3_RHOPA   (P60456), RL3_RHOPB   (Q211E8), 
RL3_RHOPS   (Q134S9), RL3_RHOPT   (B3QBY0), RL3_RHORT   (Q2RQW0), 
RL3_RICAE   (C3PPA7), RL3_RICAH   (A8GPF0), RL3_RICB8   (A8GVB4), 
RL3_RICBR   (Q1RHM1), RL3_RICCK   (A8EZL6), RL3_RICCN   (Q92GW6), 
RL3_RICFE   (Q4UMS9), RL3_RICM5   (A8F2E7), RL3_RICPR   (P48952), 
RL3_RICPU   (C4K2H9), RL3_RICRO   (B0BUR0), RL3_RICRS   (A8GT69), 
RL3_RICTY   (Q68W78), RL3_ROSCS   (A7NR63), RL3_ROSS1   (A5USI9), 
RL3_RUEPO   (Q5LLU6), RL3_RUEST   (Q1GK37), RL3_RUTMC   (A1AVK0), 
RL3_SACD2   (Q21M57), RL3_SACEN   (A4FPM5), RL3_SALA4   (B5F8F2), 
RL3_SALAI   (A8M529), RL3_SALAR   (A9MN46), RL3_SALCH   (Q57J32), 
RL3_SALDC   (B5FJL4), RL3_SALEP   (B5R291), RL3_SALG2   (B5RH15), 
RL3_SALHS   (B4TKL5), RL3_SALNS   (B4SUU0), RL3_SALPA   (Q5PIV2), 
RL3_SALPC   (C0Q0B6), RL3_SALPK   (B5BGY6), RL3_SALRD   (Q2S3R4), 
RL3_SALSV   (B4TXE2), RL3_SALTI   (P60445), RL3_SALTO   (A4XBP6), 
RL3_SALTY   (P60446), RL3_SERP5   (A8GKJ7), RL3_SHEAM   (A1S218), 
RL3_SHEB2   (B8EBK5), RL3_SHEB5   (A3DA72), RL3_SHEB8   (A6WHS8), 
RL3_SHEB9   (A9KWA2), RL3_SHEDO   (Q12SV9), RL3_SHEFN   (Q089Q4), 
RL3_SHEHH   (B0TM12), RL3_SHELP   (A3Q982), RL3_SHEON   (Q8EK68), 
RL3_SHEPA   (A8GYX6), RL3_SHEPC   (A4YBY3), RL3_SHEPW   (B8CND3), 
RL3_SHESA   (A0KRM4), RL3_SHESH   (A8G1E8), RL3_SHESM   (Q0HNT7), 
RL3_SHESR   (Q0I0A5), RL3_SHESW   (A1REB4), RL3_SHEWM   (B1KMY3), 
RL3_SHIB3   (B2U2T8), RL3_SHIBS   (Q31VV6), RL3_SHIDS   (Q32B31), 
RL3_SHIF8   (Q0SZY3), RL3_SHIFL   (P60447), RL3_SHISS   (Q3YWT9), 
RL3_SINMW   (A6U859), RL3_SODGM   (Q2NQM2), RL3_SOLUE   (Q01W92), 
RL3_SORC5   (A9FQE0), RL3_SPHAL   (Q1GP99), RL3_SPIKU   (P60457), 
RL3_STAA1   (A7X5G3), RL3_STAA2   (A6U3X5), RL3_STAA3   (Q2FEN9), 
RL3_STAA8   (Q2FW06), RL3_STAA9   (A5IV34), RL3_STAAB   (Q2YYP6), 
RL3_STAAC   (Q5HDV8), RL3_STAAE   (A6QJ92), RL3_STAAM   (P60448), 
RL3_STAAN   (P60449), RL3_STAAR   (Q6GEI3), RL3_STAAS   (Q6G771), 
RL3_STAAW   (P60450), RL3_STACT   (B9DM19), RL3_STAEQ   (Q5HLZ9), 
RL3_STAES   (Q8CRG0), RL3_STAHJ   (Q4L8B4), RL3_STAMF   (A3DNA4), 
RL3_STAS1   (Q49ZG8), RL3_STRA1   (Q3K3W9), RL3_STRA3   (Q8E7T8), 
RL3_STRA5   (Q8E2D1), RL3_STRAW   (Q82DP5), RL3_STRCO   (Q9L0E0), 
RL3_STRE4   (C0M660), RL3_STREM   (B4U500), RL3_STRGC   (A8AZM5), 
RL3_STRGG   (B1W407), RL3_STRM5   (B4SKW3), RL3_STRMK   (B2FQ45), 
RL3_STRMU   (Q8DS16), RL3_STRP1   (Q9A1X4), RL3_STRP2   (Q04MN6), 
RL3_STRP3   (P0DE52), RL3_STRP4   (B5E6F5), RL3_STRP6   (Q5XED5), 
RL3_STRP7   (C1CAL2), RL3_STRP8   (P60452), RL3_STRPB   (Q1JE59), 
RL3_STRPC   (Q1JP17), RL3_STRPD   (Q1JJ62), RL3_STRPG   (A2RC14), 
RL3_STRPI   (B1I8J8), RL3_STRPJ   (B8ZKF7), RL3_STRPM   (Q48VU9), 
RL3_STRPN   (Q97SV5), RL3_STRPQ   (P0DE53), RL3_STRPS   (B2IS40), 
RL3_STRPZ   (B5XJ36), RL3_STRR6   (Q8CWV8), RL3_STRS7   (C0MCB0), 
RL3_STRSV   (A3CK63), RL3_STRSY   (A4VSF4), RL3_STRT1   (Q5LXR1), 
RL3_STRT2   (Q5M2B3), RL3_STRTD   (Q03IF1), RL3_STRU0   (B9DSV0), 
RL3_STRZJ   (C1CC06), RL3_STRZP   (C1CI97), RL3_STRZT   (C1CP88), 
RL3_SULAC   (Q4JB40), RL3_SULIA   (C3N5S7), RL3_SULIK   (C4KHF6), 
RL3_SULIL   (C3MQ59), RL3_SULIM   (C3MVH8), RL3_SULIN   (C3NHA9), 
RL3_SULIY   (C3NEE3), RL3_SULMW   (A8Z668), RL3_SULSO   (Q9UXA8), 
RL3_SULTO   (Q975I1), RL3_SYMTH   (Q67JU3), RL3_SYNAS   (Q2LQA1), 
RL3_SYNE7   (Q31L07), RL3_SYNFM   (A0LIJ0), RL3_SYNJA   (Q2JV81), 
RL3_SYNJB   (Q2JIM7), RL3_SYNP2   (B1XJT9), RL3_SYNP6   (O24689), 
RL3_SYNPW   (A5GIU5), RL3_SYNPX   (Q7U4K0), RL3_SYNR3   (A5GVW0), 
RL3_SYNS3   (Q0ID05), RL3_SYNS9   (Q3AUW3), RL3_SYNSC   (Q3AMN0), 
RL3_SYNWW   (Q0AUI0), RL3_SYNY3   (P73320), RL3_TERTT   (C5BQ61), 
RL3_TETTH   (O96774), RL3_THEAB   (B7IHU6), RL3_THEEB   (Q8DMN1), 
RL3_THEFY   (Q47LJ3), RL3_THEGJ   (C5A286), RL3_THEKO   (Q5JDJ0), 
RL3_THELT   (A8F4R1), RL3_THEM4   (A6LLL3), RL3_THEMA   (P38515), 
RL3_THEON   (B6YSL3), RL3_THEP1   (A5IM83), RL3_THEP3   (B0KCK0), 
RL3_THEPX   (B0K5P3), RL3_THESM   (C6A159), RL3_THESQ   (B1LBP0), 
RL3_THET2   (Q72I04), RL3_THET8   (Q5SHN8), RL3_THETH   (P52860), 
RL3_THICR   (Q31IY2), RL3_THIDA   (Q3SLP9), RL3_THISH   (B8GV58), 
RL3_TOLAT   (C4L7T0), RL3_TOXCA   (P49149), RL3_TREDE   (Q73PN1), 
RL3_TREPA   (O83219), RL3_TREPS   (B2S2D6), RL3_TRIEI   (Q110A7), 
RL3_TROW8   (Q83I78), RL3_TROWT   (Q83FY6), RL3_UNCTG   (B1GZ83), 
RL3_UREP2   (B1AIM0), RL3_UREPA   (Q9PQR0), RL3_UREU1   (B5ZB40), 
RL3_VARPS   (C5CP53), RL3_VEREI   (A1WHC5), RL3_VIBC3   (A5F549), 
RL3_VIBCB   (A7MWI3), RL3_VIBCH   (Q9KNY4), RL3_VIBCM   (C3LRQ8), 
RL3_VIBFM   (B5FG09), RL3_VIBPA   (Q87T13), RL3_VIBTL   (B7VLF7), 
RL3_VIBVU   (Q8DE39), RL3_VIBVY   (Q7MPI8), RL3_WIGBR   (Q8D212), 
RL3_XANAC   (Q8PNS4), RL3_XANC5   (Q3BWY3), RL3_XANC8   (Q4URD9), 
RL3_XANCB   (B0RU82), RL3_XANCP   (Q8PC49), RL3_XANOM   (Q2NZY5), 
RL3_XANOP   (B2SQR0), RL3_XANOR   (Q5GWT3), RL3_XANP2   (A7IFY1), 
RL3_XYLF2   (B2I8G9), RL3_XYLFA   (Q9PE76), RL3_XYLFM   (B0U5A7), 
RL3_XYLFT   (Q87E82), RL3_YEAST   (P14126), RL3_YERE8   (A1JS47), 
RL3_YERP3   (A7FNN5), RL3_YERPA   (Q1C2U7), RL3_YERPB   (B2K5N0), 
RL3_YERPE   (Q8ZJA9), RL3_YERPG   (A9R8Z6), RL3_YERPN   (Q1CCU4), 
RL3_YERPP   (A4TGZ2), RL3_YERPS   (P11252), RL3_YERPY   (B1JIW1), 
RL3_ZYMMO   (Q5NQ64), RM03_BOVIN  (Q3ZBX6), RM03_HUMAN  (P09001), 
RM03_MOUSE  (Q99N95), RM03_RAT    (P18665), RM09_SCHPO  (Q9P6P6), 
RM09_YEAST  (P31334)
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False negative sequences
73 sequences

RK3_CYACA   (Q9TLT2), RK3_CYAME   (Q85FW3), RK3_EMIHU   (Q4G364), 
RK3_GRATL   (Q6B8V3), RK3_GUITH   (O46894), RK3_RHDSA   (A6MW01), 
RL3_BDEBA   (Q6MJ15), RL3_CALBD   (B9MKI1), RL3_CALS8   (A4XLT0), 
RL3_CAMJE   (Q9PLX1), RL3_CARRU   (Q9AIN8), RL3_CAUSK   (B0T2C2), 
RL3_CHLFF   (Q252V3), RL3_CHLMU   (Q9PJL4), RL3_CHLPB   (B3EP61), 
RL3_CHLPN   (Q9Z7Q7), RL3_CHLT2   (B0B8A2), RL3_CHLT3   (B3QY24), 
RL3_CHLTA   (Q3KLG9), RL3_CHLTB   (B0BCG7), RL3_CHLTR   (O84533), 
RL3_COXBN   (A9KD31), RL3_CYTH3   (Q11QB2), RL3_DESAD   (C6C185), 
RL3_DESAG   (Q30Z42), RL3_DESMR   (C4XLX3), RL3_DESOH   (A8ZV57), 
RL3_DESVH   (Q72CI0), RL3_DESVM   (B8DN96), RL3_DESVV   (A1VEB6), 
RL3_DINSH   (A8LM48), RL3_FUSNN   (Q8RIF5), RL3_HELHP   (Q7VGE4), 
RL3_HELPJ   (Q9ZJR4), RL3_HELPY   (P56031), RL3_JANSC   (Q28UW2), 
RL3_LACBA   (Q03PV7), RL3_LACC3   (Q034Y3), RL3_LACCB   (B3WAL7), 
RL3_LACF3   (B2GDW9), RL3_LACPL   (Q88XY6), RL3_LACRD   (A5VLK5), 
RL3_LACRJ   (B2G8X8), RL3_LACSS   (Q38UR2), RL3_LAWIP   (Q1MPR3), 
RL3_LEIXX   (Q6ACZ5), RL3_LEPBA   (B0SAF4), RL3_LEPBJ   (Q04PT8), 
RL3_LEPBL   (Q055E4), RL3_LEPBP   (B0SSH7), RL3_LEPIC   (Q72NG1), 
RL3_LEPIN   (Q9XD36), RL3_LEUCK   (B1MW14), RL3_METB6   (A7I5N9), 
RL3_METPE   (B8GKD3), RL3_NATTJ   (B2A4D9), RL3_PARDP   (A1B027), 
RL3_PEDPA   (Q03EB6), RL3_PERMH   (C0QQM3), RL3_PICTO   (Q6L1C7), 
RL3_PROVI   (A4SCQ9), RL3_RHOS4   (Q3J5S2), RL3_ROSDO   (Q16AF4), 
RL3_RUBXD   (Q1AU29), RL3_SPHWW   (A5V602), RL3_SULSY   (B2V7L3), 
RL3_THEAC   (Q9HIQ9), RL3_THERP   (B9KZY7), RL3_THEVO   (Q97BX7), 
RL3_UNCMA   (Q0W1Y9), RL3_VESOH   (A5CXK4), RL3_WOLSU   (Q7M8D4), 
RM03_CAEEL  (P49404)
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'Partial' sequences
1 sequence

RK3_SPIOL   (P82191)

[Detailed view]
432 PDB

1FFK; 1GIY; 1JJ2; 1K73; 1K8A; 1K9M; 1KC8; 1KD1; 1KQS; 1M1K; 1M90; 1ML5; 1N8R; 1NJI; 1NKW; 1NWX; 1NWY; 1PNU; 1PNY; 1Q7Y; 1Q81; 1Q82; 1Q86; 1QVF; 1QVG; 1S1I; 1S72; 1SM1; 1VOW; 1VOY; 1VP0; 1VQ4; 1VQ5; 1VQ6; 1VQ7; 1VQ8; 1VQ9; 1VQK; 1VQL; 1VQM; 1VQN; 1VQO; 1VQP; 1VS6; 1VS8; 1VSA; 1VSP; 1VT2; 1VVM; 1VVO; 1VVQ; 1VVS; 1VVU; 1VVW; 1VVY; 1VW0; 1VW3; 1VW8; 1VWU; 1VX9; 1VXJ; 1VXL; 1VXN; 1VXQ; 1VXT; 1VXV; 1VXY; 1VY1; 1VY3; 1W2B; 1XBP; 1YHQ; 1YI2; 1YIJ; 1YIT; 1YJ9; 1YJN; 1YJW; 1YL3; 2AW4; 2AWB; 2B9P; 2FTC; 2GYA; 2GYC; 2HGJ; 2HGQ; 2HGU; 2I2T; 2I2V; 2J01; 2J03; 2J28; 2OGM; 2OGN; 2OGO; 2OTJ; 2OTL; 2QA4; 2QAM; 2QAO; 2QBA; 2QBC; 2QBE; 2QBG; 2QBI; 2QBK; 2QEX; 2QOV; 2QOX; 2QOZ; 2QP1; 2RDO; 2V47; 2V49; 2VHM; 2VHN; 2WDI; 2WDJ; 2WDL; 2WDN; 2WH2; 2WH4; 2WRJ; 2WRL; 2WRO; 2WRR; 2WWQ; 2X9S; 2X9U; 2XG0; 2XG2; 2XQE; 2XTG; 2XUX; 2Y0V; 2Y0X; 2Y0Z; 2Y11; 2Y13; 2Y15; 2Y17; 2Y19; 2Z4L; 2Z4N; 2ZJP; 2ZJQ; 2ZJR; 3BBO; 3BBX; 3CC2; 3CC4; 3CC7; 3CCE; 3CCJ; 3CCL; 3CCM; 3CCQ; 3CCR; 3CCS; 3CCU; 3CCV; 3CD6; 3CF5; 3CMA; 3CME; 3CPW; 3CXC; 3D5B; 3D5D; 3DF2; 3DF4; 3DLL; 3E1B; 3E1D; 3F1F; 3F1H; 3FIK; 3FIN; 3G4S; 3G6E; 3G71; 3HUX; 3HUZ; 3I1N; 3I1P; 3I1R; 3I1T; 3I20; 3I22; 3I55; 3I56; 3I8F; 3I8I; 3I9C; 3I9E; 3IZS; 3IZT; 3IZU; 3J01; 3J0T; 3J0W; 3J0Y; 3J11; 3J12; 3J14; 3J19; 3J21; 3J37; 3J39; 3J3B; 3J3V; 3J3W; 3J44; 3J4X; 3J50; 3J51; 3J52; 3J54; 3J56; 3J58; 3J5A; 3J5C; 3J5E; 3J5G; 3J5I; 3J5K; 3J5L; 3J5O; 3J5U; 3J5W; 3J65; 3J7Y; 3J7Z; 3KCR; 3KIR; 3KIT; 3KIW; 3KIY; 3KNI; 3KNK; 3KNM; 3KNO; 3MRZ; 3MS1; 3O58; 3O5H; 3OAS; 3OAT; 3OFC; 3OFD; 3OFQ; 3OFR; 3OFZ; 3OG0; 3OH5; 3OH7; 3OHJ; 3OHK; 3OHZ; 3OI1; 3OI3; 3OI5; 3ORB; 3OW2; 3PIO; 3PIP; 3PYO; 3PYR; 3PYT; 3PYV; 3R8S; 3R8T; 3SGF; 3TVE; 3TVH; 3U5E; 3U5I; 3UOS; 3UXQ; 3UXR; 3UYE; 3UYG; 3UZ1; 3UZ2; 3UZ8; 3UZ9; 3UZF; 3UZH; 3UZK; 3UZN; 3V23; 3V25; 3V27; 3V29; 3V2D; 3V2F; 3V6W; 3V6X; 3ZN9; 3ZNE; 3ZVP; 4A17; 4A1A; 4A1C; 4A1E; 4ABS; 4ADX; 4B6A; 4B8G; 4B8I; 4BTD; 4BYC; 4BYE; 4BYN; 4BYU; 4CSU; 4CUW; 4DHA; 4DHC; 4EJB; 4EJC; 4G5L; 4G5N; 4G5U; 4G5W; 4GAR; 4GAU; 4HUB; 4IO9; 4IOA; 4IOC; 4JUX; 4K0M; 4K0Q; 4KBU; 4KBW; 4KCZ; 4KD2; 4KD9; 4KDB; 4KDH; 4KDK; 4KFI; 4KFL; 4KIX; 4KIZ; 4KJ1; 4KJ3; 4KJ5; 4KJ7; 4KJ9; 4KJB; 4KX0; 4KX2; 4L6J; 4L6L; 4NVV; 4NVX; 4NVZ; 4NW1; 4PEB; 4PEC; 4QCN; 4QCP; 4QCR; 4QCT; 4QCV; 4QCX; 4QCZ; 4QD1; 4QJS; 4QS1; 4QS3; 4RB6; 4RB8; 4RBA; 4RBC; 4RBE; 4RBG; 4RBI; 4RBK; 4TOM; 4TOO; 4TOV; 4TOX; 4TP1; 4TP3; 4TP5; 4TP7; 4TP9; 4TPB; 4TPD; 4TPF; 4UJG; 4UJI; 4UJL; 4UJN; 4UJQ; 4UJS; 4UJV; 4UJX; 4UK0; 4UK2; 4UK5; 4UK7; 4UKA; 4UKC; 4UKG; 4UKI; 4UKL; 4UKN; 4UKQ; 4UKS; 4UKV; 4UKX; 4UL0; 4UL2; 4UL5; 4UL7; 4ULA; 4ULC; 4ULF; 4ULH; 4ULK; 4ULN; 4ULQ; 4ULS; 4W2B; 4W2D; 4WAP; 4WAR
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