Entry: PS00828

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General information about the entry

Entry name [info] RIBOSOMAL_L36
Accession [info] PS00828
Entry type [info] PATTERN
Date [info] OCT-1993 (CREATED); APR-2006 (DATA UPDATE); JAN-2015 (INFO UPDATE).
PROSITE Doc. [info] PDOC00650

Name and characterization of the entry

Description [info] Ribosomal protein L36 signature.
Pattern [info]

Numerical results [info]

Numerical results for UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot release 2015_03 which contains 547'964 sequence entries.

Total number of hits 804 in 804 different sequences
Number of true positive hits 804 in 804 different sequences
Number of 'unknown' hits
Number of false positive hits
Number of false negative sequences 69
Number of 'partial' sequences 0
Precision (true positives / (true positives + false positives)) 100.00 %
Recall (true positives / (true positives + false negatives)) 92.10 %

Comments [info]

Taxonomic range [info] Eukaryotes, Prokaryotes (Bacteria)
Maximum number of repetitions [info] 1
Version [info] 2

Cross-references [info]

True positive sequences
804 sequences

RK36_ACOCL  (Q3V500), RK36_ACUOB  (Q1KVS0), RK36_ADICA  (Q85FI9), 
RK36_AETCO  (A4QJE9), RK36_AETGR  (A4QJN3), RK36_AGRST  (A1EA42), 
RK36_AMBTC  (P60246), RK36_ANEMR  (B0YPQ9), RK36_ANGEV  (A2T367), 
RK36_ANTFO  (Q85AL7), RK36_ARAHI  (A4QK52), RK36_ARATH  (P62117), 
RK36_ATRBE  (P62119), RK36_BARVE  (A4QKD9), RK36_BIGNA  (Q06J37), 
RK36_BUXMI  (A6MM70), RK36_CALFG  (Q7HKX4), RK36_CAPBU  (A4QKM6), 
RK36_CARPA  (B1A969), RK36_CERDE  (A8SED7), RK36_CHAGL  (Q8M9V5), 
RK36_CHAVU  (Q1ACG5), RK36_CHLAT  (Q19VB5), RK36_CHLRE  (P59774), 
RK36_CHLSC  (A6MMF6), RK36_CHLVU  (P56360), RK36_CITSI  (Q09ME3), 
RK36_COFAR  (A0A369), RK36_CRUWA  (A4QKW5), RK36_CRYJA  (B1VKC9), 
RK36_CUCSA  (Q4VZK1), RK36_CUSEX  (A8W3F5), RK36_CUSGR  (A7M930), 
RK36_CUSOB  (A8W3L6), RK36_CUSRE  (A7M997), RK36_CYACA  (Q9TLU9), 
RK36_CYAPA  (P48131), RK36_CYCTA  (A6H5L5), RK36_DAUCA  (Q0G9S8), 
RK36_DIOEL  (A6MMP1), RK36_DRANE  (A4QL53), RK36_DRIGR  (Q06GW3), 
RK36_EMIHU  (Q4G350), RK36_EPIVI  (P30069), RK36_EUCGG  (Q49KW4), 
RK36_EUGGR  (P21532), RK36_EUGLO  (P24355), RK36_GNEPA  (A6BM48), 
RK36_GOSBA  (A0ZZ69), RK36_GOSHI  (Q2L936), RK36_GRATL  (Q6B8X1), 
RK36_GUIAB  (B2LMM7), RK36_GUITH  (P28528), RK36_HELAN  (Q1KXS5), 
RK36_HELSJ  (Q2EEW5), RK36_HORVU  (A1E9M4), RK36_HUPLU  (Q5SD21), 
RK36_ILLOL  (A6MMX8), RK36_IPOPU  (A7Y3I4), RK36_LACSA  (Q332U3), 
RK36_LEMMI  (A9L9D0), RK36_LEPTE  (A6YGD2), RK36_LEPVR  (A4QLE0), 
RK36_LIRTU  (Q0G9I5), RK36_LOBMA  (A4QLM8), RK36_LOLPR  (A8Y9C0), 
RK36_LOTJA  (Q9BBQ2), RK36_MAIZE  (P62726), RK36_MANES  (B1NWI4), 
RK36_MARPO  (P12142), RK36_MESCR  (Q95GN4), RK36_MESVI  (Q9MUU8), 
RK36_MORIN  (Q09WY3), RK36_NANDO  (Q09FS7), RK36_NASOF  (A4QLW7), 
RK36_NEPOL  (Q9TL26), RK36_NICSY  (Q3C1M1), RK36_NICTO  (Q33BZ8), 
RK36_NYMAL  (Q6EW18), RK36_ODOSI  (P49568), RK36_OENAR  (B0Z4R0), 
RK36_OENBI  (B0Z4Z4), RK36_OENEH  (Q9MTJ1), RK36_OENGL  (B0Z578), 
RK36_OENPA  (B0Z5G2), RK36_OLIPU  (A4QJW5), RK36_OLTVI  (Q20F04), 
RK36_ORYNI  (Q6ENE0), RK36_ORYSA  (P0C458), RK36_ORYSI  (P0C459), 
RK36_ORYSJ  (P62727), RK36_OSTTA  (Q0P3P7), RK36_PANGI  (Q68RX3), 
RK36_PAUCH  (B1X4Y8), RK36_PEA    (P07815), RK36_PELHO  (Q06FN0), 
RK36_PHAAN  (Q8MCA1), RK36_PHAAO  (Q3BAK3), RK36_PHATC  (A0T0J7), 
RK36_PHAVU  (A4GGD9), RK36_PHYPA  (Q6YXJ7), RK36_PINKO  (Q7GUC8), 
RK36_PINTH  (P41631), RK36_PIPCE  (Q06GM6), RK36_PLAOC  (Q09G12), 
RK36_POPAL  (Q14FC3), RK36_POPTR  (A4GYU5), RK36_PORPU  (P51296), 
RK36_PSEAK  (Q3ZJ79), RK36_PSINU  (Q8WHY9), RK36_PYRYE  (Q1XDJ2), 
RK36_RHDSA  (A6MW19), RK36_SACHY  (Q6L368), RK36_SACOF  (Q6ENT0), 
RK36_SOLBU  (Q2MIF4), RK36_SOLLC  (Q2MI67), RK36_SOLTU  (Q2VEE6), 
RK36_SORBI  (A1E9V8), RK36_SOYBN  (Q7ICQ6), RK36_SPIMX  (O98460), 
RK36_SPIOL  (P12230), RK36_STAPU  (Q32RU9), RK36_STIHE  (Q06SJ4), 
RK36_THAPS  (A0T0Z1), RK36_TOBAC  (P62118), RK36_VITVI  (Q0ZIY5), 
RK36_WELMI  (B2Y1Z3), RK36_WHEAT  (P62728), RK36_ZYGCR  (Q32RN0), 
RL361_ACTP2 (A3N378), RL361_ACTPJ (B0BSV2), RL361_AERS4 (A4SNF1), 
RL361_ARTS2 (A0JZ52), RL361_CLAM3 (A5CU83), RL361_CLAMS (B0RB69), 
RL361_CROS8 (A7MPF5), RL361_ECO24 (A7ZSI8), RL361_ECODH (B1X6F1), 
RL361_ECOHS (A8A5A4), RL361_ECOL5 (Q0TCG2), RL361_ECOLC (B1IQ00), 
RL361_ECOSM (B1LHB3), RL361_ECOUT (Q1R632), RL361_ENT38 (A4WFA7), 
RL361_HAEDU (Q7VKF4), RL361_KOCRD (B2GJ17), RL361_LEIXX (Q6AD18), 
RL361_METFK (Q1H4L5), RL361_NEIM0 (A9M3U4), RL361_NEIMA (P66292), 
RL361_NEIMB (P66293), RL361_NEIMF (A1KRJ5), RL361_PECAS (Q6CZZ1), 
RL361_PSEA7 (A6UZK9), RL361_PSEAB (Q02T59), RL361_SALCH (Q57J53), 
RL361_SALPA (Q5PK05), RL361_STRCO (P66301), RL361_VIBC3 (A5F343), 
RL361_VIBCB (A7MWH9), RL361_YERE8 (A1JNH6), RL361_YERPB (B2K6Y0), 
RL361_YERPE (Q8ZJ91), RL361_YERPS (Q664U2), RL361_YERPY (B1JIY2), 
RL362_ACTP2 (A3N3B8), RL362_ACTPJ (B0BSZ4), RL362_AERS4 (A4SSY5), 
RL362_ARTAT (A1R8R8), RL362_CROS8 (A7MFN6), RL362_ECO24 (A7ZI30), 
RL362_ECODH (B1XE38), RL362_ECOHS (A7ZWT3), RL362_ECOL5 (Q0TKY8), 
RL362_ECOL6 (Q8FKL1), RL362_ECOLC (B1J0X7), RL362_ECOLI (Q2EEQ2), 
RL362_ECOSM (B1LHW3), RL362_ECOUT (Q1RFQ0), RL362_ENT38 (A4W7D9), 
RL362_HAEDU (Q7VKI0), RL362_KINRD (A6W5W2), RL362_METFK (Q1H1T1), 
RL362_NEIM0 (A9M4E0), RL362_NEIMA (P66294), RL362_NEIMB (P66295), 
RL362_NEIMF (A1KTL0), RL362_PECAS (Q6D808), RL362_PROM5 (A2BYR6), 
RL362_PSEA7 (A6V1J0), RL362_PSEAB (Q02R72), RL362_PSEAE (Q9HY26), 
RL362_RENSM (A9WSR4), RL362_SACEN (A4FPJ6), RL362_SALCH (Q57S93), 
RL362_SALPA (Q5PFM0), RL362_SALTI (P66297), RL362_SALTY (P66296), 
RL362_SODGM (Q2NQP3), RL362_VIBC3 (A5F559), RL362_VIBCB (A7N1X3), 
RL362_VIBCH (Q9KTM3), RL362_YERE8 (A1JS06), RL362_YERPB (B2K516), 
RL362_YERPE (Q8ZC86), RL362_YERPS (Q66DR2), RL362_YERPY (B1JHP8), 
RL36_ACHLI  (A9NEF7), RL36_ACIAC  (A1TJT8), RL36_ACIAD  (Q6F7T3), 
RL36_ACIB3  (B7GW23), RL36_ACIB5  (B7IA18), RL36_ACIBC  (B2HZ87), 
RL36_ACIBS  (B0VQT9), RL36_ACIBT  (A3M963), RL36_ACIBY  (B0V6U3), 
RL36_ACIC1  (A0LRP4), RL36_ACIC5  (C1F618), RL36_ACIET  (B9MBV8), 
RL36_ACIF2  (B7J4A0), RL36_ACIF5  (B5EM95), RL36_ACISJ  (A1W329), 
RL36_ACTSZ  (A6VLK9), RL36_AERHH  (A0KJJ0), RL36_AGRRK  (B9J9P2), 
RL36_AGRT5  (P68993), RL36_AGRVS  (B9JS22), RL36_ALCBS  (Q0VSI2), 
RL36_ALISL  (B6EHZ5), RL36_ALKEH  (Q0ABF4), RL36_ALKMQ  (A6TWF7), 
RL36_ALKOO  (A8MLG5), RL36_ALTMD  (B4RT49), RL36_AMOA5  (B3EUK0), 
RL36_ANAD2  (B8J883), RL36_ANADE  (Q2IJ62), RL36_ANADF  (A7HBP1), 
RL36_ANAMM  (Q5PAT1), RL36_ANAPZ  (Q2GKJ8), RL36_ANASK  (B4UBC2), 
RL36_ANAVT  (Q3MFA0), RL36_ANOFW  (B7GJ91), RL36_AQUAE  (O66487), 
RL36_ARCB4  (A8ETK2), RL36_AROAE  (Q5P311), RL36_ARTCA  (B8HCX7), 
RL36_AYWBP  (Q2NIX8), RL36_AZOSB  (A1KB05), RL36_AZOVD  (C1DKN4), 
RL36_BACA2  (A7Z0R2), RL36_BACAA  (C3P9S9), RL36_BACAC  (C3LJA6), 
RL36_BACAN  (Q81VQ6), RL36_BACC0  (B7JKE4), RL36_BACC1  (Q73F72), 
RL36_BACC2  (B7IT43), RL36_BACC3  (C1ET63), RL36_BACC4  (B7HJ72), 
RL36_BACC7  (B7HQW8), RL36_BACCN  (A7GK44), RL36_BACCQ  (B9IZL8), 
RL36_BACCR  (Q81J20), RL36_BACHD  (O50631), RL36_BACLD  (Q65P82), 
RL36_BACP2  (A8F9A9), RL36_BACSK  (Q5WLN8), RL36_BACSU  (P20278), 
RL36_BACWK  (A9VPA1), RL36_BARBK  (A1URD8), RL36_BARHE  (Q6G234), 
RL36_BARQU  (Q6FYT6), RL36_BART1  (A9IXS0), RL36_BAUCH  (Q1LTB7), 
RL36_BEUC1  (C5C0G4), RL36_BIFAA  (A1A092), RL36_BIFLD  (B3DQD7), 
RL36_BIFLO  (Q8G3Z6), RL36_BLOFL  (Q7VQC7), RL36_BLOPB  (Q493I8), 
RL36_BORA1  (Q2L250), RL36_BORAP  (Q0SN08), RL36_BORBR  (Q7WRA1), 
RL36_BORBU  (O51452), RL36_BORBZ  (B7J264), RL36_BORDL  (B5RM57), 
RL36_BORGA  (Q661C1), RL36_BORHD  (B2S0K2), RL36_BORPA  (Q7W2D3), 
RL36_BORPD  (A9IHS2), RL36_BORPE  (Q7VTA9), RL36_BORRA  (B5RPK3), 
RL36_BORT9  (A1QZT5), RL36_BRADU  (Q89D92), RL36_BRASB  (A5ECH2), 
RL36_BRASO  (A4Z0W1), RL36_BREBN  (C0ZIK4), RL36_BRUA1  (B2S7H9), 
RL36_BRUA2  (Q2YRY7), RL36_BRUAB  (Q57BD5), RL36_BRUC2  (A9M7P1), 
RL36_BRUME  (P66286), RL36_BRUO2  (A5VS98), RL36_BRUSI  (A9WWM1), 
RL36_BRUSU  (P66287), RL36_BUCA5  (B8D9S6), RL36_BUCAI  (P57570), 
RL36_BUCAP  (Q8K970), RL36_BUCAT  (B8D828), RL36_BUCBP  (Q89A86), 
RL36_BUCCC  (Q057C5), RL36_BURA4  (B1YRQ1), RL36_BURCA  (Q1BRX0), 
RL36_BURCC  (B1JU44), RL36_BURCH  (A0K3P7), RL36_BURCJ  (B4E5E2), 
RL36_BURCM  (Q0BJ24), RL36_BURL3  (Q39KE5), RL36_BURM1  (A9ADL5), 
RL36_BURM7  (A3MRX6), RL36_BURM9  (A2S7J8), RL36_BURMA  (Q62GM7), 
RL36_BURMS  (A1V881), RL36_BURP0  (A3P091), RL36_BURP1  (Q3JMT5), 
RL36_BURP6  (A3NEF7), RL36_BURP8  (B2JI43), RL36_BURPP  (B2T729), 
RL36_BURPS  (Q63Q33), RL36_BURTA  (Q2SU49), RL36_BURVG  (A4JAR2), 
RL36_BURXL  (Q13TJ2), RL36_CALBD  (B9MKF7), RL36_CALS4  (Q8R7X8), 
RL36_CALS8  (A4XLQ6), RL36_CAMJ8  (A8FNQ3), RL36_CAMJE  (Q9PM84), 
RL36_CAMJJ  (A1W1J3), RL36_CAMJR  (Q5HSK0), RL36_CAMLR  (B9KEH2), 
RL36_CARHZ  (Q3A9U0), RL36_CAUCN  (B8H4S1), RL36_CAUCR  (Q9A383), 
RL36_CAUSK  (B0SVG5), RL36_CELJU  (B3PK58), RL36_CHLAA  (A9WH89), 
RL36_CHLAB  (Q5L549), RL36_CHLAD  (B8G6Q2), RL36_CHLCH  (Q3APJ6), 
RL36_CHLCV  (Q821V1), RL36_CHLFF  (Q255T6), RL36_CHLL2  (B3EGW7), 
RL36_CHLMU  (P66289), RL36_CHLP8  (B3QR94), RL36_CHLPB  (B3EP38), 
RL36_CHLPD  (A1BJ11), RL36_CHLPN  (Q9Z6X0), RL36_CHLSY  (B9LJF5), 
RL36_CHLT2  (B0B912), RL36_CHLT3  (B3QYE6), RL36_CHLTA  (Q3KKQ6), 
RL36_CHLTB  (B0BAP1), RL36_CHLTE  (Q8KAJ4), RL36_CHLTR  (P66288), 
RL36_CHRSD  (Q1R0F4), RL36_CHRVO  (Q7NPQ7), RL36_CITK8  (A8AJY9), 
RL36_CLOAB  (Q97EK2), RL36_CLOB1  (A7FZ48), RL36_CLOB6  (C3KVM6), 
RL36_CLOB8  (A6LPT6), RL36_CLOBA  (B2UYD5), RL36_CLOBB  (B2TIK0), 
RL36_CLOBH  (A5I7I1), RL36_CLOBJ  (C1FMS6), RL36_CLOBK  (B1IGC9), 
RL36_CLOBL  (A7GJ49), RL36_CLOBM  (B1KSK0), RL36_CLOCE  (B8I804), 
RL36_CLOK1  (B9DYD3), RL36_CLOK5  (A5N4S1), RL36_CLONN  (A0PXX1), 
RL36_CLOP1  (Q0TMS1), RL36_CLOPE  (Q8XHU7), RL36_CLOPH  (A9KJH0), 
RL36_CLOPS  (Q0SQG9), RL36_CLOTH  (A3DJJ7), RL36_COLP3  (Q488Z2), 
RL36_COXBN  (A9KD10), RL36_COXBR  (A9NAZ1), RL36_COXBU  (Q4AAY2), 
RL36_CUPNH  (Q0K641), RL36_CUPPJ  (Q46WG5), RL36_CYAP4  (B8HMS5), 
RL36_CYAP7  (B7KI08), RL36_CYAP8  (B7K227), RL36_DECAR  (Q47J81), 
RL36_DEIDV  (C1CXD8), RL36_DEIGD  (Q1IX95), RL36_DEIRA  (Q9RSK0), 
RL36_DELAS  (A9C021), RL36_DESAD  (C6C1A7), RL36_DESAG  (Q46501), 
RL36_DESAH  (C0Q9V1), RL36_DESAP  (B1I1M3), RL36_DESDA  (B8IYL3), 
RL36_DESHD  (B8G1Z0), RL36_DESHY  (Q250K8), RL36_DESMR  (C4XLZ5), 
RL36_DESRM  (A4J135), RL36_DESVH  (Q72CF8), RL36_DESVM  (B8DNK5), 
RL36_DESVV  (A1VE94), RL36_DICT6  (B5YDW6), RL36_DICTD  (B8E1F6), 
RL36_DINSH  (A8LMZ2), RL36_ECO57  (P0A7Q7), RL36_ECO7I  (B7NK71), 
RL36_ECOBW  (C4ZUF4), RL36_ECOLI  (P0A7Q6), RL36_EDWI9  (C5BFR3), 
RL36_EHRCJ  (Q3YS78), RL36_EHRCR  (Q2GGG8), RL36_EHRRG  (Q5FH38), 
RL36_EHRRW  (Q5HBD4), RL36_ELUMP  (B2KEJ7), RL36_ENTFA  (Q839E1), 
RL36_EXIS2  (B1YGX4), RL36_EXISA  (C4KZM2), RL36_FERNB  (A7HM28), 
RL36_FLAJ1  (A5FMZ9), RL36_FLAPJ  (A6GZ77), RL36_FRAAA  (Q0RRP7), 
RL36_FRASC  (Q2JFF2), RL36_FRAT1  (Q14J99), RL36_FRATH  (Q2A5E9), 
RL36_FRATM  (B2SDW4), RL36_FRATN  (A0Q4K4), RL36_FRATT  (Q5NHU7), 
RL36_FRATW  (A4IZR3), RL36_FUSNN  (P68994), RL36_GEOBB  (B5EFS3), 
RL36_GEOKA  (Q5L3R5), RL36_GEOLS  (B3E853), RL36_GEOMG  (Q39XY3), 
RL36_GEOSE  (P07841), RL36_GEOSM  (C6E4N4), RL36_GEOSW  (C5D3U1), 
RL36_GLOVI  (Q7NFF1), RL36_HAEIE  (A5UDS6), RL36_HAEIN  (P46361), 
RL36_HAHCH  (Q2S933), RL36_HALHL  (A1WVA1), RL36_HALOH  (B8D0T3), 
RL36_HAMD5  (C4K797), RL36_HELMI  (B0TC81), RL36_HELPH  (Q1CRW3), 
RL36_HELPJ  (Q9ZJT1), RL36_HELPS  (B2UV60), RL36_HELPY  (P56058), 
RL36_HISS1  (Q0I141), RL36_HISS2  (B0UX35), RL36_HYDS0  (B4U768), 
RL36_HYPNA  (Q0BWX0), RL36_IDILO  (Q5QXV4), RL36_JANMA  (A6T3I2), 
RL36_JANSC  (Q28K48), RL36_KLEP3  (B5Y0Q3), RL36_KLEP7  (A6T5L7), 
RL36_KORVE  (Q1IS98), RL36_KOSOT  (C5CGH8), RL36_LACAC  (Q5FM68), 
RL36_LACBA  (Q03PY0), RL36_LACC3  (Q035A6), RL36_LACCB  (B3WAJ5), 
RL36_LACDA  (Q1GBJ5), RL36_LACDB  (Q04BZ2), RL36_LACF3  (B2GDU6), 
RL36_LACGA  (Q046A3), RL36_LACJO  (Q74L67), RL36_LACLA  (P0A493), 
RL36_LACLC  (P0A494), RL36_LACLM  (A2RNN0), RL36_LACLS  (Q02W48), 
RL36_LACPL  (Q88XW3), RL36_LACRD  (A5VLI2), RL36_LACRJ  (B2G8V5), 
RL36_LACS1  (Q1WSB3), RL36_LACSS  (Q38UT4), RL36_LARHH  (C1DAT9), 
RL36_LEGPA  (Q5X838), RL36_LEGPH  (Q5ZYM2), RL36_LEGPL  (Q5WZJ1), 
RL36_LEPBA  (B0SA24), RL36_LEPBJ  (Q04PW1), RL36_LEPBL  (Q055C1), 
RL36_LEPCP  (B1Y8B5), RL36_LEPIC  (Q72NI4), RL36_LEPIN  (Q9XD13), 
RL36_LISIN  (P66291), RL36_LISMF  (Q71WG9), RL36_LISMH  (B8DB31), 
RL36_LISMO  (P66290), RL36_LISW6  (A0ALU5), RL36_MACCJ  (B9E9L4), 
RL36_MAGSA  (Q2W4X7), RL36_MAGSM  (A0L5Z4), RL36_MANSM  (Q65QX6), 
RL36_MARHV  (A1TYL8), RL36_MARMS  (A6W371), RL36_MESFL  (Q6F1X0), 
RL36_METC4  (B7KQP2), RL36_METCA  (Q605D3), RL36_METEP  (A9W6C6), 
RL36_METPB  (B1ZDV2), RL36_METPP  (A2SLD5), RL36_METRJ  (B1M760), 
RL36_MICAN  (B3DFA8), RL36_MICLC  (C5CC39), RL36_MOOTA  (Q2RFS2), 
RL36_MYCA1  (A0QKU9), RL36_MYCA5  (B3PMM4), RL36_MYCA9  (B1MGA3), 
RL36_MYCBO  (P0A5W7), RL36_MYCBP  (A1KPE7), RL36_MYCBT  (C1AHR9), 
RL36_MYCCT  (Q48972), RL36_MYCGA  (Q9RDV9), RL36_MYCGE  (P47420), 
RL36_MYCH7  (Q4A8J4), RL36_MYCHJ  (Q4AAG3), RL36_MYCLB  (B8ZSI0), 
RL36_MYCLE  (Q9X7A2), RL36_MYCMM  (B2HCX0), RL36_MYCMO  (Q6KI32), 
RL36_MYCPA  (Q73S47), RL36_MYCPN  (P52864), RL36_MYCPU  (Q98Q05), 
RL36_MYCS2  (A0QSL4), RL36_MYCS5  (Q4A5I7), RL36_MYCSJ  (A3PVL4), 
RL36_MYCSK  (A1UBY1), RL36_MYCSP  (P38015), RL36_MYCSS  (Q1BD12), 
RL36_MYCTA  (A5U8D7), RL36_MYCTO  (P9WH88), RL36_MYCTU  (P9WH89), 
RL36_MYCUA  (A0PMB3), RL36_MYCVP  (A1T516), RL36_MYXXD  (Q1D752), 
RL36_NATTJ  (B2A4G1), RL36_NITHX  (Q1QP05), RL36_NITOC  (Q3J8T4), 
RL36_NITSB  (A6Q1K0), RL36_NITWN  (Q3STZ6), RL36_NOCFA  (Q5Z1L3), 
RL36_NOCSJ  (A1SNJ2), RL36_NOSP7  (B2ITN4), RL36_NOSS1  (Q8YPK0), 
RL36_NOVAD  (Q2G365), RL36_OCEIH  (Q8ETW1), RL36_OENOB  (Q04G63), 
RL36_ONYPE  (Q6YQZ8), RL36_ORITB  (A5CCQ4), RL36_ORITI  (B3CQF1), 
RL36_PARDP  (A1AY28), RL36_PARL1  (A7HUQ6), RL36_PARUW  (Q6MAS0), 
RL36_PASMU  (P57942), RL36_PEDPA  (Q03ED9), RL36_PELCD  (Q3A6M4), 
RL36_PELPB  (B4SBX0), RL36_PELTS  (A5D5E4), RL36_PEPD6  (Q18CI1), 
RL36_PERMH  (C0QQP7), RL36_PETMO  (A9BFZ4), RL36_PHEZH  (B4RA25), 
RL36_PHOLL  (Q7NA99), RL36_PHOPR  (Q6LV95), RL36_PHYAS  (B1VAC4), 
RL36_PHYMT  (B3R014), RL36_POLNA  (A1VJ36), RL36_POLNS  (B1XSS3), 
RL36_POLSJ  (Q12G81), RL36_PROA2  (B4S5A5), RL36_PROAC  (Q6A6Q7), 
RL36_PROM3  (A2CC48), RL36_PROM4  (A9BCM7), RL36_PROMA  (Q7V9Y2), 
RL36_PROMH  (B4F1K5), RL36_PROMM  (Q7TUP2), RL36_PROMP  (Q7TU30), 
RL36_PROVI  (A4SCT2), RL36_PSE14  (Q48D57), RL36_PSEA6  (Q15X52), 
RL36_PSEA8  (B7V9F5), RL36_PSEAE  (Q9HWF6), RL36_PSEE4  (Q1IFU5), 
RL36_PSEF5  (Q4KA27), RL36_PSEFS  (C3K2V5), RL36_PSEMY  (A4XZ69), 
RL36_PSEP1  (A5VXR8), RL36_PSEPK  (P61113), RL36_PSEPW  (B1JAJ1), 
RL36_PSESM  (P61114), RL36_PSEU5  (A4VHQ1), RL36_PSYA2  (Q4FUD5), 
RL36_PSYCK  (Q1QDG5), RL36_PSYIN  (A1SXW4), RL36_PSYWF  (A5WGS5), 
RL36_RALME  (Q1LI59), RL36_RALPJ  (B2UEJ7), RL36_RALSO  (Q8XV34), 
RL36_RHILW  (B5ZPD5), RL36_RHIME  (Q92M65), RL36_RHISN  (C3MIL5), 
RL36_RHOBA  (Q7UQB3), RL36_RHOCS  (B6IP39), RL36_RHOE4  (C0ZW50), 
RL36_RHOFT  (Q21QP5), RL36_RHOJR  (Q0S3F1), RL36_RHOP2  (Q2J082), 
RL36_RHOP5  (Q07J43), RL36_RHOPA  (Q6N253), RL36_RHOPB  (Q20ZC1), 
RL36_RHOPS  (Q13BA4), RL36_RHOPT  (B3QKS1), RL36_RHORT  (Q2RRH8), 
RL36_RICAE  (C3PNU6), RL36_RICAH  (A8GNY2), RL36_RICB8  (A8GVY3), 
RL36_RICBR  (Q1RJ14), RL36_RICCK  (A8EYL5), RL36_RICCN  (Q92HT9), 
RL36_RICFE  (Q4ULC2), RL36_RICM5  (A8F1X5), RL36_RICPR  (Q9ZD87), 
RL36_RICPU  (C4K281), RL36_RICRO  (B0BY23), RL36_RICRS  (A8GSK8), 
RL36_RICTY  (Q68WS3), RL36_ROSCS  (A7NR40), RL36_ROSS1  (A5USG6), 
RL36_RUEPO  (Q5LNC8), RL36_RUEST  (Q1GKF8), RL36_RUTMC  (A1AVM1), 
RL36_SACD2  (Q21M37), RL36_SALA4  (B5EXL0), RL36_SALAI  (A8M504), 
RL36_SALDC  (B5FKX4), RL36_SALHS  (B4T9G4), RL36_SALNS  (B4SWW3), 
RL36_SALPB  (A9MWA7), RL36_SALPC  (C0Q7Z4), RL36_SALSV  (B4TME8), 
RL36_SALTI  (P0A7Q9), RL36_SALTO  (A4XBM2), RL36_SALTY  (P0A7Q8), 
RL36_SERP5  (A8GAT8), RL36_SHEAM  (A1S239), RL36_SHEB2  (B8EBI4), 
RL36_SHEB5  (A3DA51), RL36_SHEB8  (A6WHU9), RL36_SHEDO  (Q12ST8), 
RL36_SHEFN  (Q089N3), RL36_SHELP  (A3Q9A3), RL36_SHEON  (Q8EK49), 
RL36_SHEPC  (A4YBW2), RL36_SHEPW  (B8CNF4), RL36_SHESA  (A0KRP5), 
RL36_SHESM  (Q0HNR6), RL36_SHESR  (Q0I084), RL36_SHESW  (A1RED5), 
RL36_SHEWM  (B1KMW2), RL36_SHIBS  (Q31VX7), RL36_SHIDS  (Q32B52), 
RL36_SHIF8  (Q0T003), RL36_SHIFL  (P0A7R0), RL36_SHISS  (Q3YWW0), 
RL36_SINMW  (A6UCX4), RL36_SOLUE  (Q01WB6), RL36_SORC5  (A9FGD2), 
RL36_STAA1  (A7X5C8), RL36_STAA2  (A6U3V2), RL36_STAA3  (Q2FER2), 
RL36_STAA8  (Q2FW29), RL36_STAA9  (A5IV11), RL36_STAAC  (Q5HDY1), 
RL36_STAAE  (A6QJ69), RL36_STAAM  (P66298), RL36_STAAN  (P66299), 
RL36_STAAR  (Q6GEK6), RL36_STAAS  (Q6G794), RL36_STAAT  (A8Z334), 
RL36_STAAW  (P66300), RL36_STACT  (B9DM54), RL36_STAEQ  (Q5HM22), 
RL36_STAES  (Q8CRI2), RL36_STAHJ  (Q4L891), RL36_STAS1  (Q49ZE5), 
RL36_STRA3  (P66306), RL36_STRA5  (P66307), RL36_STRAW  (P66302), 
RL36_STRE4  (C0M6X5), RL36_STREM  (B4U523), RL36_STRGC  (A8AZK2), 
RL36_STRGG  (B1W3Y3), RL36_STRM5  (B4SSV0), RL36_STRMK  (B2FNP3), 
RL36_STRMU  (P66308), RL36_STRP1  (P66303), RL36_STRP3  (P0DE50), 
RL36_STRP6  (Q5XEB2), RL36_STRP7  (C1CAN5), RL36_STRP8  (P66305), 
RL36_STRPB  (Q1JE36), RL36_STRPC  (Q1JNZ4), RL36_STRPD  (Q1JJ38), 
RL36_STRPF  (Q1J8Z0), RL36_STRPG  (A2RC37), RL36_STRPI  (B1I8M1), 
RL36_STRPM  (Q48VS6), RL36_STRPN  (P0A495), RL36_STRPQ  (P0DE51), 
RL36_STRPZ  (B5XJ59), RL36_STRR6  (P0A496), RL36_STRS7  (C0ME28), 
RL36_STRSV  (A3CK87), RL36_STRT1  (Q5LXT4), RL36_STRT2  (Q5M2D6), 
RL36_STRTD  (Q03IH4), RL36_STRU0  (B9DSX3), RL36_STRZJ  (C1CC29), 
RL36_STRZP  (C1CIC0), RL36_STRZT  (C1CPB1), RL36_SULDN  (Q30TS7), 
RL36_SULMW  (A8Z687), RL36_SULNB  (A6QCS0), RL36_SULSY  (B2V7I9), 
RL36_SYMTH  (Q67JW7), RL36_SYNE7  (Q31L27), RL36_SYNJA  (Q2JQL3), 
RL36_SYNJB  (Q2JL77), RL36_SYNP6  (O24707), RL36_SYNPW  (A5GIS5), 
RL36_SYNPX  (Q7U4I0), RL36_SYNR3  (A5GVY0), RL36_SYNS3  (Q0ID25), 
RL36_SYNS9  (Q3AW73), RL36_SYNSC  (Q3AMQ0), RL36_SYNWW  (Q0AUK5), 
RL36_SYNY3  (P73300), RL36_THEEB  (Q8DML2), RL36_THEFY  (Q47LL8), 
RL36_THELT  (A8F4T5), RL36_THEM4  (A6LLN7), RL36_THEMA  (Q9X1I6), 
RL36_THEP1  (A5IMA7), RL36_THEP3  (B0KCM4), RL36_THEPX  (B0K5R7), 
RL36_THERP  (B9KZW4), RL36_THESQ  (B1LBL6), RL36_THET2  (Q72I28), 
RL36_THET8  (Q5SHR2), RL36_THETH  (P80256), RL36_THICR  (Q31G58), 
RL36_THISH  (B8GV37), RL36_TREDE  (Q73PL1), RL36_TREPA  (O83239), 
RL36_TREPS  (B2S2F7), RL36_TRIEI  (Q110C8), RL36_TROW8  (Q83I57), 
RL36_TROWT  (Q83G08), RL36_UNCTG  (B1GZA6), RL36_UREP2  (B1AIP3), 
RL36_UREPA  (Q9PQN7), RL36_UREU1  (B5ZB63), RL36_VARPS  (C5CQ79), 
RL36_VESOH  (A5CXI5), RL36_VIBCH  (P0A497), RL36_VIBF1  (Q5E893), 
RL36_VIBFM  (B5FGD7), RL36_VIBPA  (P0A498), RL36_VIBTL  (B7VLD6), 
RL36_VIBVY  (Q7MIE8), RL36_WIGBR  (Q8D1Z1), RL36_XANAC  (P66309), 
RL36_XANC5  (Q3BSN4), RL36_XANC8  (Q4UVD8), RL36_XANCB  (B0RSA2), 
RL36_XANCP  (P66310), RL36_XANOM  (Q2P3S4), RL36_XANOP  (B2SLH7), 
RL36_XYLF2  (B2I6X3), RL36_XYLFA  (Q9PAQ5), RL36_XYLFM  (B0U3S9), 
RL36_XYLFT  (Q87BJ5), RL36_YERP3  (A7FLA2), RL36_YERPA  (Q1C4N0), 
RL36_YERPG  (A9QZN1), RL36_YERPN  (Q1CL43), RL36_YERPP  (A4TPC0), 
RM36_DANRE  (Q1LWG3), RM36_OSMMO  (C1BJQ3), RTC6_YEAST  (O14464)
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False negative sequences
69 sequences

RK36_CYAME  (Q85FU5), RK36_JASNU  (Q06R98), RK36_THEPA  (Q4MYA8), 
RL361_ARTAT (A1R8M6), RL361_KINRD (A6W4N5), RL361_PROM5 (A2BXC2), 
RL361_RENSM (A9WMV4), RL361_SACEN (A4FIM1), RL361_SODGM (Q2NV67), 
RL362_ARTS2 (A0K010), RL362_CLAM3 (A5CLV7), RL362_CLAMS (B0RH97), 
RL362_KOCRD (B2GJB5), RL362_LEIXX (Q6ACX8), RL362_STRCO (Q93JH3), 
RL36_ACICJ  (A5G1L0), RL36_AZOC5  (A8ILY5), RL36_BACFN  (Q5L8D2), 
RL36_BACFR  (Q64NN1), RL36_BEII9  (B2IB44), RL36_CHESB  (Q11D95), 
RL36_CORA7  (C3PIQ3), RL36_CORDI  (Q6NFL5), RL36_COREF  (P61174), 
RL36_CORGB  (A4QGT4), RL36_CORGL  (P61173), RL36_CORJK  (Q4JX25), 
RL36_CORK4  (C4LJZ9), RL36_CORU7  (B1VI61), RL36_DEHM1  (Q3Z957), 
RL36_DEHMB  (A5FRW8), RL36_DEHMC  (Q3ZZQ0), RL36_DESPS  (Q6AP47), 
RL36_ERYLH  (Q2N7R4), RL36_GEMAT  (C1A4J4), RL36_GLUDA  (A9H8E4), 
RL36_GLUOX  (Q5FSY7), RL36_GRABC  (Q0BSS2), RL36_LEUMM  (Q03ZM3), 
RL36_MARMM  (Q0ALN0), RL36_METI4  (B3DVZ4), RL36_METNO  (B8ISY7), 
RL36_METS4  (B0ULQ6), RL36_METSB  (B8ELV1), RL36_NEIG1  (Q5F860), 
RL36_NEIG2  (B4RL58), RL36_OCHA4  (A6WY31), RL36_OPITP  (B1ZWF5), 
RL36_PELUB  (Q4FN45), RL36_PORG3  (B2RLW9), RL36_PORGI  (Q7MTN6), 
RL36_PROM9  (Q318K4), RL36_PROMT  (Q46IS9), RL36_PSEHT  (Q3IC33), 
RL36_RHIE6  (B3PZS1), RL36_RHIEC  (Q2K4E7), RL36_RHILO  (Q98FE3), 
RL36_RHOS1  (A3PFS0), RL36_RHOS4  (Q3IY06), RL36_RHOS5  (A4WWC9), 
RL36_RHOSK  (B9KQQ7), RL36_SPHAL  (Q1GNR9), RL36_SPHWW  (A5VAZ8), 
RL36_WOLPM  (Q73I40), RL36_WOLPP  (B3CPU0), RL36_WOLTR  (Q5GS04), 
RL36_WOLWR  (C0R2U2), RL36_XANP2  (A7IH13), RL36_ZYMMO  (Q5NN40)
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23 PDB

1DFE; 1DGZ; 1NKW; 1NWX; 1NWY; 1SM1; 1XBP; 2J28; 2RDO; 2ZJP; 2ZJQ; 2ZJR; 3BBX; 3CF5; 3DLL; 3J5L; 3J7Z; 3PIO; 3PIP; 4CSU; 4IO9; 4IOA; 4IOC
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