Entry: PS00961

General information about the entry

Entry name [info] RIBOSOMAL_S28E
Accession [info] PS00961
Entry type [info] PATTERN
Date [info] JUN-1994 (CREATED); DEC-2004 (DATA UPDATE); MAR-2016 (INFO UPDATE).
PROSITE Doc. [info] PDOC00743

Name and characterization of the entry

Description [info] Ribosomal protein S28e signature.
Pattern [info]

Numerical results [info]

Numerical results for UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot release 2016_04 which contains 550'960 sequence entries.

Total number of hits 55 in 55 different sequences
Number of true positive hits 52 in 52 different sequences
Number of 'unknown' hits 0
Number of false positive hits 3 in 3 different sequences
Number of false negative sequences 11
Number of 'partial' sequences 0
Precision (true positives / (true positives + false positives)) 94.55 %
Recall (true positives / (true positives + false negatives)) 82.54 %

Comments [info]

Taxonomic range [info] Archaea, Eukaryotes
Maximum number of repetitions [info] 1
Version [info] 1

Cross-references [info]

True positive sequences
52 sequences

RS281_ARATH (Q9SR73), RS282_ARATH (P34789), RS28A_SCHPO (P0CT79), 
RS28A_YEAST (Q3E7X9), RS28B_SCHPO (P0CT80), RS28B_YEAST (P0C0X0), 
RS28_AERPE  (Q9Y9A6), RS28_ARCFU  (O29493), RS28_ASHGO  (Q74ZD8), 
RS28_BOMMO  (Q6PS50), RS28_BOVIN  (Q56JX6), RS28_CAEEL  (Q95Y04), 
RS28_CANGA  (Q6FLC3), RS28_DANRE  (Q6PBK3), RS28_DICDI  (Q54MZ5), 
RS28_DROME  (Q9W334), RS28_HUMAN  (P62857), RS28_HYPBU  (A2BK95), 
RS28_ICTPU  (Q90YP3), RS28_KLULA  (P33285), RS28_KLUMA  (P33286), 
RS28_MAIZE  (P46302), RS28_META3  (A6UT50), RS28_METJA  (P54065), 
RS28_METKA  (Q8TVE7), RS28_METM5  (A4FYI6), RS28_METM6  (A9A7E6), 
RS28_METM7  (A6VJU6), RS28_METMP  (Q6LZI8), RS28_METS5  (A4YCQ2), 
RS28_METVS  (A6USH4), RS28_MOUSE  (P62858), RS28_NEUCR  (Q7S6W5), 
RS28_PAPDA  (Q6EV21), RS28_PICTO  (Q6KZI6), RS28_PIG    (Q6QAT1), 
RS28_PYRAB  (P61029), RS28_PYRAE  (Q8ZTA7), RS28_PYRAR  (A4WLP1), 
RS28_PYRFU  (Q8U159), RS28_PYRHO  (P61030), RS28_PYRIL  (A1RS33), 
RS28_PYRNV  (B1Y9V2), RS28_RAT    (P62859), RS28_SPOFR  (Q962Q2), 
RS28_SULAC  (Q4JAV1), RS28_SULSO  (Q980Q5), RS28_SULTO  (Q975Z8), 
RS28_THEAC  (P57711), RS28_THEKO  (Q5JGR4), RS28_THEPD  (A1RXH2), 
RS28_THEVO  (Q97BK7)
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False negative sequences
11 sequences

RS28_HALLT  (B9LPY3), RS28_HALS3  (B0R500), RS28_HALSA  (P57710), 
RS28_HALWD  (Q18GA9), RS28_KORCO  (B1L5N5), RS28_METAC  (Q8TQL8), 
RS28_METMA  (Q8PU75), RS28_METTH  (O26356), RS28_NANEQ  (P61031), 
RS28_NATPD  (Q3IPM8), RS28_OSTOS  (O61590)
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False positive sequences
3 sequences

IF2_CYTH3   (Q11PK5), SYI_LACLA   (Q9CEH8), TREH_MYCTU  (P71741)

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1NY4; 3J80; 3J81; 3JAM; 5A2Q

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