Entry: PS01048

General information about the entry

Entry name [info] RIBOSOMAL_S6
Accession [info] PS01048
Entry type [info] PATTERN
Date [info] NOV-1995 (CREATED); NOV-1997 (DATA UPDATE); MAR-2016 (INFO UPDATE).
PROSITE Doc. [info] PDOC00805

Name and characterization of the entry

Description [info] Ribosomal protein S6 signature.
Pattern [info]

Numerical results [info]

Numerical results for UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot release 2016_04 which contains 550'960 sequence entries.

Total number of hits 285 in 285 different sequences
Number of true positive hits 277 in 277 different sequences
Number of 'unknown' hits 0
Number of false positive hits 8 in 8 different sequences
Number of false negative sequences 451
Number of 'partial' sequences 2
Precision (true positives / (true positives + false positives)) 97.19 %
Recall (true positives / (true positives + false negatives)) 38.05 %

Comments [info]

Taxonomic range [info] Eukaryotes, Prokaryotes (Bacteria)
Maximum number of repetitions [info] 1
Version [info] 1

Cross-references [info]

True positive sequences
277 sequences

RR6_CYAPA   (P48134), RR6_ODOSI   (P49494), RR6_PORPU   (P51359), 
RR6_PYRYE   (Q1XDC8), RR6_THAPS   (A0T104), RS6_ACHLI   (A9NEN9), 
RS6_ACIAC   (A1TLI1), RS6_ACIAD   (Q6F9R0), RS6_ACIB3   (B7H0K0), 
RS6_ACIB5   (B7IBC1), RS6_ACIBS   (B0VM10), RS6_ACIBT   (A3M6Q4), 
RS6_ACIBY   (B0V7G7), RS6_ACIC1   (A0LWU5), RS6_ACICJ   (A5FYN8), 
RS6_ACIET   (B9MDJ5), RS6_ACIF2   (B7J917), RS6_ACIF5   (B5EPA0), 
RS6_ACISJ   (A1WAR4), RS6_ACTP2   (A3N1H3), RS6_ACTP7   (B3GY59), 
RS6_ACTPJ   (B0BQB3), RS6_ACTSZ   (A6VMD6), RS6_ALCBS   (Q0VMF9), 
RS6_ALKEH   (Q0AB51), RS6_ALKOO   (A8MED4), RS6_ANAVT   (Q3MBE2), 
RS6_ARTAT   (A1RC70), RS6_ARTCA   (B8H841), RS6_ARTS2   (A0K2H5), 
RS6_AZOVD   (C1DLR2), RS6_BACAA   (C3P3E5), RS6_BACAC   (C3LGT1), 
RS6_BACAN   (Q81JI2), RS6_BACC0   (B7JIK1), RS6_BACC1   (Q72WV3), 
RS6_BACC2   (B7IS18), RS6_BACC3   (C1ER67), RS6_BACC4   (B7HGD4), 
RS6_BACC7   (B7HZG1), RS6_BACCN   (A7GVN7), RS6_BACCQ   (B9IT32), 
RS6_BACCR   (Q814G5), RS6_BACCZ   (Q630C8), RS6_BACHD   (Q9K5N8), 
RS6_BACHK   (Q6HAG2), RS6_BACLD   (Q65CP3), RS6_BACMF   (A7ZAU9), 
RS6_BACP2   (A8FJE7), RS6_BACSK   (Q5WAH3), RS6_BACSU   (P21468), 
RS6_BACWK   (A9VTL0), RS6_BAUCH   (Q1LSR2), RS6_BEUC1   (C5C661), 
RS6_BLOFL   (Q7VQN9), RS6_BREBN   (C0ZA47), RS6_BUCA5   (B8D8C8), 
RS6_BUCAI   (P57627), RS6_BUCAP   (Q8K918), RS6_BUCAT   (B8D885), 
RS6_BUCBP   (Q89A41), RS6_CELJU   (B3PCS2), RS6_CHRSD   (Q1QZ63), 
RS6_CITK8   (A8AMJ8), RS6_COLP3   (Q489U1), RS6_CORA7   (C3PKD0), 
RS6_CORDI   (Q6NEI3), RS6_COREF   (Q8FLP8), RS6_CROS8   (A7MM76), 
RS6_CYAP4   (B8HR63), RS6_CYAP7   (B7KD42), RS6_CYAP8   (B7JXP0), 
RS6_DELAS   (A9BNG3), RS6_DESAP   (B1I6T1), RS6_DESOH   (A8ZRQ3), 
RS6_DESRM   (A4J9Q5), RS6_ECO24   (A7ZV71), RS6_ECO27   (B7UQK9), 
RS6_ECO45   (B7MLK5), RS6_ECO55   (B7LCQ6), RS6_ECO57   (P0A4D1), 
RS6_ECO5E   (B5Z2K6), RS6_ECO7I   (B7NTQ6), RS6_ECO81   (B7MST0), 
RS6_ECO8A   (B7M9G2), RS6_ECOBW   (C4ZR77), RS6_ECODH   (B1XDV1), 
RS6_ECOHS   (A8A7U6), RS6_ECOK1   (A1AJA5), RS6_ECOL6   (P0A4D0), 
RS6_ECOLC   (B1IT06), RS6_ECOLI   (P02358), RS6_ECOLU   (B7NGD4), 
RS6_ECOSE   (B6I2A6), RS6_ECOSM   (B1LQM0), RS6_ECOUT   (Q1R360), 
RS6_EDWI9   (C5BF77), RS6_ENT38   (A4W5S9), RS6_ERWT9   (B2VCW1), 
RS6_ESCF3   (B7LLY2), RS6_GEOSW   (C5D9X6), RS6_HAEDU   (Q7VMD7), 
RS6_HAEI8   (Q4QN01), RS6_HAEIE   (A5U9U8), RS6_HAEIG   (A5UH52), 
RS6_HAEIN   (P44375), RS6_HAEPS   (B8F5T7), RS6_HAES1   (Q0I4E5), 
RS6_HALHL   (A1WUS7), RS6_HAMD5   (C4K434), RS6_HELAH   (Q17Z31), 
RS6_HELHP   (Q7VIR8), RS6_HELP2   (B6JN86), RS6_HELPG   (B5Z8P2), 
RS6_HELPH   (Q1CS16), RS6_HELPJ   (Q9ZJY1), RS6_HELPS   (B2UV11), 
RS6_HELPY   (P56013), RS6_HISS2   (B0US43), RS6_IDILO   (Q5QY01), 
RS6_KLEP3   (B5Y307), RS6_KLEP7   (A6THB1), RS6_LEGPA   (Q5X4X0), 
RS6_LEGPC   (A5IC90), RS6_LEGPH   (Q5ZV48), RS6_LEGPL   (Q5WWM0), 
RS6_LEIXX   (Q6ABW7), RS6_LISIN   (Q92FR6), RS6_LISMC   (C1KV85), 
RS6_LISMF   (Q725C0), RS6_LISMH   (B8DAM2), RS6_LISMO   (Q8YAR9), 
RS6_LISW6   (A0AEM1), RS6_MANSM   (Q65VD4), RS6_MARHV   (A1U393), 
RS6_MARMM   (Q0AQD2), RS6_MARMS   (A6W0Y9), RS6_METCA   (Q606H8), 
RS6_METPP   (A2SFZ9), RS6_MICAN   (B0JSQ9), RS6_MYCA9   (B1MMI2), 
RS6_MYCBO   (P66592), RS6_MYCBP   (A1KEM1), RS6_MYCBT   (C1AJ76), 
RS6_MYCGE   (P47336), RS6_MYCLE   (P46389), RS6_MYCPA   (Q744V6), 
RS6_MYCPE   (Q8EWT7), RS6_MYCPN   (P75543), RS6_MYCS2   (A0R7F9), 
RS6_MYCTA   (A5TYC4), RS6_MYCTO   (P9WH30), RS6_MYCTU   (P9WH31), 
RS6_NEIG1   (Q5F925), RS6_NEIGO   (O07813), RS6_NEIM0   (A9LZQ3), 
RS6_NEIMA   (Q9JU24), RS6_NEIMB   (Q9JZ29), RS6_NEIMF   (A1KUF0), 
RS6_NOCFA   (Q5YN17), RS6_NOSP7   (B2J6T8), RS6_NOSS1   (Q8YMX2), 
RS6_OCEIH   (Q8EKV4), RS6_PASMU   (Q9CLN8), RS6_PECAS   (Q6D135), 
RS6_PECCP   (C6DE15), RS6_PHOLL   (Q7MYU7), RS6_PHYAS   (B1V955), 
RS6_PROM1   (A2C5I5), RS6_PROM3   (A2CE27), RS6_PROM5   (A2BZ93), 
RS6_PROM9   (Q317T5), RS6_PROMH   (B4F275), RS6_PROMM   (Q7V3T1), 
RS6_PROMP   (Q7UZG1), RS6_PROMT   (Q46I73), RS6_PSE14   (Q48NZ3), 
RS6_PSEA7   (A6VD48), RS6_PSEA8   (B7V1Z8), RS6_PSEAB   (Q02F83), 
RS6_PSEAE   (Q9HUM9), RS6_PSEE4   (Q1I461), RS6_PSEF5   (Q4KJ62), 
RS6_PSEFS   (C3KE67), RS6_PSEHT   (Q3IIA2), RS6_PSEMY   (A4XPZ7), 
RS6_PSEP1   (A5W9R8), RS6_PSEPF   (Q3KIX8), RS6_PSEPG   (B0KKY3), 
RS6_PSEPK   (Q88DE8), RS6_PSEPW   (B1JAH1), RS6_PSESM   (Q87VK3), 
RS6_PSEU2   (Q4ZYX1), RS6_PSEU5   (A4VQN0), RS6_PSYA2   (Q4FS21), 
RS6_PSYCK   (Q1QBZ0), RS6_PSYIN   (A1T038), RS6_PSYWF   (A5WFY9), 
RS6_RUTMC   (A1AWU9), RS6_SALA4   (B5F3B7), RS6_SALAR   (A9MFL1), 
RS6_SALCH   (Q57GJ1), RS6_SALDC   (B5FSA1), RS6_SALEP   (B5R0R8), 
RS6_SALG2   (B5R9E8), RS6_SALHS   (B4TFD5), RS6_SALNS   (B4T3F1), 
RS6_SALPA   (Q5PJ58), RS6_SALPB   (A9N518), RS6_SALPC   (C0Q6F8), 
RS6_SALPK   (B5BKK9), RS6_SALSV   (B4TT33), RS6_SALTI   (P66594), 
RS6_SALTY   (P66593), RS6_SERP5   (A8G8W4), RS6_SHIB3   (B2TY73), 
RS6_SHIBS   (Q31TD1), RS6_SHIDS   (Q328J9), RS6_SHIF8   (Q0SX85), 
RS6_SHIFL   (P0A4D2), RS6_SHISS   (Q3YUE7), RS6_SODGM   (Q2NW55), 
RS6_STAA1   (A7WY58), RS6_STAA2   (A6TYL8), RS6_STAA3   (Q2FJP8), 
RS6_STAA8   (Q2G113), RS6_STAA9   (A5IPU6), RS6_STAAB   (Q2YVJ2), 
RS6_STAAC   (Q5HIS9), RS6_STAAE   (A6QE47), RS6_STAAM   (P66595), 
RS6_STAAN   (P99142), RS6_STAAR   (Q6GJV3), RS6_STAAS   (Q6GCA7), 
RS6_STAAT   (A8YZJ1), RS6_STAAW   (P66596), RS6_STAEQ   (Q5HRZ5), 
RS6_STAES   (Q8CQP4), RS6_STAS1   (Q49UQ0), RS6_STRAW   (Q82FG4), 
RS6_STRCO   (Q9X8U2), RS6_STRGG   (B1VPC4), RS6_SYNE7   (Q31SC5), 
RS6_SYNP6   (Q5N1Z5), RS6_SYNPW   (A5GPS8), RS6_SYNS3   (Q0I609), 
RS6_SYNS9   (Q3AVM1), RS6_SYNSC   (Q3AG80), RS6_SYNY3   (P73636), 
RS6_THET2   (P62666), RS6_THET8   (Q5SLP8), RS6_THETH   (P23370), 
RS6_THICR   (Q31FW4), RS6_THISH   (B8GNS2), RS6_TREDE   (Q73M32), 
RS6_VARPS   (C5CUP0), RS6_VEREI   (A1WGK1), RS6_VESOH   (A5CWD9), 
RS6_VIBC3   (A5F3K3), RS6_VIBCB   (A7MSX8), RS6_VIBCH   (Q9KUZ2), 
RS6_VIBCM   (C3LR98), RS6_VIBPA   (Q87L72), RS6_VIBVU   (Q8DCL6), 
RS6_VIBVY   (Q7MH88), RS6_WIGBR   (Q8D2U2), RS6_WOLSU   (Q7MQZ8), 
RS6_YERE8   (A1JIS8), RS6_YERP3   (A7FMW5), RS6_YERPA   (Q1CBW4), 
RS6_YERPB   (B2K2L3), RS6_YERPE   (Q8ZB81), RS6_YERPG   (A9QYL5), 
RS6_YERPN   (Q1CEH0), RS6_YERPP   (A4TRM5), RS6_YERPS   (Q66FA2), 
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False negative sequences
451 sequences

RR6_ARATH   (Q8VY91), RR6_CYACA   (O19917), RR6_CYAM1   (Q85G29), 
RR6_GRATL   (Q6B922), RR6_GUITH   (O78447), RR6_PHATC   (A0T0L0), 
RS6_ACIC5   (C1F904), RS6_AERHH   (A0KG67), RS6_AERS4   (A4SIZ7), 
RS6_AGRFC   (Q8UGE7), RS6_AGRRK   (B9JCB9), RS6_AGRVS   (B9JUU2), 
RS6_AKKM8   (B2UL25), RS6_ALISL   (B6EMP6), RS6_ALKMQ   (A6TJA7), 
RS6_ALTMD   (B4S012), RS6_ANAMM   (Q5PBN1), RS6_ANAPZ   (Q2GLH6), 
RS6_AQUAE   (O66474), RS6_AROAE   (Q5P2M5), RS6_AYWBP   (Q2NKC3), 
RS6_AZOC5   (A8HVF1), RS6_AZOPC   (B6YQ08), RS6_AZOSB   (A1K3D0), 
RS6_BACFN   (Q5L9B5), RS6_BACFR   (Q64PH7), RS6_BACTN   (Q8A5S5), 
RS6_BACV8   (A6KWD7), RS6_BARBK   (A1US56), RS6_BARHE   (Q6G446), 
RS6_BARQU   (Q6G060), RS6_BART1   (A9IRU5), RS6_BDEBA   (Q6MRP3), 
RS6_BEII9   (B2IHD1), RS6_BIFLO   (Q8G756), RS6_BLOPB   (Q493V5), 
RS6_BORA1   (Q2KZ18), RS6_BORAP   (Q0SP49), RS6_BORBP   (Q662P7), 
RS6_BORBR   (Q7WL35), RS6_BORBU   (O51142), RS6_BORBZ   (B7J148), 
RS6_BORDL   (B5RLI9), RS6_BORHD   (B2S1U9), RS6_BORPA   (Q7W7P8), 
RS6_BORPD   (A9ITA2), RS6_BORPE   (Q7VV89), RS6_BORRA   (B5RQU2), 
RS6_BORT9   (A1QYR4), RS6_BRADU   (Q89MW3), RS6_BRASB   (A5EI98), 
RS6_BRASO   (A4YT77), RS6_BRUA1   (B2S9V4), RS6_BRUA2   (Q2YMG9), 
RS6_BRUAB   (Q57ER2), RS6_BRUC2   (A9M8X8), RS6_BRUMB   (C0RHG2), 
RS6_BRUME   (Q8YFP0), RS6_BRUSI   (B0CKD9), RS6_BRUSU   (Q8G274), 
RS6_BUCCC   (Q056X8), RS6_BURA4   (B1YRJ4), RS6_BURCA   (Q1BH36), 
RS6_BURCC   (B1JTF3), RS6_BURCH   (A0K7Z8), RS6_BURCJ   (B4EBH3), 
RS6_BURCM   (Q0BEQ6), RS6_BURL3   (Q39FJ8), RS6_BURM1   (A9AJW1), 
RS6_BURM7   (A3MKD6), RS6_BURM9   (A2S242), RS6_BURMA   (Q62JQ9), 
RS6_BURMS   (A1V4R1), RS6_BURP0   (A3NW34), RS6_BURP1   (Q3JRJ2), 
RS6_BURP6   (A3NAB6), RS6_BURP8   (B2JG18), RS6_BURPP   (B2T3N3), 
RS6_BURPS   (Q63UY6), RS6_BURTA   (Q2SWJ9), RS6_BURVG   (A4JEV1), 
RS6_BURXL   (Q13ZH2), RS6_CALS4   (Q8R6M1), RS6_CAMC1   (A7ZEF6), 
RS6_CAMC5   (A7GXQ4), RS6_CAMFF   (A0RQ06), RS6_CAMHC   (A7I006), 
RS6_CAMJ8   (A8FMC3), RS6_CAMJD   (A7H2T4), RS6_CAMJE   (Q9ZAH3), 
RS6_CAMJJ   (A1W057), RS6_CAMJR   (Q5HU34), RS6_CAMLR   (B9KCI6), 
RS6_CARHZ   (Q3AG27), RS6_CAUCN   (B8GVN6), RS6_CAUCR   (Q9A7Q1), 
RS6_CAUSK   (B0SWL1), RS6_CHESB   (Q11H16), RS6_CHLAB   (Q5L565), 
RS6_CHLCH   (Q3ANR5), RS6_CHLCV   (Q821W7), RS6_CHLFF   (Q255S0), 
RS6_CHLL2   (B3EEB2), RS6_CHLL7   (Q3B6M7), RS6_CHLMU   (Q9PLC1), 
RS6_CHLP8   (B3QRL5), RS6_CHLPB   (B3EKF9), RS6_CHLPD   (A1BJC3), 
RS6_CHLPM   (A4SCJ5), RS6_CHLPN   (Q9Z6V5), RS6_CHLT2   (B0B928), 
RS6_CHLT3   (B3QVR7), RS6_CHLTA   (Q3KKP0), RS6_CHLTB   (B0BAQ7), 
RS6_CHLTE   (Q8KAM1), RS6_CHLTR   (O84807), RS6_CHRVO   (Q7NRY7), 
RS6_CLOAB   (Q97CX2), RS6_CLOB1   (A7FZH1), RS6_CLOB6   (C3KWI0), 
RS6_CLOB8   (A6M3L2), RS6_CLOBH   (A5I801), RS6_CLOBJ   (C1FP16), 
RS6_CLOBK   (B1IHQ4), RS6_CLOBL   (A7GJM4), RS6_CLOBM   (B1KU97), 
RS6_CLOK1   (B9DXR0), RS6_CLOK5   (A5N440), RS6_CLONN   (A0PX87), 
RS6_CLOP1   (Q0TM08), RS6_CLOPE   (Q8XH43), RS6_CLOPS   (Q0SPR6), 
RS6_CORGL   (Q8NLF9), RS6_CORJK   (Q4JSF9), RS6_CORK4   (C4LGG1), 
RS6_CORU7   (B1VIZ8), RS6_COXB1   (B6J6T7), RS6_COXB2   (B6J0J6), 
RS6_COXBN   (A9KFL5), RS6_COXBR   (A9ND53), RS6_COXBU   (Q83D76), 
RS6_CUPMC   (Q1LLW8), RS6_CUPNH   (Q0K9E5), RS6_CUPPJ   (Q46ZR3), 
RS6_CUPTR   (B3R2P7), RS6_CYAA5   (B1WU11), RS6_DECAR   (Q47GQ9), 
RS6_DEHM1   (Q3Z7N7), RS6_DEHMC   (Q3ZY12), RS6_DEIDV   (C1CXK2), 
RS6_DEIGD   (Q1J215), RS6_DEIRA   (Q9RY52), RS6_DESAA   (B8FI57), 
RS6_DESAG   (Q312D5), RS6_DESAH   (C0QBV4), RS6_DESDA   (B8J3B0), 
RS6_DESHD   (B8G0J4), RS6_DESHY   (Q24MB7), RS6_DESMR   (C4XGN7), 
RS6_DESPS   (Q6AK02), RS6_DESVH   (Q72DH3), RS6_DESVM   (B8DRL2), 
RS6_DESVV   (A1VF30), RS6_DICNV   (A5EXN1), RS6_DICT6   (B5YEW9), 
RS6_DICTD   (B8E0J2), RS6_DINSH   (A8LQQ5), RS6_EHRCJ   (Q3YRC8), 
RS6_EHRCR   (Q2GHF4), RS6_EHRRG   (Q5FG27), RS6_EHRRW   (Q5HAJ4), 
RS6_ELUMP   (B2KEG2), RS6_ENTFA   (Q839Z0), RS6_EXIS2   (B1YG99), 
RS6_EXISA   (C4L008), RS6_FERNB   (A7HKU7), RS6_FINM2   (B0S2G9), 
RS6_FLAJ1   (A5FE77), RS6_FLAPJ   (A6H0P3), RS6_FRAP2   (B0U079), 
RS6_FRAT1   (Q14HF1), RS6_FRATH   (Q2A3H7), RS6_FRATM   (B2SGH0), 
RS6_FRATN   (A0Q6H4), RS6_FRATT   (Q5NFZ9), RS6_FRATW   (A4IY07), 
RS6_FUSNN   (Q8RIE3), RS6_GEOBB   (B5EHW9), RS6_GEODF   (B9M5U8), 
RS6_GEOKA   (Q5KU69), RS6_GEOLS   (B3E6H3), RS6_GEOMG   (Q39RR2), 
RS6_GEOSL   (Q74FE4), RS6_GEOSM   (C6E503), RS6_GEOUR   (A5G7R3), 
RS6_GLOVI   (Q7NNH7), RS6_GLUDA   (A9H1N0), RS6_GLUOX   (Q5FU57), 
RS6_GRABC   (Q0BPZ0), RS6_GRAFK   (A0M0D7), RS6_HAHCH   (Q2SLB5), 
RS6_HELMI   (B0TE72), RS6_HERAR   (A4G712), RS6_HYPNA   (Q0C085), 
RS6_JANMA   (A6SXJ4), RS6_JANSC   (Q28RX3), RS6_KOCRD   (B2GJD8), 
RS6_KORVE   (Q1IHW3), RS6_LACAC   (Q5FN09), RS6_LACBA   (Q03UD8), 
RS6_LACC3   (Q03D47), RS6_LACCB   (B3W6R4), RS6_LACF3   (B2GEV4), 
RS6_LACGA   (Q047E8), RS6_LACH4   (A8YW47), RS6_LACJO   (Q74M28), 
RS6_LACLA   (Q9CDM8), RS6_LACLM   (A2RNZ4), RS6_LACLS   (Q02VT9), 
RS6_LACPL   (Q890K2), RS6_LACRD   (A5VHF9), RS6_LACRJ   (B2G4Z1), 
RS6_LACSS   (Q38ZR8), RS6_LARHH   (C1DCR4), RS6_LAWIP   (Q1MRG8), 
RS6_LEPBA   (B0SB40), RS6_LEPBJ   (Q04TH3), RS6_LEPBL   (Q052K2), 
RS6_LEPBP   (B0SSW2), RS6_LEPCP   (B1XXH5), RS6_LEPIC   (Q72QK0), 
RS6_LEPIN   (Q8F5K6), RS6_MAGMM   (A0LAG9), RS6_MAGSA   (Q2W5G8), 
RS6_MESFL   (Q6F237), RS6_METC4   (B7L2P2), RS6_METEP   (A9W8G4), 
RS6_METFK   (Q1H1P3), RS6_METNO   (B8IED2), RS6_METPB   (B1ZFQ8), 
RS6_METRJ   (B1LYI4), RS6_METS4   (B0UL29), RS6_METSB   (B8ESH8), 
RS6_MICLC   (C5C7V1), RS6_MOOTA   (Q2RM72), RS6_MYCA5   (B3PN60), 
RS6_MYCAP   (A5IY65), RS6_MYCCT   (Q2ST91), RS6_MYCGA   (Q7NAM1), 
RS6_MYCH2   (Q600Z6), RS6_MYCH7   (Q4A870), RS6_MYCHJ   (Q4AA43), 
RS6_MYCMS   (Q6MUK4), RS6_MYCPU   (Q98PV8), RS6_MYCS5   (Q4A5N1), 
RS6_NATTJ   (B2A456), RS6_NITEC   (Q0ADI6), RS6_NITEU   (Q82XQ6), 
RS6_NITHX   (Q1QKV0), RS6_NITMU   (Q2Y7M5), RS6_NITOC   (Q3JEJ6), 
RS6_NITSB   (A6Q464), RS6_NITWN   (Q3SRY9), RS6_NOCSJ   (A1SQS4), 
RS6_NOVAD   (Q2G8G3), RS6_OCHA4   (A6WWE6), RS6_OENOB   (Q04HQ7), 
RS6_OLICO   (B6JGN7), RS6_ONYPE   (Q6YRK5), RS6_ORITB   (A5CCY7), 
RS6_ORITI   (B3CRZ7), RS6_PARD8   (A6LIX7), RS6_PARDP   (A1B0F8), 
RS6_PARL1   (A7HYI2), RS6_PARUW   (Q6MAT3), RS6_PELCD   (Q3A317), 
RS6_PELPB   (B4SB42), RS6_PELPD   (A1AM18), RS6_PELTS   (A5CY52), 
RS6_PELUB   (Q4FMR5), RS6_PEPD6   (Q181R5), RS6_PHOPR   (Q6LM41), 
RS6_PHYMT   (B3R0K3), RS6_POLNA   (A1VPX4), RS6_POLNS   (B1XTM5), 
RS6_POLSJ   (Q128U1), RS6_POLSQ   (A4SVX6), RS6_PORG3   (B2RIG3), 
RS6_PORGI   (Q7MWL3), RS6_PROAC   (Q6A5M9), RS6_PROM4   (A9BDR2), 
RS6_PROMA   (Q7V9F9), RS6_RALPJ   (B2UAG4), RS6_RALSO   (Q8XZT8), 
RS6_RHIE6   (B3PUT7), RS6_RHIEC   (Q2KA93), RS6_RHIL3   (Q1MJ10), 
RS6_RHILO   (Q984T8), RS6_RHILW   (B5ZWC9), RS6_RHIME   (Q92QZ7), 
RS6_RHISN   (C3M9B1), RS6_RHOBA   (Q7UKV1), RS6_RHOCB   (O68126), 
RS6_RHOCS   (B6IN79), RS6_RHOE4   (C0ZV45), RS6_RHOFT   (Q21WD6), 
RS6_RHOJR   (Q0SB51), RS6_RHOOB   (C1B719), RS6_RHOP2   (Q2IX91), 
RS6_RHOP5   (Q07LE2), RS6_RHOPA   (Q6N5A4), RS6_RHOPB   (Q215T6), 
RS6_RHOPS   (Q135M8), RS6_RHOPT   (B3Q9T5), RS6_RHORT   (Q2RXC6), 
RS6_RHOS1   (A3PKL5), RS6_RHOS4   (Q3J1M1), RS6_RHOS5   (A4WS85), 
RS6_RHOSK   (B9KJP0), RS6_RICB8   (A8GY12), RS6_RICBR   (Q1RKB1), 
RS6_RICCK   (A8EXA7), RS6_RICCN   (Q92JK3), RS6_RICFE   (Q4UN64), 
RS6_RICPR   (Q9ZEA6), RS6_RICPU   (C4K159), RS6_RICRS   (A8GQJ4), 
RS6_RICTY   (Q68XR5), RS6_ROSDO   (Q164N7), RS6_RUEPO   (Q5LR50), 
RS6_RUEST   (Q1GHT8), RS6_SACD2   (Q21LW0), RS6_SACEN   (A4FR32), 
RS6_SALAI   (A8LXG3), RS6_SALTO   (A4XDG8), RS6_SHEAM   (A1SA60), 
RS6_SHEB2   (B8E9N6), RS6_SHEB5   (A3D8Q5), RS6_SHEB8   (A6WJ79), 
RS6_SHEB9   (A9L120), RS6_SHEDO   (Q12RW9), RS6_SHEFN   (Q07XS7), 
RS6_SHEHH   (B0TUU9), RS6_SHELP   (A3QI52), RS6_SHEON   (Q8EAH2), 
RS6_SHEPA   (A8H8L2), RS6_SHEPC   (A4Y3F0), RS6_SHEPW   (B8CIQ1), 
RS6_SHESA   (A0KT20), RS6_SHESH   (A8FR95), RS6_SHESM   (Q0HF39), 
RS6_SHESR   (Q0HYW6), RS6_SHESW   (A1RNI9), RS6_SHEWM   (B1KHZ0), 
RS6_SINMW   (A6U7G7), RS6_SOLUE   (Q01QR4), RS6_SPHAL   (Q1GRW0), 
RS6_STACT   (B9DIB8), RS6_STAHJ   (Q4L340), RS6_STRA1   (Q3JZI0), 
RS6_STRA3   (P66597), RS6_STRA5   (P66598), RS6_STRE4   (C0MB79), 
RS6_STREM   (B4U151), RS6_STRGC   (A8AZD7), RS6_STRM5   (B4SP94), 
RS6_STRMU   (Q8DSD7), RS6_STRP1   (P66599), RS6_STRP2   (Q04JK8), 
RS6_STRP3   (P0DE96), RS6_STRP4   (B5E6A6), RS6_STRP6   (Q5XA61), 
RS6_STRP7   (C1C8D0), RS6_STRP8   (P66601), RS6_STRPB   (Q1JA29), 
RS6_STRPC   (Q1JK76), RS6_STRPD   (Q1JF72), RS6_STRPG   (A2RCR4), 
RS6_STRPI   (B1ICW1), RS6_STRPJ   (B8ZLE1), RS6_STRPM   (Q48RK8), 
RS6_STRPN   (P66602), RS6_STRPQ   (P0DE97), RS6_STRPS   (B2IR60), 
RS6_STRPZ   (B5XI40), RS6_STRR6   (P66603), RS6_STRS2   (A4W3Q2), 
RS6_STRS7   (C0MEM1), RS6_STRSV   (A3CL32), RS6_STRT1   (Q5LY48), 
RS6_STRT2   (Q5M2Q3), RS6_STRTD   (Q03IV3), RS6_STRU0   (B9DVK4), 
RS6_STRZJ   (C1CFC2), RS6_STRZP   (C1CLP0), RS6_STRZT   (C1CSF9), 
RS6_SULDN   (Q30PZ4), RS6_SULNB   (A6Q7C9), RS6_SYMTH   (Q67J48), 
RS6_SYNFM   (A0LN59), RS6_SYNJA   (Q2JQZ7), RS6_SYNJB   (Q2JKZ9), 
RS6_SYNP2   (B1XP08), RS6_SYNPX   (Q7U3C1), RS6_SYNR3   (A5GX14), 
RS6_SYNWW   (Q0ATX6), RS6_TERTT   (C5BN45), RS6_THEAB   (B7IGA5), 
RS6_THEEB   (Q8DJE6), RS6_THEFY   (Q47K94), RS6_THEM4   (A6LKP9), 
RS6_THEMA   (Q9WZ72), RS6_THENN   (B9KB39), RS6_THEP1   (A5IJH1), 
RS6_THEP3   (B0K8G4), RS6_THEPX   (B0K5L9), RS6_THESQ   (B1L8K7), 
RS6_THIDA   (Q3SH31), RS6_TOLAT   (C4LAB8), RS6_TREPA   (O83102), 
RS6_TREPS   (B2S211), RS6_TRIEI   (Q10XV0), RS6_TROW8   (Q83IC0), 
RS6_TROWT   (Q83GX2), RS6_UREP2   (B1AJJ4), RS6_UREPA   (Q9PPT6), 
RS6_UREU1   (B5ZC61), RS6_VIBF1   (Q5E2D9), RS6_VIBFM   (B5FBQ3), 
RS6_VIBTL   (B7VI65), RS6_WOLTR   (Q5GSD6), RS6_XANAC   (Q8PM14), 
RS6_XANC5   (Q3BV21), RS6_XANC8   (Q4UTA3), RS6_XANCB   (B0RUY9), 
RS6_XANCP   (Q8PAC2), RS6_XANOM   (Q2P328), RS6_XANOP   (B2SIV0), 
RS6_XANOR   (Q5H051), RS6_XANP2   (A7IK05), RS6_XYLF2   (B2I9S9), 
RS6_XYLFA   (P66604), RS6_XYLFM   (B0U5H2), RS6_XYLFT   (P66605), 
RS6_ZYMMO   (Q5NN61), RT06_BOVIN  (P82931), RT06_CHICK  (Q5ZIJ2), 
RT06_DROME  (Q9VZD5), RT06_HUMAN  (P82932), RT06_MOUSE  (P58064), 
RT06_YEAST  (P28778)
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'Partial' sequences
2 sequences

RR6_SPIOL   (P82403), RS6_GEOSE   (P59682)

False positive sequences
8 sequences

RSMH_PROMS  (A2BNW6), Y1479_METJA (Q58874)
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[Detailed view]
115 PDB

1CQM; 1CQN; 1EG0; 1FJG; 1FKA; 1G1X; 1HNW; 1HNX; 1HNZ; 1HR0; 1I94; 1I95; 1I96; 1I97; 1IBK; 1IBL; 1IBM; 1J5E; 1JGO; 1JGP; 1JGQ; 1LOU; 1ML5; 1N32; 1N33; 1N34; 1N36; 1QD7; 1RIS; 1XMO; 1XMQ; 1XNQ; 1XNR; 2BVZ; 2BXJ; 2E5L; 2F4V; 2HHH; 2KJV; 2KJW; 2UU9; 2UUA; 2UUB; 2UUC; 2UXB; 2UXC; 2UXD; 2VQE; 2VQF; 2YKR; 2ZM6; 3IY8; 3OTO; 3R3T; 3T1H; 3T1Y; 4A2I; 4ADV; 4AQY; 4B3M; 4B3R; 4B3S; 4B3T; 4DR1; 4DR2; 4DR3; 4DR4; 4DR5; 4DR6; 4DR7; 4DUY; 4DUZ; 4DV0; 4DV1; 4DV2; 4DV3; 4DV4; 4DV5; 4DV6; 4DV7; 4GKJ; 4GKK; 4JI0; 4JI1; 4JI2; 4JI3; 4JI4; 4JI5; 4JI6; 4JI7; 4JI8; 4JV5; 4JYA; 4K0K; 4KHP; 4KVB; 4LF4; 4LF5; 4LF6; 4LF7; 4LF8; 4LF9; 4LFA; 4LFB; 4LFC; 4NXM; 4NXN; 4OX9; 4WT8; 4X62; 4X64; 4X65; 4X66; 4YHH; 5BR8
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