Entry: PS01167

General information about the entry

Entry name [info] RIBOSOMAL_L17
Accession [info] PS01167
Entry type [info] PATTERN
Date [info] NOV-1997 (CREATED); APR-2006 (DATA UPDATE); APR-2015 (INFO UPDATE).
PROSITE Doc. [info] PDOC00897

Name and characterization of the entry

Description [info] Ribosomal protein L17 signature.
Pattern [info]

Numerical results [info]

Numerical results for UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot release 2015_06 which contains 548'586 sequence entries.

Total number of hits 702 in 702 different sequences
Number of true positive hits 702 in 702 different sequences
Number of 'unknown' hits
Number of false positive hits
Number of false negative sequences 96
Number of 'partial' sequences 1
Precision (true positives / (true positives + false positives)) 100.00 %
Recall (true positives / (true positives + false negatives)) 87.97 %

Comments [info]

Taxonomic range [info] Eukaryotes, Prokaryotes (Bacteria)
Maximum number of repetitions [info] 1
Version [info] 2

Cross-references [info]

True positive sequences
702 sequences

RK17_TOBAC  (O80363), RL17_ACHLI  (A9NEG1), RL17_ACIAC  (A1TJU3), 
RL17_ACIAD  (Q6F7T8), RL17_ACIB3  (B7GW28), RL17_ACIB5  (B7IA13), 
RL17_ACIBS  (B0VQU4), RL17_ACIBT  (A3M958), RL17_ACIBY  (B0V6U8), 
RL17_ACICJ  (A5FZU0), RL17_ACIET  (B9MBW3), RL17_ACIF2  (B7J4A5), 
RL17_ACIF5  (B5EMA0), RL17_ACISJ  (A1W334), RL17_ACTP7  (B3GZ37), 
RL17_ACTPJ  (B0BSV7), RL17_ACTSZ  (A6VLL4), RL17_AERHH  (A0KF46), 
RL17_AERS4  (A4SSY0), RL17_AGRRK  (B9JDV3), RL17_AGRT5  (Q8UE41), 
RL17_AGRVS  (B9JVR2), RL17_AKKM8  (B2UL54), RL17_ALCBS  (Q0VSH7), 
RL17_ALISL  (B6EPV0), RL17_ALKEH  (Q0ABE9), RL17_ALKMQ  (A6TWF2), 
RL17_ALKOO  (A8MLH0), RL17_ALTMD  (B4RT54), RL17_AMOA5  (B3EUJ5), 
RL17_ANAD2  (B8J888), RL17_ANADE  (Q2IJ58), RL17_ANADF  (A7HBP6), 
RL17_ANAMF  (B9KJ46), RL17_ANAMM  (Q5PA82), RL17_ANAPZ  (Q2GL35), 
RL17_ANASK  (B4UBC7), RL17_ANAVT  (Q3MF96), RL17_ANOFW  (B7GJ95), 
RL17_AQUAE  (O66482), RL17_ARCB4  (A8ETK7), RL17_AROAE  (Q5P306), 
RL17_ARTAT  (A1R8R4), RL17_ARTCA  (B8HCX3), RL17_ARTS2  (A0JZ48), 
RL17_AYWBP  (Q2NIY2), RL17_AZOC5  (A8IAN3), RL17_AZOPC  (B6YQ59), 
RL17_AZOSB  (A1KB00), RL17_AZOVD  (C1DKN9), RL17_BACA2  (A7Z0R6), 
RL17_BACAA  (C3P9T3), RL17_BACAC  (C3LJX2), RL17_BACAH  (A0R8K7), 
RL17_BACAN  (Q81VQ3), RL17_BACC0  (B7JKE8), RL17_BACC1  (Q73F68), 
RL17_BACC2  (B7IT47), RL17_BACC3  (C1ET67), RL17_BACC4  (B7HJI5), 
RL17_BACC7  (B7HQX2), RL17_BACCN  (A7GK48), RL17_BACCQ  (B9IZM2), 
RL17_BACCR  (Q81J17), RL17_BACCZ  (Q63H63), RL17_BACFN  (Q5L8D7), 
RL17_BACFR  (Q64NN6), RL17_BACHD  (O50635), RL17_BACHK  (Q6HPN1), 
RL17_BACLD  (Q65P78), RL17_BACP2  (A8F9B3), RL17_BACSK  (Q5WLN4), 
RL17_BACSU  (P20277), RL17_BACTN  (Q8A4A3), RL17_BACV8  (A6KYG9), 
RL17_BACWK  (A9VPA5), RL17_BARBK  (A1USR9), RL17_BARHE  (Q6G2Z0), 
RL17_BARQU  (Q6FZE7), RL17_BART1  (A9IVZ4), RL17_BAUCH  (Q1LTB2), 
RL17_BEII9  (B2IF97), RL17_BEUC1  (C5C0G0), RL17_BIFA0  (B8DW39), 
RL17_BIFAA  (A1A096), RL17_BIFLD  (B3DQE1), RL17_BIFLO  (Q8G3Z2), 
RL17_BIFLS  (B7GNB3), RL17_BLOFL  (Q7VQC2), RL17_BLOPB  (Q493I3), 
RL17_BORA1  (Q2L235), RL17_BORAP  (Q0SN04), RL17_BORBR  (Q7WR98), 
RL17_BORBU  (O51456), RL17_BORBZ  (B7J268), RL17_BORGA  (Q661B7), 
RL17_BORPA  (Q7W2D0), RL17_BORPD  (A9IHR4), RL17_BORPE  (Q7VTA6), 
RL17_BRADU  (Q89JA8), RL17_BRASB  (A5ELK2), RL17_BRASO  (A4YSL7), 
RL17_BREBN  (C0ZIK8), RL17_BRUA1  (B2S654), RL17_BRUA2  (Q2YRU1), 
RL17_BRUAB  (Q57CT3), RL17_BRUC2  (A9M5M4), RL17_BRUMB  (C0RJH5), 
RL17_BRUME  (Q8YHL5), RL17_BRUO2  (A5VQY1), RL17_BRUSI  (B0CH06), 
RL17_BRUSU  (Q8G095), RL17_BUCA5  (B8D9S1), RL17_BUCAI  (P57565), 
RL17_BUCAP  (Q8K973), RL17_BUCAT  (B8D823), RL17_BUCBP  (Q89A88), 
RL17_BURA4  (B1YRQ6), RL17_BURCA  (Q1BRX5), RL17_BURCC  (B1JU49), 
RL17_BURCH  (A0K3Q2), RL17_BURCJ  (B4E5E7), RL17_BURCM  (Q0BJ19), 
RL17_BURL3  (Q39KE0), RL17_BURM1  (A9ADM0), RL17_BURM9  (A2S7K3), 
RL17_BURMA  (Q62GN2), RL17_BURMS  (A1V876), RL17_BURP0  (A3P086), 
RL17_BURP1  (Q3JMU0), RL17_BURP6  (A3NEF2), RL17_BURP8  (B2JI38), 
RL17_BURPP  (B2T724), RL17_BURPS  (Q63Q38), RL17_BURTA  (Q2SU54), 
RL17_BURVG  (A4JAR7), RL17_BURXL  (Q13TJ7), RL17_CALBD  (B9MKF2), 
RL17_CALS4  (Q8R7Y3), RL17_CALS8  (A4XLQ1), RL17_CAMC1  (A7ZFY6), 
RL17_CAMFF  (A0RM37), RL17_CAMHC  (A7HZX0), RL17_CAMJ8  (A8FNQ8), 
RL17_CAMJD  (A7H5U6), RL17_CAMJE  (Q0P832), RL17_CAMJJ  (A1W1J8), 
RL17_CAMJR  (Q5HSJ5), RL17_CAMLR  (B9KEH7), RL17_CARHZ  (Q3A9U5), 
RL17_CAUCN  (B8H4G0), RL17_CAUCR  (Q9A8S8), RL17_CAUSK  (B0T2E7), 
RL17_CELJU  (B3PK63), RL17_CHESB  (Q11HS7), RL17_CHLAB  (Q5L6Z8), 
RL17_CHLCH  (Q3APK1), RL17_CHLCV  (Q824N0), RL17_CHLFF  (Q252X5), 
RL17_CHLL2  (B3EGW2), RL17_CHLMU  (Q9PJN5), RL17_CHLP8  (B3QR99), 
RL17_CHLPB  (B3EP33), RL17_CHLPD  (A1BJ06), RL17_CHLPN  (Q9Z7S9), 
RL17_CHLT2  (B0B880), RL17_CHLTA  (Q3KLJ1), RL17_CHLTB  (B0BCE5), 
RL17_CHLTE  (Q8KAJ9), RL17_CHLTR  (P0CD84), RL17_CHRSD  (Q1R0E9), 
RL17_CHRVO  (Q7NQH8), RL17_CLAM3  (A5CU79), RL17_CLAMS  (B0RB73), 
RL17_CLOAB  (Q97EK7), RL17_CLOB1  (A7FZ43), RL17_CLOB6  (C3KVM1), 
RL17_CLOB8  (A6LPU1), RL17_CLOBA  (B2UYE0), RL17_CLOBB  (B2TIK5), 
RL17_CLOBH  (A5I7H6), RL17_CLOBJ  (C1FMS1), RL17_CLOBK  (B1IGC4), 
RL17_CLOBL  (A7GJ44), RL17_CLOBM  (B1KSJ5), RL17_CLOK1  (B9DYD8), 
RL17_CLOK5  (A5N4S6), RL17_CLOP1  (Q0TMS6), RL17_CLOPE  (Q8XHV1), 
RL17_CLOPS  (Q0SQH4), RL17_CLOTE  (Q890R1), RL17_COLP3  (Q488Y7), 
RL17_CORA7  (C3PL39), RL17_CORDI  (Q6NJ62), RL17_COREF  (Q8FS32), 
RL17_CORGB  (A4QBQ8), RL17_CORGL  (Q8NSV1), RL17_CORJK  (Q4JTC3), 
RL17_CORK4  (C4LKZ0), RL17_CORU7  (B1VEY3), RL17_COXB1  (B6J5F8), 
RL17_COXB2  (B6J237), RL17_COXBN  (A9KD05), RL17_COXBR  (A9NAZ6), 
RL17_COXBU  (Q83EQ1), RL17_CUPNH  (Q0K646), RL17_CUPPJ  (Q46WH0), 
RL17_CUPTR  (B3R7E2), RL17_CYAA5  (B1WQT6), RL17_CYAP4  (B8HMS9), 
RL17_CYAP7  (B7KI12), RL17_CYAP8  (B7K223), RL17_CYTH3  (Q11QD9), 
RL17_DECAR  (Q47J76), RL17_DEIDV  (C1CXD3), RL17_DEIGD  (Q1IXA0), 
RL17_DEIRA  (Q9RSJ5), RL17_DELAS  (A9BRX6), RL17_DESAH  (C0Q9U6), 
RL17_DESAP  (B1I1B4), RL17_DESDA  (B8IYL8), RL17_DESHD  (B8G1Z5), 
RL17_DESHY  (Q250K3), RL17_DESOH  (A8ZV83), RL17_DESPS  (Q6AP42), 
RL17_DESRM  (A4J140), RL17_DICNV  (A5EXB2), RL17_DICT6  (B5YDX1), 
RL17_DICTD  (B8E1G1), RL17_DINSH  (A8LM82), RL17_ECO24  (A7ZSI3), 
RL17_ECO27  (B7UK18), RL17_ECO45  (B7MCR0), RL17_ECO55  (B7LHZ6), 
RL17_ECO57  (P0AG46), RL17_ECO5E  (B5YT13), RL17_ECO7I  (B7NLL4), 
RL17_ECO81  (B7N179), RL17_ECO8A  (B7M100), RL17_ECOBW  (C4ZUE9), 
RL17_ECODH  (B1X6E6), RL17_ECOHS  (A8A599), RL17_ECOK1  (A1AGI5), 
RL17_ECOL5  (Q0TCG7), RL17_ECOL6  (P0AG45), RL17_ECOLC  (B1IQ05), 
RL17_ECOLI  (P0AG44), RL17_ECOLU  (B7NDR6), RL17_ECOSE  (B6I208), 
RL17_ECOSM  (B1LGQ0), RL17_ECOUT  (Q1R638), RL17_EDWI9  (C5BF26), 
RL17_EHRCJ  (Q3YRN3), RL17_EHRCR  (Q2GH32), RL17_EHRRG  (Q5FFS2), 
RL17_EHRRW  (Q5HAU6), RL17_ENT38  (A4WFA2), RL17_ENTFA  (Q839D8), 
RL17_ERWT9  (B2VK70), RL17_ERYLH  (Q2N9D8), RL17_ESCF3  (B7LRR1), 
RL17_EXIS2  (B1YGX8), RL17_EXISA  (C4KZL8), RL17_FINM2  (B0RZT6), 
RL17_FLAJ1  (A5FN14), RL17_FLAPJ  (A6GZ72), RL17_FRAAA  (Q0RRP2), 
RL17_FRAP2  (B0U0W4), RL17_FRASC  (Q2JFE7), RL17_FRASN  (A8LB04), 
RL17_FRAT1  (Q14J94), RL17_FRATF  (A7N9V0), RL17_FRATH  (Q2A5E4), 
RL17_FRATM  (B2SDV9), RL17_FRATN  (A0Q4K9), RL17_FRATO  (Q0BNQ2), 
RL17_FRATT  (Q5NHU2), RL17_FRATW  (A4IZQ8), RL17_FUSNN  (Q8RE45), 
RL17_GEMAT  (C1A4I9), RL17_GEODF  (B9M6F1), RL17_GEOKA  (Q5L3R1), 
RL17_GEOLS  (B3E858), RL17_GEOMG  (Q39XX8), RL17_GEOSE  (P07843), 
RL17_GEOSL  (Q749B4), RL17_GEOSM  (C6E4M9), RL17_GEOSW  (C5D3U5), 
RL17_GEOTN  (A4IJL5), RL17_GEOUR  (A5GAU7), RL17_GLOVI  (Q7NFF6), 
RL17_GLUDA  (A9H3I6), RL17_GLUOX  (Q5FU08), RL17_GRABC  (Q0BUM5), 
RL17_HAEDU  (Q7VKF9), RL17_HAEI8  (Q4QM96), RL17_HAEIE  (A5UDS1), 
RL17_HAEIG  (A5UHV6), RL17_HAEIN  (P44355), RL17_HAEPS  (B8F6P5), 
RL17_HAHCH  (Q2S938), RL17_HALHL  (A1WV96), RL17_HALOH  (B8D0T8), 
RL17_HAMD5  (C4K792), RL17_HELAH  (Q17ZB3), RL17_HELMI  (B0TC86), 
RL17_HELP2  (B6JND2), RL17_HELPG  (B5Z8U1), RL17_HELPH  (Q1CRW8), 
RL17_HELPJ  (Q9ZJT6), RL17_HELPS  (B2UV55), RL17_HELPY  (P56042), 
RL17_HERAR  (A4G9R2), RL17_HISS1  (Q0I136), RL17_HISS2  (B0UX40), 
RL17_IDILO  (Q5QXV0), RL17_JANMA  (A6T3H7), RL17_JANSC  (Q28US7), 
RL17_KLEP3  (B5XNB7), RL17_KLEP7  (A6TEU7), RL17_KORVE  (Q1IS92), 
RL17_KOSOT  (C5CGH3), RL17_LACAC  (Q5FM64), RL17_LACBA  (Q03PY4), 
RL17_LACC3  (Q035B0), RL17_LACCB  (B3WAJ1), RL17_LACDA  (Q1GBJ1), 
RL17_LACDB  (Q04BY8), RL17_LACF3  (B2GDU2), RL17_LACGA  (Q045Z9), 
RL17_LACH4  (A8YXN1), RL17_LACJO  (Q74L63), RL17_LACLA  (Q9CDY4), 
RL17_LACLM  (A2RNM6), RL17_LACLS  (Q02W52), RL17_LACRD  (A5VLH8), 
RL17_LACRJ  (B2G8V1), RL17_LACS1  (Q1WSB7), RL17_LACSS  (Q38UT8), 
RL17_LARHH  (C1DAU4), RL17_LEGPA  (Q5X833), RL17_LEGPC  (A5IHP0), 
RL17_LEGPH  (Q5ZYL7), RL17_LEGPL  (Q5WZI6), RL17_LEIXX  (Q6AD22), 
RL17_LEPBJ  (Q04PW6), RL17_LEPCP  (B1Y7M8), RL17_LEPIC  (Q72NI9), 
RL17_LEPIN  (Q9XD08), RL17_LEUCK  (B1MVY9), RL17_LEUMM  (Q03ZL9), 
RL17_LISIN  (Q927N4), RL17_LISMC  (C1KZF4), RL17_LISMF  (Q71WH3), 
RL17_LISMH  (B8DB35), RL17_LISMO  (Q8Y450), RL17_LISW6  (A0ALU1), 
RL17_LYSSC  (B1HMV4), RL17_MACCJ  (B9E9L8), RL17_MAGSA  (Q2W2L4), 
RL17_MAGSM  (A0L5Z9), RL17_MANSM  (Q65QY1), RL17_MARHV  (A1TYM3), 
RL17_MARMM  (Q0ANS5), RL17_MARMS  (A6W366), RL17_METCA  (Q605D8), 
RL17_METFK  (Q1H4L1), RL17_METI4  (B3DVY9), RL17_METNO  (B8IT36), 
RL17_METPP  (A2SLD0), RL17_METRJ  (B1LWP8), RL17_METS4  (B0UHU4), 
RL17_METSB  (B8EIT6), RL17_MICAN  (B0JY37), RL17_MOOTA  (Q2RFS7), 
RL17_MYCA1  (A0QKU4), RL17_MYCA5  (B3PMM0), RL17_MYCA9  (B1MG98), 
RL17_MYCAP  (A5IYV8), RL17_MYCBO  (P0A5V5), RL17_MYCBP  (A1KPE2), 
RL17_MYCBT  (C1AHR4), RL17_MYCCT  (Q48980), RL17_MYCGE  (P47424), 
RL17_MYCGI  (A4TEJ2), RL17_MYCH2  (Q601I8), RL17_MYCH7  (Q4A8J8), 
RL17_MYCHJ  (Q4AAG7), RL17_MYCLB  (B8ZSH5), RL17_MYCLE  (Q9X797), 
RL17_MYCMM  (B2HCX5), RL17_MYCMO  (Q6KI28), RL17_MYCMS  (Q6MSQ0), 
RL17_MYCPA  (Q73S42), RL17_MYCPE  (Q8EUD8), RL17_MYCPN  (Q59547), 
RL17_MYCPU  (Q98Q09), RL17_MYCS2  (A0QSL9), RL17_MYCS5  (Q4A5J1), 
RL17_MYCSJ  (A3PVL9), RL17_MYCSK  (A1UBY6), RL17_MYCSS  (Q1BD07), 
RL17_MYCTA  (A5U8D2), RL17_MYCTO  (P9WHD2), RL17_MYCTU  (P9WHD3), 
RL17_MYCUA  (A0PMB8), RL17_MYCVP  (A1T521), RL17_MYXXD  (Q1D747), 
RL17_NATTJ  (B2A4Q1), RL17_NAUPA  (B9L6T6), RL17_NEIG1  (Q5F5V3), 
RL17_NEIM0  (A9M3T9), RL17_NEIMA  (Q9JX16), RL17_NEIMB  (Q9K1I1), 
RL17_NEIMF  (A1KRK0), RL17_NEOSM  (Q2GEB5), RL17_NITEC  (Q0AIH0), 
RL17_NITEU  (Q82X68), RL17_NITHX  (Q1QN05), RL17_NITMU  (Q2YAX1), 
RL17_NITOC  (Q3J8T9), RL17_NITSB  (A6Q1K5), RL17_NITWN  (Q3SSU1), 
RL17_NOCFA  (Q5Z1K8), RL17_NOCSJ  (A1SNI7), RL17_NOSP7  (B2ITN0), 
RL17_NOSS1  (Q8YPK4), RL17_NOVAD  (Q2G5B1), RL17_OCEIH  (Q8ETV8), 
RL17_OCHA4  (A6X0E3), RL17_OENOB  (Q04G59), RL17_OLICO  (B6JEX2), 
RL17_OPITP  (B1ZNC2), RL17_ORITB  (A5CCI8), RL17_ORITI  (B3CT30), 
RL17_PARD8  (A6LEG4), RL17_PARDP  (A1B053), RL17_PARL1  (A7HWT6), 
RL17_PARUW  (Q6ME41), RL17_PASMU  (Q9CL54), RL17_PECAS  (Q6CZZ6), 
RL17_PECCP  (C6DFS2), RL17_PEDPA  (Q03EE3), RL17_PELCD  (Q3A6L9), 
RL17_PELPB  (B4SC70), RL17_PELPD  (A1ALW8), RL17_PELTS  (A5D5F0), 
RL17_PELUB  (Q4FLP2), RL17_PEPD6  (Q18CI8), RL17_PERMH  (C0QQQ2), 
RL17_PETMO  (A9BFY9), RL17_PHEZH  (B4R8P2), RL17_PHOLL  (Q7MYH6), 
RL17_PHOPR  (Q6LV90), RL17_PHYAS  (B1VAC0), RL17_PHYMT  (B3R018), 
RL17_POLNA  (A1VJ41), RL17_POLNS  (B1XSS8), RL17_POLSJ  (Q12G76), 
RL17_POLSQ  (A4SUY7), RL17_PORG3  (B2RLW4), RL17_PORGI  (Q7MTP1), 
RL17_PROA2  (B4S5A0), RL17_PROMH  (B4F1L0), RL17_PROVI  (A4SCT7), 
RL17_PSE14  (Q48D62), RL17_PSEA6  (Q15X47), RL17_PSEA7  (A6UZL4), 
RL17_PSEA8  (B7V669), RL17_PSEAB  (Q02T54), RL17_PSEAE  (O52761), 
RL17_PSEE4  (Q1IFU0), RL17_PSEF5  (Q4K558), RL17_PSEFS  (C3K2V0), 
RL17_PSEHT  (Q3IJI7), RL17_PSEMY  (A4XZ64), RL17_PSEP1  (A5VXS3), 
RL17_PSEPF  (Q3K613), RL17_PSEPG  (B0KK92), RL17_PSEPK  (Q88QL0), 
RL17_PSEPW  (B1JAI6), RL17_PSESM  (Q889U5), RL17_PSEU2  (Q4ZMR9), 
RL17_PSEU5  (A4VHQ6), RL17_PSYA2  (Q4FUD0), RL17_PSYCK  (Q1QDG0), 
RL17_PSYWF  (A5WCL5), RL17_RALME  (Q1LI64), RL17_RALPJ  (B2UEJ2), 
RL17_RALSO  (Q8XV39), RL17_RHIE6  (B3PWU6), RL17_RHIEC  (Q2K9J1), 
RL17_RHIL3  (Q1MIB6), RL17_RHILO  (Q98N32), RL17_RHILW  (B5ZZ58), 
RL17_RHIME  (Q926A5), RL17_RHISN  (C3MB04), RL17_RHOCS  (B6IRT1), 
RL17_RHOE4  (C0ZW55), RL17_RHOFT  (Q21QQ0), RL17_RHOJR  (Q0S3E6), 
RL17_RHOOB  (C1B042), RL17_RHOP2  (Q2IXN5), RL17_RHOP5  (Q07KP3), 
RL17_RHOPA  (Q6N4V8), RL17_RHOPB  (Q211H3), RL17_RHOPS  (Q134V4), 
RL17_RHOPT  (B3QB18), RL17_RHORT  (Q2RQY5), RL17_RHOS1  (A3PGN6), 
RL17_RHOS4  (Q3J5P7), RL17_RHOS5  (A4WVI3), RL17_RHOSK  (B9KLB6), 
RL17_RICAE  (C3PP82), RL17_RICB8  (A8GVD8), RL17_RICBR  (Q1RHP6), 
RL17_RICCK  (A8EZJ1), RL17_RICCN  (Q92GZ1), RL17_RICFE  (Q4UMQ4), 
RL17_RICM5  (A8F2C2), RL17_RICPR  (Q9ZCT0), RL17_RICPU  (C4K2F4), 
RL17_RICRO  (B0BUN5), RL17_RICRS  (A8GT44), RL17_RICTY  (Q68WA3), 
RL17_ROSDO  (Q16AB7), RL17_RUEPO  (Q5LW31), RL17_RUEST  (Q1GK03), 
RL17_RUTMC  (A1AVM6), RL17_SACD2  (Q21M32), RL17_SACEN  (A4FPJ1), 
RL17_SALA4  (B5F7S0), RL17_SALAI  (A8M4Z9), RL17_SALCH  (Q57J57), 
RL17_SALDC  (B5FJI9), RL17_SALEP  (B5R1F1), RL17_SALG2  (B5RH41), 
RL17_SALHS  (B4TJY4), RL17_SALNS  (B4SUR5), RL17_SALPA  (Q5PK06), 
RL17_SALPB  (A9N8B8), RL17_SALPC  (C0PZV7), RL17_SALPK  (B5BGW0), 
RL17_SALRD  (Q2S3N8), RL17_SALSV  (B4TXB7), RL17_SALTI  (Q8XF03), 
RL17_SALTO  (A4XBL7), RL17_SALTY  (Q7CPL7), RL17_SERP5  (A8GKH2), 
RL17_SHEAM  (A1S244), RL17_SHEB2  (B8EBH9), RL17_SHEB5  (A3DA46), 
RL17_SHEB8  (A6WHV4), RL17_SHEB9  (A9KWC7), RL17_SHEDO  (Q12ST3), 
RL17_SHEFN  (Q089M8), RL17_SHEHH  (B0TLY7), RL17_SHELP  (A3Q9A8), 
RL17_SHEON  (Q8EK46), RL17_SHEPA  (A8GZ01), RL17_SHEPC  (A4YBV7), 
RL17_SHEPW  (B8CNF9), RL17_SHESA  (A0KRQ0), RL17_SHESH  (A8G1C4), 
RL17_SHESM  (Q0HNR1), RL17_SHESR  (Q0I079), RL17_SHESW  (A1REE0), 
RL17_SHEVD  (Q9S0Q7), RL17_SHEWM  (B1KM34), RL17_SHIB3  (B2U2R3), 
RL17_SHIBS  (Q31VY2), RL17_SHIDS  (Q32B57), RL17_SHIF8  (Q0T008), 
RL17_SHIFL  (P0AG47), RL17_SHISS  (Q3YWW5), RL17_SINMW  (A6U884), 
RL17_SODGM  (Q2NQP8), RL17_SOLUE  (Q01WC1), RL17_SPHAL  (Q1GVN7), 
RL17_SPHWW  (A5V5X4), RL17_STAA1  (A7X5C3), RL17_STAA2  (A6U3U8), 
RL17_STAA3  (Q2FER6), RL17_STAA8  (Q2FW33), RL17_STAA9  (A5IV07), 
RL17_STAAB  (Q2YYM3), RL17_STAAC  (Q5HDY5), RL17_STAAE  (A6QJ65), 
RL17_STAAM  (Q99S46), RL17_STAAN  (Q7A469), RL17_STAAR  (Q6GEL0), 
RL17_STAAS  (Q6G798), RL17_STAAT  (A8Z330), RL17_STAAW  (Q7A087), 
RL17_STACT  (B9DM50), RL17_STAEQ  (Q5HM26), RL17_STAES  (Q8CRI5), 
RL17_STAHJ  (Q4L887), RL17_STRA1  (Q3K3U3), RL17_STRA3  (Q8E7R8), 
RL17_STRA5  (Q8E2B0), RL17_STRAW  (Q82DM2), RL17_STRCO  (O86775), 
RL17_STRE4  (C0M8M4), RL17_STREM  (B4U527), RL17_STRGC  (A8AZJ8), 
RL17_STRGG  (B1W3X9), RL17_STRM5  (B4SLH6), RL17_STRMK  (B2FQK9), 
RL17_STRMU  (Q8DS37), RL17_STRP2  (Q04ML0), RL17_STRP3  (P0DE10), 
RL17_STRP4  (B5E6I1), RL17_STRP6  (Q5XEA8), RL17_STRP7  (C1CAN9), 
RL17_STRP8  (Q7CNN9), RL17_STRPB  (Q1JE32), RL17_STRPC  (Q1JNZ0), 
RL17_STRPD  (Q1JJ34), RL17_STRPF  (Q1J8Y6), RL17_STRPG  (A2RC41), 
RL17_STRPI  (B1I8M5), RL17_STRPJ  (B8ZKQ6), RL17_STRPM  (Q48VS2), 
RL17_STRPN  (Q97ST6), RL17_STRPQ  (P0DE11), RL17_STRPS  (B2IS68), 
RL17_STRPZ  (B5XJ63), RL17_STRR6  (Q8CWU8), RL17_STRS7  (C0ME32), 
RL17_STRSV  (A3CK91), RL17_STRT1  (Q5LXT8), RL17_STRT2  (Q5M2E0), 
RL17_STRTD  (Q03IH8), RL17_STRU0  (B9DSX7), RL17_STRZJ  (C1CC33), 
RL17_STRZP  (C1CIC4), RL17_STRZT  (C1CPB5), RL17_SYMTH  (Q67JX2), 
RL17_SYNJA  (Q2JUJ6), RL17_SYNJB  (Q2JL73), RL17_SYNWW  (Q0AUL0), 
RL17_SYNY3  (P73296), RL17_TERTT  (C5BQ87), RL17_THEEB  (Q8DMK9), 
RL17_THEFY  (Q47LM2), RL17_THEP3  (B0KCM9), RL17_THEPX  (B0K5S2), 
RL17_THEYD  (B5YG21), RL17_THICR  (Q31IV7), RL17_THIDA  (Q3SLM3), 
RL17_THISH  (B8GV32), RL17_TOLAT  (C4L7V6), RL17_TREPA  (O83243), 
RL17_TREPS  (B2S2G1), RL17_TRIEI  (Q110D2), RL17_TROW8  (Q83I55), 
RL17_TROWT  (Q83G10), RL17_UNCTG  (B1GZB1), RL17_UREP2  (B1AIP7), 
RL17_UREPA  (Q9PQN3), RL17_UREU1  (B5ZB67), RL17_VARPS  (C5CQ74), 
RL17_VEREI  (A1WK91), RL17_VESOH  (A5CXJ0), RL17_VIBC3  (A5F571), 
RL17_VIBCH  (Q9KP09), RL17_VIBCM  (C3LRN2), RL17_VIBF1  (Q5E888), 
RL17_VIBFM  (B5FGE2), RL17_VIBPA  (Q87SY9), RL17_VIBTL  (B7VLD1), 
RL17_VIBVU  (Q8DE64), RL17_VIBVY  (Q7MPG3), RL17_WIGBR  (Q8D1Y7), 
RL17_XANAC  (Q8PNQ7), RL17_XANC5  (Q3BWV8), RL17_XANC8  (Q4URG4), 
RL17_XANCB  (B0RU57), RL17_XANCP  (Q9Z3E6), RL17_XANOM  (Q2P010), 
RL17_XANOP  (B2SRE3), RL17_XANOR  (Q5GWW0), RL17_XANP2  (A7IPP5), 
RL17_XYLF2  (B2I8J4), RL17_XYLFA  (Q9PE51), RL17_XYLFM  (B0U5M4), 
RL17_XYLFT  (Q87E59), RL17_YERE8  (A1JS00), RL17_YERP3  (A7FNK9), 
RL17_YERPA  (Q1C2X2), RL17_YERPB  (B2K511), RL17_YERPE  (Q7CFS8), 
RL17_YERPG  (A9R919), RL17_YERPN  (Q1CCW9), RL17_YERPP  (A4TH16), 
RL17_YERPS  (Q664U7), RL17_YERPY  (B1JJH1), RL17_ZYMMO  (Q5NQ39), 
RM08_SCHPO  (O94345), RM08_YEAST  (P22353), RM17_DICDI  (Q54TY5)
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False negative sequences
96 sequences

RK17_ARATH  (Q9M385), RL17_ACAM1  (B0C429), RL17_ACIC5  (C1F613), 
RL17_BDEBA  (Q6MJ37), RL17_BORDL  (B5RM61), RL17_BORHD  (B2S0K6), 
RL17_BORRA  (B5RPK7), RL17_BORT9  (A1QZT9), RL17_CHLAA  (A9WH94), 
RL17_CHLAD  (B8G6P7), RL17_CHLSY  (B9LJG0), RL17_CHLT3  (B3QYF1), 
RL17_CLOCE  (B8I809), RL17_CLONN  (A0PXX6), RL17_CLOTH  (A3DJK2), 
RL17_COPPD  (B5Y959), RL17_DEHM1  (Q3Z952), RL17_DEHMB  (A5FRV6), 
RL17_DEHMC  (Q3ZZP5), RL17_DESAD  (C6C1B2), RL17_DESAG  (Q30Z69), 
RL17_DESMR  (C4XLK4), RL17_DESVH  (Q72CF3), RL17_DESVM  (B8DNL0), 
RL17_DESVV  (A1VE89), RL17_ELUMP  (B2KEJ2), RL17_EUBE2  (C4Z2V8), 
RL17_FERNB  (A7HM23), RL17_GRAFK  (A0M572), RL17_HELHP  (Q7VGB8), 
RL17_HYDS0  (B4U773), RL17_HYPNA  (Q0BYD9), RL17_KINRD  (A6W5W6), 
RL17_LACPL  (Q88XV9), RL17_LAWIP  (Q1MPP0), RL17_LEPBA  (B0SA19), 
RL17_LEPBP  (B0SSF1), RL17_MESFL  (Q6F1W6), RL17_METC4  (B7L0S4), 
RL17_METEP  (A9W4R4), RL17_METPB  (B1Z767), RL17_MYCHP  (Q4A548), 
RL17_ONYPE  (Q6YQZ4), RL17_PELLD  (Q3B6D5), RL17_PROAC  (Q6A6R2), 
RL17_PROM0  (A3PF24), RL17_PROM1  (A2C4X6), RL17_PROM2  (A8G738), 
RL17_PROM3  (A2CC52), RL17_PROM4  (A9BCM3), RL17_PROM5  (A2BYR2), 
RL17_PROM9  (Q318K8), RL17_PROMA  (Q7V9Y6), RL17_PROMM  (Q7V522), 
RL17_PROMP  (Q7UZW7), RL17_PROMS  (A2BTB4), RL17_PROMT  (Q46IT3), 
RL17_RHOBA  (Q7UIC4), RL17_RUBXD  (Q1AU57), RL17_SORC5  (A9FGB5), 
RL17_STAS1  (Q49ZE1), RL17_STRS2  (A4VYR9), RL17_SULDN  (Q30TS2), 
RL17_SULNB  (A6QCS5), RL17_SULSY  (B2V7I4), RL17_SYNAS  (Q2LQC8), 
RL17_SYNE7  (Q31L31), RL17_SYNFM  (A0LIL8), RL17_SYNP2  (B1XJI3), 
RL17_SYNP6  (O24711), RL17_SYNPW  (A5GIS1), RL17_SYNPX  (Q7U4H6), 
RL17_SYNR3  (A5GVY4), RL17_SYNS3  (Q0ID29), RL17_SYNS9  (Q3AW69), 
RL17_SYNSC  (Q3AMQ4), RL17_THEAB  (B7IHX4), RL17_THEM4  (A6LLP2), 
RL17_THEMA  (Q9X1I1), RL17_THENN  (B9K8B5), RL17_THEP1  (A5IMB2), 
RL17_THERP  (B9KZV9), RL17_THESQ  (B1LBL1), RL17_THET2  (Q72I33), 
RL17_THET8  (Q9Z9H5), RL17_TREDE  (Q73PK7), RL17_WOLPM  (Q73HB0), 
RL17_WOLPP  (B3CN50), RL17_WOLSU  (Q7M8F8), RL17_WOLTR  (Q5GSW8), 
RL17_WOLWR  (C0R2Y5), RM17_BOVIN  (Q3T0L3), RM17_HUMAN  (Q9NRX2), 
RM17_MOUSE  (Q9D8P4), RM17_PONAB  (Q5RCA3), RM17_RAT    (Q6PDW6)
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'Partial' sequences
1 sequence

RK17_SPIOL  (P82194)

[Detailed view]
24 PDB

1NKW; 1NWX; 1NWY; 1SM1; 1XBP; 2J28; 2RDO; 2ZJP; 2ZJQ; 2ZJR; 3BBX; 3CF5; 3DLL; 3J3V; 3J3W; 3J5L; 3J7Z; 3PIO; 3PIP; 4CSU; 4IO9; 4IOA; 4IOC; 4UY8
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