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Bacteriophage-type RNA polymerase family active site signatures


Many forms of RNA polymerase (EC are known. Most RNA polymerases are multimeric enzymes, but there is a family of single chain polymerases, which are evolutionary related, and which originate from bacteriophages or from mitochondria. The RNA polymerases that belong to this family are [1]:

  • Podoviridae bacteriophages T3, T7, and K11 polymerase.
  • Bacteriophage SP6 polymerase.
  • Vertebrate mitochondrial polymerase (gene POLRMT).
  • Fungal mitochondrial polymerase (gene RPO41).
  • Polymerases encoded on mitochondrial linear DNA plasmids in various fungi and plants: Agaricus bitorquis pEM, Claviceps purpurea pClK1, Neurospora crassa Kalilo; Neurospora intermedia Maranhar and maize S-2).

Two conserved aspartate and one lysine residue have been shown [2,3] to be part of the active site of T7 polymerase. We have used the regions around the first aspartate and around the lysine as signature patterns for this family of polymerases.

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RNA_POL_PHAGE_1, PS00900; Bacteriophage-type RNA polymerase family active site signature 1  (PATTERN)

RNA_POL_PHAGE_2, PS00489; Bacteriophage-type RNA polymerase family active site signature 2  (PATTERN)


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