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Tub family signatures


The mouse tubby mutation is the cause of maturity-onset obesity, insulin resistance and sensory deficits. This mutation maps to a gene, tub [1,2], which codes for a protein that belongs to a family which currently consists of the following members:

  • Mammalian tub, an hydrophilic protein of about 500 residues, which could be involved in the hypothalamic regulation of body weight.
  • Human protein TULP1 [3] is involved in retinis pigmentosa 14 (RP14), a retinal degeneration disease.
  • Human protein TULP2 [3].
  • Mammalian protein TULP3 [4].
  • Mouse protein p4-6 whose function is not known.
  • Caenorhabditis elegans hypothetical protein F10B5.4.
  • Several fragmentary sequences from plants, Drosophila and human ESTs.

While the N-terminal part of these protein is not conserved in length nor in the sequence, the C-terminal 250 residues are highly conserved. We therefore selected two regions in the C-terminal part as signature patterns. The second region is located at the C-terminal extremity and contains a penultimate cysteine residue that could be critical to the normal functioning of these proteins.

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TUB_1, PS01200; Tub family signature 1  (PATTERN)

TUB_2, PS01201; Tub family signature 2  (PATTERN)


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