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T-box domain signatures and profile


A number of eukaryotic DNA-binding proteins contain a domain of about 170 to 190 amino acids known as the T-box domain [1,2,3] and which probably binds DNA. The T-box has first been found in the mice T locus (Brachyury) protein, a transcription factor involved in mesoderm differentiation. It has since been found in the following proteins:

  • Vertebrate and invertebrate homologs of the T protein.
  • Mammalian proteins TBX1 to TBX20.
  • Mammalian protein TBR1 which is expressed specifically in brain.
  • Mammalian and Xenopus laevis eomesodermin (eomes or TBR2).
  • Xenopus laevis Vegt (or Antipodean), a transcription factor that activates the expression of wnt-8, eomes and Brachyury.
  • Chicken TbxT.
  • Drosophila protein optomotor-blind (omb).
  • Drosophila protein brachyenteron (byn) (also known as Trg), which is required for the specification of the hindgut and anal pads.
  • Drosophila protein H15.
  • Caenorhabditis elegans proteins tbx-1 to tbx-40.

As signature patterns for the T-domain, we selected two conserved regions. The first region corresponds to the N-terminal of the domain and the second one to the central part. A profile that spans the complete domain was also developed.

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December 2004 / Patterns and text revised.


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TBOX_3, PS50252; T-box domain profile  (MATRIX)

TBOX_1, PS01283; T-box domain signature 1  (PATTERN)

TBOX_2, PS01264; T-box domain signature 2  (PATTERN)


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