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Zinc finger AN1-type profile


This domain was first identified as a putative zinc finger found in the protein encoded by the Xenopus laevis An1 maternal mRNA [1]. The AN1-type zinc finger contains six conserved cysteines and two histidines that could potentially coordinate 2 zinc atoms.

The AN1-type zinc finger is frequently found associated with domains linked to the ubiquitination pathway, such as the A20-type zinc finger (see <PDOC51036>), the ubiquitin-like domain (see <PDOC00271>), or the UIM domain (see <PDOC50330>). The function of the AN1-type zinc finger is not yet known.

Some proteins known to contain an AN1-type zinc finger are listed below:

  • Ascidian posterior end mark 6 (pem-6) protein. Its mRNA is maternally expressed and localized in the posterior-vegetal cytoplasm of ascidian embryo [2].
  • Human AWP1 protein (associated with PRK1). Its gene is turned on early during embryogenesis and ubiquitously expressed [3].
  • Human immunoglobulin mu binding protein 2 (SMUBP-2). Mutations in the gene encoding SMUBP-2 cause spinal muscular atrophy with respiratory distress type 1 [4].

The profile we developed covers the whole AN1-type zinc finger.

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March 2021 / Profile revised.


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