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The anaphase-promoting complex (APC) is a multi-subunit E3 protein ubiquitin ligase that is reponsible for the metaphase to anaphase transition and the exit from mitosis. The subunit APC10 is a one-domain protein homologous to a sequence element, termed the DOC domain, found in several hypothetical proteins that may also mediate ubiquitination reactions, because they contain combinations of either RING finger (see <PDOC00449>), cullin (see <PDOC00967>) or HECT (see <PDOC50237>) domains [1,2,3].

The DOC domain consists of a β-sandwich, in which a five-stranded antiparallel β-sheet is packed on top of a three stranded antiparallel β-sheet, exhibiting a 'jellyroll' fold (see <PDB:1JHJ; A>) [2,3].

Some proteins known to contain a DOC domain are listed below:

  • Eucaryotic Doc1/Apc10.
  • Mammalian protein associated with the transcription factor Myc (PAM).
  • Mouse runty-jerky-sterile (RJS) protein.
  • Human HERC2, the ortholog of RJS.

The profile we developed covers the entire DOC domain.

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