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Coronavirus membrane (CoV M) protein profile


Coronaviruses (CoVs) [E1] are a diverse group of enveloped, plus-stranded RNA viruses that infect humans and many animal species, in which they can cause respiratory, enteric, hepatic, central nervous system and neurological diseases of varying severity. The main CoV structural proteins are S (spike) (see <PDOC51923>), E (envelope) (see <PDOC51926>), M (membrane), and N (nucleocapsid), where S, E, and M are integral membrane proteins. The M protein of coronavirus plays a central role in virus assembly, turning cellular membranes into workshops where virus and host factors come together to make new virus particles. The CoV M protein, which functions as a homodimer, adapts a region of membrane for virus assembly and captures other structural proteins at the budding site. CoV M can adopt two conformations and membrane curvature is regulated by one M conformer. Elongated M protein is associated with rigidity, clusters of spikes and a relatively narrow range of membrane curvature. In contrast, compact M protein is associated with flexibility and low spike density [1].

The CoV M protein is characterized by a typical transmembrane (TM) region composed of three putative TM domains of 80 amino acid residues that account for about one third of the entire protein [2].

The profile we developed covers the entire CoV M protein.

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COV_M, PS51927; Coronavirus membrane (Cov-M) protein profile  (MATRIX)


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