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SUZ-C domain profile


Microtubules are organized by the centrosome, a dynamic organelle that exhibits changes in both size and number during the cell cycle. The centrosome consists of a pair of centrioles surrounded by a mass of pericentriolar material (PCM). In Caenorhabditis elegans, SZY-20 is a centrosome-associated RNA-binding protein that negatively regulates centrosome assembly. SZY-20 and its animal orthologs share three prominent blocks of conservation. The N-terminal block is a short element, which is found exclusively in orthologs of SZY-20. The second block in the center of the protein, termed the SUZ domain (see <PDOC51673>), is the strongest stretch of conservation and is enriched in charged residues. The third block, the SUZ-C domain, is at the extreme C-terminus and is defined by a characteristic pattern of two highly conserved glycines and one absolutely conserved proline. The SUZ and SUZ-C domains occur independently in proteins outside of the SZY-20 family. Many of these proteins contain known RNA-binding domains. The SUZ-C domain is a putative RNA-binding domain [1,2].

Some proteins known to contain a SUZ-C domain are listed below:

  • Caenorhabditis elegans SZY-20,
  • Animal orthologs of Caenorhabditis elegans SZY-20.
  • Animal Cold shock domain-containing protein E1 (CSDE1), an RNA-binding protein.
  • Vertebrate La-related protein 6 (LARP6) or Acheron (Achn), conserved member of the Lupus antigen family of RNA binding proteins.

The profile we developed covers the entire SUZ-C domain.

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2AuthorsStubenvoll M.D. Medley J.C. Irwin M. Song M.H.
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